(first published - 22.03.2024, on 4 pages, abbreviated translation)


The circumstances of how this accusation came about. On Saturday 16/03/2024 I corrected the “Experiment to test the competence of Elon Musk in his project with neurochips” (there are problems with the prospects for use). And eventually came to me: “Why am I writing principles for one large-scale project and for one person? I must try to find the True  - one for all.” As a result, I wrote a specific, wise rationale. It is not a fact that with modern “wisdom” and “faith” he would have been defeated altogether. BUT. When I decided to measure it by the True/God, I discovered both a deficit and a substitution of priorities. I wrote down the positions on the store receipt so as not to forget and, realizing that I was at a dead end, I went to do housekeeping. For tomorrow, Sunday, I decided to reading the Gospels. I went to the closet, and once again in six months I remembered that when passing and entering the temple, I never bought either oil or wick. Since I had a feeling that there was a spare wick, I looked through everything on the shelves several times, but never found it. I had plenty of candles brought from the monasteries and I decided to switch to them, but in the process of burning them, while trying to immerse myself in the Truth, I squandered the moments of changing candles, which is why they burned out and due to the molten wax burning at the bottom, several glass candle holders cracked. And so I open the closet door, am about to take a candle, and right behind the candles I see a new wick. As soon as I said to myself: “Well, you’re blind,” it was as if the rationale for this accusation was shoved into me and the rain suddenly intensified outside the window. And I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t want to sit down to read the Gospels. By the way, it would be very interesting to listen to the rationale of modern “scientists” about the force nature of that voice that says to you: “Why do you need to read Its, you know them almost by heart? Why do you need to go to church today, because... the weather is bad, you’re sick, everything is the same there, God doesn’t help you with money, etc. ? I snuck up behind me, gave myself a kick, and although the productivity was weak, the result was still included in this “small” “ACCOUSATION”, the core of which was written in “one breath”. So:


There are such international words (very significant, because they are not Russian by education, but European-latin): a-ggress-ion, re-gress-ion and pro-gress-ion. A logical question arises: what does the root “gress” mean? I will not waste time and effort on linguistic exercises, but will immediately move on to the essence of the word progress, which means “movement towards the Better/Perfect.” I specifically wrote with a capital letter, because those leading leaders and international organizations of the world who moved the world towards “progress” before, let them prepare to provide “alternative” “specifics” to the Truth on the positions and components stated below.


TRUE PRO-GRESS consists of the following positions and components:


1. True concreteness/specificity for all, in order of priority, life-strategic positions, No.1 - is the True Court, No.2 -  is the True Peace, No. - 3 is True Health and Healthy Lifestyle, etc., each of which is divided like the branches of a tree , into the following components. It is clear and already obvious to the whole world that a process/policy without a specific target and criteria is negative genocidal blah blah;

2.  Fulfillment (and not “rationalization”/perversion) of the True specificity, which is specifically determined by God: “and they left the most important things in the law: court, mercy and faith; This ought to be done, and this ought not to be forsaken” Matthew 23:23. I emphasize for other faiths: in order to challenge this, you must show an “alternative” True specific meaning of “judgment” and “peace”, because in my, not yet complete, version, they are fundamental! apply to all faiths, i.e. What method/healthy lifestyle and in what temple you will achieve this is not so important, the main thing is the result. This fundamentally (exact cloning is unacceptable!) also applies to other points. Do you want me/people who have lost loved ones to accept decisions of “courts” that not only look indifferently at the growing genocidal geocataclysms, but also justify the genocidal deeds of their leading leaders, for as True justice?

3. Complete and specific interconnected fundamental and energetic, at least in principally, completeness and (without or) balance of all fundamental forces of the Planet. Otherwise, private discoveries and their use for “rationalizations” provenly bring perversion and geonegativity to the world. Where, “scientists,” is the fundamental justification for the gravity of your asses, the energy balance of the Planet, etc.? Do they not exist or do you, leading leaders and “scientists”, not have them?

4. A complete and specific interconnected human energy balance with proven-existing  specific energy levels control of algorithms of co-knowledge/consciousness. And your “health-care-erists”, including the WHO, have no soul, no conscience, no intuition, no health, no healthy lifestyle, no...thing in particular. If they, with such “vision”, “scholarship”, “specificity” and stubbornness, cannot prove anything, then because of this their existence should be ignored? If yous have snot, oncology, depression, problems with immunity  etc., which yous cannot yet cure even for yourself, do they not exist either? Is there  True mechanism of gravity of your “scientific” asses, the meaning of your temporary lives? Establish genocidal blah blah throughout the world?

5. A person/people who have proven their correctional competence in changing/outforced circumstances according to the above positions on themselves. The world is not a theory, but a reality, and therefore it should be managed not by blah-blah theorists, but by proven practitioners no younger than 44-45 years old. In the whole world, do you have at least one such person, besides the Russian (and then only a few complete components), do you have? Or do you want to you, guiding leaders of the world/countries, has centuries-old!  individual and/or collective absence of  concreteness and many years of increasing negative geophysical and immunometabolic dynamics did people impute to “competence”, “wisdom”, “scientistness” and “faith”? And yous decided to destroy the place where such people are born and become such people, so that it would be more “joyful” to die? Don’t forget, yous yourself chose your retribution, which is coming at yous from all sides, and you don’t even see it:  blah blahed, come up with anti-Russian sanctions, as before, as if nothing is happening in the world and in your countries. What will  be called the blame for the consequences of governance that makes forced-pressing global sacrifices to the whole world?

Moreover, thanks to the “wisdom”, “faith” and “learning” of modern guiding leaders  and “scientists-rationalizers”, we have 2 more global geohemorrhoidal positions-problems: 6- progression of genocidal geonegativity and 7- reversal of consequences to the boundaries of Truth, after stopping.


Total, even if you have (including Elon Musk) have a super-duper good intention (i.e. 1 component - mercy), then so that your good intentions do not lead you and those you lead to hell, and /or exclude the use of the results of your achievements for ungodly/genocidal purposes (i.e. as a security for good intentions) you must have specifics/concreteness in True progress. Are yours have it? Show it publicly, because the time has come for excuses  of the political blah-blah!


Do you know what the growing genocidal geocataclysms and the “International Red Book” of “civilization” in general and the “Red Books” of countries in particular testify to? That throughout History, “civilization” has demonstrably and indisputably walked into the “red light” of the Truth and the Creator of  this beautifull World  and that conclusively and incontestably confirms the words of the Lord: He who is not with Me is against Me; and whoever does not gather with Me scatters Matthew 12:30. What can all retort me with the whole planet? Nothing !!!  + The dynamics -  are negative !


Therefore, if on the day of publication of this “ACCUSATION”, no one in the world provides evidence of the existence of a publicly stated “REAL PROVEN AND CONFIRMED CONCEPT OF PROGRESS” (hereinafter referred to as the “CONCEPT OF PROGRESS”), that:


based on its (“CONCEPT OF PROGRESS”) absence and the fact of the presence of already obvious globally growing negative-sacrificial geocataclysms in all countries of the world (which logically accept the status of globally genocidal) and  previously exterminated local populations in wars, colonizations, political and /or economic pressures, in combination with confirmed of many years of increasing negative geophysical and immunometabolic dynamics in their own countries, I, as a Russian Orthodox doctor who, thanks to God, have specifics on at least several True life-strategic positions, including a True Christian Healthy Lifestyle, publicly and  single-handedly present to all (if there is no “CONCEPT OF PROGRESS”, then there are no exceptions, and about its absence your can make claims only to yourself) guiding leaders of the world (judges, politicians, deputies, “scientists” and “health-care-erists”) and international organizations (especially The UN and WHO in terms of specifics, then all together - the guiding leaders) THE MAXIMUM IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY BY RUSSIAN ORTHODOX ACCUSATION IN THE GODLESS (SMART-ASS/HYPOCRITELY COVERED BY CHRISTIANITY) GENOCIDE OF THE CIVILIZATION OF THE WHOLE WORLD. If in the future it turns out that the actions/management of guiding leaders led to geo-instability in their own countries, then their national security authorities will also join this accusation, starting with the 1st anti-Russian sanctions. The only thing I can console you, modern guiding leaders, is that a greater accusation will never be brought against you on this Planet, because THIS WILL FOREVER REMAIN IN HISTORY THE MAXIMUM RUSSIAN/ORTHODOX   ACCUSATION  IN  THE GODLESS-SMART-ASS (HYPOCRITIOUS) CONSEQUENCES OF THE GUIDING LEADERS OF THE WORLD. Plus, with an IRREVOCABLE and ACTIVE (more on that below) accusation of one side, the second/RUSSIAN/ORTHODOX SIDE FOREVER RECEIVES TRUE/GOD'S!  (and not hypocritically smart-assly) JUSTIFICATION IN THE PAST, IN THE PRESENT and HAS A TRUE JUSTIFICATION FOR THE FUTURE:  i.e. if there is no “CONCEPT OF PROGRESS” on the day of publication of this “ACCUSATION” (and given many years of negative geodynamics this is impossible), then the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX, AS THE OWNERS OF A SPECIFIC HLS, PROVEVED  AND RE-VERIFIED  BY ME, ARE FOREVER JUSTIFIED IN THE FACT THAT THEY TRUE  FIGHTED FROM THE EUROPEAN (AND LATER AND AMERICAN) GODLESS HERESY ALL ITS HISTORY, because. THERE IS NO 2ND OPTION OF CHRISTIAN “HLS”! and since AT THIS PERIOD RUSSIAN ORTHODOX ARE THE ONLY OWNERS OF A RE-VERIFIED TRUE VARIANT OF HLS, THEY HAVE FULL RIGHT TO FIGHT WITHOUT WARNING AND SEND EVERYONE... BACK HOME EVEN IF THEY SHOW OTHER/EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OPTION OF POSSIBILITIES! (THE ABOVE IS THEORETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE)


I with God, except for the Truth, leave absolutely no positive chances and “alternatives” to anyone in the world, for the Absolute helps the True Believers, and no person in the world (even a monk) is able to return the previous state to himself by pre/departing from Truth is beyond reversibility (the difference is only in the degree and scale of guilt/sin, more on that below), otherwise he is an autonomous “god”, capable of violating the Truth without consequences, and he is the “immortal alternative”.  And since no scientist and/or their meeting of any scale is absolutely provenly capable of changing this (especially without the basic fundamental completeness, the complex “quality” of health “restored” by people remains extremely defective), then this FOREVER proves the absolute/complete absence of even theoretical the possibility of having a “specific” “positive” “alternative” to Truth/God, including an “alternative” “positive” “correction” of negative consequences. As long as a person is mortal and has no alternative CONCEPT OF PROGRESS, this Russian proof and “ACCUSATION” remain automatically valid and undeniable (i.e. FOREVER). You can continue to bla-blak as much as you want, but now anyone in the world will be able to convict you of this. If you, modern guiding leaders, with your status, do not understand this, taking into account the growing negative geodynamics, then you automatically subscribe to the diagnosis: proud (in russian: I am= mountain + axis) dullness, as a consequence of special stubbornness and/or self-confidence. Until you publicly show an “alternative” CONCEPT OF PROGRESS, confirmed by positive geodynamics, my Russian automatic diagnosis remains undeniable.  And since you provenly have absolutely no (nothing at all) specifics on any vital strategic position, and an “alternative” is theoretically impossible, then my Russian auto-diagnosis becomes Truly working FOREVER. NO “SCIENTIST”/MEDIC AND/OR THEIR COLLEGIAL MEETING CAN HEAL THE CONSEQUENCES OF MY DIAGNOSIS, FOR THE REASON IS THE UNTRUE CONTROL OF THE BODY BY THE GODLESS ALGORITHM OF CONSCIOUSNESS ! The Truth is in simplicity: gag/perversion → negative consequences → this auto-diagnosis lifelong pills and de-pression from medics with the same/corresponding progressive negative dynamics of your “health”, as well as the consequences of your “rationalizations” of the Truth (if without God). Do not agree? Verify !


What is above is not yet consequences - it is only a warning and grounds for True consequences for an “immortal” person (in russian=body + 100years). With such “concreteness/specifics”, many modern leading leaders better pray that I survive them and do not meet their “immortals” on the other side of the sieve of death as an authorized dispenser to hell or God's Judgment after God pushes them through the sieve of death (only squeezing out, more precisely, the detachment of suitable souls from the body goes up/into space, and the unsuitable souls still face the same “non-existent” gravity: God does not waste energy on unnecessary things, they simply do not resurrect - such a Lenten addition). What do you think are my chances for this position and what are your chances, modern guiding leaders, of “slipping” past me with such “specifics”? Is this impossible? Of course, with such stubborn “wisdom” and “specificity”, this is impossible to even imagine. This "does not exist",  as  is "no exist" God, your birth, soul, conscience, intuition, peace, love, joy/de-pression, health/healthy lifestyle and diseases , strong immunity, photosynthesis, the mechanism of gravity of your asses and... your death. Now pray for my health, so that I won’t be the first to tell you “Ku-ku-siki” after your death, because I won’t let you in to God’s judgment with such genocidal “specifics”! I warn about this publicly and in advance, and therefore I already have an excuse. With such genocidal “specifics” and “faith”, is waiting the hot “Healthy Lifestyle” you deserve  for you in this life - only even warmer and FOREVER!  This is the True consequence for such “competence”.

Who prepared for yours, the modern guiding leaders of the world, your retribution (payment for such deeds): God, Russians, Muslims, others or your yourself: by your “wisdom”, “learning” and “faith”?


By the way, any faith requires finding/using an opportunity/way out in current circumstances. Now the world is actually divided into-spinners/roteters (who recognize God as the Axis) and “rationalizers”/out-spinners/roteters (themselves: democracy, communism, anarchy, radicals, nationalists, etc.).   In Russian (where is all the wisdom around True/God): pervert=out-spinner/rotater. The Orthodox faith gives a person choice (in russian=you-god)  and does not allow him to kill infidels without their critical a-ggress-ion. And although man’s true earthly competition is closer God, so that blah blah perversions do not grow exponentially,  let's officially make 2 types of OLYMPics/competitions and spaces: if a person wants, for example, to win among the godless aces, let him go to the Euro-American Olympiads, he wants to take part in a competition with bearded singers-"woman" in dresses with eggs, or vice versa, singers-"men" in heels and minis skirts already without eggs, let her go to Eurovision. But let classical people, “without godless imagination,” travel to countries that recognize God as the Axis of the Universe and “stupidly” rejoice at the remnants of this “unfinished” world by God.

I hope the criteria for disseminating this “progress” have been sorted out. Believe me, a little time/patience, geo-extreme, and if the perverts want to live (or rather, survive), everything will fall into place. But until they publicly present the “REAL PROVEN AND CONFIRMED CONCEPT OF PROGRESS”/Measures and methods of “positive” direction by their own example - THE ACCUSATION OF THE PERVERTS/OUT-SPINNERS/ROTATERS OF GODLESS GENOCIDE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD  REMAINS  ACTIVE!


Further, I somehow began to stagnate and simply postponed the continuation (of course, the “plan” turned out to be “precisely calculated”) and later, I received a “complicated” version of a non-political foundeds  for a temporary, 2.5 year, truce in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.  In principle, it can be made as a conclusion from this ACCUSATION, but since it is more ready, after a separate viewing, I will try to add it as a public option for consideration.


Do you disagree with the accusations? Show publicly a “concrete” “alternative” and by Christianity, yours modern  guiding leaders, no longer hide behindthis option is PROVEN AND RE-VERIFIED CLOSED FOREVERNow yours, democratic blah blah godlessmen leaders, on your own (without God)both the whole world and your citizens can already look at the progressive negative geoconsequences of their godless “wise” management of the country and the world. As for other faiths, I think they will deal with you at all differently when you start pushing your heresy on them, but after this “ACCUSATION” and my  foundeds, the Russians (even the godlessmen)  now also endure the pressure of your blah blah/heresy so much there will be no time, now everything will be much faster and simpler: Show everything specifically: such and such targets and criteria, by whom, where, for how long, they were verified and what the results, consequences and their dynamics!




You, modern Euro-American leaders, with the support of part of the population, publicly jumped into your own trap of democratic blah blah heresy and created geo-retribution for yourself and the world. And now only one Orthodox country in the world is capable (i.e. there are proven specifics + real opportunities) to take the lead in stopping your genocidal geohemorrhoids of the Planet  with the support of large countries with strong centuries-old indigenous faiths and proven through centuries of healthy lifestyle (+ China, + India, + Muslims (no way without them) + Brazil  - is a critical minimum + need a TRUE CONCEPT OF PEACE (and not blah blah UN). And you, modern Euro-American leaders, like godlessmen, in the future - either you will obey, or - you will make out of your countries those outcasts that they tried to make from the Russians: you will be blocked on raw materials, resources, exports and assistance, in the form of the same sanctions that you while you crush the Russians. For with the judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” Matthew 7:2  This “will not come true” only if you, at least the entire “scientific” world, “are able” to  “positively” "completly" “rationalize” the Truth, “equal (alternative) and/or better than the Truth”.


Now publicly, with apologies, ask the Russians for help (without them, European and world geostability is theoretically impossible + no one else needs your godless unverified blah blah)!!! After this “ACCUSATION”, you have nothing more to lose except the geostability of your countries, citizens and economiesIf you don’t have time, you and your countries, “saviors of the world”, will face a gradual collapse and the End, only just to stop will need years!!! intense!!! works that require corrections unprecedented in History, provided that reversibility is maintained! The Northern Hemisphere is turning more and more towards the Sun. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock!!! What exactly and from whom do you now “wisely” expect now? New proposals from “scientists” and “health-care-erists” to “rationalize” the remnants of the Truth? Are the existing ones not enough for you? (for this the “small” ACCUSATION). Let's see how the world and your citizens will remain “silent” after this “olympic” summer.


From this ACCUSATION a number of vitally strategic important conclusions emerge, of the same “small” scale, maybe I’ll add more later. But I think if you have plans to still live here, have children, and after death not hear the Russian “Ku-ku-siki” with being sent to a very hot “Healthy Lifestyle” FOREVER, then here, literally for everyone in the world, there is something to think about and specifically answer the questions I posed.



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.

e.mail: doctor.dima.info@gmail.com