The original was written in Russian and published on Good Friday of Orthodox Lent (03/05/2024). Due to the fact that the Catholic and Orthodox faiths declare the same Foundation of their faiths (the New Testament of the Lord), this explanation begins with the find out foundeds  of Christian Truths. Due to the fact that I have proven the absolute (nothing at all) absence of any True specifics among Euro-American leaders throughout History + a public  ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE has been brought, then if these leaders and their citizens needing the preservation of the Church and Temples of their ancestors, your will do a complete translation of the  rationale  yourself (in Russian from pages 1 to 8, all - 10 pages). Otherwise, it is a waste of time and effort. To us, Russians, Orthodox, everything is clear.  Moreover, these leaders/“saviors of the world” and the citizens who support them publicly declare that they have tens of billions for war, in the conditions of many years of progressive genocide of their own, with absolutely (nothing at all) absence any constructive measures for their own salvation from growing geocataclysms , which the whole world is watching. I’ll just try to translate some fragments later (consequences and my forecast) + a part for non-Christian faiths and the actual criteria for determining the  Truthfulness of faith. + for those interested, there is the possibility of online translation; for believers, this is more than enough.