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Why people always!  die stupid? ( + village or city?)

Immediately I ask you to take into account that by stupid I mean a comparison of the total knowledge of mankind with the actual volume of knowledge of the Universe and especially their interconnections required for the initialization of life.

A person has two factual finishes (death) in life: to die sick and stupid and to die happy and stupid. The amount of money with these elections does not solve anything. Now I can explain why, with a specific example. And having the opportunity to show specifically on myself how True Simplicity is given, I will start with this. For a year I only transplant: 2 seasons x (minimum 5 days per season x at least 13 trees (more often from 13 to 17 at a time and transported in a 200l propylene bag on a bike) = at least 130 trees/year + seeds of apples, cherries and others. And so it has been for more than 10 years, and what you are reading, I saw only this year.

Reason No. 1 - God's division of competencies (in principle, each item separately is enough). Go to any plant, but it is better to a tree that is decades old and better to one from which you can eat delicious fruits. Show at least one "scientist" in the world! who will say for sure! and guaranteed!, what and  what mechanisms does the root select nucleons / atoms from the earth? What is the exact composition of the fruit? No one on 2 guaranteed evidence: 1- if they knew, would not use inorganic pharmacological preparations, including vitamins (set out in the Forecast) and preservatives; 2nd - if they knew, they would not be engaged in the immune self-destruction of the population. That's all. And if there is no accuracy and guarantee, it is always is about faith, because of scientific stupidity (lack of competence) and since I prove that there is not and will not be an exact and guaranteed scientific competence in the world (there is proof), then as long as a person is alive, it is always about the measure / degree of his faith in the Creator. The Lord brought this principle 4 times in a row, explaining it on the fruits! I only make it deeper and more scientific, but this does not add anything to me, and does not diminish you. And the logical question arises, why pull out the roots and deprive yourself of the fruits, so that everyone around you will see that you are a “scientific” dumbass? Do not disassemble God's creations (plants, animals) engage in self-knowledge! If, after reading this, you continue further, then all you will achieve is collecting more sins and consequences on your (and led) soul, only proving that you are a particularly proud dumbass. Sadness.

Lack of desire for competence (if possible) - either laziness, or stupidity, or cowardice, or a combination. By the way, they are not treated with any pills.

By the way, there is wisdom according to which, the size of the root of especially resistant wild (God's!) Trees (pear, hawthorn, oak, etc.) approximately corresponds to its crown, I checked, if the tree is more than 1.3 m, you can crawl to the core of the Earth (only a few people in the world can really dig a hole by hand with a crowbar and a shovel more than 1 m for the sake of a root for a usial transplant!). And filing for decades the internal branches of trees (the wind rubs and damages the bark), only this year I saw a clear principle for solving the problem of “Fathers and Sons” (God willing, I will explain later).

Reason No. 2 - The selectivity of God's opportunities and powers. A person cannot receive the gift of healing, insight, etc. without God's removal of limitations. Yes, everyone has these opportunities, but the removal of restrictions must be earned. Take  it  you hemselves?   You can twitch as much as you like, but for now always! these twitches ended sadly.

Reason No. 3 - Every child, like a sprout / seedling - starts from the beginning, there is no relaysive / successive transfer of knowledge and experience. I think comments are don't  need.

Reason №4 Science, curiosity, and inferiority/perverted results. What did people do to hack the Universe? They united (in institutions, societies, etc.) What did this lead to? To the appropriate scale of perversions (from rotations Axis). Yes, I agree, the intentions were sometimes good (see HLS-ANTICOVID), but the obvious facts, in my opinion, do not require comments, because they are growing negative on all fronts. It is paradoxical that science actually pokes peoples face into faith, but people, because of their pride (stubbornness and self-confidence), and especially many "scientists", try to break planet more faster and  powerfully with appropriate consequences.  Where is at least one concrete evidencive a drug that enhances immunity, corrects metabolism? Where are the specific recommendations for strengthening immunity after 4 years of COVID and almost 7 million quick deaths alone, not counting the consequences and others diseases. And most importantly, where exactly, according to the points and criteria, is the path to happiness and health outlined (there is a pandemic of depression and oncology ahead)?  What is the point of all discoveries and achievements and "rationalization", space flights, if people are becoming more and more unhappy and sicker? How will leadings help people, putting “underpants” on their heads in mortal danger (and here you can write a list), thereby testifying to myself that their knowledge does not help them? (see HLS-ANTICOVID). So is this "scientific progress" or perversion (already on a planetary scale)?

Reason No. 5 Pride coupled with "rationalization" (experimentation). Although this cause could be combined with sins in general, this sin stands out in all faiths, because it is he who, through power and/or glory through money, leads to the perversion of the environment/planet and the world, which we and we observe. Other sins are more private and lead to self-pleasure. I also include here the desire to live in large cities, i.e. far "rationalized" conditions.

Not all experiments lead to "rationalization": I can scientifically prove (directly or by excluding existing ones) that the better planet not to mades even theoretically (because there are many gaps and in each abyss of mechanisms).

Reason No. 6 Sins, temptations and uselessly spent efforts, as well as waiting (that is, part of life). I think sins and temptations do not require comments. I will focus on efforts. Once upon a time, I also go to the gym and swimming pools, tennis, badminton, riding a motorcycle and cycling ... I can’t remember everything. But when a person asked me to help them with the disableds, I saw a different life: the world is suffocating due to a lack of help and funds, rubbish and perversions, but it is convenient for us not to see this and / or not want to see it. Personally, I understand well the desire of people to experiment. I do not even condemn perversions (extreme, sexual, etc.) that do not lead to violence against other living beings - this is the choice of a person / company. But why absolutely (100%) distort your whole life and deprive yourself, your children, of your surroundings of joys in the future? Show me an extreme sportsman who has not been touched by old age, and I will show you a list of extreme sportsmen who prematurely ended up in a coffin. Show me a sex hero who was stuffed with “joys” with toys from a sex shop, and I will show you their “joys” after 50. The same applies to the establishment some people dogs: for decades they have been changing and walking dogs and shiting the surrounding houses areas. The same applies to “absolutely” useful running, swimming, etc. - you have not helped anyone for years, decades: you have wasted your efforts on shaking the air, water, ball, puck, dog walking, etc! I will tell you from my concrete experience: if you decide to do a good deed, there is plenty of physical activity there, the main thing is without fanaticism (without extremes). There is a “small” difference between these loads: the usual training load does not bring the main thing, joy. Even Olympic training brings the maximum result (a medal), but not the joy and meaning of life (the proof is banal: some Olympians sell their medals later). I do not know of a single case in History of a joyful person selling the source of their joy/achievement, but I can write a long list of martyrs who died painfully for the Source of their joy and hope.

As for waiting, everything is clear here: the limit is tick-tock, and he is waiting for a "miracle" in the box. Many will tell you what this box is called.

So according to paragraphs 5 and 6, almost always (unless you are a God-chosen baby) it is about the degree of usefulness (consisting of direction and method) and the effectiveness of un/spent efforts. If we multiply these 3 parameters for each sin, we get the tree of our darkness. If you do not have this tree, go to the mirror and you should see the aura of the Saint. If you don’t see it, it’s very useful to say to the reflection ia, ia (Im sometimes do this myself).

Reason No. 7 Limited FLASH memory, both in size and speed, as well as its transfer. In a dispute about the "mega mind" of a person, I give an example: if God/evolution wanted a person to hack the universe, then a person would look like an elephant's butt with his head, because much less energy is needed for brain metabolism than for maintaining a muscular system, and to get eating with such a head is a matter of little efforts. Therefore, the purpose of a person is exactly different.

Complete replacement of brain functions with electronic storage devices is impossible for at least 5 reasons: 1 - information that you do not remember, is like a corpse in a coffin - lies, but is not needed by anyone, i.e. stably non-functional; 2 - the absence of a complete energy balance of a person, and especially in terms of power “little things” responsible for thoughts, intuition, motivational choice, etc. Artificial analytical intelligence cannot exist because the human/own intelligence is not known, so robots is still“fed » human  are statistics of options-requests of past events-consequences, nothing more. These events are constantly changing in at least 4 variables: mood, weather, circumstances, and you age. I will not give evidence, because each multi-component and each is full of components unknown to man, and since they are unknown, who will include them in the programs. We always! manipulate God's consequences, for we are dependent on the Sun: not only did we not invent new variants of fundamental forces, but we do not even know the obvious ones! (fullmoon, gravity, etc.); 3 - accordingly, today there is not and cannot be a computer capable of simulating everything! quantum-dependent human processes, taking into account the circumstances; 4 - the introduction of circumstances requires resources and time, and therefore the answer is always! will lag behind; 5 - according to human logic - modern man, the main idiot on the planet, because his actions lead him to self-destruction, if the robots reach this level - they will either destroy the idiots, or they will need to be turned off in time. A logical question arises, why were they needed? What is inattention, drowsiness and sleep? This is a drop in the speed of intelligent processes from shutdown to recovery/sleep. What is a misunderstanding of each other by mechanism? This is receiving an information similarity, instead of an exact copy. I think the rest of the conclusions themselves.

I even agree that a person will become a god in virtual worlds, but they are called virtual because there are many of them and there is no benefit to human cells from this. I do not deny that many people are not against dissociating their intellect from the body (the films “The Matrix”, “The Lawnmower Man”), but with the current level of knowledge of energy and neurometabolism, it is similar to how two wires (0 and phase) from an outlet are screwed to the ears. Maybe your energy will not disappear without a trace, but I'm sure your traces on the Internet will disappear, and as I understand it, you wanted to go there. Even if the intellect separates, there is a risk of being thrown out in a broken server. And in order to make a copy of yourself on another server, you need: a complete energy model of the brain, a device for extracting intelligence and a 3-device for transferring intelligence to a carrier. To date, the fastest and most accurate (yes, there are many others, but accuracy often requires correction with fingers, otherwise your intellect may ... not go there) the device I know - with fingers on the keyboard. Compare:  with the speed of light (the speed of detailed brain processes, you you don’t want the “bits” to disappear) x by the number of brain nerocytes x by the number of active intellectual processes and get the probability of luck. I wrote to save myself from disputes with programmers, they are virtual, their realities cannot be taken at all until they start to get sick, so this  me to help.

Reason No. 8 For the especially stubborn, God made a limitation, which, out of hundreds of billions of people, so far no one has overcome - the limit of life, i.e. death and not just death, but a hopeless death! You can argue with everything else as much as you like, look for alternative paths, but there is a limit after which descendants, looking at your results, will decide whether to continue your path or not. And who will give you and your children any hope after death, if for many years you have convinced them by your example that there is none?

A person is born a believing child (he pulls his hands not only to his parents) and spends the rest of his life, it more often, on coming to God. Why? Because he was knocked down all his life, inspired that science "can explain everything". Ok, explain! (start with the current: strong immunity, peace, happiness and healthy lifestyle, everything is specific, 1st, 2nd...). And those who spend the most and most often do not come to God, who go through science: they go deeper and deeper along the branchs of the Root of Truth, and it keeps dividing and diverging in different directions, they run even faster, trying to attract more and more forces and resources to others branches, and they goes deeper and is divided to infinity. And then a person dies, taking with him a lot of acquired really unnecessary knowledge (our life shows that they are used then for even deeper “rationalization” with even deeper consequences).


Modern evidence of human scientific stupidity and godlessness.

Let's start with the most banals, obvious and indisputable:

1. Garbage. The more technology, the more garbage and the more problematic it is to dispose of it, from plastic to nuclear waste. No matter how you dispose of the "rationalized" God's material, there are even more problems with the environment - the negative result of "rationalization";

2. Climate and environment. I think comments are unnecessary - a negative result of the intervention;

3. Growth (pandemic) of immuno-metabolic and oncological diseases with premature deaths, as well as depression - a negative result of the "rationalization" of happiness and health;

4. Energy and quantitative redundancy of various gadgets against the background of a lack of physical activity (obesity), and this is  + garbage, + environment, + diseases - a negative result of the "rationalization" of the True healthy lifestyle;

5.... The list goes on and on, but I think this is quite enough.


Lovers of extremity sides, who immediately ask the question: “Why then study at all, improve technologies?”, I answer. So, you improve in your (human) competence: start first with yourself, with your environment and learn to manage them in appropriate circumstances, and then take apart other creatures and "rationalize" their ways of life and surf the cosmos. Are you do not agree? The proof is banal: there is so much talk about happiness and health, strong immunity and peace, but to this day there are no specifics, no specific criteria. If there are no immune-boosting products in your area, how did people live before you for thousands of years, moreover, without pharmaceuticals and in harsher conditions? If people were looking for the True criteria, they would have stopped aggravating the growing negative planetary dynamics in all possible indicators long ago. Discussion of the invisible power mechanisms of joy, depression, intuition, dreams and others daily! forces processes, to start against the background of practical ignoring of gravity (for those who do not fly into space), the influence of the full moon is simply stupid. But the sad thing is that the negative dynamics of stupidity (in Truth) will grow for the following additional reasons: increasing population migration to "rationalized" cities, information distractions, loads and overloads (Internet, smartphones, a bunch of gadgets), acceleration (will not be considered here) and lack of time (gadgets are convenient, but each ones requires adjustment, service, sometimes a guarantee and repair) in an administrative "prison", if you add children and economic instability here, then it’s really not a disadvantage, but a clear deficit of time for yourself, but life does tick-tock. Accordingly, even if the total majority says yes, yes, we agree with you, the causes will remain and the consequences (ie, the dynamics of results) will roll further down. That's all. In order to break the situation, it is necessary to change the consciousness of people through the revision of values, and this is a daily work and it will take years, most likely a couple more decades, because people have not yet drawn adequate conclusions even after such mortality from COVID.


Efforts are for the sake of hope and procreation. Very often people associate life with the crown of trees - this is not true! Modern, earthly life is the root: squeezing oneself between stones (sins), winding between large stones (forces), searching for the Good (water). A small sprout with God reaches a pressure of more than 300 atm. and breaks out of perversions (asphalt). Therefore, I believe that my clarification (sprout) will break out of the perverted norm (asphalt) of modern consciousness, quietly and peacefully. Yes, not as fast as I want, will try to break, but they are fighting "Not with me." The crown of the tree is your hope in the next life, in another dimension, like a baby leaving its mother's womb, who kept crying and whining, why such a life in darkness.


Many parents (especially mothers), often intuitively do not want their children to leave for the cities, persuade themselves that the children have grown up and “necessarily” are drawn to civilization. Yes, I agree, the children have grown up and we must give them a choice. But often, many parents fail to provide evidence for their resistance to moving to the city. So, so that intuition and conscience do not torment you, I offer you this explanation-example (i.e. about the root and crown, knowledges and faith), which you can adjust to your living conditions. I myself aspired to live in the capital, because I decided to leave the Chernobyl zone (the forests are still infected even now, although the norms were raised 10 times), but all my plans collapsed, and now I thank God for holded my ass. But between us (both parents and children) there is a significant difference - my parents and no one in general explained this to me, although in my opinion everything here is banal and visually undeniable. Yes, most likely, your children will leave, but if you were an example, took out garbage and preserved nature (we will deal with garbage-crap-people later) God's seed will germinate, they will not go anywhere. To be specific: when my children grew up, they stopped helping me and going to church, they all want to be programmers and even flee abroad. Nothing, I also learned a little about their business and as you can see, they didn’t get away from me anywhere, moreover, in their virtual world I became even closer to them, and steadily closer.This is what it means to ignore parents. And do not take it for show off, but the result, which I myself am surprised at today is such that not a single scientific medical / pharmacological institute in the world has my results! (so far no one has descended evidentiarly on a living root deeper than me in the world and no one in the world has at least any real immunological criteria for natural raw materials, confirmed by 4 seasons of COVID and whatnot, but I will die a dumbass, see below). Moreover, as it turned out, some even need to remove signs with the word "health care", because in reality, it is not there. So - you can be sad, upset, but do not give up! There are no other alternatives to Truth in the world! There is Truth and untruth (from delusion to perversion), health and disease, happiness and sorrow, life and death, hope and its absence. I offer you a confirmed and tested clarification/chance for the sake of hope on all fronts. Where? Where you live. When? Now! If you refuse, Im afraid to you not justify myself to myself, then it will be unrealistic, because the limit is the limit because it does  end  not by us. Good luck.

If you think I believe kids will change direction when they read this, then I may be dumb, but not that stupid. Therefore, I provide you with a tritely simple criterion. Tell the children that if they can last even one year without snot and colds/inflammations, they can go their own way. Despite the apparent simplicity of this condition, it is very, very difficult to fulfill it; a high level of self-knowledge and wisdom is required (one’s own mind is not enough! - 400%). And if they show off and get sick, say that the elders called the youth fool-snotes because the snot was a sign of at least a lack of wisdom (lack of self-knowledge and problem solving) and disrespect for the wisdom of the ancestors, that's why no one in the past put fool-snotes in charge of health care (i.e. the same criterion, in conjunction with other evidence, is the criterion for choosing a leader in a healthy lifestyle, and not a "scientific" unconfirmed blah blah). After this explanations, every time the children sniffle, a glance will be enough for you to understand the measure of their “mind”. Ask them what is the name of the quality of a person who seeks fruit by digging up roots after having been offered by those who gathered them before him?

How is rural bustle different from city bustle? Faith is important in the countryside, if it is not enough, the pursuit of money begins to eat you up, i.e. money bustle. In the city, it is initially important to be in the money flow, so you will be eaten up by anyway godless joyless bustle, because you will try to buy with money that (joy) that money cannot buy. That's all the proof. And most likely not only you, but the whole branch of your family - it's a matter of time. Hope is both there and there, but it is much easier to see it in the countryside than in the city. I believe that the future is in any case for small towns (taking into account the Internet and logistics, the possibilities are the same as in a large city, but the conditions are closer to natural/God's), , with industrial centers between several. If people do not understand this, they will be “helped” by viruses, oncology and autoimmune diseases. Without options purely biochemically.

You know, parents, I will give you a criterion by which you can safely send children to the city: as soon as the news gets good, positive news, that's it, you can let go.

Considering that many aspired and ended up in administrative prisons (cities), they can ask a logical question: “well, you didn’t stuck, but what about those who are forced to live in a big city?” I will write only the principle, there is no universal recipe, and you will have to look for it. I proceed from the words of the Lord - devote 1 day to God's works. No need to be a fanatic: from 00.00 to 24.00. According to you real! opportunities. A very frequent and widespread opinion is that you need to go to the temple and after that you are free. I emphasize - you (parishioners) go to church for services for yourself and / or close circle, not for God's sake! If you come outside of work to clean, wash, repair, decorate, etc., then yes. Otherwise, such a principle is similar to a saying about a rooster: I crowed, but at least it doesn’t dawn there. Will you do it on Sunday or on another day - this is already according to the circumstances. A very common opinion is that you need to endure the entire service. No need to fall into fanaticism. If you were preparing for a certain established procedure/sacrament (for example, in Christianity - communion), it is clear that you must comply with the entire established procedure. But if you are going to do some work for the sake of God, then for this work you need strength, come, pray and go to work. Let me give you a specific example. I was repeatedly invited to monasteries to help with something: from chopping firewood to repairs. We visited more often in the evening, on Friday, and in the monasteries the services are long, my record is 7 hours. Prayer is communication with God. I will write about myself, I am not a prayer book, my maximum concentrated time on prayer is 15 minutes, after that thoughts begin to wander and I really don’t exist in the service. Moreover, there were cases when, in my normal (not sinful) business thoughts, I noticed that my eyes were stupidly focused on the female ass (they are simply drawn to the right/male part of the temple) and I understand how it looks from the outside. At one monastery for 4-hour evening service, I managed to pray 4 times and sleep 4 times. From whom should I hide it? And at that 7-hour service, I was ready to lie down on the floor, but people stood so tightly, I slept standing against the wall. I do not discourage anyone to not stand the whole service and do as I do. But if you are not a prayer book and not a participant in the service (priest, chorister, etc.), who are you deceiving? Yourself, God, those around you? Moreover, the fact that you cannot stand and pray for the entire service indicates that this is definitely not yours. Look for yourself, your personal key, the use of your abilities, taking into account the circumstances and results. There is no need to be like the “hero” of old church saying: “Send a fool to pray, so he will break his forehead.” Checked it 3-4 times under different circumstances, figured out, everything, needs to be looked for further. This is all to ensure that you can effectively use the 7th day, and not doze off “like some” for offset, or rather a stupid useless staying. Faith is personal! analytics, application of oneself to specific circumstances, and not stupid sad fanaticism. To those who stubbornly repeat, “and the priest told me,” I say an obvious and indisputable fact (+ I heard this from the monks): if God wanted people to be ruled exclusively by priests, then only they would have heads, but everyone has heads, therefore, the final choice is yours. Many people want to shift everything to the priests because they themselves do not want to make efforts in self-knowledge, and the priests, at times, indulge them, and then they all go to the physicians for pills. Find out the needs in the temple, the needs of those who need help (but this does not mean doing for them and here you have to analyze yourself). They offer something outside the city - do not refuse, there is life there too, etc. Use the opportunities, participate so that there is something to compare with in fact, except for the theoretical conjectures of your abstruse head. If God, knowing the smallest qualities of everyone, gives us a chance to prove ourselves, tests us, then all the more you should check your reasonable theoretical calculations in practice (otherwise: either laziness, or stupidity, including godlessness, or cowardice, or a combination these sins). “Search..., ask..., knock...” But don't wait, the limit is ticking.


Which faith will win?

I hope it is clear that this issue concerns only people who have at least caught up with the fact that such creations and processes are the work of the Creator. Stubborn atheists and / or fools have nothing to do here.

Sometimes, while listening to disputes, I asked myself this question, but realizing how arguings and I are far from the Truth, I said to myself: “This is none of your deed, don’t interfere, engage in self-knowledge”. And if you sometimes ask this question in your heart, then you have a hesitation. This is normal, it means you are a believer, you are conducting analytics, and not a stubborn fanatic. This is part Go...oooo...d in you.

Any faith has a range/corridor: godlessness/stupidity/laziness---fanaticism. Inside this corridor, we wind, taking into account geophysical (weather and terrain), personal (body and character) and the influence of other forces and people (different laws, rules and foundations of society, economics, politics). From these combinations, every faith has its displacement. Will not delve into comparative specific details (this is not necessary for ordinary peaceful life!, see below). For example, purely my personal opinion/observation: Muslims are more categorical and ardent/decisive, therefore they are in danger of falling into fanaticism, Christians are more tolerant and calm (until the limits of patience have crossed, disabling thems the brakes), therefore they (especially politicians) are prone to chatter and waiting. That is why Muslims inwardly smell cunning-ass pissants (like the dogs of cats; in no case should be taken to heart as an insult, a purely visual and most common principle that even children can see), and Christians - smell and distance themselves from  suspicious aggression. There is still a lot that determines the Sunshine of the region and genes. For example, according to the Sun, Orthodox Armenians, Georgians, Greeks, Catholics Italians, etc. are also hot guys. Genes: Germans tend to be categorical and orderly, and therefore the German quality is known all over the world, but being at the same time a strong nation, they do not resist putting things in order around the world. Etc. Even if peoples establish common values and criteria and come to the Truth, the algorithms of the consciousnesses of people (every person!) will work in a evidentiary  ways (quantum-biochemically and genetically) in different, those. strictly individual. It is much more logical to first remake your personal key and crack immortality, and then remake personal keys in other people (see HLS-ANTICOVID). In combination with other evidence, this only confirms that faith in God for people in this life is God's competition with a reward in the form of moments of joy/pressure for subsequent steps, both collective and individual. Stopped, turned the wrong way - de-pression. No violence/war, persuasion and direct human means can change the personal mechanism of the consciousness algorithm (the result is doomed) - this is from God/Creator. But there are ways to change consciousness. I know 5. 1st Direct - God's and 4 indirect: 2nd - at the request/prayer of a God's loved  servant (monk, priest), 3rd - personal direct help, initiating a revision of consciousness, 4th -remote visual example, also initiating a revision of consciousness, 5th - conradmonition of delusion/perversion. With the first 4, it’s clear, I’ll stop at the 5th: I mean non-violent and/or adequate assault (I cite Nicholas the Wonderworker as evidence) without consequences for the body, provided that there is an admonition effect. Otherwise, this is a regular beating of the stubborn, and since you don’t see any other way, then from the outside it looks like this: the stronger one is stubborn, beats the weaker one, that’s all. Bodily injury, and even more so extermination is fanaticism (stubbornness based on faith is the most difficult and dangerous form of stubbornness). And even if you exterminate a certain people and come to live in their place, then over time, geophysical circumstances will begin to change the consciousness of those who settled in their direction. A logical question: why exterminate those whom you will soon become yourself? Won't you be like that? Yes, only if you install a perverted healthy lifestyle, there are simply no other options. Russians and Americans are a separate "love" of politicians in terms of scale and values, who has longer. Ordinary citizens pick up everything for themselves by the old method of poking in different combinations. (God willing, taking into account the military-political circumstances, the principles of the lack of mutual understanding between the consciousnesses of Europeans and Russians will be stated separately).

And when circumstances develop in such a way that two groups of believers meet in their closest extremes - trouble: a fight/conflict/terrorist attack/war and it is unrealistic to appease them (long-term) without God. There are principles, wisdom, with the help of which the flame of enmity can be curbed, but this requires patience and effort from both sides. The paradox of conflicts/wars is that more often than not politicians manage to fit the same True values under them, but logic says that either one or no one has True values. And if you have read my other explanations, one main point can be traced in all of them - let's define common true values, their criteria, make them public and solve problems. Those countries that started wars for ungodly reasons, being in their economic prime, so far always! ended sadly for everyone! Well-being (the very concept of exclusively God) depends on the Truth of the foundation of the state, because its reliability depends on it. Therefore, a smart ruler who wants his efforts/life to be it made sense for him and his descendants will seek the Truth. The same applies to every person, but in relation to his body: to be happy and healthy, you need the Truth/true principles of the Creator.

I emphasize and this determines the direction of the answer tot whole question - the Creator!

But the fact is that despite the fact that this direction is in every faith, not less disagreements  thousands years. In order not to increase the fire, I am sure that in each faith God has given a criterion - fruits/results. That faith will win, in which there will be the best “fruits”, both in quality and quantity, i.e. most happy and healthy people (without peace, this is impossible). I think that today, taking into account the “healthy lifestyle” confirmed by COVID and the growing global negative dynamics in True happiness and health, not a single faith, not a single state (judges + politicians) is able to show reliable “fruits” that everyone else should be to equal.

For clarity, I will describe how a dispute about faiths most often looks from the outside, through the eyes of a doctor. One sick and unfortunate person convinces the second sick and unfortunate person that he is sick and unhappy because he did not follow him. I'll explain in more detail. Each faith has serious theoretical foundations of Truth. But to fulfill them practically very and very difficultly. And if in old age, having gone through decades of sorrows and perversions, you come to the Truth, you will be very, very glad that at least someone else has come to It from the other side! I believe that only physically strong wise elders from 70 years old with confirmed results/fruits at the cost of only their lives can argue about beliefs/Truth. They will not invite anyone to their dispute, your time has not come! Everyone else needs to study routinely, get to know themselves and follow them. Therefore, in reality, faith is an instrument of manipulation in economic, political and/or military disagreements, but not in Truth. Politicians therefore constantly have negative results, because they are constantly trying to screw the handles to the ass (to establish perversion) with God's tools, and even raise it to the norm. If you want to have God's results, then use God's tools (faith) for God's works (peace, happiness and health). And today, the results of many politicians are a “growing ass with handles” and this is already obvious to everyone. And no pills will help.

Is there a principle and examples of what faith will win specifically? Certainly. It (the principle) is tritely simple, exactly the same as in any fair competition (which is already rare). Why "in any", because the true principle is one. The problem is that honesty is observed only by those who observe the Truth, otherwise, all means are good, in which people have been very successful, having lost the Truth. Only in this "race", Whom did we decide to deceive and what exactly! hope to get?


As of the date of writing, I (Orthodox) believe that Muslims are leading the world, tk. they have less perversions of the Truth, more specificity and decisiveness, a larger scale and their leaders are publicly and realy! they honor the Koran and the experience of their ancestors (unlike many democratic Christian politicians).  Of course, one cannot ignore the large number, organization, level of development and reverence for traditions by the Chinese, but the remoteness, specificity of the language and lifestyle of the diasporas leaves their faith unknown to me. But if we take as a criterion the scale (i.e. solidarity in faith) of pilgrimage to the Holy Places (i.e. a person voluntarily actively! follows the established order/restrictions in order to touch the Holy Place), judging by the facts, Muslims will still in the leaders. As for me, I am offended and sad that the Orthodox have what the Muslims have, but they sold something, drank something, decided to replace it with a democratic one, and in the end they have what they have. But Orthodoxy (especially Russian) has a special God's guarder - a harsh, sometimes long, winter in large areas (many roads turn into directions). Already the first winter severely broke the spirit of the armies of Napoleon and Hitler, when the soldiers and officers began to wonder: “What are we doing in this cold  boundless  roadless wilderness?". And if faith is not enough, then vodka is both fuel and anesthesia for many (and the soldiers immediately began  to “treat” youself with it). If your faith in such places cannot warm you for more than six months annually (taking into account the transitions in autumn and spring), you will either run away, or you will constantly get sick and die from inflammation (especially with COVID), or you will get drunk /de-pressed. In harsh regions/conditions, perversions in a few years (ie. quickly) are freeze/dry up directly or indirectly, and blah blah, either fast! are accept the specifics, or see above. Therefore, people living in harsh environments (of any faith!, otherwise you won’t survive) smell smart-ass promises and perversions (lack of specifics, 2nd ... standards), like dogs of cats and quickly find a common language with similar ones because they try to coordinate common interests and not impose their own rules, since the principles of their consciousnesses are similar - their harsh conditions for centuries required the search for the true one specifics (yes-yes, no-no), quickly cutting off godless perversions + harsh conditions and the summer window does not leave time for other people's problems. And the fact that they survived centuries and did not run away indicates that there is enough Truth in their faith to live there. Is your faith better? Prove it! Live as a hermit alone for at least 5 years, show results, people are not fools - they themselves will reach for the best. A ready-made recipe for many leading judges and politicians who do not have evidence-based proven ways and results to see the direction and the real ones the results of their proposed hike. And if the recipe is not used in time, then thanks to their efforts / “rationalization”, God’s fertile lands around the planet will turn into harsh ones (from climatic to social, including wars). And not the fact that it is reversible. Is the current dynamics of the planet in favor of my recipe for determining the leaders or against it? I'm not kidding! This recipe is practically used all over the world in 2 versions: voluntary - monastic and forced (more often - prison).

But the modern growth of cities with their transition to megacities, changes God's HLS to "rationalized"/godless, and in order to survive in them, you need to use godless principles: socio-economic (i.e. everything is determined by money). Previously, the growth of cities was associated with large human resources in growing industrial production, the lack of high-speed transport and remote information opportunities (Internet) against the backdrop of an excess of physical activity, natural food and medical progress. Now everything has changed diametrically: people can be replaced by technology and robots, there is enough high-speed transport, there is the Internet, little physical activity, perverted food and healthy lifestyles. Everything is fine, except for one “little thing”: happiness and health are disappearing on the planet (i.e., there is a pandemic of depression and immuno-metabolic and oncological diseases). I'm not saying that there is no faith at all in the megacities, but it is extremely difficult for God's (faith) to grow in godless conditions, so it languishes there and I am trying to explain this with my explanation. There is no True  HLS in megacities and cannot be, because a megacity is a perversion/"rationalization" of God's conditions! and I am able to prove this with many scientific options (both biochemically and immunologically) + tear apart many generally accepted urban perversions taken as norms. And since megacities are growing in all countries, this means that the Truth is languishes in all countries. If I am wrong, you have nothing to worry about, but if I am right, my prediction will quickly be confirmed, because I do not yet find the slightest reason to doubt it. If earlier wars had specific territorial and resource bases with direct invasion, now they are political (by proxy) and without a specific purpose. You (judges and politicians) think carefully about the following questions: Why do your youth (warriors) need a foreign land (and even with more severe and roadless conditions), if they do not want to live on their equipped land, concentrating in megacities and later prematurely wither in them in illness? Where is the motivation? (if it is not, only a few will remain after the 1st winter, and if only a few remain, why so many costs and sacrifices?). And most importantly: what confirmed values and according to what concretely (1st, 2nd...) criterias  do you persecute in a foreign land, if, judging by your results, you do not know them on your own land? The true answers will show you the true consequences of your management. If the answers/efforts are wrong/untrue, why did you live? Will you convince the youth with the power of your mind, a collective decision (parliament / congress)? Try. The result is fundamentally predetermined. To change the result, you need to change the principle, and for this, at least, you need to know its mechanism. And many cannot know him because they have never been interested in him, tk. “smarter” than everyone, including their ancestors. Before you die, you will “rejoice” at your achievements. I don’t need to believe, I see a chain of events, facts/perversions of Truth, their dynamics and try to show it to others so that people think about whether they want to live on in this “progress” and leave it to their children. The lower you fall, the harder it is to get out. And not the fact that the damage / function will be restored.

So the “race” goes on and the finish line is not yet visible, and faith, it is like a controlled flow / life: slowed down with a reaction - a wound, show off / did not dodge - an injury, one wrong turn and “sciatica” to all country, went to work in the heat / frost in a T-shirt and shorts and did not come, people left for megacities and disappeared (the efforts of life-limit drowned in the bustle), etc. Truth is the Absolute, people, by themselves, cannot achieve it, but it takes a lot, a lot of wisdom and skills to get closer to It. Is she worth it? And what, in this world there is some other option worthy of death?

I want to leave a useful trace on Earth after youself

When I was preparing this, I remembered how the eldest son, choosing a job as a programmer, said: “I want to leave a useful trace on Earth after youself, I don’t want to stupidly press keys just for the sake of money ". Agree, a good intention (see HLS-ANTICOVID) and sounds beautiful. But in view of the above, to everyone with similar intentions, I want to ask a logical question: In what world are you going to leave a trace: in real (God's), in virtual (godless), in space (dead)? If in the virtual/cosmic (i.e. godless), then the probability that  your "trace" will be use for hacked/"rationalized" and/or pervert the Truth is extremely high. In the best case, wipe the consequences of the "rationalizations"/ perversions already made. If in God's, then you will need competence in the Truth and we come to the same question: "Are you for the Truth or against?". I will write specifically if, in the conditions of growing negative dynamics, 0 dynamics remains after you: green grass that can be used in salads and feed animals, berries, mushrooms, fish, animals, birds, insects ... God's creatures and you set an example for the children, which means you have kept the Truth on your territory, and without experimenting (there were also negative consequences) and without getting into the principles and mechanisms of the Truth, you have already surpassed me. If with you the dynamics goes to + (at least by 0.000 ... 1%), then you are Samson in spirit and after death a new job awaits you, because for God you are a find / value (if you die anyway, it’s better with hope :-). Especially responsibility if you become a leader. (What are judges and politicians worthy of if after their “help” a war starts: Heaven or hell? Are they worthy to rule something bigger? Vote and “cancel” death). The True trace is joyful and invisible, for it merges with God's (i.e. you have achieved True competence in your participation). For a concrete example: your eyes will not be able to linger on my participation and / or on my path (see PHOTO), since there are no traces of modern man: no garbage, damaged plants. Wherever you look - it's nice, insects, birds and animals are drawn to my places (and perverted hunters follow them). Therefore, I am happy, because I am with the Part (in Russian happy=with-part), not only in deeds, but also in quantum-nucleon-energy exchange, but this is not visible to the eyes. I am, but you do not see me, therefore, me is “no" :-) Even if someone wants to separate my efforts from God's, he will not be able to: judging by the "cowards", "vitamins" and immun "recommendations" and remedies, understanding of gravity, light, joy/depression, etc. "scientists" always! there is not enough competence (and many of them know it), because there is nowhere for them to take it, since the possibilities of their vision and brain are either limited from Above or perverted (sorry for showing off, but today, in understanding the most strategically important problems, all scientists with electron microscopes of all universities and laboratories of the world, sometimes they see less than I do with my eyes while walking along the road and cannot put together a picture from their own puzzles, and below - the endless abyss of Truth, these are the consequences of a godless consciousness). Have you seen SIRDS pictures? If not, read online and then look (printed ones are much more practical). What do you think, if people can create SIRDS pictures, didn't the Creator make SIRDS pictures in Truth to distinguish "scientists" from believers, fools from the wise, blind from the perspicacious? You don't see, so they don't exist? Very clever". Is there no gravity either? Are there no criterias for the transition of forces in fundamental physics either? And there are no principles and mechanisms of strong immunity either? Are there no true criterias for peace, happiness and health? Etc. They are gone, because people have become realy! blind (every day they look at their feet, around, but they don’t even see the principles, that’s all - this is one of the “most difficult” proofs of “understanding” the universe). But the main problem is that people (voters) consider blind leaders (judges, politicians, physicians without a healthy lifestyle) to be their guides to happiness and health, who lulled their ears, but which don’t have any real-concrete evidences of the true of their path! If you didn’t ask, didn’t find out specifically and / or didn’t care, who do you need to blame for the fact that you, your loved ones, were brought into the initially known illnesses and sorrows? (see 20  VOTER  QUESTIONS  FOR  ANY  ELECTION  IN  20  MINUTES). So far, the result of the joint efforts and competence of judges, politicians and scientists is the growing global perversions of Truth. And the more they twitch , the worse it is for everyone. If, after reading this, you are going to further “rationalize”/hack/replace the Truth, go to the mirror, and then to the temple to the priest (of any faith), because this is not cured by physicians and pills. If you decide "Yes", begin! Limit- tick-tack.



What humanity knows is a grain of sand in the Ocean (of knowledge) of the Universe. Yes, I do not deny that people have advanced in many directions, but some themselves have gone beyond the boundaries of happiness and health invisible to them, others have trusted them as guides. Judging by the consequences of COVID, at this stage, no one in the world has demonstrably descended the living Root of Truth deeper than me + in a fundamental understanding of some mechanisms and relationships, but I will die a dumbass. For the Root of Truth is constantly divided and goes into the abyss, and you see that its branches are surrounded by an innumerable number of the most complex small details, which in different power (geophysical) versions have features, i.e. there is no universality and these features must be sought. Based on my rationale (above), extending the lifespan at times does not change anything in terms of approaching the Truth. Each cm in each direction requires more and more time and effort. And what is the result? You only increase the sadness that Solomon warned about 2,000 B.C.: “because in much wisdom there is much sadness; and whoever increases knowledge, increases sorrow.” And the fact that modern people with their superficial knowledge stupidly and stubbornly "rationalize" the planet, perverting the True norms and boundaries, having an obvious growing negative dynamics on all fronts, is an indisputable proof of this.

If you understand God's principles and know how to use them and don't delve deeper, you are a wise man. I will ready  the first to bow at your feet. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you do not know God's scientific mechanisms - the meaning and effectiveness of your life can surpass all academicians put together many times over! Yes, it takes faith. But, if there is a head, there are examples abound in the water, on the ground, and in the air.


There is a principle of attraction to the Truth: "Whoever is not against the Truth needs time to decide." And there is the principle of Truth: "He who is not for the Truth is against the Truth." "For" - the position is exceptional! active position, waiting = against. So, if you are a leading person (judge, politician, physician, scientist... parent) and read this, I put the question squarely: are you for the Truth or against it? If you are a celebrity, but you are indifferent and/or you decide to wait for a better moment - you are against the Truth, and as a doctor, I suggest you choose your diagnosis from the possible options: fool, coward, hypocrite (cunning ass) and a combination. Everything is sins (laziness - in this case, is excluded). If against, then thanks to your efforts and / or indifference, the world will continue to pervert/“rationalize” the Truth and after your death, God has prepared the appointment of such a “manager” as you (and possibly the whole family). In hell. COVID for 4 years absolutely tested the "competence" of such organizations as the UN - according to the criteria of peace, WHO - according to the "recommendations" for strengthening immunity and the presence of a healthy lifestyle, the Nobel Foundation for the availability of criteria for happiness, health and peace, as well as the "advantages" of a healthy lifestyle of countries-leaders with their judges and politicians, parliaments or congressesas priority responsible, etc. Ask and listen to the "concrete" answers of your leaders, and then decide for yourself. And the fact that many do not have specifics on those positions for which they signed and receive a salary (and I think not a small one) in favor of the logic of the negative global dynamics on all fronts or against it? Truth and logic says the following: what competence, such results in any business! I think it's time to end these ten-year blah blah. Well, if you are against the existence of True criteria, provide the world with at least public concrete ones! alternative options and criteria: strong immunity and healthy lifestyle, happiness and health. If there are no and True, and alternatives, a logical question arises: why are you needed at all? With such a "competence" in Truth, civilization stands between a choice: chaos or perversions? You yourself signed up for competence in these problems. Confirm with specifics (1st, 2nd ...) at least something!


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.  




If you are famous scientist, read, and agree, send a scanned pdf: full name, date and signature. If you agree, but you are afraid - pisser/coward. I repeat from HLS-ANTICOVID: pissers/cowards and mumbles are never happy and healthy! If you can bypass fate, then you will can find and immortality. If you don’t agree -  you will try to change/“rationalize” the Truth, which means you are against the Truth: don't complain to anyone later, you punished yourself and those led by you.


Below, I leave blank lines for those who will descend deeper along the Root of Truth, as a symbol of the fact that they were able to cognize Life (not dead matter!) deeper and I want them to wrote their answer to my questions: 1 - is it possible for people to cognize the abyss Truth and innumerability of the most complex small details, taking into account any computing power? 2 - are people able to rationalize the Truth? 3 - is it necessary to hack the Truth and God's creatures in order to become happy and healthy? 4 - Will it bring Good to people? Yes or no? Without "snot". Go! There is a Measure/Yardstick that can check: were you deeper or not, competent or not (blah blah)? And the fact that this  “blah blah” and perversions will be destroy is a matter of time, otherwise - they will destroy everyone.



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