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 Priority - to Christian countries, Muslims – are hold)


I'll start right away with the fact that I sent proposals on this forecast to several ministries - they answered me: "took note." So, in this direction, there should be no complaints / condemnations against me. I wrote it so that people can understand the "suddenness" of these violations even on themselves and think about who they entrust with the protection of their health and their loved ones. The dynamics of this forecast is also based on the experience of post-influenza asthenia, which, I think it is understandable, is significantly inferior to the consequences of COVID in terms of degree and scale. Those this dynamic of change has already dragged on for decades, but COVID has significantly accelerated and increased it. The forecast was made on when a person in the middle latitude has been ill with COVID without any special violations (i.e., there is immunity and the 2nd wave does not threaten). Children did not include, tk. their lifestyle is often determined by their parents. Explanations for southern/warm latitudes below. The forecast was made without taking into account the growing weather and geophysical cataclysms (of course, aggravating the forecast). Purely biochemically, there are four most vulnerable places: - heat generation, - immunity, - mindfulness and - infertility. + Motivation ( I coupled with  mindfulness).

I put heat generation No. 1, because in countries with cold winters, it has a circadian priority + consumes the most resources. Because in a normal man, the metabolism is more active, then with the slightest deficiency, violation, perverted metabolism, the failure progresses much faster than in women, and, combined with even greater physical activity and harmful factors, the risk of premature “sudden” death increases significantly. Therefore, taking into account the “measures taken” for men, there are two extreme forecasts: either they are macho and die early, or their lifestyle is moving towards a feminine one (women/wives call them later “women with eggs”. What  the God didn't give your a head and hands?  A good “charger” is worth a lot of effort, I don’t even need to convince you of this, since you  it inside yourself and understand it so quickly, but often don’t want to admit it. Who are you deceiving: us, those around you or yourself? The stars are to blame, his work, he himself, his friends, relatives, but you have nothing to do with it? If yes - you will have  a chance, if not - you will continue to step on the same "rake", i.e. without a chance).         I want to emphasize that the risk of sudden death of young guys during summer bathing / sudden cooling will significantly increase (alcohol will increase the risk, but it is not the cause!) Roughly - urban mens in civilized cold (mostly democratically Christian) countries after 35-40 years will start early deflate: the number of sofa hamsters with smartphones will increase sharply. Correspondingly, divorces will increase significantly. (If you add military casualties and infertility (below), the dynamics of men are even worse.) Therefore, if I am right, due to the lack of male personnel, the number of professional female security forces will constantly increase before our eyes. Women get cold too, but they are given additional maternal motivation, which is qualitatively and quantitatively different from the paternal one.

Immunity, I think, understandly. If the immune system could not localize the COVID virus and the disease was pronounced and prolonged, then without eliminating the causes, it definitely became weaker + recovery will take the necessary resources from other systems (immune cells have priority, I can prove both physiologically and biochemically, which is generally logical). As a result, exacerbations of chronic infections (tonsillitis, acute respiratory infections, herpes, hepatitis, etc.) will become more frequent, and metabolic and degenerative diseases will accelerate. I repeat from a HLS-ANTICOVID - the vaccine does not eliminate the causes of a drop in immunity! With a possible delay in the degree and time of the violation - I agree, but nothing more. Strong immunity is part of the personal key that was discussed in HLS-ANTICOVID. As of today (February 2023), there is not and will not be any proven immune booster due to its personal and geophysical individual feasibility and effectiveness (see OFFER  FOR  SUPPLIERS  FOOD  PRODUCTS) (Thousands of times easier and faster to find your personal key than to know all the immune processes. It’s easier for me to believe that someone crawling will to study the bottom of the oceans than in that all the laboratories of the world, united, will open a universal remedy that is guaranteed to increase immunity).

The manifestation of violations of motivation and attentiveness will take on a wide range, depending on who in what condition, circumstances and degree of had got sick with COVID: from indifference, drowsiness and emotional instability, to depression with an increase in alcoholism and drug addiction, and with obvious rejuvenation. Severe memory impairments through the acceleration of metabolic circuit failures will affect more the age group. In the middle age group, violations will be imperceptible or periodic (i.e., it will be practically impossible to detect them clinically and / or laboratory), but they will be enough to significantly reduce the very attentiveness that strongly determines the degree of risk of responsible jobs. (Are there methods for determining mindfulness according to specific criteria? Perhaps the military and athletes, although it is possible that they use the principle of "scientific" selection "we need the best"). Therefore, I emphasize that as a result of this shift, occupational injuries, deaths in extreme sports, various accidents and the number of household fires / explosions will significantly increase (the mechanism is the same, alcohol will aggravate inattention, but the reason is not in it). No instructions and requirements will stop this, because. the causes of these consequences are beyond the competence of the participants in labor protection, police and rescue services. Priority violations among young people will be depression from indifference to drug addiction (especially large cities, young people from small cities are often pushed by an unstoppable, sometimes perverted motivation to live in a large city - I myself am one of those) and and crimes related to quick money. Why? Even subconsciously/intuitively, having seen such results and dynamics, the consciousness of young people does not see confidence in the present "healthy lifestyle" of others and parents, since they cannot provide it. Confidence for the reliability of the “health care” system was also undermined. And other hopes, except for money, they, more often than not, do not have. Yes, many still try to find health from doctors and in pills, but this is out of desperation. And since they really don’t have any healthy lifestyle and health, the dynamics / results will continue to fall, which will only increase the distrust of young people. Smart young people will make IT their priority, virtual reality without borders and with a minimum of restrictions, but in the immunological aspect, virtual "reality" = sick ""healthy man", i.e. immunological security will continue to fall, and in several directions at once, because immunity is not virtual - only real. And since young people do not yet have their own  life reliance, few will find it in such circumstances. I think that young people will bet even more stubbornly on “quick money and we'll figure it out later” which will explain the growth in crime in this direction. Pure logic. I do not consider motivation to be either a biochemical or psychological process (i.e., I do not believe that beliefs, psychotropics will bring healing to a person, i.e. he will get out and continue to live without relapses). Psychologists and psychotherapists think otherwise - they have  and "cards in hand."  If they are wrong, this will lead to irreversibility and, accordingly, an unprecedented increase in the scale, i.e. extreme degrees they can short-term and hold back, but the scale - no. Despite the fact that female alcoholism will also grow, but still more often, female depression begins with sweets, which, starting from fullness, launches a whole fan of metabolic and social disorders and problems.

Infertility problems. If even 20 years ago a functionally full-fledged barren man was a rarity, then purely logically I would not be surprised that in the short term, male urban sterility will overtake female (the principle outlined above). Just as it happens with trees: big, beautiful, lush, but barren. At the initial stages, it will be possible to break through the conception with megadoses of hormones, but I'm afraid that the quality of these children in the long term (that is, when they grow up) will declare itself: the restriction for this and was put in order to avoided consequences. The One Who set the limit knows why and/or for what. It is not a fact that the discovered infertility is irreversible and immediately requires hormonal intervention, but I will emphasize that the correction of this violation requires rare patience, true ones! effort and faith. Without faith, there is no motivation, no true correction.

The dynamics in the southern/warm latitudes described above will be weaker, more extended in time, and therefore less specific. But, in the absence of the true correction, the risk of a lightning-fast lethal spread of a new virus / strain (as was the case in Italy) will increase with a combination of a number of factors and circumstances, because the reasons so and weren't eliminated/adjusted.

A sharp increase in oncology and metabolic disorders will loudly declare itself a little later, because. replacement of the mechanisms of metabolism and division requires more time (usually years), so I did not include it.


What to do with it? If you have read my other explanations, then they clearly show my accusatory responsibility placed on judges and politicians (all of the listed consequences are long-term logical consequences of their incompetence and/or indifference. Everyone makes mistakes. If they convincingly reverse the dynamics of my forecast in the next 2 years, I’m ready to replace / publish an apology. No problem. But so far I can't find any reason for even the slightest doubt). To the objections that “to make guilty - there are many masters” I object the proposals that are set near. If you don't like them, use the ones you like, but you don't need to judge me and, especially, make some claims later. Find out measures, justifications for hopes and expected results from your guides/rulers. Or does such a forecast not require clarification and correction? Your life is your choice, but your decisions and/or inactions come with corresponding consequences. Being a guide/ruler of people is a huge responsibility before people, God, your ancestors and relatives. History is full of people, facts, decisions and their consequences, with which you can check and justify not only your own choice, but also those of others, as well as teach this to children. If the ancestors (they have everything is tied to God) are not your authority, then you will choose those who lead you to happiness and health from your own kind, for whom they are also not authority, which is so "complicated" and "prophetic" explains the "sudden" already existing results and the further dynamics of "progress". Do not agree? Do not like? Patience, a little patience, time will judge us much faster than you expect. Games in happiness and health - ended: either + or -. And everyone, without exception, will be able to verify it on themselves and those around them.



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.  





Supplement (first 04/13/2023 on 5 pages)

I decided to make additions, otherwise the topic turned out to be somehow “dry”, without depth, but I want the “omniscient” people to have something to think about: from ordinary people to leaders.


Biochemical (i.e. evidentiary and logical) acquired self-punishment of a person

(consequences of untrue healthy lifestyle from an ordinary person to a president / prime minister)


Attentiveness - is a simplified generalization of highly sophisticated biochemical mechanisms, each of which represents an abyss of knowledge. Let's take a closer look at the "surface". The neurons that make up networks and tissues are very specific, they begin to specialize from childhood, for years and continue, with a true healthy lifestyle, until death. The proof of perversion is trite: if earlier wisdom was measured by age, now the degree of encephalopathy is measured by age, because the slightest untrue deviation from a healthy lifestyle triggers a chain of consequences. And man should  thank not evolution for the fact that this chain is not to run quickly. The brain is arranged very wisely, neurocytes are surrounded by helpers (connective tissue), and if neurocytes start to pervert (from inactivity before overload, from error  before delirium), helpers (fibroplasts, connective tissue cells), seeing such a thing, also to start "dancing". And we know from our own experience which of them will quickly lose the skills (attention, reaction, memory, logic, etc.) that have been developed over the years - the one who had them, i.e. neurocytes. Decreased attentiveness  is the earliest sign of any neurogenic disorders.

The agreement of the Russian and English-speaking ancestors of the elders is that the meaning of pervent and vent is absolutely! coincide in meaning (i.e. now they are fighting because they have become “smarter”), but to facilitate understanding, I will add a second Russian meaning: from-rotation (i.e. departed from the Axis/Truth).


In terms of health (not diseases!) I do not need to be a specialist in neuro and endocrine metabolism, because. immune metabolism is a priority, the evidence is banal: 1- a person with inflammation always thinks worse, 2 - in a year a person can get sick with several inflammations, while maintaining almost the same intellectual level, i.e. immune disorders are more sensitive, and therefore earlier. What are the consequences? Here you can open the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) and look at the corresponding section: and there .... encephalopathy (brain metabolism disease) of all kinds. And pure logic tells us that neurogenic disorders often occur in 2 variants: 1 - a combination of high intellectual load and a small but long-term metabolic damage, 2 - a combination of a small intellectual load and pronounced metabolic damage (a variant of high intellectual load and large metabolic damage, excludes the presence of an intellectual level). Do you think that leading officials (judges, politicians, , lawyers, doctors, managersetc.) are at risk if you do not have a proven healthy lifestyle? If yes, what is your hope when the trend becomes clearly negative (list specifically: 1st, 2nd...)? Yes, there is such a “collective farm” medical (and there are no others) principle of chemotherapy: to poison weeds (fibroblasts) so that vegetables (neurocytes) do not interfere. But there are 2 "little things": weeds are more stable, and most importantly - "it is not yet known" why the bent "vegetables" do not want to grow on megadoses of the best fertilizers (vitamins). True principles=Merka, they work equally in the forest, and in the garden, and on children, and in brains ... everywhere.  But you don't need them until your own brains and other organs are processed (and since the chain of consequences does not spin quickly, the consequences are revealed when many chiefs have onruddered and crapfull dumped). Should we impute this to you as wisdom? I know what "boiling brains" means, 16-18 hours at a computer and medical manuals on one coffee, preparing for an exam, a trial overnight - it was never worth it. I will not say that it was ineffectual, but the necessary conclusions were later in the working mode. I am sometimes so stupid even now, but less often and with a different goal (I won’t specify, so as not to arm some with an excuse, if you “catch up”, then you have a good chance of “overtaking”). The Lord’s principle applies here: if you considered yourself stupid, you would have an excuse, and since you consider yourself intellectuals, you yourself decided to “catch up” and convince that your healthy lifestyle is above the rest. There's nothing wrong with that, it's about results. Confirm first on yourself! Who do you blame (judges and politicians No. 1) if you thought that you lead to great happiness and health, but a big “ass” has grown in both you близких and your followers?

One of the private variants of the proof. The modern problem of territorial administration is that it requires a number of multiple infrastructures with a large number of personnel and, as a rule, in the center of a large city (principle: now we are the center / axis, everything is around us). But judges, politicians, other chiefs, staff are people, they need to eat and there should be no problems with this. There are no problems with the volume of food, but there are many questions with the quality. I take the most frequent simplified version - this is food with preservatives: it is already ready, it is stored for a long time and they do not often run from it to the WC. Everything is fine, if not for one "trifle": the most sensitive processes are preserved first, i.e. immune. (Proof of the sensitivity of the immune system is given above). I think the logical chain of consequences does not require comments, because. it is obvious in scale and dynamics. In the long term, the brains (literally) also begin to be conserved, and the most sensitive processes - God's (for unbelievers - intuition) are the first to fly off. Later, general structural changes in cells of different tissues begin against the background of various inflammatory diseases. And the problem is that the brain, inhibited by preservatives and components of dubious quality, and even squeezed by an administrative prison, is purely biochemically and logically incapable of choosing the true logical chain of damage, since it (the brain) is biochemically (quantum, see below) incomplete. Even if the eyes look at the visual sequence response, the brain does not see. And what modern judges, politicians, chiefs of "health care" (as leaders) do not see, they themselves confirm by their inaction, looking at the mortality of their own population. What is the name of a person who does not see the way? Can he be the guide of the others? I note that the increased use of preservatives in some southern countries, combined with other circumstances, leads to a significantly higher risk of fulminant infections, especially in the elderly.

In biology, unlike in industry, speed is not quantity, but quality!!! If God's components are not ahead of the godless ones, the results will be godless/perverted/ from-rotation (both immune and brain). I give banal examples of evidence. 1. Word formation and punctuation: if one letter overtakes another when printed, the meaning of the word is changed / replaced / from-rotated. Fact. Catherine 2 (Russian Empress), when she signed the Alaska lease agreement with America, instead of “for a century” (for 100 years), she wrote “foracentury” (in Russian "foracentury"=forever) and refused to rewrite, citing an excess of territories. That's the price of one space. 2. Hunting (predator and prey), wars and dangers. Yes, people shooting off large predators, enemies decided that this principle works with both microbes and viruses. But there is a “small” but: in order to shoot inside yourself without tangible own losses, you need to know yourself, needs, strengths and weaknesses of your immune army and other cells. This is real medical aerobatics in the literal and figurative sense. COVID has shown who is the hunter and who is the victim. And oncology shows how our cells want to “serve” us. Speed in biology determines life or death! and when there are bio-battles, no one looks at human laws, because these battles go on completely according to other laws. 3. To explain the quality of the conclusion of our consciousness / intuition, I have to use a sophisticated quantum example for the time being (I have not yet obtained an easier one). Many keep greenhouses for early vegetables. Professionals/farmers can afford greenhouses made of both glass and polycarbonate, but in mid-latitudes, polyethylene film is used. Why? It’s about the quality of the fruits (because of the spectrum, but they don’t strain themselves with it - that’s enough for them, learn!). The smaller the thickness of the material, the better the quality of the fruits (transparency and colors are sometimes deceptive, a lot of things are also written on the fences, but if you come up and touch it, it’s not that, competence begins with this!). Ultraviolet has the fastest speed, but touching the film (for him it is almost armor) it dissipates. The fruits are large, beautiful and very tasty but! seeds have poor/painful germination and all holders of greenhouse growers know this (my parents have kept greenhouses for themselves since childhood, on shit - I’m almost a pro in their construction, if I go to cover - I’ll take a picture. Why will I go, knowing this? Yes, it’s hard to put up, bite the bullet and “help”, but the answer was given by the Lord and it is in the Gospel: “Don’t pour new wine into old wineskins...” Do you think your parents were happy to clean up shit after you?). By no laboratory and even more so visual methods this quantum defect cannot be determined and this is the lowest level of “rationalization” that I know of, then real  perversions /from-rotations (on this issue, judging by the 4-year global silence of “health care” in terms of people dying from COVID, I still the only expert in the world - set out separately). If you have a question, where does the greenhouse with shit, then I'm going right. The fact is that we are quantum consumers, we cannot take nucleons / atoms from sand and stone and weave them into the organic form necessary for our cells. All chemistry is divided into organic and inorganic, and even a stubborn dumbass will not eat stones / crystals, because it hurts and teeth break. Now take any vitamins with micronutrients and show me completely organic vitamins. So that you don’t eat stones / crystals, pharmacologists (with “higher” educations!) Grind them up for you and package them beautifully - this is the real modern level of correcting a healthy diet (maybe we are alone in space because God placed us away from everyone because are we on such “vitamins” with “underpants” on our heads (see “HLS-ANTICOVID”), with canned brains, trying to exterminate each other and return to other worlds? You could laugh if it wasn't real sadness, but laughing above of sadness is a sin). There is a “small” problem: the quality! of quantum consumption is predetermined from Above (and if you often get sick with your “healthy lifestyle” and think that this is evolution, then you testify to yourself that you are dumber than a monkey, otherwise - you are really an godless quantum). If you want your armpits and between your legs to turn gray prematurely (at best!), gyrus on your ass begins to appear, you can climb into the quantum depths of biomechanisms and neurometabolism, but you will still die a dumbass (there will be a separate explanation-proof). And important, believe me, but believe me, this principle is enough to be happy and healthy you, children, slaves, descendants ... everything.

In order for your immune cells to win in the reaction speed of viruses, i.e. life, we need the best corresponding quantum components for given geophysical conditions, taking into account individual characteristics (universal - no!). In order for your brain to catch God's WiFi, you need a highly sensitive preset! a hydro-quantum antenna (the brain is 80% water), not vitamin cobblestones (it's like catching WiFi with concrete that drowns it out! Is this the logic of a healthy brain?).

In order for your brain to make the true decisions, your neurons must use preset-complete ones! hydro-quantum processors (very simplified), and in order for solutions to be fast, multi-factorial, calculated with several options, your RAM must run on high-performance hydro-quantum cores. What are the results of canned incomplete brains without antennas? The ones we see on the news. Maybe you are many times smarter than me and stronger in body, but having driven yourself, children into administrative prisons, you have what you have.

Do you want to serve the president/premier who oppresses you? No. Do you want to constantly make mistakes? No. So, your cells also do not want to serve a tyrant and a moron - this is how oncology appears. I often hear how cells call tissues (almost a piece of meat). Today in the world there is no person capable of reaching the mind of any of our cells! (stop oncology and turn on normal division / self-renewal!) Yes, paradoxically, but God gave us immortality, it is inside us (onco cells are proof that division can be started), but instead of humility and self-knowledge, people went stupid chemical "rationalization" (judging for “vitamins” not even biochemical, it’s even stupid to mention quantum ones) and punished themselves with perverted/from-rotation biochemical processes: weak immunity, metabolic diseases and oncology. Pure evidence modern biophysics, biochemistry and well-known facts. Yes, cancer cells are trying to take over the body, not knowing that they are dooming themselves to death. Isn't that what some politicians do when they try to impose rules on the planet with obviously negative consequences for the population entrusted to them? Why impose them? Here was COVID, show (judges and politicians, your minimum responsibility is 85%) the advantages of your management / system and the majority will follow you voluntarily.


So, a purely evidentiary biochemical logic, even on a superficial examination, indicates that each lifestyle has corresponding consequences and, in principle, everyone who has a free choice, more often, in the case of a chain of wrong choices, will punish himself. It is especially sad for the children, because they are led by their parents. The fact that some parents have a higher social status than others indicates the extent of their responsibility, but in terms of a healthy lifestyle, a single True principle works: either you can confirm by your example, or not. If not, most likely, sadly, the “joys” will pass to the children. And whether they will have children is still a question even from the point of view of only biochemical dynamics (without wars and disasters), which are the consequences of the modern “healthy lifestyle”.


Believe me, there is still an abundance of all the components on the planet, but the problem is that they are not needed in the format as intended from Above. The whole “intellectuality” of humanity boils down to the fact that people want to replace / rationalize what, not knowing what (immunity, happiness, health, peace, etc.), invent the production of what is abundant around, moreover, using the methods of the Stone Age (drive with a sledgehammer quanta), kill your living environment, for the sake of obviously dead space objects, etc.  It is possible that the modern showers-rains is God's tears of sadness in terms of the scale of human stupidity, because of perversions / from-rotations and their consequences. God not only did not punish people, but provided them with an very balanced system to manage. The fact that people decided to “rationalize” the pre-established way of life, without even delving into the principles of mechanisms, physically, biochemically and immunologically evidentiary leads people to mass self-destruction in the near future with increasing geophysical cataclysms (maybe I'll post it separately).



Non-biochemical evidence


In the growing godless world, there will definitely be those who will say: "Cool fiction: both physiology, and biochemistry, and quanta." Where is the evidence? Evidence will not be needed for me, but for you when you try to restore health with pills. I figured it out, and so far 5 + 2 evidence has come in, with which I suggest you “rule out my theory”:

1. Full moon. It is statistically reliably known that there are more conflicts (police calls), ambulance calls, firefighters, suicides, complaints, etc. on the full moon. + Any woman will say that the Moon influences the cycle and desires. As far as I know, billions of people have looked and look at the Moon, no one has yet described the mechanism. If I voice it, then even children who do not know what physics and quanta are will understand it. If you dispute my opinion, state it first and let the rest agree with it. Nonsense is not that you deny God, but if I start listening to an adult blind man (both in myself and in Heaven) who denies God. Since the effects of the full moon are "floating" and not as stable and much simpler than gravity, I consider it a weaker argument against "smart" atheists (especially "health care"). But even the apparent full moon remains an unsolved mystery for them. If we don't see/don't know, so this is no. And after in a pandemic “save ourselves” from mortal danger with help “cowards” on our heads (see "HLS-ANTI-COVID").

2. Dreams (sleep). I will not consider here the interpretation of dreams, but only the principle: to generate any dream, you need a force, pure logical biophysics. And if you sleep without being connected to an outlet, we are talking about a force field. If you say that this is from a lot of modern electromagnetic radiation - wonderful, I won’t even object, because by doing so you agree with my proof, and since. dreams are known thousands of years before EMT emitters, therefore, there is an influence of other fields. And if you say that your brain itself randomly generates impulses, why should I listen to the sounds of an uncontrolled brain?

3. Intuition (especially female, it is a gift from Above, for meekness: in Russian “mole + axis = hidden axis=meekness”, for a possible! true! amendment the husband) - the mechanism is the same, but given the individuality of signal reception, like a SIM card, direct experimental proof is practically unreal.

4. Hypnosis - distant influence of another person. Considering that not many people are subject to such abilities and influence, the evidence will be taken as dubious by any means.

5. Experimental, it exists in 2 strength still "unknown" qualities (although there are more of them): 1 - when children cannot talk and 2 - when children can talk. Since all people use its to varying degrees, I can (because I have done it more than once) prove it experimentally almost at any time. Believe me, even children can prove the inferiority of the modern physical (power) level of cognition of the Universe. These forces were before me, will be after me and do not belong to me. Believers use them, but non-believers do not need them - they are on their own, and once on their own, so try to do without them. You will fight not with me, but with the One who created them and Who determines whether you should live on and in what capacity. I already know your  results and  whose you led by: in happiness and in health. Sorrow, sickness and sadness.

6. and 7. There is also the materialization of thoughts and foresight / prediction (prophecy), but these are higher levels, not mine. There are thousands of proofs, but stubbornness (in Russian: only straightly) they do not break through.

What is the conclusion? Banal but global: the perversion of true power non-biochemical influences, through motivational thoughts, leads to perversions of the true biochemical mechanisms of the body. It is stupid to fight the consequences without eliminating the causes (godlessness). Because people are concentrated in administrative prisons (cities), after COVID, the world will face a pandemic of de-pression (from indifference to drug addiction) supplemented by the consequences of a   perversions / from-rotations  metabolism (from weak immunity to oncology), in the face of growing geophysical cataclysms (most likely I will later state the logical explanation of the dynamics) . Pure evidence-based physics and biochemistry, and which option does not decide - there is only one answer. And logic says that the indifference of judges to the wrong actions of politicians will progressively aggravate the scale. And since the Truth, the experience of the ancestors, neither the judges nor the politicians are really interested, no other dynamics are foreseen yet.

And if you say, yes, I don’t need these quanta, it’s delicious for me from the store, there would be money. Fool, Who are you going to send and / or bypass?! I marvel at God's wisdom: simplicity and efficiency. You may not need quantum components, but viruses need them. With every snot, acute respiratory infections, and especially COVID, there will be less and less of them, and in order to keep the protection of such a “smart” body, immune cells will take resources from the rest. The brain will continue to work, but on the old ones, since there are no new ones, gradually dropping lower and lower in all parameters. If you don’t change your mind, brain encephalopathy and body weakness will begin later (from depression to oncology) and your “tasty” life will become tasteless (de-pressive). And no doctors and pills in this world will help you regain your former joyful status, because I know that there are none. If you were as smart as many consider themselves to be in the presence of the Internet, then the first thing you would do would be to observe the established framework (commandments), get sick less and enjoy life more, without filling your head with the mechanisms of associative hydro-quantum transmembrane -gradient generations of an outgoing motivating impulse :-) Otherwise, you yourself will punish yourself, children and the environment entrusted to you. No options, because there are simply no others, and many are unmistakably ready to tell you where you will jump ahead of schedule.

But the biggest and saddest punishment is happening to modern citizens, because the scale of cities, the city's "healthy lifestyle" and the quality of food have long left healthy boundaries. And no matter how sad it is to realize, the same God's principle is at work here: if you leaving into godless conditions, there will be godless consequences. Yes, we want, especially in my youth, to achieve and acquire a lot, to show myself. Yes, sometimes even good intentions are pursued. But life is a choice of spending with a limit, and intentions require proven methods of implementation (see "HLS-ANTI-COVID"). What do I often see as a result? Our things are outdated rubbish, the built house is empty - the children have left, there is no happiness and even less health, a celebrity is a burden and restrictions, guests and children (if any) do not aspire to the house.

But all these biochemical consequences are more often the consequences of a smoothly long-term! not a biochemical reason - the joy leaves the soul  that many lived in childhood, but having become “smarter”, many do not even try to keep it, because they have other values ​​in priority. De-pression (i.e. the departure of joy) - like darkness, it is not an independent disease, it is the absence of Light / Press (the motivating energy of life). And if immunity can still be somehow tightened by someone else's mind, the experience of ancestors, then joy (as a result of happiness) is not: the personal key is obtained only with individual efforts (it can be provided either by the Creator himself, or by a master who understood the Creator, if possible, or - a thief , like a safe - the principle is the same, except for one "small" difference: in the entire history of mankind, no one has yet been able to crack even their own "safe", not to mention the Creator's "safe" - whoever steals the mechanism will steal immortality). And personal specialization of neurocytes of the brain and DNA undeniably confirm this  . If you have normal vision and basic common sense, why do you need quantum depths to "blow up" your "megamind"?

What is the conclusion from this? The sooner and on a larger scale (from the family, the country to the planet) the true values are established in order of priority, the criteria for their determination and the ways to achieve them, the less negative consequences everyone will have to grab (from the family, the country and to the planet).

If Life is Movement (in a Spiral, not a cycle!), and Movement has a directing Axis (a vector in physics), then there are only two options: 1- either you rotate around the Axis, 2 - or not, i.e.   become a  from-rotations / a pervert of Truth. This is my the most "long" and "complicated" proof, which I searched decades to complete. "Seek and shall find." Do not agree with “mine”, show and justify the “reliability” of the “miracle results” of alternative paths. If they are not there, then even an illiterate person will make a diagnosis  - the stubborn fool: he ran into a dead end, but is not going to get around, problems are growing, but instead of reasons, he consoles himself with false explanations, and even continues to drag children and others along with him. If you find at least one person in the world who has achieved happiness and health with such principles,  I'm ready, after considering the results, make a public apology.


If you are a leader. There is an exit. You do not need to go down alone from the peak that you climbed with such effort and listen to what I listened to. Everything - this stage has been passed, there is no need to repeat it and make yourself a martyr or a lone fighter. If you agree with this in your heart, look for like-minded people and unite while your limit is in force. Trust me, you will regret it later. And pity is a daily long-term sting of one's own soul because of an unused opportunity, if there is a chance - use it, you do not lose anything, because the modern path is demonstrably doomed and the question is only scale and time. We sometimes have a choice - where, but no choice - when, because the limit is death. Now! Tomorrow, for some, comes because they are moving now, and for others in order to see if the first ones can cope with them (why waste effort on training obstacles when there are plenty of real ones?).  If the first and second do not control themselves in a dream, and it is known that they will die, and the prophets and the Lord predicted that the world will be destroyed, but this does not happen, then there is One who is interested in how our choices / decisions will end in these circumstances. The choice the targets of expenses efforts, moments of joy and hope - this is all that we have in life, even if you are an atheist - you should not take it away from children and defile the works of your ancestors. And if you are a believer, you knew and did nothing (waited), then you should know the warning that "you will be beats up more than unbeliever", because "requirements and demand  more". So anyway, Now!



On the page for printing there was space left, I decided to add about myself.


Do I have a guarantee that I will live long and die a healthy wise old man? No. There is a chain possibility that you can (should, if you want) implement, taking into account the circumstances. As long as you are human, you are vulnerable by human weaknesses: if you will not have enough mind, attentiveness and/or reaction in relation to constantly changing circumstances is possible ... everything. Imagine yourself more - you will get more. But at least I have an excuse: I went beyond the boundaries in order to know the boundaries and / or keep them. (Will they accept it? I don't know). Moreover, I know from my own experience how dangerous it is if you do not have time and / or make the wrong choice, so I am trying to explain that nothing destroys as many lives as a steadily perverted everyday life, taken as a standard (in 10s, 100 - not once more than wars and conflicts, which sometimes begin because they try to impose their "standard" on others). If you check your attentiveness with the true Standard / Truth, you will dodge. Relax, “set”, or rather, you will try to replace the true one - you yourself will get caught and destroy the “herd”. Either - you rotate around the Axis/Truth, or - perverted / you rotate out of it. Attentiveness is needed in any scenario, but God's wisdom is that in case of perversions, much more attention is needed, because the number of dangers becomes greater: life becomes more terrible, more painful, less and less manageable and predictable even in terms of the weather, and, most importantly, hopelessly de-pressive, because there is no evidence-true-based hope. Is it the results and the direction of "progress"? The last “small” question remains: “Where do you get the principles of true mindfulness and their latest updates, taking into account specific ones! circumstances?" The physicians? If you try to prove to me that people who have not been able to give a single advice on strengthening immunity in 4 years of COVID are more competent in multi-threaded processes that run at speeds at least 10,000 times faster, I will immediately take it for nonsense, because so far - this is a transgalactic level of medicine. (By the way, this is why the role of robotics is growing, because their principles of work are clear, but their own (human) are not). I think, taking into account my explanation, even children will tell you the dynamics of the nearest happiness and health results.


And considering that I finished this on a “clean” Thursday + ND of my eldest son, I have a hope that my explanation will puzzle and correct my son’s consciousness (even if later, taking into account personal experience) and the world will begin think about cleansing from perversions of Truth as established modern norms.


Don't delay! NOW!



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.