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An attempt to create, maintain and provide informational support for a list of food products that satisfies real bionatural criteria for the possible maintenance/increase of immune activity with a reversal of the industrial pursuit of the quantity of food raw materials to its quality. I suggest less fertilizer, less unnecessary chemical treatment, at least on a part of the land, especially at the stage of maturation for the sake of perfect appearance, as well as less unnecessary chemical-technological interventions (preservatives, dyes, etc.) for final products. You compensate for the lack of quantity in sales volumes with the price of an eco-product, and I suggest you help with this. With such dynamics of immunity, in tens of years, there will be no one to eat such quantities of industrial food, because their use leads to slow self-destruction stretched over time. COVID is just a wake-up call while there is not the slightest reason for doubt (see below).

The reasons for the start of this project are the “hopes” and “competence” of health care organizations in happiness and health (more detailed is set out in “HLS-ANTICOVID” on the sites below). I make  accent - I do not belittle the achievements of medicine in diseases (diagnosis, laboratory capabilities, removal, plastic surgery, anesthesia, etc. Teeth are very indicative: it is one thing to raise children with strong teeth and quite another to fill / replace them). Purely logical evidence:

1. Prior to the start of COVID, no one and nowhere has not been presented a specific healthy lifestyle, the implementation of which would have made it possible to endure COVID in a mild form. As I understand it, I am the first one who, having 3 proven COVID seasons behind me, without outerwear, vaccinations and isolations, started this. My websites (part has already been closed due to modern uselessness):,,,,, and etc. “Many doctors need happiness and health for your so much that they didn't even look for them for themselves!” and lead you there, not knowing where, in the hope of pharmaceuticals (see below).

2. As of February 2023 (COVID 4th year) I have not seen specific recommendations from health organizations including WHO  for strengthening immunity and have not heard of any of the named pharmaceuticals / means of increasing immunity. (Based on the methods I have listed below, they cannot even theoretically appear).If they are not, how did people survive for thousands of years in much more severe conditions? I repeat from “HLS-ANTICOVID”: the vaccine does not eliminate the causes of the fall in immunity, therefore the consequences accelerate!, which will be confirmed by the next pandemic and / or the growing growth of oncology. If someone knows - send a link: I will analyze the data using the methods below, and if they are reasonable, I will print an apology. No problem.


My competence or methods of selection / control

bionatural immunoactive agents that I use:


1. Bio-quantum method –  not yet discovered by "no one" and substantiated in relation to immunity. Do you think that if green and ripe fruits differ in color, are there smaller and more subtle quantum "tools" for understanding plants or not?

2. Bio-nucleon method - also not yet discovered by "no one"  and substantiated. Do you think that if a living plant has a choice, does it have a way of determining which atoms to include and which to ignore?

3. Bio-membrane method - also not yet discovered by "no one" and not justified in relation to the principles of healthy immunity.  What do you think, are there any criteria for the passage of substances through membranes, their dependence on the seasons? If yes, how to control? With a super lab in the kitchen?

4. Bio-coenzyme method - also not yet discovered by "no one"  and substantiated. Do you think there are criteria for kit completing coenzyme biocomplexes or not? How can a normal person check this?

5. Biomicroscopic  method - I, minimally!, use a biological microscope with a resolution of 80 000/0,8=100 000.  100 0002=10 000 000 000= х1010=х10 billion! on any live terrain. When necessary, I will prove my calculation - it is given to publicly explain your daily capabilities and the blindness of many "academicians". There is no discovery here - another “invention of the bicycle”: any smart (not even wise) indigenous people of the planet (old men, Indians, etc., who were exterminated by the colonialists) used a similar microscope. My capabilities are a tribute to our ancestors, proven for thousands of years!

6. Bio-effective (true, not monetary) method - also not yet discovered by "no one"  and substantiated, moreover, it is seriously perverted (by making money). Do you think plants have meaning in life? If yes, then in what? And how can this be useful to us?

7. Bio-consequencal (human) method - taking into account the "not open" "deep" levels with all modern scientific and technical capabilities, it is at the level of "cowards" from COVID (explanation in HLS-ANTI-COVID)

8. Dynamic method - i.e. analysis of the above methods, taking into account changes in weather, all circumstances and results. Each season is unique: all “bionaturals” know this. + perennials also have circadian rhythms tied to the circumstances/conditions of the seasons.

9.... Bio-exchange, bio-circadian, bio-energetic, ......+ they are all interconnected and have geophysical differences/options, sometimes diametrical (in the hemispheres) and/or with significant shifts. + a lot of little things (they were called so not because they are not important, but because they are difficult to see, but without them, the quality and duration of life can have a lot of hidden risks).

Last. Bio-effective (human) - this method, as usual, is perverted and is most effectively used to select doping only from athletes, because the record without efficiency is unrealistic. I think that for people who are capable of thinking, and even more so for “rationalizers of the Universe”, the listed points are more than enough to understand the real level of our achievements.

If we add to this more individual characteristics, ranging from nationality to hair color, then I hope that the concept of "personal key" and "self-knowledge" (which I indicated in the "HLS-ANTICOVID) acquires a very serious and responsible status, of course, if you want your life to have meaning (happiness and health).

In order to “rationalize” these principles in gardens/dachas/farms and on yourself, you need to learn to understand them first, otherwise you will get perversions that will require pills, surgeries and chemotherapies. If you need experiments in such principles and products on yourself, then I strongly doubt that you will outdo me here, and most importantly, you will be able to roll back the consequences, at least partially and without de-pression: I do not regret about in what I could not roll back - this is my stigma (sins / jambs / mistakes) of my experimental path to the principles of the Universe (to Truth / God), this is my choice (rus=you are god), and it does not burden me as must should burden, moreover, I suggest others do not do so and do not wear it. If you read it, you have another choice.

Do you think the listed methods are competent and real or not? Do they have any approaching pharmaceutical alternative in the world? I hope this explains why I can smell liars, scammers and sly-assed in such matters, sometimes at a distance (how to convict them, maybe I will write later ). Add up my evidence, their rationale, results, possibilities, and determine my competence yourself.

Is there God's exclusive? It exists!, but it is God's, not mine - from someone else's you may start nausea and / or diarrhea, or even start oncology. I only know the principles of selection. To simulate such a number of conditions and circumstances in artificial conditions is not realistic for people! and the long-term negative dynamics in immunity is indisputable proof of this.

I repeat and emphasize from "HLS-ANTICOVID" (please, before contacting, read on the sites, at least "HLS-ANTICOVID"): with bionatural immune products, but without personal happiness, personal health is unattainable! (See "Principles of de-pression")


The realities today (February 2023) are as follows:


- all medical universities in the world are not able to implement even the most rough last method of control (I can prove it). What do you think: do I need long-term clinical studies of organizations that, having a quantum-electronic constructor in physics, chemistry, biology, do not have specific criteria for happiness, health and immunity? If I go to them, will you acknowledge that I have common sense? Yes, they have a lot of small details open, but they don’t know how and in what part to attach them to immunity, judging by the silence during the pandemic. That's all the proof. The 4th year of COVID (influenza epidemics are generally hundreds of years old) is ending with almost 7 million premature deaths, where are the specific recommendations for strengthening / correcting immunity, “miracle pharmaceuticals”? Do not agree? Provide publicly verified! specific healthy lifestyles, criteria for happiness, health, peace, love. Therefore, for the time being, all the principled (not even talking about fundamental) scientific achievements in terms of strong general immunity (i.e., not vaccination against a specific strain) are as far from the True principles as a cart from space flight: how were the "cowards" (explanation in "HLS-ANTICOVID") more than 100 years ago, so they remained. If the virus mutates, you are “without cowards” for it. Bla..bla...bla and no specifics. The same goes for matters of happiness, health and peace. Only this bla ... blah... blah politicians, doctors and the indifference of judges has already cost almost 7 million premature deaths from COVID alone (and also + other infections, their complications, + oncology, + metabolic syndrome, + their complications) and , most importantly, the "price" - is growing. Do not agree? Justify specific! (1st, 2nd...) hopes/measures for  strengthen the immunity system and braking diseases.

- not a single modern medical university, research institute, laboratory is able to give even a theoretical conclusion (I hope it is clear from the methods above, but I can prove it separately), and I offer a practical, well-founded and proven option. Why? They played laboratory games in their offices so much that they left the natural realities of the Universe long ago and decided to forge their own: in the environment, in food, healthy lifestyles and immunity, family life ... in everything. Let them try - their choice, but I assure you - they are doomed, they themselve are later unfortunate people and and pull others along, including children.

- so far I have not seen and, taking into account the foregoing, I think I will not see in the near future a more principled competent conclusion about the immunological value of a food product than mine. I do not impose on anyone, you can listen to anyone and eat anything - it's your choice. I had the opportunity and publicly offered, I did not remain indifferent. And the fact that judges/politicians/people have chosen science and democracy instead of Truth is their choice, with corresponding consequences. Who punished them? If I have to play football among the corpses, yes, it’s a pity, but I will play with a clear conscience and teach children that it’s not necessary to live like them, there is another proven option. In fact, sometimes doctors, the whole system, do not keep you healthy, but accompany you to the grave with the help of the surgical and pharmaceutical industries. I have nothing against it, I just want to offer people another (old millennia proven bio-natural) option!




The essence of the proposal is a little more detailed: whatever one may say, part of the immune (anticovidal) protection, as well as a healthy lifestyle, is realized through the food. In principle, any natural product has immune (anticovidal) activity. But there are two essential questions: its degree and a way of realization. Yes, you can produce a very effective immune (anticovidal)  food product, sell it on a par with ordinary ones, but in the end: neither the buyers no squeeze out benefits for themselves, which sometimes costs them their lives, no the supplier receive money for a quality product worthy of its qualities. If you read the requirements below, you will understand that I am not going to "mow the cabbage" in every production, and even in one selected position without agreement on its quality. Given the above and watching crazy marketing ideas, I had a question: why not make 82+1=64+1=65! (squared, because multiplication: and for people and for the environment, and x and = and2, not summation, i.e. not x2, because they are interconnected like a table, not // like filament/strands) useful things: 1-to explain, 2- to stop, 3-support, 4-to deploy, 5- to teach 6- to strengthen, 7-pass on to children, 8-to do a Godly deed? 65th - to earn. Why did I classify 65 as useful? According to the ratio of the buyer's costs and the benefits received: if the buyer buys a little cheaper, he missed not by the difference in price (mathematics of helth benefit≠financial), he generally missed the whole amount. It is better to buy a more expensive but high-quality food product than a cheap one, since the subsequent treatment of illnesses (if it survives at all) makes it both poorer and more unhappy. Utility for helth is like a harvest, because it is a consequence of the harvest (raw materials), so when deciding on cooperation, I would like you not to pursue stability (not to be confused with constancy) of cooperation. There is a batch / season / excess choice of raw materials - they worked, no - it means that the product is good (I can easily include it the daily healthy lifestyle), but it is not super i.e. in this season/year, its activity is not the best and I will not include it in the HLS-ANTICOVID. (And if judges and politicians understood that the usefulness of the products of their land is not constant, they would never incite conflicts and fight with neighboring countries, especially those with large territories, in the face of inexplicable mortality of their population and increasing geophysical cataclysms. A good shepherd will not betray his flock into deliberate risks! People on earth are more often far from politics, really I how they, and this project will not be political, but I want you, when making your choice, to see in it the principles of security for yourself and your environment. Live with peace. )



To make you understand that I have a goal to make money on the efforts in my competence, and not on the brand, I publicly start a list of specific! criterias by which


- exclusively! in production from bio-natural ingredients (further  bio = natural), without preservatives (including vinegar, lactic acid and ascorbic acid, not to mention nitrates, nitrites, sorbates, benzoates, dioxides, etc.) Let them be allowed to be eaten in your country at least spoons, but I have biochemical evidence that even a high school graduate with an above-average level of knowledge will insert. The fact that they are delicious in such a recipe and sell well does not interest me (I do not treat such people, this is God's retribution) - your life, your choice.

- in the future, only if possible, view the chain: land (geophysical parameters/climate/fertilizers/ agricultural technology + medical local population) - on-site preparation (if any) - production of the final product. The desire to indicate the GPS location of raw materials and the year of harvest (later - mandatory!) I.e. the best option is if the manufacturer has specific plantations, or stable raw material cooperation. I think  out what min. we will take the size as 1 km x 1 km = 1 km2, but the determining factor is not the area, but the quality and its quantity: if the location is smaller, we indicate the GPS and the area <1km2 + farm. If the location is larger and the collection is mixed, then the approximate area + farm. If different harvest from different locations has pronounced differences, then we indicate Loc 1 (+GPS) and area, Loc 2 (+GPS) and area, etc. In this way, the product is always unique, and believe me, buyers will be pleased to know this - this is a another level of attitude  a person. If it is difficult to establish the location, we indicate - “blend” (this has its own + and -, but there are features here).

- repeat, the harvest year is mandatory! Think comments are no needed.

- more often with a mandatory initial personal acquaintance with the technological process, documentation and production in general, control of the acceptance of raw materials and laboratory capabilities. If you are a large manufacturer working with aggregators/purchasers of raw materials, see below.

- if you are an aggregator / producer of raw materials, then there are issues with the constancy of cooperation with farmers and their use of fertilizers / agricultural technology. My advice is to cooperate / unite with manufacturers in the chain of land - product so that the quality of the product can be associated with the location and make comparative (including by years) analyzes. Currently, retail networks are shifted by Internet trade, so the advertising opportunities for a quality product from the place of raw materials are already high. There are no unhealthy natural products! -  you will sell them anyway. I only propose to use geophysical and seasonal parameters, with the minimum necessary interventions, to select the best immune (not taste!) Quality, followed by compensation for costs and quantity by price.

- Further, as suggestions are made, the criteria will be highlighted on a separate page. If you do not pass, I can offer options for changes, at least for individual parties.



Approximate mechanism of cooperation:

I proceed from the simplest, when the technological process either does not require changes (except for the selection of a raw batch / series), or minimal ones. We look at the production, we agree. I indicate on my websites the finished product / assortment, instructions for individual selection, options for implementing its maximum immunobenefit, batch and validity period. You - on your sites / disks place photos / videos of production, preferably a link to online production. Put on / glue small labels indicating my sites and a hologram, as an option for protection and control on my part (who provides - we will figure it out in the process, but taking into account the implementation period of the batch, with expiration dates - there are nuances in each product, if you approach really competently , then the generally accepted deadlines for a number of positions are often underestimated due to implementation conditions). There may be a slight correction in the packaging.

Any additional registrations, I think, are unnecessary in many circumstances: COVID can replace other infections (with such “advice” they won’t go away), official registration anticovid activity = therapeutic effect, which will require clinical trials, what is a hemorrhoid, what better not to start , contractual relations may fall apart, etc. etc.

The mathematics of pricing and profit in each production depends on many raw materials, financial, seasonal, logistics, etc. issues, therefore, in case of interest, the mathematics and the possibility of its control should be available and specifically stated in the answer.

Control. The initial one is mine, the current one is from the manufacturer, the duplicate one is for competitors. Controversial - to independent laboratories. Who is wrong, he pays. I am not a judge, I can explain the principle, help, but the main work and responsibility is the manufacturer. If he is not conscientious (that is, he does not have a good conscience, he wants to make money on everything and everything, and not reasonably bring good to people), then I cannot change this - it is better not to start.

The worst quality of a person is indifference. It will be sad if you grew / supplied / made "diamonds", and as a result became unhappy and sick (neither to people, nor to yourself) because you mixed them with "sand" and did not listen to smart advice. Where and from whom will you buy health later? Who punished you? Think. Think carefully, especially if there are still opportunities.



Possible perspectives

If the project is implemented, then I would like to spend part of the funds for logistical, medical and informational assistance / support for families living in ecologically clean, and therefore remote areas, to give many other people a chance to reconsider the values ​​of their lives and have the opportunity to join them on to their land. Without them, everyone else will not see strong immunity! There will be more interest, we can rise up  to  for  bionatural immune university. Believe me, as a person something is real, proven and conclusively! in this understanding, that  if there is a positive future, then it belongs to the One with Whom it all began. If you have many lives, you can check alternatives, if you have only one, then not from a great mind you decided to check those principles that people did not even understand, and before death you will understand this anyway, without options.

Later, if the project goes ahead, I maybe publish out my own recipes outlining personalization and selection options. But here, while a lot of but. Well, if project doesn’t work, then I won’t make more public attempts, because I already made one attempt years before COVID, but it was less tested and justified + people survived more often, and if the consequences of COVID do not force judges / politicians / doctors and the population to reconsider the realities of their principles, then I think that further circumstances will go far beyond the reversibility of immune perversions (both on earths and in the bodys) and accordingly will be far beyond my capabilities. But, I will not become like doctors from the word lie, and tell people how an immune “candy” can be prepared from industrial-chemical “food”, sprinkled it with soda, and after  eat with tablets in a bite and washed down with diluted hydrogen peroxide. And as long as I'm alive, I'll teach the children and adults that this is a perversion.

Such a civilization (from the transition to human laws and to urban/synthetic conditions), based on the above principles, is the immune self-destruction of humanity, because every year people are further away from bionatural/True principles. Even if there are no pandemics, civilization will die from a pandemic of metabolic diseases and oncology, i.e. perversions of True Exchange. Pure sane logic. If you are going to double-check this after COVID, this justification and the current dynamics, then, as a doctor, I think that this is not because you have common (analytical) sense.



Taking into account the experience of condemnation and bias

Health - is my job (rus=servant of God). If you want to convict, accuse me of incompetence, showing off ... of anything, send me links from health-care organizations, where the principles of health are clearly and specifically, in order of priority (which includes the principles of strong immunity, and happiness, and common sense, and male and female separately). If there are no links, then there are no specific principles / criteria for health, no common sense, no healthy lifestyle, no strong immunity, no...thing at all anything specific. What they are guarding is not for me to judge, but blaming a person without having specific verified objections and/or alternatively justified options is pure 100% condemnation. If you want to be healthy (and have healthy children if you are the head of the family) - run! to confession: God willing, later you will understand that this is really 100% common sense. God knows I warned your.


Able to change something on think.

To technosponsors. You can sponsor colliders, flights to other planets in search of "life", nanotechnology in electronics, etc. - That's your business. But I hope you will have at least a theoretical justification for the wasted life, effort and money, when your life and/or your loved ones will disappear due to weak and/or perverted immunity.

To moneyed and famous. How has your money, rare/expensive collections and fame helped you avoid COVID? Do you think the fact that you survived the pandemic is good? Yes, if you made the true conclusions from this and started the  true correction, otherwise - you can envy those who did not survive.

To judges, those in power, leaders and parents! The fact that your power is there while you are alive is understandable. But the quality of your power, and most importantly, the consequences for you and your loved ones after losing it, strongly depend on the quality of life of the  population. Do you think that if the people you lead die, they wish you and your loved ones long life? You owe: both to people and to God, because voluntarily signed up. Who do you blame? Doctors? Their influence rarely exceeds 15%, against 85% (minimum) of yours. And the saddest thing is that with your capabilities, you sometimes have a degree of immune risk that exceeds that of an ordinary person, but you still pull the rest there. For specific! example: what I decided to prove as a son/doctor/man/father and where I propose to go to the rest is in front of you, and what did you want to prove/pass on to the children? What are you, your laws more than God/Truth? If yes: why sad results/consequences? If not: why don't you follow it yourself and why are you forcing others?In which of the options there is at least a particle of common sense? How are you going to justify the significance of your life? Do I need to let you go to heaven so that you can “tweak” everything there? If not, then there is only one option. Don't believe? Let's go logically. If there is no Truth, then there is no True Immunity, which means, if I am right, your children will constantly, progressively get sick and eat pills, because. you didn’t show them anything else, and your “health-care” don’t have any specific proven alternative to a healthy lifestyle. That's all the proof. Will they have bionatural children/grandchildren? If smart, then add up my methods + dynamics and get the answer to the question “Where from?” and "What are their scientific chances?"  Can they buy them for money? At who? And if not smart - why did they undertake to lead people? Whoever pruned the his own clan, that one is the pervert, and his own ancestors will judge him. Agree, very "difficult". Think about these questions in such a way that you are not forced to think  in  illness, sickness, and sorrow. Life principles have only two options: True false, there are no others. Your life is your choice (you are god), but there is a Measurement and it will be weighed and no man and their assembly (from parliament to the worldwide) is able to change God's conclusion. What do you think, out of great intelligence and knowledge, “machine” argue with the Manufacturer  if they can be immobilized and disabled by an innumerable number of small objects (viruses / circumstances), and the Manufacturer has remote  shutdown an "electronic control" ?


If you write everything deployed and in detail, and go into the depths only in relation to each item and region, then I'm afraid that when the immune manual is ready, it will no longer be useful to anyone. God created the World not to be hacked, changed principles and/or rationalized (although from the principles I have outlined it is clear that people are closer to the Sun than to the Truth under their feet) and in the end perverted, but for people to share with Him the joyfulness of the existing Creation and Continuation (He did not stop - new version in progress). It is a pity that many judges, politicians and leaders of "health-care" organizations will not understand this until God's judgment and retribution for their "service". People themselves turned His Creation (Earth) into a sieve: on believers and non-believers in the Truth, after which there will be a “Restart” with the remelting of “waste” (literal and figurative). When? And you ask judges and politicians, otherwise, judging by their indifference and results, I get the impression that they are trying to speed it up in order to also make money and on it.


It will be interesting, write letters :-)



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.



Due to the “irrelevance” of the offer above and the absence of even 1 request per year (per 2023; if it’s any consolation, Russians don’t care either), I close all immune sites (do not continue or renewing them) after domains registrations was expire, and their archives later I will include it in sites dedicated to healthy lifestyle. Why waste efforts and money on something that no one needs? I am sure that further “health-care” “specifics” on “healthy lifestyle” and pharmacological “correction” of the dynamics of the “health” of the population in general, and its “immunity” in particular, will put everything in True relevance places. Verify ! Only then make claims either to yourself or to those whom you have entrusted to “protect” your “health”. My acquittal is before you. Neither physicians, nor politicians, nor people have drawn any reasonable conclusions after the COVID pandemic. So “history will soon repeat ” only in reality and on an even larger scale – pure True Russian immunobiochemistry, the fundamental principles of which are set in this offer.