(first published on Russian - 22/05/2024, on St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, on 5 pages+added 25/05/2024 on 3 pages)

(first published on English – 06/06/2024, shortened translation on 6 pages)

Dedicated to the memory of the determination of Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Prophet Elijah


This PROOF and DIAGNOSIS is an integral part of my Russian explanation “SOCIETY, POWER, VICTORY, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM and SEARCH FOR TRUE CORRECTIONS + TRUE RULES and DIAGNOSIS WHEN IGNORING THEM” on 16 pages +, which I don't plan to translate  complete yet. Due to the international importance of the proof and the significant amount of primary/Russian explanation, I highlight this proof separately and translate it in an abbreviated version: only the important, in my opinion, points, which are quite sufficient for the necessary true conclusions.


Let me start with the fact that in the Russian language, the words “SOCIETY”, “VICTORY”, “INDEPENDENCE” and “FREEDOM” are formed from “around Existence/Being”, “atop/from above  trouble”, “not dependent from God” and “one’s own God”, respectively. Which, even for ordinary people, not to mention the really wise people for whom many politicians pretend to be, requires no comment. The only thing I’ll add for the WHO is that in explanation contains the TRUE INITIAL CAUSE OF ALL DISEASES AND GLOBALLY GENOCIDAL PROBLEMS OF THE  “CIVILIZATION” - this is GODLESS INDEPENDENCE (not dependent from God) or DEFICIT OF FAITH, which gives rise to a chain of consequences/violations in the form of subsequent diseases. I quote from there: From here the TRUE CAUSAL DIAGNOSIS of ALL NEGATIVE SUBSEQUENT CONSEQUENCES of even an initially reasonably necessary victory is clearly and concretely visible - this is the proclamation of GODLESS INDEPENDENCE! (with any type of political system, which has also been proven by me) This is a TRUE DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL RULE. To prove a violation, you must indicate the violated  FoundationBUT THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AND WILL NOT BE ANY FOUNDATION FOR HEALTH, EXCEPT TRUTH (and I have proven this in the “PROGNOSIS  OF DEMOCRACIES” + this is also confirmed by the WHO, at the same time not recognizing the soul, and therefore having absolutely no specifics on health)! For now, here I will not unfold the diagnostic chain (both extensively and specifically), but, God willing, I will lay out the chain of an example of a True diagnosis in oncology and let’s see how anyone in the world will challenge it. The modern ICD (international classification of diseases), especially in terms of immune and metabolic disorders, is the collection of the consequences of untrue algorithms of the consciousness of people and/or their parents/guardians, and there are True reasons and mechanisms for this. If you/WHO are interested in the true health of people and the justification for what you have been receiving in vain - fee for more than 70 years (in part of specifics), then you will do the translation yourself. + It is clear from the name that there are TRUE RULES and a DIAGNOSIS WHEN THEY IGNORE, which now, without much difficulty, according to a template, any person can make, to himself and to others, including any politician in the world.

The abbreviation of the translation is due to the fact that, as I already explained in the untranslated public “APPEAL TO THE POPE,” that Euro-American politicians have an excess of money in the face of growing genocidal geoconsequences as a result of their own “ruling” of the world, even in their own countries. And to make it clearer for them, I will write what the Slavs understood after a while. When the Ukrainian-Russian conflict began, society split: for and against Russians and Euro-Americans politicians. But when you, the Euro-American leaders, began to publicly persuade the Ukrainian president to continue the war and finance its continuation, without again providing public specific rationales (one blah blah), the Slavic society realized that this was another veiled smart-ass (by someone else's hands) POLITICAL ANTI-SLAVIC FASCISM and even those who initially publicly supported you/Euro-American politicians here have already fallen silent, having changed their minds, and many who left the country at an older age (with stable faith and principles) are trying to return back. The Slavic leaders didn’t even have to convince anyone - your/the Euro-American political “wise men” did everything for them yourself ! And now to external genocidal problems, get ready to sort out the rapidly progressing internal problems and convince with your “rationales” the citizens of your countries in geo-unstable, sometimes already sad, conditions: that “Slavic hemorrhoids were a priority”, “this was necessary for stability” and “so was planned and calculated from the very beginning, when you incited Ukrainian nationalists against the Russians, starting in ≈2010.” etc. And if you want your international “wisdom”, “learning”, “faith”, “progress” and "geostabilities" of your countries to be further interesting to someone in the world, and especially to the Orthodox - PUBLICLY CONCRETELY and PROVEN REFUTE THE EVIDENCE LISTED  BY ME BELOW, for it progressively scatters throughout the world along with the ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE. And the already scattered Russian versions are much more detailed.

And after “At one fundraising event, Trump, surprising some sponsors, said that he would bomb Moscow and Beijing if Russia sent troops to Ukraine and China to Taiwan (during his presidential term. - Ed.)" many, including some of the leading politicians of the European Union, believe that our Slavic “grandfathers”-presidents are real sages, in comparison with the 2 inadequate candidates for the post of President of the United States, who, looking at the many sacrificial and destructive progressive series of tornadoes and the beginning jumps of cities in their country, as a consequence of their own “governance,” think: “How to punish Russia?” One hope is that the georetributions of the “administrations” of the last 2 grandfathers (regardless of the results of such a choice) will soon (judging by the geodata, it is possible, already from the “Olympic” August 2024, but, I’m sure, before the elections, the USA awaits the beginning of Historical “surprises”-georetributions with continuation until the End of the World and/or the end of their GODLESS INDEPENDENCE) will puzzle the “saviors of the world” with just one question: “How can they survive their own genocidal geoconsequences?”  For nothing but to look blankly at the geoprocesses of destruction, to “console” people and the world blah-blah with the “hopes” in their “progress”, these “saviors of the world” proofly and obvious to everyone  no can longer  (absolutely any constructive measures). And the grandfathers themselves, together with their administrations and allies, will go down in History as godless political and geogenocidal leaders-“progressmen” of the US and the world. Since there is a publical  formed prognosis, with diametric directions and values ​​of long-managing leaders, now everyone will be able verify by the facts: which leaders had a HLS in their heads, and which  ones  far long was need removal from management and psychiatric help? And if leaders have a HLS in their heads, then they must understand that for facts (tornadoes, earthquakes, droughts, floods, etc.) and their dynamics, as well as the Truth, do not care about any number of collegiality of godless decisions and “scientifical” “rationales”, to put it mildly. Until you/modern leaders “took the helm” of the world, there were no such long-term/steadily progressing geogenocidal problems and consequences in your countries in History. Where is the axis of evil/negative problems of the world ?






According to the Truth/True criteria existing around us (some of which I know), the World/people are divided into: Rotators (around Truth/God) and out/from-rotators/perverts (those who do not recognize God and/or not realy following Him). Despite the fact that in Russian the word “perversion” is literally derived from “from rotation,” the root vert in Russian also means vert = rotate, and the prefix per means "turn over". And since before all the elders of the world had God as the True Axis of the World, the wisdom of the elders of the world, including European and Russian, converges on Truth/God. The question remains to be clarified: “Around what axis did the past and present leading political leaders of the world actually rotate and rotating, i.e. Euro-American leaders and international organizations? Faith is a set of True exercises/tools proven by our ancestors that bring us closer to the Truth, but given that God made each person individual in constantly changing circumstances, then in reality - every path to God in space, like a person’s life/HLS in general, is strictly individual ! A GODLESS IDEOLOGY IS ALWAYS GENOCIDE, because I, in THE PERSPECTIVES OF DEMOCRACY have proven, that an “alternative” to the Truth is theoretically impossible, i.e. NO ONE  EVER PROVIDE ANY OTHER POSITIVE PROGRESSIVE BASIS IN THE UNIVERSE, i.e. TRUTH IS THE ONLY ONE POSITIVE VARIANT FOR THE PLANET  AND HUMANITY  FOREVER !


And according to the TRUTH NOT REFUTED BY ANYONE, THE SPACE OF THE UNIVERSE, incl. the consciousnesses (in rus=co-knowledge) of people is manipulated by only 1 pair of competing forces: Power/God/Good and anti-power/devil/evil (hereinafter referred to as the Spiritual Division of Space). Given that modern  guiding  Euro-American (current) leaders of the world, as well as other leaders and citizens who support them, themselves publicly position godless/democratic "independence" as the "true norm" of Society/"Civilization", therefore, they themselves automatically classify themselves as perverts of the Truth/godlessmen.

Despite the fact that modern “health care”/WHO defines health as a God-given state, as “a state of complete physical, soulful and social well-being and not only the absence of disease or infirmity”, by fact they remain stupidly godless in both the Power and anti-force fields, not having absolutely (nothing at all!) any competence in spiritual-soul levels and well-being, and, accordingly, in the “health” they declared, what is the basis for the ACCUSATION OF INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE, according to the publicly declared and assumed powers . And based on the fact that their “competence” does not allow them to either prove or refute the Spiritual Division of Space, their “expert” “spiritual-soulful” conclusions are generally excluded as possible evidence.


A similar fate concerns the “competence” of “scientists” in the specified power division of Space. Despite modern quantum-electronic collider and computer power, they/“scientists” remain demonstrably blind, because they still cannot understand and see the force mechanisms of gravity, which pulls down their asses all their lives! Their blind “expert” “scientific” power conclusions in the Spiritual Division of Space are even more so excluded as possible refutations. Are these “scientists” from “great intelligence” and “competence” climbing into black holes in space, but while they cannot deal with the black holes of their own asses?

Total: until the “health-care-erists” NOT PROVED the specific localization and criteria of a healthy soul, as well as the exact and specific mechanism of Well-being in their declared “health”, and the “scientists” NOT PROVED the exact and specific mechanism of gravity and joy, Spiritual the division of Space according to the influence of one competing/multidirectional spiritual couple, God and the devil, remains UNDISPUTED / UNCONTROVERTED BY ANY PERSON IN THE WORLD IN ENTIRE HISTORY! (by the way, in Russian the root “vert” = to rotate, i.e. according to the wisdom of your/Latin ancestors, there is no positive contr-Rotate in the world) As a person who has so far been immersed as much as possible in the scientific essence and specifics of Truth throughout History, publicly declare that it is IMPOSSIBLE to prove to Humanity the exact and specific mechanism of joy, happiness and health (some kind of Russian/Orthodox doctor has already figured out a little about the gravity of the asses), therefore, this statement remains  UNCONTROVERTIBLE FOREVER ! + Mechanisms of immunity: it is possible to prove theoretically, but to accurately model it is not. The only possible delem for people remains to establish evidentially what priority influence are you personally, your loved ones and your guiding leaders under?

The evidence of the Truth is: the written Gospels and the Apostle, the testimonies of ancestors, their incorruptible Holy relics, their Deeds in God, incl. many Temples around the world and the main Christian proof of European ancestors is the change in time calculation before and after the Nativity of Christ. Russians were still pagans at that time, and many American countries, including the USA, were not yet “conceived.” Recognition of the Truth by the stupid (unable to catch up with what their ancestors understood and/or what they publicly accepted obligations for and receive in vain the fees), blind, dullnessly-stubborn (proud) and/or cunning.../hypocritical descendants/people, WERE NOT REQUIRED AT ANY TIME, FOR, IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIDENCE AND THE ABSENCE OF EVIDENTIAL  REFUTATIONS, THEY DID NOT CANCEL ANYTHING, moreover, it was precisely the absence of evidentiary refutations that all their godless qualities and genocidal consequences, including the above from-Basis ! Do not agree? REFUTE it concretely and publicly and, most importantly, confirm it with the positive dynamics of Life! Otherwise – godless blah blah heresy!


Do you want to be on your own: a godlessman-anarchist/ communist/ democrat, etc.? Then you need the presence of 3 cumulative conditions-criteria: 1st: find a space where there are no 2 competing forces; 2nd: there you will use only your own energy sources and technologies, incl. and reproduction (i.e. everything except natural/God's) and 3rd - stay healthy and do not run to traditional doctors. If you run to the medics after 3 days of fever/pain, snot, then you are an ordinary smart-ass, showing-off warty snot-pissing-man, a parasite on God's Good - nothing more. And you need to hide and pray that God will be busy with more ambitious perverts, forgetting about you before that the “chocolate” comes out of you after the sieve of death. Everything is categorically simple: either you rotate around Truth/God, or you are genocidal (taking into account the scale) perverts/from-rotate of the Truth. Don't fooling anyone anymore. If you don’t understand, don’t interfere: don’t blather and don’t spread any godless ...  on social networks and public-place. God, the authorities are not fighting back not because they can’t, but because they hope that may be the consequences of your own delusional ideas will still transfer your consciousness to the upper hemispheres and/or you will make its correction.

To refer on the cunning/hypocritical statements of many that being in space outside the Rotation/AXIS of GOD, they believe in God and, as it were, “do not give up” God, and they are not perverts, and even sometimes declare that this is so they also bear “God’s fruits” - they CANNOT. For even if they, being outside the Rotation around the Truth, do not renounce God, then God Himself renounces them according to the Canons of their own declared faith/Christianity: Abide in Me, and I in you. Just as a branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it is in the vine, so neither can you unless you are in Me. I am the vine, and you are the branches; He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing” John 15:4_5  “Every branch of Me that does not bear fruit He cuts off; and every one that bears fruit he cleanses, that she may bear more fruit” John 15:2. So now, after this public proof, you can burn all your democratic-“christian” and other politically godless nonsense as repentance, before thereof how God does  it just like with all the godless “wisdom” that was written before you, sometimes more smarter guiding leaders (I can prove): Whoever does not abide in Me will be cast out like a branch and wither; and they gather such [branches] and throw them into the fire, and they are burned” John 15:6. As for without participation, indifference and/or ignoring the Truth, and even more so, from the perverted fruits/consequences by fact, regardless of the “goodness” of their intentions, the Lord and the prophet John repeatedly repeat directly in all the Gospels: Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire” Matthew 3:10/7:19/21:19.

Considering that:

1. Absolutely no one knows about any "independent" place in the Universe and/or to get to it in order to double-verify the “scientificness” of nonsense, especially within a period and in a manner according to the TRUE EXCLUSION CRITERIA (3 generations = 250 years + further, all points must pass these CRITERIA), is not even theoretically possible;

2. absolutely no long-term proven healthy sources of energy alternative to the Sun exist at the current location of “civilization”/Earth;

3 absolutely no evidence-based alternative biochemical principles of Human Life and Health exist, moreover, the WHO/"health care" has absolutely no stated current specifics (without them - blah blah);

4. The world has partial scientific evidence (until the “scientists” of the world have discovered the “hands” holding their asses), but it has the absolute unrefutability of the competitive Spiritual Division of the Space of the Universe with only one multidirectional pair: Force/God/Good ↔ anti-Force/devil/evil;

5. I have proven in many ways (not only here) and you yourself do not democratically deny this, that you/modern Euro-American leaders, as well as other leaders and citizens who support them, do not consider in your affairs the Foundation of Truth, your declared faith/Christianity, Absolutely True, what leads to absolute permissiveness;

6. Christianity/Truth, unlike democracy and other godless political systems, does not provide for double standards/criteria, besides, as I found out, you/Euro-American leaders have absolutely no specifics - only blah blah;

7. lack of of execution/not being on the Foundation/Axis of Truth entails the automatic refusal of the Absolute/God from involvement in such godless fruits/results and their consequences;

8. you/Euro-American leaders, Historically, like stronger countries, how previously colonized, exterminated and/or imposed their cunning/hypocritical godless political foundations on the world under the guise of Christianity, so and to this day, having seized the helm of the world , continue in the same spirit:  to look for someone whom to “teach”  “truth, life and HLS” (either Muslims, then Russians, etc.). I.e. for the current period, having made the Slavs outcasts and not allowing Muslims, China and others to take the helm of the world, you absolutely coincided in the Past and Present godless composition; that


in RESULT, according to the Canons of your declared “faith”/Christianity, it turns out that it is you/past and modern Euro-American political leaders, as well as other leaders and citizens who support you, as well as the Catholic Church, who indifferently looks at this (and not the Russians/Orthodox, Muslims and other thousand-year-old faiths) have rejected the True Rotation/Faith, turning themselves into perverts, because your are demonstrably in space under the priority influence of the devil/evil and it is you who are the ABSOLUTE PAST AND CURRENT AXIS OF EVIL IN THE WORLD IN THE ENTIRE POLITICAL HISTORY OF HUMANITY! Which absolutely agrees and corresponds to my public  ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE. To prove the opposite to the World, you/the Euro-American leaders of the world need to prove to everyone that the principles of your targets and intentions are based on the Foundation of Christianity/Truth and you retate around the Axis/God of your declared “faith” (that you are rotaters), and most importantly , bring the True fruits of faith: peace/stability, justice, joy, love, happiness, health, etc. Otherwise, there is no transition to another Space, you remain with the devil/axis of evil of the world! And until you prove the opposite, especially taking into account your progressive global geogenocidal and political consequences, this will remain UNREFUTABLE RUSSIAN/ORTHODOX EVIDENCE for the whole world. As for the Catholic Church, I have a separate APPEAL TO THE POPE OF ROMAN (in Russian, you can make an online translation), where everything is presented in detail, justified by the Truth and the options are indicated: either you anathematize the perverts of the Truth, or you betray the Lord, the Faith of ancestors and join the perverts of the Truth. The choice from yours (in Russian choice=you-god). Already who of who, but you Catholic monks and priests should know better than anyone in the world: “for our God is a fire that consumes all heresy” Hebrews 12:29. What are your waiting for? Do you want to see the “Great Burning” of your Church of your ancestors? And until you anathematize them/political perverts publicly - YOUR/CATHOLIC “FAITH” HAS GONE OUT FROM THE FOUNDATION / AXIS OF CHRISTIANITY / TRUTH - IT IS ON ITSELF, IT NO LONGER ROTATES AROUND THE AXIS OF GOD. GOD CUT OFF SUCH “FAITH” HIMSELF, WITHOUT ASKING YOUR WISH, and FOR THIS THERE WILL BE GODLESS  RE-TRIBUTION ! Tick-tock, tick-tock...


And “until” “scientists” and/or “health care-erists” “find a way of immortality” and/or “resurrection”, my Russian/Orthodox statement that God presses and will push the soul of any mortal to the sieve death (i.e. you will die anyway), my TRUE DIAGNOSIS, evidence and grounds for the ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE, and the fact that YOU/EURO-AMERICAN LEADERS AND YOUR SUPPORTERS ARE THE PAST and CURRENT AXIS OF EVIL IN THE WORLD IN THE ENTIRE POLITICAL HISTORY OF HUMANITY - remains UN-REFUTABLE. And since I have public proven that another “alternative” / “contr-truth” is impossible even theoretically, the indicated evidence remains with you FOREVER - FOR THE ETERNAL MEMORY OF THE TRUE ORTHODOX FAITH AND YOUR GODLESS POLITICS  IN  THE WHOLE  HISTORY !!!  You can change the Axis of your rotation - but you cannot cancel past and existing facts! Now tell all, you/godlessly cunning Euro-American leaders, that the Truth “has not come true” on you:  “for by the judgment you judge, [in this way] you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you" Matthew 7:2. Have your been looking for the “axis of evil” of the world? Your found it! This is your, it is inside your, in your souls and consciousnesses! And note once again, no one, such “wise” and “scientists”, pulled your tongue. Now evaluate your “chances” based on the rest of my forecasts. It’s cool this time you/the cunning political “wise men” went in to the Russians: PUBLICLY PROVENED  AND FOREVER PRESENTED  AS GENOCIDAL GODLESS “MANAGERS”  OF THE WORLD FOR ALL HISTORY + “gift-retribution” is still on the way!


Moreover, the BUFFER PERIOD OF GEOSTABILITY, in which you/Euro-American politicians cunningly/hypocritically, under the guise of Christianity, passed off your affairs as blah blah “progress” IS OVER! And with the blind-stupid especially proud “wise” and “scientific” wait-years-“saviors”, with the negative reasons and, accordingly, dynamics preserved, it not only ended, but CATASTROPHICALLY PROGRESSING INTO GENOCIDAL GEONESTABILITY / END OF THE WORLD. And since the “constructive” “competence” of the current Euro-American “saviors of the world” is already clear to everyone, and the RETURN TO GEOSTABILITY WITHOUT THE RUSSIANS IS THEORETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE and THERE IS SIMPLY NO ONE IN THE WORLD TO PROVENLY REFUTE MY RUSSIAN/ORTHODOX STATEMENT, OR MORE EXACTLY IMPOSSIBLE (can only be confirmed with other options), that:

1- you/Euro-American leaders of the world have brought yourself, your countries and citizens into ABSOLUTE GEODEPENDENCE FROM THE RUSSIANS, which allows the Slavic leaders and me in particular to demand compensation and execution of a number of public conditions. If your want the Former stable life - will perFormer Truth, otherwise - step 2 (below);

2- with your “competence” and “concreteness” you have already forced all countries to make a choice: either stupidly progress with you to the End of the World, or unite against you in the near future and, perhaps, start that world war that you so lacked for complete political “happiness”, only against you, as with the real genocidal-political godless Axis of Evil in the world. In fact, it/union is already underway; you, without even suspecting it, yourself initiated this global division-unification in the world. So don’t be surprised if the descendants of those countries whose ancestors you colonized and exterminated for centuries, and later distorted their climate, go to “visit” you for permanent residence with weapons for compensation with the nuclear support of Russia, China, all Muslims and those who wish and, the main with God! + If you lose geostability within your countries, then your citizens and military, I am sure, will not support the political murderers of their relatives and friends, the destroyers of their businesses and land - they will harshly go against you/the politicians. With your “scientific” and godless centuries-old distortions of True norms around the world, you yourself have left the world no choice: either to die because of your “scientific” godlessness, or to deal with you once and FOR ALL, because the buffer period of political perversions/fom rotations of Truth are exhausted, and the remaining reserves are catastrophically reduced with your absolute (no adequate countermeasures) blah blah continuation of your “progressive” course.

Whether you agree or not is no one in the world cares anymore, because the stake becomes survival.  Your only/Euro-American acquittal may be the exclusive return of the genocidal geoconsequences of your own “progressive” management to the past geostability, otherwise - point 2. And since you, while dealing with anti-Russian scabies, not only lost time, reserves, funds and possibilities, but continue to further aggravate the causes, then YOU ARE ONLY INCREASING GEOUNSTABILITY IN THE WORLD, IN YOUR OWN COUNTRIES, EVIDENCES FOR THE CURRENT PUBLIC ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE, AND YOU ARE STUPIDLY PUSHING THE WORLD TO UNITE AGAINST YOU AND REASONABLY DEMAND  FROM YOU ANYTHING COMPENSATIONS (NATIONALIZATION OF ALL YOUR FUNDS AND ASSETS and NEW PRICES FOR RAW MATERIALS). Your political Euro-American blah blah show offs will be expensive for you this time, historically very expensive, combined with casualties, destruction even in your countries and economies ! Shall verifing? Judging by the geofacts and dynamics, the retribution created by you / the Euro-American leaders of the world is already “on the threshold” (еthe new, larger wave will begin in the “olympic” August 2024 and will by wave increasing). YOU CAN NO LONGER CANCEL ANYTHING and YOU WILL CAN’T ANYMORE WITHOUT THE RUSSIANS - YOU HAVE LOST ABSOLUTELY ALL OPPORTUNITIES IN POLITICAL ANTI-RUSSIAN SCABIES. YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY!, because WERE "VERY BUSY CONTINUING THE MORE IMPORTANT PROGRESSIVE DEED" ! And now the WHOLE WORLD, including the citizens of your countries, is FORCED because of your priority blah blah “management” to BECOME PARTICIPANTS in the GENOCIDAL GEO “PROGRESS” you have prepared


And as for the ACTUAL-CURRENT ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE, in addition to the already public 1st reason-base - the lack of a CONCEPT OF PROGRESS (which is absolutely sufficient), 3 more evidentiary new reasons-bases are added: 2nd -  the DIAGNOSIS - PRIDE / GODLESS INDEPENDENCE (“an alternative” that passes the TRUE EXCLUSION CRITERIA is theoretically impossible); 3rd – inferiority/defectiveness of constitutions/laws in absolutely all (so far  nothing one) vital strategic positions,  4th – lack of True corrections, as a consequence of ignoring True Conferences (the rationale is in the Russian version, I will try to make a translation later, because it explains why the UN, WHO, parliaments, congress and other boards have so “many” “True and constructive specifics). It has already been publicly proven that exactly 2 months ago I published an ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE, and during this time  the world have only progressing the genocidal geoconsequences, even in the countries of anti-Russian leaders who support the war, and the foundations of the Accusation itself. No objections, proven evidence-confirmed grounds and criteria of the course of their political “progressive” “governance”, other higher-priority specific reasons-bases  for their genocidal geoconsequences, constructive measures to eliminate them and even real political attempts to slow down the negative dynamics,  by the modern guiding Euro-American leaders of the world  have not been undertaken. Only aggravated. Until your  proven positively  reversed the genocidal consequences of your political management of the world, YOUR CURRENT GODLESS NON-SENSE-GENOCIDAL POLITICAL IDEAS ARE PROVEN GLOBALLY DEADLY ! Are such facts in favor of or against the “competence”, “wisdom”, “scientificness”, “faith” and “progress” of the governing leaders and organizations of the world, as well as ACCUSATION THEM OF GENOCIDE?  Do you need such  the “progressive” “healthy lifestyle/HLS”YES or NO?


You Euro-American leaders of the world now have only “a little” left to do: PUBLICLY SHOW/DECLARE YOUR SPECIFIC REASONABLE AND PROVENED  EXCUSES  to the world and your citizens that this was such a “non-genocidal” “specifically progressive plan” for the “stability of your countries and the world” and “health-care,” which required so much Slavic sacrifice, efforts, expenses and destructions. Nobody asked or forced you - you yourself captured  the helm of the world !  Only until the world is provided with an “alternative” to the Truth - no godlessman/their assemblies (axis of evil) are able to provide an alternative concrete excuse. AND IF THERE ARE NO SPECIFIC EXCUSES (BLAH-BLAH and/or SILENCE), THEN THIS IS INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE ! Due to the fact that I have proven that an “alternative” to the Truth is theoretically impossible, from the date of this publication:




And now anyone in the world can quickly, using this template, prove it and make demands, depending on the scale of the consequences. Do you/Euro-American politicians think that the globally progressive genocidal scale of the consequences of your “progressive” “management” of the world is tempting to nationalize all your funds and assets around the world as compensation and a lever to remove the Axis of Evil from the helm of the world? Doesn't it remind you of anyone's measures? Do you need proof of the Truth? So we'll verify on you.


What does healthy lifestyle/HLS have to do with it? I hope I don’t need to prove that it is impossible to achieve and preserve True values ​​with godlessmen and/or in increasingly godless and perverted circumstances and conditions.


The Lord says: “Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people bearing the fruits thereof; and whoever falls on this stone will be broken, and whoever it falls on will be crushed” Matthew 21:43_44. What kind of people do your think we are talking about and are your capable of resisting those with whom God is with your “wise” and “learned” collegial godless political blah blah  “concreteness”? Why did you begin to humiliate the entire people if you cannot object/refute the accusations of just one of its representatives with the whole world? For Historical WORLDWIDE SHAME, GODLESS RETRIBUTIONS AND ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE ?


Now, taking into account the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to catch the vitally positive geobalance of the Planet without Russians in general and without Russians  True specifics in particular (there are simply no others yet), the REAL AXIS OF EVIL IN THE WORLD has been specifically REVEALED with the publicly declared ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE for the entire History, HOPE appears , that this is the LAST EURO-AMERICAN POLITICALLY and/or CATHOLICLY PERVERTED GENOCIDAL ANTI-SLAVIC CAMPAIGN.


If there are no from-Grounds, EXCUSES to initially verified  passing through the TRUE EXCLUSION CRITERIA - INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE !


Symbolically, the translation was completed on 06/06/2024. on International Russian Language Day (for the first time learned that there is such a holiday), dedicated to the birthday of the 2 Great Russian Alexanders: Pushkin and Nevsky (in 1220, the Grand Duke of Kiev and Vladimir - 800 years ago! - the heavenly patron of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation). What do name the quality of a mechanic who went to repair an American or European car without reading the manufacturer’s operating instructions and ruined everything? Is this “competent” quality the defense or the accusation him? “Next time”, Euro-American political “wise men,” read in advance the History of the country/region into which you are trying to push your godless perversions and verify the strength of its Faith, especially if the regions are in more harsh conditions, so that later  the whole world cannot ALWAYS rubing you nose in your “progressive” “achievements”.


Even the translation turned out to be of the appropriate spiritual direction: 06/06/2024 and on 6 pages. God saw that I did not customize it on purpose: neither by date, nor by page.



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.