(For the first time publicly - 09/21/2023 on 3 pages, on the Orthodox Nativity of the Virgin Mary)


This “MATRIX” was born when writing the “ADDITIONS FOR "PUBLIC APPEAL TO THE MILITARY" FOR “TO THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE” (I want to close the military-political topic for myself on principle and not return to it again). Excerpt: the leading No. 1 problem is becoming geophysical and climatic safety, which determines the overall medical and social security through communal, food and economic components. Those times when only the size of the army, technology and the scale of weapons (including nuclear) determined the safety of the country are irrevocably gone! Why irrevocably? Because to return to past stability, need No. 1 - specifically identified causes, No. 2 - specifically defined measures,  No. 3 - their implementation and No. 4 - their control. But all modern military-political measures (more precisely, games) are aimed at those circumstances that no longer exist, they are in the past. But since it takes a long time to translate the addition, I cut out this “MATRIX”, as it is very relevant in my opinion, for the initial translation and generally for separate consideration.

Why I got involved in this topic and politics in general, I partially substantiated in “APPEAL TO THE MILITARY.” I will briefly repeat: I, as a doctor, cannot deal with the happiness and health of ordinary people in circumstances where they are under pressure, imposing blah blah sharing on them (no specifics!). And since modern Euro-American politicians, judging by their actions, are not going to relieve the pressure, I have to spend efforts (instead of international organizations that have voluntarily tooked to do this and receive “modest” funding already 78 years old) to release it on them. I hope it is clear that I have nothing against ordinary/led Europeans, Americans, or the military.

Since the UN, starting in 1945, for 78 years, having taken the helm of the planet’s peace, has not developed any specific public criteria for peace, I publicly propose the “RUSSIAN MATRIX FOR RATIONALE FOR THE START OF MILITARY ACTIONS” in the form of one online table for the whole world for all conflicts, which should satisfy the presence of the following aggregate criterias and contain links on specific generally recognized public sources:


1- publicity (online), for exclude manipulation by politicians of the initial goals and their principles/methods in the process (i.e., eliminating substitutions and distortions during military intervention), with the ability of the public to control the dynamics of targets, principles and methods, their justification, taking into account circumstances and facts;


2- justified, confirmed by specific public facts, circumstances of current and/or future vital strategic danger to the local population and/or the surrounding population of neighboring countries (by military-nationalist, geophysical, social, medical, etc. components);


3- justified, confirmed by public facts, rapid and/or large-scale increase in the negative dynamics by to the above-mentioned (clause 2.) circumstances, which makes it possible to exclude interference in a stable situation, making it possible to use peaceful methods of resolution;


4- Specifically (1st, 2nd...) the listed possible risks and the scale of the consequences, both for the local population and for others, so that in the future everyone can see the foresight of those who gave the orders and their preparedness to eliminate the consequences that arise. If you are a guide of people/country, then you are obliged to look and calculate further, taking into account current circumstances. Even if the goal is true, but those whom you “helped” could not reach/survive because of your inexperience and, especially, pride (self-confidence and stubbornness), what was the point of the campaign? How did you “help”? The murders of some, the premature deaths of others and/or the unsuitability of the land for life?


5- specificity of the targets of military intervention in order of priority (1st, 2nd, etc.), in comparison with possible risks and consequences (clause 4), in order to exclude further manipulations and/or substitution/perversion of the original goals ; Knowledge of the goal (life, happiness, health/healthy lifestyle, immunity, etc.) and true foresight in risks and consequences are the main qualities of a guide/leaderfor which he/they are hired. What was the purpose of going to a foreign country if people were dying in your home? If these qualities are not there, and especially if there is no knowledge of a specific goal, are you a guide/leader or a scammer who has taken payment for something that you really do not possess? + the range and scale of consequences opens up the corresponding accompanying charges. If you have neither knowledge nor experience, why do you become a guide/leader: so that future facts will expose you and those led will rebel against you and your environment? History is full of such facts, and it is better for guides/leaders to know them.


6– verification of the principles/methods used in History with public presentation of the long-term/reliability of their results with mandatory consideration of the centuries-old priority faith of the local population (to exclude the good intentions of the crusades);


7- evidence-based, long-term verified public confirmation of armed imposed principles/values, and especially a healthy lifestyle (as a summary criterion), on one’s own population. And COVID has shown the whole world that today there is not a single politically reliable option for a public healthy lifestyle in the world that is worthy of being copied by other countries. The modern blah blah sharing of Euro-American politicians, conclusively verified by COVID, in the present untrue and unverified format, categorically excludes their democratic, deadly “healthy lifestyle” as the only basis for an armed change of another political option. That is according to this criterion, today and in the coming decades (since time is needed for verification), not a single country in the world can even exert unarmed pressure (sanctions, restrictions, etc.) against other countries. You need to look for peaceful options, stepping over your pride (in Russian: I = mountain + axis);


8- in advance public provision of specific social, financial and investment guarantees to the local population and/or refugees (so that it doesn’t work out: they came, destroyed and left. We “helped”, and and then you're here on your own).


1 table – 1 file, like a form, for the whole world!

Each side fills out the table, then they publicly exchange copies and everyone can see with their own eyes exactly the points on which there is a confrontation. Sat down at the negotiating table, sorted out the confirmation of the justifications from their ancestors, and parted peacefully. There is a controversial point - there is a proven rule: everyone makes a concession. Everything signed (even if it was subject to revision after), and it publicly shown to the world. All.

Could anything really be simpler?


I don’t know what kind of “peace bicycle” they “invented” at the UN over 78 years with such costs, which no one in particular has publicly seen. But judging by the results and dynamics, I can safely put quotation marks. Maybe the Russian “scooter” is not as stellared (in Russian blah blah-ed) as the Euro-American one, but I’m sure you can safely ride it towards peace. Do not want  on my/Russian? Then take it from your ancestors, because on Euro-American “peace bicycle”, out of the blue, you will fall into the ground and/or drown in a flood, because they don’t have any public specifics. There is no need to hide the Truth, because it brings Good to a person; they hide the negative so that people do not bring charges. Are such terms and costs without public results and with such growing negative dynamics worthy of accusations or not? Yes or no? Facts against or for going with them? I want to emphasize that this “MATRIX” cannot be called “MATRIX OF THE WORLD”, because the beginning of hostilities is a negative (“-”), and peace is a journey to the positive (“+”), to happiness and health/HLS, there other criteria, i.e. fulfilling the points of this “MATRIX” does not bring “+”, it only keeps you from “-”. And unfortunately, for Euro-American politicians and/or international organizations, it is in them that I, a Russian doctor, judging by the global silence in COVID to this day, am the only modern confirmed and verified pro. And it is logical to do this: if this “MATRIX” is publicly recognized, then I am close to writing the “RUSSIAN MATRIX OF THE WORLD”, and if they are not recognized and/or they are satisfied with such achievements and dynamics for so many years of “inventions”, then let show their alternatives: both military and peaceful. Fair or not? Yes or no? Are the current facts and dynamics negative enough to show results? Yes or no? And if the world does not see them in the near future (before the end of the year), then what do you call the qualities of politicians and organizations that, for so many years and at such costs, cannot provide anything concrete? If you cut off the adjective “Russian” again, you will regret it. In the growing negative dynamics in which you do not have any specific levers, you will greatly regret it. I and the Russians, unlike you, have Leverage, and from several proven vital strategic positions at once.And don’t say later that the “evil” Russians didn’t warn and/or are to blame. And I hope you already understand that the distortions of the True Criteria and/or  cunning ass/hypocrisy will turn against their own inventors - it’s a matter of time (results/consequences and their dynamics). Either the Truth or a perversion. Good luck.

And taking this opportunity, I would like to add here very relevant evidence for the democrats “teachers of the world.”





Proof of the perspectiveless of the number of participants in godless meetings and deliberations


From the perspective of society: democracy is the choice of the people. Parliament and/or Congress are the representatives that legislate this choice for judges and the executive branch (3 pines).

From the position of Truth, all people are divided into co-rotation/true and from-rotation/from true, i.e. revolving around Truth/God or outside of Him. Considering that humanity remains mortal and cannot change anything in the fundamental forces of God (people in them still do not even understand much, not only in terms of mechanisms, but in the general principal concept), the quality as a result of which people decide to become perverts automatically assumes the status the diagnosis is pride (in Russian: I = mountain + axis) and all people of age, and especially believers, will agree with this. Humanity cannot rationalize anything in the Universe, starting with its own immunity, and I, in a separate explanation, outlined the general principles of the proof that “no one” knows yet. Although the proof is banal and obvious: the more rationalization, the more perversions of the immune system. Do not agree? Show a long-term proven universal remedy and (not or) positive dynamics in reducing (not treating!) immune (allergic, infectious, autoimmune and oncological) disorders. Show!  True/God’s qualities give Life (“+”), godless qualities give illnesses, sorrows, sadnesses and premature deaths (“-”). Well-known school mathematics and physics teach that no matter how much you add negative numbers (the power of the godlessmen), the sign remains “ -", i.e. no godless democratic number of participants of meetings/parlament/congress/assembly/conference is initially capable of changing the sign to the True /“+”. One person with Truth (“+”) is always greater than any godless democratic assembly. I emphasize for democrats: authoritarianism does not exclude Truth; perversions, as you can see, are excluded by non democratic criteria! But the pride (stubbornness and self-confidence) of the godlessmen  does not allow them to understand this, and as a result, negative dynamics grow. Therefore, when COVID came and the WHO, and the rest of the "health care-erists" forced me to wear “underpants” as “hope” (justification in “HLS-ANTI-COVID”) , their opinions, forced “recommendations” to me, as well as others like them (UN, NATO, European Parliament and US Congress, Nobel fund, etc.) in matters of peace, happiness and health/HLS, immunity, I didn’t need on “ without underpants”, because it’s full of nonsense and/or cutting-ass blah-blah, which I publicly accused them of earlier. I have repeatedly pointed out to them the example under their feet: “Even if they gather in a heap as large as the sand of the planet, in diamonds, on their own/without God, they will not turn into!” (Sand pressure at high temperatures is still the use of the fundamental power and method of God/plagiarism of the power and method, not yours! And only your pride does not allow you to understand this in essence). What is complex, incomprehensible and/or controversial here?

Multiplying “-” by “-” giving “+” is “-” man x “-” woman = child “+”. It happens. The fact that parliamentarians and congressmen are trying to do this from the other side, as we see from the growing negative dynamics, evidencely does not give thems countries  “+” and children from that (ungodly) passage do not appear to them. And until they refute this, perversions will remain perversions. A serious problem is that they (modern Euro-American politicians) are trying to spread this perversions throughout the world as part of their blah blah sharing.


There are many necessary conclusions from this evidence, but I will give only one general one: without the True Answers, you will never be able to fully calculate all the risks and consequences on any scale (state/national, family and personal), even if they were well intentioned,  and make the true adjustments in constantly changing circumstances. This is the advantage of faith and Truth. I have dedicated separate explanations to this.

To put it as simply as possible, modern parliamentarians, congressmen, deputies are lost in the “3 pines”: legislative, executive and judicial - they walk between them in search of the Truth, but It is not there. Of course, She is not  between the “3 pines”, because they got rid of Her for so long in order to establish perversions.


That's not all. There is a sequel. But at this stage of “happiness and health”, this is the most relevant part.