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The more gadgets and various devices appear, the more resources people spend on studying and remembering their properties and settings, and the further people are from understanding their own properties and settings. This logical proof alone is enough to explain the total global negative political, social and medical dynamics in happy and healthy people.

Years ago, I tried to find an accessible and simple example explaining the mechanism of the influence of the TRINITY on the soul and the consequences of its damage in the form of de-pression. I think, given the proliferation of mobile devices (let's take a mobile phone), this is now the most widely available example.

Mobile operator = (God) → Signal/call = (Spirit) → Antennas (both tower and telephone) + reception circumstances = Lord (There are no “antennas” and / or circumstances do not allow - correct! You will not receive a signal) → SIM card = Soul (the signal is strictly personalized!) → Software (software) = this is co-knowledge / signal processing algorithm → phone components + battery = Body → phone appearance = clothing → information on the screen = knowledge (what you can show others) → next comes your choice (in russian: choice=you are a god) = without / action, which → corresponds to certain = consequences. (A similar example could be given on a computer, a car... anything).

Then comes the feedback: if the action is true! (not always=correct), then you/the phone gets a charge (any charge in physics=pressing), through the true charger, if not, then you start using a “gray”/replacement charger at first: the charge occurs, but it is short-lived/insufficient (in the beginning is not up to  true pressing), which spoils the "phone and battery." What are the "gray" chargers? This is what gives people adrenaline and false confidence. There are actually not so many fundamental options: chemical (food, alcohol, drugs), hormonal (sex, extreme sports), emotional (quick money, shows, especially fighting, shopping) + everything in a similar environment / company (since there are a lot of us, then we live "right"). Gradually, the “phone and battery” deteriorate (the charge does not hold, because de-pressing begins), the person understands that he cannot achieve the previous reliability and charge, and he proceeds to the second stage (below).

The stage of saving and / or self-pity. Much depends on financial capabilities and circumstances. Ones begin to go to psychologists and those doctors, depending on which “components” suffered at the first stage, in the hope that some will raise the charge, and the second will patch up, replace parts. But death, and the “helpers” themselves, is an absolute proof of their capabilities for true (original) restoration (I do not implore their capabilities for persuasion, empathy, co-experience (but not compassion - it is often false, because to come in entering into the measure of mental and / or bodily suffering of another person requires a special level of effort), emotional support, pain relief, cutting, replacement, plastic surgery, etc.). The anothers - begin to save the charge in two ways: 1st - less twitch in the rest of life; 2nd - use pills, alcohol, drugs to feel a pseudo sufficiency of charge. By the way, this category also includes the virtual computer world, into which modern children/youth sometimes smoothly plunge immediately, bypassing other costly stages - a very insidious path in terms of a number of indicators, in which reality remains generally unclaimed. But the body is real, and its illnesses will first remind you of priorities, and then they will be deleted from both worlds (real and virtual), and until the “health of body” / “immortality” pills are invented, a person will always and everywhere with a death sensor. This option, with which the vast majority does not agree to the very fact, has been set without the possibility of disabling. And the sad thing is that humanity, by the dynamics of its achievements, only confirms the correctness of this decision: the perversion of the environment and climate, premature global mortality from COVID in developed countries is indisputable evidence.

Reverse analysis. Even if you are still an atheist / non-believer, after analyzing yourself from the opposite, i.e. by the consequences, you can understand which “antenna” sticks out of your head. It is important that you look for it, monitor it yourself. From the outside, it certainly looks better. Wi-Fi antenna for social networks and the Internet, financial, sports, private, automobile, political,  others  antennas, you will take this as a humiliation / discussion / name-calling. Yes, you may have great achievements in this, but it may have nothing to do with your happiness and health, moreover, it perfectly explains the problems and illnesses of you and your loved ones. I don’t know the possibilities of others, but for myself I will say that I know five options for checking the correctness of the answer: logical, reality, comparative, dynamic and God’s (and who does not collect with Me, he spends. Matthew 12:30). What do you think, if you are an atheist and the first four options give one answer, is that enough or not?

There is a simple wise explanation of Paisius the Holymountaineer: a fly and a bee. Both flew to the clearing: one was looking for shit, the other nectar. Whoever was looking for something, he found it. Everything. You can lisp the above example as much as you like, but some (bees) will look for similarities, while others (flies) will look for discrepancies, and everyone will find what they were looking for: the first - similarity, and the second - discrepancies, and this is logical, because God is not a mobile operator and does not send SMS (because you still won't believe it). Therefore, the first thing to do is to ask yourself: what am I looking for in life, on the Internet, in people, and why? And ask yourself the question: am I in this world a fly or a bee?

In general, of course, the classic and unsurpassed in simplicity obvious proof of the Trinity of God is the example of St. Spyridon of Trimifuntsky at the 1st Ecumenical Council in 325 AD. (look in Internet), whose body to this day maintains the temperature of a living human body without any adaptations on the island of Corfu (Greece).


The proof that this principle is working is corny simple: students and adults

(pointed out it to my student son for the first time)


A student is an indicatively unstable / transitional (because there are many uncertainties) social status: you have not yet broken away from your parents and you yourself have not yet become firmly “on your feet”, but at the same time you already bear full responsibility. Even if the student is wealthy, he still lacks experience and confidence in many issues, and if he does not gain it, the money will not save him from de-pression. But much more often, the more standard situation of a student is this: there is not enough money - for everything from food and clothing, because needs and desires are great, but opportunities are good if they exist; housing (one’s own or wherever one wants) - no, connections - no, parents, sometimes, far away and cannot help much, work - or not, or unstable, salary - more often, or below average, or periodic on the verge of friendship with the laws, positions - no, life - closer to Spartan, cars - more often not, family relationships - if they exist, are unstable due to youth, + small children, etc. What is in abundance is communication, projects and aspirations, and the desire to earn. Time passes, students grow up and more often the standard situation becomes different: there is a job, there is some position, there is housing, there is a car, there is a bank or home account, there is still health, family relationships are boringly stable, children - have grown, in general, in comparison with students - everything is there. What you no longer want is a sea of ​​communication, because. it's more like whining, remembering and/or consoling each other, jumping in/starting murky projects and getting into extreme cases, but it can be chalked up to experience in calculating the outcome. A logical question arises: why does a “naked” and poor student live much happier than a wealthy home “hamster”? Where did the joy of the past go? Why do so many people prefer to drink alone without even calling their lover in the past? If there is an effect, then there are causes. If “my” principle is not true, then they will help you, and if it is true, then no medics and no pharmaceutical drugs will help you in the long run. I do not need to prove anything to anyone - everyone will check it for themselves. None nowhere won't get away. The only difference -  is that there is at least a correct understanding of oneself/reasons or not.


If people  stand up on a reliable foundation with the years, then they would gain confidence every year, otherwise, they first acquire doubts, lack of confidence, hesitation, and later the consequences of their efforts begin to return them back, those. there is a de-pression of oneself, and, since there is no longer a reserve of the former forces, many begin to need consolation in the efforts and / or beliefs spent, trainings, groups of interests. And later, illnesses join, which people at first try to heal at the medics, and later them only alleviate them, they begin to engage in self-pity, resentment towards the world around them, etc. It is paradoxical that everyone knows that people die, but I have not met a patient, who would be preparing for death. What death, what are you talking about?! Even thinking about it is a “sin”!

De-pression is not an independent/separate disease, just as darkness/cold is not an independent/separate physical condition. Depression is the absence of charge, just as darkness/cold is the absence of light/heat. And no human strengthening other principles and / or means will help you, just as not a single human source can replace the Sun for the body and its joy for our eyes and / or the warmth of a kind (especially beloved) person. Study yourself and understand everything in even more detail. And if you are not engaged in self-knowledge, you need to hurry - time is crafty, otherwise further, without a guide, sadness awaits you: you will spend the rest of the charge / effort on the wrong trip from which you yourself definitely not return even to 0, because the limit will be exhausted.

This principle, described thousands of years ago, has been repeated for centuries, but not on mobile phones and not in this form, so there is nothing new here, except for a modernized example.


I will not describe the mechanism of depression, because, firstly, I don’t know in detail and I don’t advise you: if you can’t specifically explain real a way to increase the gravity of the object around you, without affecting its size, then do not strain yourself - you are blind even in what surrounds you all the time and this is not treated by people. “It’s just that something is holding our ass”, “It’s just that Someone built a death sensor”, “It’s just that he’s warm and / or doesn’t care about the cold”, “It’s just that the children are happier because they are still stupid” ( if you are smarter, become more joyful), etc. By the way, why do older parents love their grandchildren more than their children? Decide correctly - get a cure for depression :-). And secondly: the implemented principle is absolutely enough for you and all your descendants to be happy.


What is the difficulty in implementing this principle and example? Look at each other - we are all different, therefore - there are personal/individual keys. The principle is common, but for its implementation we need the true personal / private keys - the soul, like a SIM card, is strictly personalized, direct scanning of other people's "SIM" is the Highest level. I repeat from a healthy lifestyle: lazy people, waiting people, proud people (only just straight and / or self-confident), smart-ass (hypocrites) and mumbles (indecisive) - they are never happy and healthy! They stop charging! You can be helped (after yours I can), but not done for you! You can go to psychologists and / or psychotherapists, but not all co-knowlege (consciousness) can be corrected. People/medics themselves cannot change (long-term and irrevocably) the consciousness of another person: move it for a while (i.e. delay), direct, perhaps, but nothing more. And how can psychotherapists help and / or medics if they not only do not see the soul, but do not recognize it? They themselves (blindness, only just straight and / or self-confident) need to be treated: the number of psychologists and psychotherapists in the world is growing, and there are more and more patients with de-pression. Where will the patient lead the patient? In happiness and health? Strange "help", which, judging by the scale and dynamics, will lead to new planetary sad consequences that we will see in the next 3-4 years. I see how people in peacetime, having plenty of food, clothing and warmth, plunge into depression for years. If I said I don't see it, I would be lying. For those psychologists and/or psychotherapists who disagree, ask the following questions: Show your specific one! long term! (irreversible) natural! (no pills) remote! (without periodic "ears scratching") a charging method/remedy for people in de-pression and as evidence of at least one cured with experience? Is there such a way/means? If so, why is the number of people with depression growing so fast in your country? And if not, what are you doing then? Is there no gravity either? Joy, especially for childrens, too, no?


Why do not I explain the search for a personal / individual key? Firstly, one key takes years, decades, or even a lifetime, since the key is tied to geophysical and to all individual features! It can be diametrically different in different people, i.e. help one, kill the other. Secondly, it was stated before me, but only not formulated in this form. Thirdly, and this is the most important reason - godlessness, unbelief and / or lack of faith. Well, read it, you will agree that everything is logical, but as soon as life you squeeze , you will go for beliefs and / or pills. The Lord performed such miracles and many did not believe; moreover, crucified Him. Therefore, people will not create or prove anything more then He  - everyone will check this principle on themselves: neither you nor your “helpers” will invent or change anything new, and no one will jump off anywhere - this is a matter of time and / or circumstances. Who in the end will punish you with de-pression for disbelief, for disrespect for your ancestors (so many temples around the world were built because of their stupidity? so many fools?) if you had a choice: God, authorities, medics, those around you or your self?


Here is such a complex (in russian="with false") explanation. I am ready to consider the mechanism, reconsider the details, but not the principle - it is physically and actually universally working, but only from those who are over 45 years old and he is ready to provide logical and reliable confirmations on himself. Show us the way you charged yourself for years (i.e. in isolation, outside the team and family) and its consequences, and we will see and decide. There will be a better option - I am ready to publicly apologize if I humiliated someone's alternative opportunities and achievements  in charging (in joyful pressing) of people.


Having written this relatively narrowly problematic explanation, I got the idea to state the root of the problems: "MODERN SUBSTITUTIONS OF TRUE CONCEPTS", because it is these substitutions (and I have already identified quite a few strategically vital ones) that often at first misleaded, and later turn and leaded people into grief, illness, and even premature death. This table has already been posted on the Internet in the Russian version (it is fundamentally critical in relation to any rank of an official and explains many modern consequences), but I will not do the translation - the problem is in the different formation of words and, accordingly, the meanings of words (you can explain, not so, so according to to another, but you need to see a person: eyes, reaction, expression - understood or not).


I was just about to do a finishing run, someone sent a message, quotes from Bernard Shaw:

- To be able to endure loneliness and enjoy it is a great gift (given that he is a writer, not a doctor, he is already worthy of respect for observation and self-knowledge);

- Try to get what you love, otherwise you will have to love what you got.


Is this in favor of my explanation or against it?


By the way, in Bernard Shaw I read a simple daily observation, the combination of which with the principle described makes proof of how people try to maintain, prolong the charge (pression) by collective communication. I will not explain, because in principle, it doesn't change anything. Joyful pression is checked by loneliness/reclusion: either + or -.


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.