for Russians - an addition, and for the rest (until I make a translation) - questions to think about

  (addition to “MEASUREMENT OF PRINCIPLES and RESULTS ...” dated 02/02/2023 on 2 pages)





For those who prefer circles and rings, and also want to consider alternative evidence, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the experiment of the psychologist Rosenhan "Mentally healthy in the place of the crazy", 1973, USA. I will not state it here so that you specifically read it separately, regardless of my conclusions (at this point, interrupt reading and go to the search engine "Rosenhan's experiment", there is not much).

From this experiment, it is clear that 50 years ago the question was already relevant: “What is the measure/yardstick of a normal psyche/common sense and consciousness/co-knowledge?” Where is they concretely stated point by point in order of priority? If you know please send me a link. And pure logic indicates (and this is described in more detail in "HLS-ANTICOVID") that healthy lifestyle is a consequence of sound consciousness. But with their experiment, Rosenhan and COVID clearly proved that they do not exist (more precisely, they are not concretely formulated). They did not exist until 1973, and they do not exist to this day (January 2023). This gives rise to five very important global (because they have planetary significance) questions:

1. Can organizations (political, public, including the Nobel Foundation) claim competent world leadership in happiness, health and peace, if they do not publicly indicate specific criteria in order of priority: neither happiness, nor health, nor peace. Should we (the world) take into account their conclusions? I could agree if the planetary dynamics were not obviously growing negatively in all of the above positions.

2. Can politicians (including their meetings in the form of parliaments and congresses) claim competent world leadership in the value of their course, democracy, if as a result of their management (and many of them do not even know that a healthy lifestyle is at least 85% dependent on of them and only by a maximum of 15% of the level of medicine) the population led by them is in the world leaders in mortality from COVID, and at the same time they are busy treating   politicians and peoples  (more precisely, obsessed) from other countries? Why did your "true" healthy lifestyle end up in ... behind?

3. Can health-care organizations (including WHO) claim competent global leadership in health (not to be confused “+” with “-”, i.e. with diseases), if at the end of the 4th year of the COVID pandemic almost with 7 million premature deaths, they did not give any specific recommendations for strengthening immunity? There are? Where? (The vaccine does not eliminate the causes of the fall in immunity, and therefore the negative dynamics, taking into account the consequences, is accelerating).

4. Can politicians (including their meetings in the form of parliaments and congresses) claim competent world leadership in Love=True Faith if they try to impose and push through any available measures their obviously and verified (COVID) flawed achievements in True Values and healthy lifestyle? After COVID - their achievements are cumulatively doubtful and need to be reviewed and rechecked. What is the name of the quality of people when everyone around understands this, but they do not?

5. And the main question. Can judges claim the truth of their court, looking indifferently at both such administration and consequences? They are principles of justice? What are you waiting for: when death with a scythe will personally appear to you as the last survivor, so that all the dead begin to testify against you?

Planetary proof  by method elimination: show me the proven! constitution, coat of arms and flag under which Justice, Happiness and Health of the planet go? If them not, what are you doing? If they is,  why you don't search and comply them, with such results?

Answered? So what do we take for "Measure"? Is there a better option than Truth? Send it, I'll post it.

If all of the above guides of people were looking for and protecting True values / criteria, then long-term facts would not be evidence against them - this is sound logic. They are not exist? Did you look for them? Where? In the smartest head of the world (his own) and collegiate meetings? Let's assume it is. Give fundamental evidence in centuries, millennia. Or are you the super smartest? Why are the results/facts against you? What awaits the guides of people with such "achievements" after death: heaven or hell?

Should I, as a doctor, be surprised that:

- peace prizes are growing, but there is less and less peace?

- more and more doctors, but less and less health?

- there are more and more law enforcement officers and lawyers of all kinds and ranks, but the Truth is less and less?


The only one who benefits from the absence of a specific measure is business (political, military, information, medical, pharmaceutical ... everything), i.e. the process of earning money, for which it is impossible to buy that same sound consciousness for healthy lifestyle, because the obsession with business (earning money) indicates its absence. That's all the proof. The meaning of life and efforts is vanity, and the consequences are griefs, sadness and illnesses with the transition to children!



Based on the above, it turns out 5 main questions for any candidate of any rank: 1-happiness, 2-health, 3-love, 4-justice and 5-personal confirmation that this has been achieved. (Why I didn’t turn on the world, I’ll explain below). It is important for the voter that the candidate answers: 1 - what is it, 2 - what are his criteria, 3 - how is he going to achieve this for you and 4 - how can he substantiate / prove his answers in centuries and millennia of History. Those. 5 x 4 sub-questions = 20 questions. If your candidate is smart, then the maximum that he can “invent a bicycle” - this is his ceiling limited by God (whether he believes in God or not, this does not change anything: while he drinks, eats, breathes air, pisses, poops and his life depends on the pulse - it means mortal, i.e. a human). If he is not smart enough to read his ancestors and “reinvent the wheel” - watch the reality show - “I want to be ...”. Make a summary comparative table of answers of candidates, put it on the Internet - that's all the debate. It remains only to make a choice.

Why 20 minutes? If a person is going to prove the answers to such questions by his personal example, he must answer the immediately, because it will take him years to complete each item. Only the presence of the true answer will give him the opportunity to show a real (not fake) long-term true result - no options. A minute per question is to structure the explanation taking into account the contingent and circumstances, and not to invent nonsense.

Why didn't you include the peace? The peace is the totality of the achievements of the population on these issues. If a person has true understanding on these issues and any personal achievements, then he will understand how difficult and long-time results are given on each issue - he will never put pressure on other politicians and other peoples until he achieves a stable and proven one results at home. And when he succeeds, he will not have to crush/press his neighbors, because his results will attract them (maybe not as quickly as he wants, but will attract). Now show me a country with a proven and stable healthy lifestyle without any problems. Is there one?

Why is faith not taken into account? This is not required, because the True principle works here - how much Truth is in your faith and efforts, so much Truth will be in your answers and results (consequences)! Do not agree? Submit a substantiated rebuttal, I will attach it under your name.

If you haven't asked your candidate these questions and checked the evidence, who do you blame for being led to the wrong place? Here is such a “complicated” “electoral code” for half a page.




If the population of the planet (voters) consider that this table deserves attention, then it can become universal - these answers contain answers to all other questions (economic, social, military, etc.). Since there is Truth (and there is - not a single sane physicist recognizes even atomic-nucleon and quantum dynamic systems as the result of chaos, not to mention biological ones), therefore, are only ones true answers to the questions I have posed. Consequently, the principles of constitutions/laws will begin to gradually converge, which will allow, for a start, to create a single common unified legislative part (if not all over the world, then in most countries). Will it be implemented? It depends on you.

By the way, if the proposed "electoral code" is implemented, then out of 5 questions-positions, only the 5th position will remain - personally-evidence: it remains to choose the one who has succeeded in the results of Truth the most. This principle works for all living beings, only in their highest level of their development - procreation: the “queen” goes to the strongest.


And most importantly, the implementation of the proposed "electoral code" makes wars and conflicts very unlikely, because. according to his priorities, we leave from territorial boundaries and come to the boundaries of Truth. It doesn’t matter to a healthy guide of people what the name of the country, region, what nationality and what language the population entrusted to him speaks - the main that they are happy and healthy, live peacefully and have hope for a fair (merciful) court in case of their mistakes and the help of surrounding neighbors in case of catastrophe and disasters. Like this the world was conceived by God, and you, judges and politicians, perverted everything (left away from rotation around the Truth) and/or replaced by their. Your achievements indicate that there is almost no Truth in your management, and the growing negative dynamics in many areas indicates an increase in the scale of problems. Pure logic, based on your "competence" in these matters.


Many leaders may be good people and have good intentions (see HLS-ANTICOVID), but logic and facts indicate that their "road to hell is paved with good intentions." Is the planetary (increasing!) dynamics of “peace, happiness and health” in favor of this or against it? What are the consequences? You will know the results of a spent life even before death, believe me – in order to receive True death (and its variants are predetermined, like childbirth), it was necessary to observe the Truth. Now find a person who can cancel God's retribution for your "service".


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.

e.mail: doctor.dima.info@gmail.com