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I’ll note right away, for those who are not satisfied, that the examples are forest ones. Their reliability has been tested for thousands of years in the heat and cold in the open air without snot and pills. Come up with a better option, send it, I will replace it with yours, under your name and for free. No offense or claims.

So far, a long-term complex example is 1. There are more of them, but I still have one such visually progressive one. Look at 2 photos. What do you see? A forest clearing with small anthills (there are three of them, one close, and two far away on the sides). Nothing special, looked and went. This is because your vision is not sharpened to “unarchive” such things. Let me do it as a co-participant.

I was looking for a similar place, with similar conditions and criteria. Thank God, I found several at once nearby. It was before COVID, 6-7 years ago. I didn’t think about any such sites at that time, so I didn’t take any photos (the number of all photos can be boldly x on 7-8 by years, on the same number of missed and on the same number of angles). When I arrived, a lot was overlapped by lying young growth after the foresters. I cleaned up  the from a place that I found attractive and became a co-participant. I remember exactly that there was not a single anthill and not a single gnawed tree (at that time they were on average 1.1-1.3 m). 3-4 years ago, one anthill appeared (the closest one in the photo, but last winter it was almost all eaten, apparently by wild boars, so it remained small). And last year I saw another one started to appear. When I took a photo on the darkening evening of 04/30/2023, I had no idea to write this example and exercise. But when I began to return, go and pedal, in me how loaded a file: “Of course, this is an example.” And in this mechanism there is a evidentiary biochemical component (although it is also from the Creator. Why should evolution reduce attentiveness, strengthening the analytics of the invisible, without having a bodily need for this? This is logical if evolution is the regressive force of the Universe of “particularly progressive” people, which logically explains the growing regression in healthy lifestyle and immunity, happiness and health).

The next day, I returned on purpose and took photos during the day, which show that the trees have grown significantly in growth, and their bark, like a delicious salad, is being gnawed by moose. As you can see, the number of anthills in a few years has increased to three in a very small area, and so on. There are many more signs, but this is for those who consider themselves a pro in the forest. We are now talking about competence in another matter. Let's go over the facts: I took a small plot  above average in terms of initial quality, which was spoiled by foresters, it was of no value for the inhabitants to live in such a concentration. I participated with God on this small plot (there are others, but on this one, the results are visually evident to any sighted person).  No boundaries, no violence, no commitments, no convictions, no perversions, just patience with a little rationalizations. Yes, many will say that you are against rationalization everywhere and you take it in quotation marks. I emphasize, I am against incompetent "rationalization"! After my rationalization, the small plot became attractive for life. Animals, insects  on their own decided   and came here to live, I didn’t anyone tear , didn’t pull, didn’t rape, didn’t convince, and then I didn’t poison, didn’t expel and didn’t set my own rules. And most importantly, I do not demand anything from them in return (bribes). Does it seems like on true love or not? Yes or no? As far as possible, I help them directly or indirectly in difficult circumstances even now, but, I repeat, they did not come to eat, they voluntarily moved to live from other territories (three anthills are not born out of nowhere in a year).


Do insects know about "dinosaur Dima"? I think yes. Do they like me in everything? I'm sure not. Yes, the "dinosaur" does not fall from the sky when he walks, the earth trembles for them, and when he passes, a lot needs to be corrected, and whoever does not have time to dodge is a corpse. Does this remind you of any relationship? (If not, then only because you are blind/stupid/stubborn/a combination of atheist, which will absolutely explain all your sad consequences. For me personally, when the "healthy lifestyle" of people goes before my eyes, for the logical conclusion of the consequences of they cases, 2 minutes are enough between other deeds). I note that, unlike the creation of national parks, I am not just a guardian of an already existing territory, I am a competent restorative co-participant who has proven to make conditions more attractive than they were and  left after the foresters: I do not guard what was, I did this ( peacefully attracted !!!), so that they would reach out to me from all over the neighborhood. But this required patience!!! About 6-7 years were spent on this area and in total (several times in different periods of the year) 6-7 hours per year. Do you know the reasons for lack of patience? Our childish unreason in principles and mechanisms grows into dullness over the years (due to stupidity and / or pride = stubbornness + self-confidence) and motivates us to quickly desire what is set period from Above. Those. The True reason is godlessness and/or unbelief, which starts a chain of consequences and, I repeat, no doctors and no medicines will fix this! Proof. Why don’t you (leading people) pulling the “ears” of the pregnancy dates of your wives and children set from Above, but pulling  people led by you into your wrong “healthy lifestyle”, having neither health criteria nor other verified terms? What is this quality called? Show me at least one scientist (physician, pharmacologist) in the world who was able to conclusively and reasonably tighten immunity by the "ears", at least for himself with his knowledge. And if your "healthy lifestyle" is not based on a proven, reasonably strong immune system, then your "healthy lifestyle" has nothing to do with True health. That's all the proof.

My result allows you to remove quotes from the "rationalization"? Yes or no? (No snot). Can I be trusted to manage God's territory: yes or no? If I, as a doctor, have already crossed 4 seasons of COVID in a shirt and several influenza epidemics before that, my understanding of the immunological effectiveness of natural raw materials (set out separately) pulls at the moment to the highest medical competence: yes or no? If so, what is the probability that my predictions come true practically, if not by the hour, then by the week? (and two months have not passed since my forecast for COVID, as in my environment there is a corpse, leukemia and a surgical operation, I no longer need to believe, because the evidence has already supported it). And if so, does it (so far) allow me to bring the charges set out in other clarifications, up to the organizations of the world scale that have signed up to solve the relevant problems? Etc. If you do not need such competence, you can ignore the exercise below and wait for adventures on your and yours followers' bodies and souls.

Many will say, well, you did it, but the Earth is huge and each territory has its own geophysical and other features. But I am not suggesting cloning, moreover, I am focusing everywhere on finding a personal key to happiness and health. I propose a fundamental training exercise (a living square of wisdom, see below), which can be implemented by anyone with access to a small natural living piece of land anywhere on the planet. And I think that for a loner this exercise is desirable, but for leading other people (judges, rulers, politicians and leaders) and protecting their health - a must!!!


LIVING SQUARE OF WISDOM (training exercise)

I note that the exercise described below was not required earlier for several reasons: the cities were, if they were large, then private suburbs and dachas 2 times larger than the city itself did not begin behind the walls; tsars/emperors, moving, traveled at low speeds, not in airplanes, low information load and opportunities for people (the people did not know what the rulers looked like), a reasonable schedule and information load of the rulers, the absence of virtual / pseudo-natural fakes, etc.

Why a square, not a circle, a triangle and other polygons - there is an explanation-justification (why I didn’t write, see below, but this has nothing to do with the cardinal points).

Mandatory conditions:

1 - nothing godless (synthetic) in construction and maintenance. The place as it is: without excavators, graders and destruction. Stop killing some to improve others. Without roofs, fences, etc. Light, water and earth must be joined as is. I know that some need the Sun, and others need a shadow, etc. The planet and your territories have been living in heat and cold for thousands of years, etc. Are you claiming wisdom? Find her in person! at least on this square. If you cannot find it in the visible small square, will you find it in the invisible large territories?

2 - nothing imported from another area, and even more so from abroad. Only what grows locally or on the outskirts of the city;

3 - nothing artificial (pots, lights, etc. ... nothing!) and everything is in the open air: they are under the Sun - you too, they endure frost and drought - and you are with them. And whoever is not with you - is not with you. Otherwise, you are not with them and not with their Creator. And even if you have good intentions (see “HLS-ANTI-COVID”), your maximum is to “invent only the principle (without mechanisms) of a bicycle”, which is already under your booty. Does it pulls on wisdom? And if you start experimenting, you can’t avoid negativity, here it’s hard for most of me to outdo. Your choice is yours. The difference between us is that I only framed myself, how many you frame, you know better. Did those you led give you consent to experiments on their happiness and health? Even if you are the president of the entire solar system, only those who can avoid death can claim impunity for their actions. To enter into an argument with those who cannot cope sometimes with snot, with a light cold load, is devoid of common sense. The true judgment begins after the end of your limit-life, i.e. after death. The body is an instrument of the soul, and the fact that the body breaks down, grows old, dies, and enters into the circulation of the Earth, indicates that the body is not of interest as a fruit (the Lord, all the wise men and prophets speak about this). Believe me, over the years you will appreciate the simplicity, wisdom and benefits of this exercise, and when you come to visit people like you, you will want to! see other (Muslim, Chinese, Russian, etc.) squares.

4 - only personal (you yourself observe and decide when to help: water, cover, etc.) critical and / or vital necessary rationalization / intervention with visual positive dynamics/results! Remember, you are not growing trees, but your own! wisdom to guide/treat others, they only help you understand the direction.

If during creation you violate the first 3 conditions, then you will create a prop garden, spend your efforts on something more useful.

Put the  in the center of the square a natural small cramped seat (all satisfying the first 3-criteria) that can be approached without killing a single insect, on which only two people can sit with their bodies touching each other (no gaps!). And a small lockable drawer with a notebook (so you can compare the dynamics + for followers). No tiles, sidewalks, asphalt ... all according to 3 criteria. The seat should be cramped!, when touched, it is more difficult to lie, and sometimes impossible, and this will not constrain Truth and wisdom at all. Over the years, if you practice, in this square you will learn to distinguish lies by several indicators at once. And when they ask you to be friends, to visit, to be subordinates, ask yourself, do you want to sit here with them side by side? Yes or no? That's the whole complexity  of making a decision. It is not always possible to substantiate the answer with the Truth, it takes decades, but your intuition-conscience (not to be confused with desires!) will not lie to you. Give her a chance to help you. And if you need (especially as a leader) and/or are ready to accept advice, check it on this square: if your adviser has the necessary competence in the Truth, then he will be able to show the principle of his advice on your square, because the True principle is the same throughout planet and does not depend on faith. Can't show, give it time. He won’t be able to later, either the adviser is not yet his level, or the same blah blah as about happiness and health, healthy lifestyles and immunity, and much more.

I figured that an area of ​​7 x 7 m2, with a center of 3.5 m, would be enough. I'll explain here. You can’t jump 3.5 meters from a place, you have to go, but roads are needed and they require wisdom. When passing, our eyes cover an average of 3 m, when turning to the left, to the right x by 2 = 6m, well, +1 m for the passage = 7m, and 1 m for the seating place = 7m. Total 7 x 7m + this area allows you to plant 4 long-lived large trees in the corners. Here you have a walk at your side, and a rest, and a training, and a negotiation room, and a test/prove room, and a treasure trove of Truth.

If you are a high-ranking manager and your conclusions are correct, the wisdom of your home/enterprise/region/country will fit on these 49m2. And believe me, if today, on this square, place all of humanity, so everyone (and I) will die the most stupid on this site. Therefore, the amount of wisdom in this square exceeds all human knowledge! I believe that I can allow this to be written in advance, since this is a reality, and I justified this in a separate explanation. It is not a shame to die without knowing the whole Truth, for it is impossible for people. It is a shame to die a judicial/political/medical/legal/financial fool who denies Its existence, perverting the True criteria and the planet even more. Do not change your mind, I am already ready to name your “happy” result and not a single doctor in the world will cancel it, because I have options for evidence-based justifications without the slightest concrete ones doubt.

If you are a manager of a large number of people, perhaps after reading this you will become dismissive. But if I give you three reasons why you it's necessary (although you may not understand this in the bustle), you will immediately give the order for execution. What are the three reasons and why a square? You know better than me how smartass the world has become, I don't mind if whoever names them + will provide evidence-logical rationale becomes a "discoverer". + need at least one teaching method. I don't need a patent. Whoever steals this "patent" will quickly prove himself impotent on the head. Who will punish him? Honest, open and with advance warning. If you doubt, then you are of little faith, and therefore take the time to go through more steps. If you listen, do it and start exercising, then you started from where I came over from years, respectively, and there are more prospects. Truth is the maximum and the necessity for which a person lives, but many understand this more often very late. If you do not agree, then name me the one who took more and I will publicly call myself a jerk. If you do not name, sorry, the logic has two directions. No offense.

Check. I am not suggesting that you go into the woods unless there is a quick opportunity. Do it easier. If you live in a metropolis, find an inconspicuous still living place near your "wisdom" building and leave the site untouched land without its own / third-party "innovation". Plant a reasonable number of long-lived trees in your region (oak, olives, etc.) on it, and when there are problems, come and just mindlessly (this is difficult!) observe. All. Over time, you will begin to see God's SIRDS pictures (read about human ones on the Internet). After a couple of years (this is not much), the wisdom of the justifications for your decisions will be able to resist entire meetings of lawyers, so then say this is wise or stupid advice. The cost of this exercise is not comparable with the possible benefits. The problem with recorded wisdom is that the recording does not show wisdom in action, but only dry facts, and given that the action is smooth, the dynamics are barely noticeable, then wisdom is often neglected. So it's easier to have the obvious mechanism near. Everyone knows that time passes, but with a clock and a calendar, it's easier. They will resist, say "this is the doctor prescribed."

How do ants/bees and others manage to connect the Truth with their rules? I don't know. I leave you. One time I watched as the ants climbed up and down at intervals, looking for the sunniest branches on a tall tree. And I asked myself: how will they know the right path? I laughed at my stupidity when I saw the simplicity of their method. So I'm sure there is an easy way for the coexistence of Truth and the megapolises. And on the “good vision”, there will a better one. The banality is that no one was looking for him, because next to the forest this method is not needed, and in the metropolis, there is no place for ants. Is this "fancy" problem worth the "cost" to solve it?

For the especially stubborn, I give an example that I said to one leading physician less than a month before this text: “Your joy in life is that your stupidity does not allow you to understand how stupid you are in health. The practicality of your arguments is sometimes equal to the arguments on the fences. Come and feel - even to the touch is not what is written/drawn! A couple of weeks later he was operated on and now he is so thoughtful.

And if my competence is not enough and this example-training does not insert you, how many more corpses do you need to make you think: more + 10 million , + 50 million, + 100 million ... Why more? Well, 7 million (actually with much more consequences) with the current "healthy lifestyle" already exists. Yes, facts are part of the Truth. (Facts are not hard or soft, they are consequences.) And against them, as well as against the Truth, a person can do nothing. Engage in cunning, i.e. manipulating disease names/"reasons" is not reversing the facts. To reverse is to bring back to life those who died prematurely from COVID, oncology. Can you judges, politicians, physicians  mading such? This is impossible? Yes, it is impossible for you and it will be impossible for you, your children and loved ones! Why? Because you never aspired to this, you yourself didn’t look for it, you didn’t give it to others and were treated by people like you. Who your punished ? There is only one way of positive facts: if you want positive facts, keep the Truth, everything else is negative. And in order to see and guard it, you need to put Truth, and not democracy, in the compass of Life and not turn off. Otherwise, “history will soon repeat itself” (More precisely, it has already repeated itself). I want you to take this as concrete and decide what further. Many of you have already deserved a harsh accusation, the only question is what you will do so that it does not spread over your entire family lineage and the consequences in the scale of your management. Since you are alive and in power, there is a choice.


Why do managers of any rank need to be patient without going to extremes?!

Yes, we come into this world, we study, and then we walk like “academicians” and begin to “rationalize”  each in his, which ultimately led to negative consequences on a planetary scale. The fundamental problem of humanity is pride (stubbornness and self-confidence). To date, scientifically (physically, biochemically, immunologically and technologically), judging by the negative results, a person turned out to be the most stupid creature in the Truth (I wrote about it separately, and I will repeat only on a banally simple and visual example: any human technology leads to long non-degradable waste). What is the conclusion from this? Banal. Since we are still stupid and do not really have specific concepts about the mechanisms (and this is true), be patient and look at the dynamics of the results.  + always! there are individual (geophysical and other) features. We do not want to patient, but the Truth is that life is based on patience (in detail and with visual examples, God willing, I will set out separately). Even God tolerates our antics! Extremes means that you are pressed off, you are thrown (you have driven yourself) from the flow of Life / Truth - you, led by you, are in danger. There is a negative trend, turn on analytics. If it gets worse after that, you went/led the wrong way. All. The Creator has done it so wisely that everything true goes slowly and you have time to make adjustments. If you began to push and accelerate, then I am already ready to call on what you accelerated - on the hemorrhoids on your head. This is especially true for judges and politicians who bear at least 85% of the responsibility for the healthy lifestyle of the population (if your population is dying, whos do you treat?). Among other things, this square will visually keep the speed of your desires and help explain this to the people you rull.

Already how much I wanted to experiment and redo a lot, it’s impossible to convey to you. Now I can hardly believe that I did its. Fortunately, in many experiments I managed to return to normal and over the years began to see many perversions, and now I directed my efforts to combat them. But if I lived in a good mild climate (like the Mediterranean), I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t be carried even further. The cold climate quickly sobers up from alcohol without refueling, and from perversions. Yes, here they are ready to celebrate with adventures for weeks, the choice of alcohol is dozens of times greater than the choice of bread, there are also sex shops with such toys that their own organs shrink from the thought that someone of such size,  smokes joints and so on. But, if you don’t settle down in time, you will celebrate, but not for long. Therefore, I do not offer you restrictions in experiments, I ask you to show patience in your overclocking and tolerance for the experiments of others (if not dangerous and critical), but with restraint from speed and extremes, so that you and those around you can understand the dynamics of the results in their happiness and health.

If a person is stubborn, neither you and no any physicians will help. Although there are ways and the best one is your own example. If you can’t calmly and/or logically explain, express your disagreement, show this last paragraph (not much here) and come to an agreement: we look at the dynamics and scale of the second mistake in the same direction in a row, i.e. if you see the first, speak, give the opportunity to correct, if the second is in the same direction and there is no logical justification, then you need to make a choice along a joint path. The most difficult cases are stubborn and disrespectful (and therefore often ungrateful and rude) children and cohabitation with such during a divorce, here you need a composition and trailers of patience. But if you choose the true one! strategy, everything will work out. Yes, patience is difficult, sometimes very difficult. But if you cross, fly. “Wings” are not handed to waiters, poltroon and mumbles in Truth, these fly only in airplanes. Life striving - requires True spiritual pressure, people in de-pression (there is a separate explanation) - there are no striving, and all their troubles grow like a snowball on all fronts, in accordance with the scale of management. And when you "fly" (there is a striving), both pain and sadness go away, problems are blown away and the years don’t drag you down (I don't want to go back to my youth, I like being with The One I found and I like to be with-Part-living at least sometimes).

This is the conclusion, the results and opportunities are obtained from an ordinary forest photo, if you observe the Truth in action side by side and make a small but competent rationalization. If you practice, study in the Truth, quickly correct mistakes, then even if not all, but a lot of negativity can be translated into positive Life. The choice is yours. With God blessing.