Verification, results and conclusions after 4 winter seasons of COVID (2019-2023)

(final supplement to the offer "HLS-ANTI-COVID", first published - 05.23.2023, on 4 pages, total - 16 pages)


RUSSIAN (ORTHODOX, not modern socio-political!) HLS (as the only one most really-specifically biochemically and immunologically founded and confirmed proven-verified 2nd increased load during COVID) - (ANTI-COVID, ANTI-ONCOLOGY, ANTI-DE-PRESSION, ANTI - ...HEMORRHOIDS)  becomes the modern variant No. 1 in the world in terms of reliability. There are no other modern reliable HLS variants in the world has not been declared during COVID! (either not, or, most likely, there are no reconfirmed ones, which means they disappear) Why anti-oncological, anti-depressive are added in brackets ... and why exactly RUSSIAN and ORTHODOX, is explained below.

 (Internet release No.1 - Doctor Dima)


In fact, at least 98% of the core of the current "HLS-ANTI-COVID" was written in Russian by the end of the summer of 2021, i.e. after 2 years of the COVID pandemic. A year later, I sent it to the WHO and in the fall of the same year made it public on my websites on the Internet and wrote important/necessary related explanations and suggestions. May 2023 The WHO stated that COVID is no longer scary, but back in February 2023, I wrote an explanation of the “PROGNOSIS”, in which, purely logically (immunologically and biochemically), I tried to convey the pandemic growth of the consequences of COVID. And today I have not the slightest doubt in their implementation, because no immunological and metabolic causes of the fall/perversion of immunity and metabolism over the years have not only been eliminated, but have not even been identified!  Do not agree? Then we look at the dynamics in general and my forecast in particular. Each number is life. The only difference is that I can watch it, and not judges, politicians and health "care-erists" who have signed up to be responsible for the health of their population with all the ensuing rights, obligations and requirements. Do yours like to count other people's losses? Count yours, starting from the fall of 2023, i.e. from the period when to yours were offered that healthy lifestyle, according to which many do a lot of “blah blah” and receive considerable salaries. And pray that your citizens will not file class action lawsuits against you due to the loss of loved ones and the consequences of COVID due to incompetence (see below, "cowards" can be attributed to competent hope? And "care" that (health and healthy lifestyle) is not know what concretely?)

Why did you add in brackets (anti-oncological and anti-depressive...)? TRUE HEALTH IS ONE: it is both anti-heart attack, anti-hemorrhoids and anti-...etc. But I am sure that it can be reached in several ways (faiths). Apart from numbers/dates, I haven’t fundamentally changed anything in the initial version of “HLS-ANTI-COVID”.  Instead of 3 seasons of COVID, “my” healthy lifestyle has already been tested for 4 seasons without vaccinations, isolations and generally accepted warm clothes, and I am not going to change its principles in the future. Instead of “HLS-ANTICOVID”, I am adding those large-scale consequences that I myself indicated in advance in my own “PREDICTION” back in February 2023. Does the stated HLS and additions in parentheses point to its truth or my cunning ass? If you have a head, decide for yourself. Otherwise, you get sick because you do not use it (head). Even if “my” healthy lifestyle is far from True, if you are not ready to die prematurely for the sake of your ideas, you will need at least some more or less reliable (tested by long-term load) variant. And the fact that even today with immunity everything is “normal” and “no” perversions “by anyone” have been detected with such numbers of peaceful mortality, and this healthy lifestyle was announced back in the COVID period and there is a guarantee that no other modern-reliable a HLS (founded and confirmed-verified 2nd load: immune/COVID + winter without insulation and isolation from society) in the world has not been declared by anyone except me and won't be declared anytime soon. Even if I die soon after my experiments, so what, anyway, today no one has such a proven and founded  by the Truth, biochemistry and fundamental physics of a HLS. (Another substitution of the Truth by “ care-erists” of health and politicians: health is measured not by duration, but by the quality of life and hope, and the measure of quality is neither money, nor its amount, nor the measure of democracy, and not always children. What is the goal of a long, secure, free but an unhappy life? It is vain to kill time, i.e. the limit of your life, plunging into old age, de-pression and illness, hoping for immortality from doctors who are not able to rid even themselves of snot and colds? Born children, sent to the same problems with no variants for their decisions  for increase the scale of the consequences?) And until no one provides an equal and / or more proven alternative this healthy lifestyle, I can add any anti-diseases and anti-perversions and acquire the corresponding domains without remorse. And given that the WHO has canceled the danger of COVID, and a new pandemic of this magnitude may not be soon + it will take at least 3-4 years to check and declare the reliability of a HLS after the 2nd public increased load, then the RUSSIAN (ORTHODOX) HLS will generally remain the only one modern reliable!!! HLS (founded and confirmed-verified COVID) for N number of years ahead. Fair or not? Yes or no? While some isolated themselves, others killed the virus, others taught the fourth life, and the fourth fought them off etc, one  doctor  exactly searched and publicly tested on himself the reliability of protection given to people from Above.  I still remain far from God and the Saints, but in my opinion, I am the only one doctor in the world who approached his work as a professional health care-ers: analyzed the dynamics, noticed a defect and substitutions among “medical academics” and even WHO, considered everything options, including the thousand-year-old proven wisdom of the Holy Elders, was able to scientifically substantiate the True Healthy Lifestyle and, risked publicly testing it on himself and withstood the 2nd load in recent years in influenza and COVID, denounced modern judges, politicians and "health  care-erists" in "underpants" on his head in incompetence, + publicly decided to help people at my expense. I don't know how much faith is here, but the fact that God helped me in difficult moments is for sure, because much is “not discovered by anyone”, or the energy and/or medical relationship is not substantiated, or “scientifically ” has been replaced and accepted as new “norms”. Are there more competent modern verified! professionals in the world in True Happiness, Health and Natural Immune Products? Decide for yourself - all explanations are public. In the end, everyone got what they got. + growing consequences (see “PROGNOSIS”). Everything, in this pandemic, the  checkes of the world  on “HLS”s is over and its results undoubtedly justify the brackets, but the RUSSIAN (ORTHODOX) HLS BASED ON THE WISDOM OF ORTHODOX RUSSIAN ELDERS in my face publicly withstood the 2nd load, BECAME MORE POWERFUL  IN  FOUNDED and WHILE CONTINUES THE WAY WITH THE TRUTH.


This is my public challenge to children, surrounding people , modern judges, politicians, medical universities, doctors, pharmacologists and psychologists around the world: okay, I'm a bad (proud, incompetent...) Russian-language doctor - send, publish a founded-specifically-verified! better variant! And until this happens, the RUSSIAN (ORTHODOX) HLS in my modern version (edition No. 1 - Doctor Dima) will remain the only one modern reliable (tested by the global immune load) No. 1 HLS in the world. Not because I am Russian, but because it (HLS) is multivariatly is based on the wisdom of Russian Orthodox elders left in the meanings of Russian words long before my birth and modern political conflicts. And each variant gives one answer: happiness and health are in the Truth. This healthy lifestyle is over a thousand years old. The fact that I can substantiate it with modern biochemical, immunological and quantum physical knowledge not only does not diminish its validity, but only increases its reasonable reliability. Therefore, I see no reason to write a guide that does not add health, but if evidence-based biochemical/immunological substantiations (in the body part) are required, I can do this in principle for any part of the year (annual circadian rhythm). To correct for a specific area, I need geophysical features and circumstances (detailed separately in immune explanations). The fact that the death rate of Russians in COVID was not inferior to the global ones is due to the many substitutions and distortions/perversions of the True Concepts by the modern socio-political way of life (there is the separate explanation), as in many “progressive” countries, i.e. in the modern Russian lifestyle, True happiness and health has also become much less than that of their ancestors, as well as throughout the world, and it (modern Russian lifestyle) also cannot yet be taken as an example. Which of the wrong HLS is better? In my opinion, many modern judges, politicians and international organizations are dealing with this problem. This is to them.

Don't like that HLS is Russian and/or Orthodox? So you don’t like much because the Truth is disgusting to you, you have never looked for it and didn’t want to look for it, you want to do it your way, as you like, and even impose it on others, under the guise of “progress”. And then, it turns out such a “happy and healthy life” with increasing negative dynamics. If you were looking for the Truth for happiness and health, you would rejoice at what is stated and justified here, and you can not expose yourself/loved ones to dangerous risks and/or experiments, for the sake of testing them with possibly irreversible consequences. Use what you like, I don’t force anyone, but don’t anyone after complain  later: if you read it, you had a choice, and you made it. Who punished you, your loved ones and led by you?

You can hate and not accept this HLS , but in the COVID pandemic, this  HLS will remain No. 1 hike of a person’s  to God for True happiness and health and verification  their on yourself the 2nd load. How the Russian dream of Dmitry Mendeleev in the form of a periodic table made chemistry clearer and more reasonable, and how the Russian flight of Yuri Gagarin made the Cosmos closer, and how many “judges”, politicians and “health care-erists” pushed their “competence” in the True HLS  to the back, so and my  hike made happiness and health closer to the Truth (scientifically concrete! instead of blah blah,  founded and understandable). The difference between us all is only in the directions and efforts we have chosen. Who forced whom? Only without a modern understanding of the Periodic Table, Matter and the Cosmos, people have already lived for millennia, and many still live today.  But how to live a happy life without understanding happiness? And how to be healthy without understanding what it is? Moreover, modern knowledge about the Cosmos and Matter not only does not bring more happiness and health to people, but already globally takes it away. And a logical question arises: what is the specific target of such "scientific" and "healthy" efforts and costs? (I hope it is clear that there can be only one dynamic target). To kill, and painfully, their offspring and those around them for the sake of perversions of the Truth? Is this "progress"?  Let's say I'm wrong, name your targets, their founded specific criteria (1st, 2nd, etc.) and ways to implement each (1st, 2nd, etc.) understandable to everyone. Let alternative, but real and specific, so that there is at least something to compare now and in dynamics (I hope it is clear that the amount of money and democracy, COVID excluded as targets of life and the main criteria, because they did not show significant benefits. The birth and parenting of children without specifics, as indicated above, has logical consequences on the scale of the same problems). Without happiness and health, all discoveries and achievements of everything Humanity is meaningless  (for dead - they are not needed at all, but for the sick alive - useless trash).

Is it pride? Textually, perhaps. But really, it’s super sad for me that in the whole world there is not a single capable judge left directly and specifically! to accuse rulers, unfaithful judges, “cariers” of health of perversions and substitution of Truth, which perfectly explains the scale of global negativity. Maybe I’m wrong somewhere, but there is no one to judge/correct me (“my” HLS), and this despite the fact that I am far from the level of faith of the elders ascetics and/or monks of past years. Sadness, because the global dynamics of the negative with such "norms" will grow even faster. I think this is where I will complete my fundamental additions to the “HLS” (ANTI-COVID, ... ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS). I hope that at least in the next pandemic, the “security guards and guides” of public health with ultrasound, CT and MRI will be able to distinguish "cowards" (see below) from a space suit. Do you believe in statistics more than God? Don't like that the HLS is Russian? Then count! Wait, replace, "rationalize" and count. And I advise you to come up with a new “protection and hope” in advance, at least somehow capable of withstanding school criticism. The only thing I can console those who do not like that a HLS is Russian is that Russian judges, politicians, physicians and pharmacologists do not need it either, so you can continue to continue your paths to the “progress of civilization.” Before death, many will see where they themselves came and people led  by them, and will not be able to justify the meaning of their wrong path and life. Sadness.

Until a cure for snot is invented (a universal drug that enhances immunity), this variant (RUSSIAN ORTHODOX) will remain unchanged, and because I have a guarantee that this is impossible for people in principle, then only the Inventor of these mechanisms can change this option. Where anger, condemnation, stubbornness of disagreement with this HLS will lead people, in the absence of an alternative reliably verified one, I have outlined and below, and in my "prognosis". Based on the experience of my forecasts (medical, economic, geophysical), I note that when I considered them 7-8 years ahead, everything came true within 2 years (most much earlier). I have nothing logic in time-terms. Check: criticize him publicly / in front of witnesses, and after 2 years (May 2025) let everyone evaluate the dynamics of your health.

Do I need a patent for “my” HLS and protection of rights? No. Firstly, this is a plagiarism of the wisdom of Russian Orthodox elders. Secondly, I am sure that even with biochemical and immunological substantiation, the thief will show himself as an impotent on his own head, becoming the world's smart-ass academic fool. Thirdly, happiness and health are dynamic, depending on a personal key (see below) and many circumstances, including geophysical features. Which ruler in History was able to control the boundaries (plans) of rains and winds, circumstances? Fourthly, the one who can substantiate will not patent this either (How can a mortal person patent the Sky/Universe /Truth?).  Plus, I repeat, the problem is not only to substantiate, but also to check for yourself, so let the inventor of the new “HLS” reasonably prove it on himself in view of everyone under the conditions of the 2nd long-term load that his version is better than my plagiarism.  All I have is my competence, the quality of my results and experience. Can they be stolen?

Prospects and difficulties of other HLS variants. From the personal environment, analysts of what I know, the stories of acquaintances, a lot of wisdom is clearly seen among Muslims. Yes, for me their wisdom is specific, but if we proceed from the fact that many Muslim countries are located in regions with high solar activity, then the best simple fundamental solutions are not obtained. And given that the wisdom of their elders/ancestors has also been tested for centuries, this means that there are other HLS  variants. But nowadays, in any variants, the same difficulties: 1 - we need a decisive person who is able to separate God from glory/power and money; 2 - the same problem of the purity of faith, I think is the main problem and difficulty in cleansing the past/primordial wisdom of elders/ancestors from modern distortions, substitutions, and even perversions, accepted by modern politicians, physicians and even society, sometimes as a new "norm"; 3 - a person must justify the proposed healthy lifestyle, taking into account modern knowledge of biochemistry and quantum physics, 4 - confirm the reliability of the proposed healthy lifestyle (i.e. 3 top items) for at least 4 years (this is not much) on yourself under conditions of the 2nd increased immunological and climatic load (immunological metabolism is the most sensitive, and for reliability the load should be double). As for the politicians who have been crushing Muslim and other countries for many years, trying to impose their “HLS” on them, they need to pray that  will not appear in the coming years such a Muslims, Chineses, etc. Soon the places of political "blah blah" will be taken by real, concrete and proven healthy lifestyles. And since at the beginning of my publications, no one in the world has  presented other such substantiated  and confirmed-verified variants during COVID, I think that I reasonably and fairly put - modern reliable variant No. 1 in the world. No offense :-) Even if many leaders were guided by the with good intentions (see below), according to the actual results, they are in back: by many the “HLS”  imposed  not only has no advantages, they generally do not have any specifically designed HLS: nor  God’s,  nor godless (alternative). Nothing!!! Blah-blah, because of which the world is rolling into perversions: diseases, chaos, geocataclysms. (Check, let them show you their specifically designed HLS and prove how they themselves observe it. That's so "tricky"). But the first in one variant of the way to health does not mean the best and permanent, the SKY is open to everyone and everywhere, and since the WEATHER is constantly changing, you must constantly analyze the circumstances and make a choices. Do you want higher? Break through, look for the true decisions and aspires higher! If you crush others, then your efforts will go into the shadows - this is a matter of time and circumstances + there is a Watcher who can simply cut you down (and judges and presenters often have relatives for admonishment and epiphany) at any time without nobody asking anything.

Advice. The time will come when there will be a choice between several founded-proven-verified healthy lifestyle variants for thousands of years. Do not look for an easy healthy lifestyle(HLS)! Any healthy lifestyle is a great efforts in self-knowledge, self-analysis and self-management. The personal key (see below) is called personal because it must be obtained by personal efforts. There was not, is not and never will be a universal ready-made key, remedy, pill - this is how the Creator established it (and I can prove it purely scientifically, biochemically and immunologically). Each variant has both its advantages and its difficulties. For example, in Russian Orthodoxy it is difficult to cross the long winters, because life freezes and without faith, many begin to fall into depression, drink (vodka), etc., but at the same time everyone freezes / goes into hibernation! poisonous creatures (no one will bite you in the snow and ice - 100%). At Muslims are often warmer, but it is very difficult for them to control their young hot temperament with such high solar activity + a lot of all sorts of poisonous creatures in the area almost all year round, etc. If you do not strangle heart to vanity and godlessness, it will tell you the true choice of variant. Health is an analytical surfing of the soul and body in changing circumstances to God in the corridor between stupidity (laziness, expectancy) and fanaticism (no analytics). Sins are generally is he opposite direction. If you are a leader, you are accordingly responsible for the followers.


On this I complete the fundamental additions for the variant RUSSIAN (ORTHODOX) HLS  and below is the begining proposal published during COVID. And in the future  I plan to direct my efforts to: 1. search for Simple/True measures-examples that can make it easier for people to make simple,  verified and well-founded choices for centuries in different circumstances,  including  their geoclimatic and other natural features (the final choice is still you personal); 2. options for containment evil and perversions (without this now there is no way); 3 - try to fill the first 2 points with visual (photo, video) materials to facilitate understanding; 4 - well, and on own retention in the corridor of Truth.


The translation was almost ready and I was so sure that I would finish on 05/22/2023 (the day of memory of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Archbishop of Myra, Russians have 2 times a year), that because of the little things for this translation, I spent the whole day correcting the presentation (see "SMART  FAST  AND  EXACT  PLAN"), and the evening on watering the transplanted trees ( there has been no rain for more than 10 days, although there are lakes all around) and on the conclusions that came to me on this day. It is sad that now in the world there are no such daring  accusers of godlessness and defenders of Truth as Nicholas the Wonderworker, who supported me many times in the most critical (almost criminal) moments. There are only two directions in the world: rotator (around God) and out-rotator=perversion (outside God). To turn around God, a man will always need daring determination (not to be confused with fanaticism!). Sooner or later God will give you a chance (create circumstances) and test you. Everyone. Faith is constant analytics + internal determination to make a specific choice, like money/goods in business, only in God. Mistakes are unpleasant, but they give experience. The fight is for the decisive. Waiters, half-steppers and mumbles are not interesting to either God or the devil. Yes, they live and there are many of them, they communicate, supporting their fuss among themselves, but each their  targetless years is getting harder (and this can be seen), their do not need to be punished by anyone - they punished themselves. Nothing destroys a person/society/world like pride (stubbornness + self-confidence) and indifference (lack of verified specificity/foundings). Such people either continue to get sick and die stupidly, or do not understand why they get sick and die and the dynamics of the results are not interesting to them (do not care). Which of these can be imputed to a person/society/civilization as wisdom? Me no don’t care, and I only help those who no don’t care (after yours I can). Indifferent people - indifference, and proud - themselves (as long as circumstances do not press to the ground, I have seen enough of these).





(actual as of autumn 2022 + half a year (min) +  ...years.  Update - 12/12/2022,  on 12 pages)


Who might be interested? The one who wants and is able! make efforts (I help=post-can, i.e. after yours I can, but I don’t do it for you) in order to create (if possible) and / or adjust your lifestyle and have real grounds for resisting the flu epidemic and / or COVID, and not exist in self-isolation, moving in fear and underpants (masks) on your head in real space (why did I call masks underpants? - see below).

The wisdom of language and the difficulties of translation. From my experience, the wisest languages are ancient Hebrew and Greek. Previously, a certain set of circumstances was included in each word, i.e. in the word was concluded a certain verified! image. But it so happened that I learned Russian, in which words are divided into nouns (exist), adjectives (attached), adverbs (named) - people no agreed to replace them for millennia. (Who are angry that a doctor who is not involved in the conflict is Russian, let him still “treat” COVID, and for politicians, judges, a link to think: ). And the totality of all words, their combinations is the wisdom of the language: in order to understand it, you need to correctly! unzip word images. I would like to draw your attention to some very important words. I think we should start with “education” (formed “image + forging”), education (the best - formation) - (rus=image forging=image formation), i.e. from the image, in the likeness of which they will forge a proper person from a learners). This is very, very important, because it depends on Whom we will take as a measure of Truth, in case of possible disagreements, disputes and mistakes, for their correction. And of course, in relation to myself, I can’t get around the word “physician” (there are many synonyms, variants, but after the revolution of 1917 the Bolsheviks chose and use officially to this day! rus = liar), which is formed from the Russian word lie».

Considering that the translation will be done, there are difficulties: the words of other languages, having a similar general meaning, are often formed differently, therefore they do not reflect the specific original essence of the applied definition / word before translation. Therefore, for maximum mutual understanding, for the important definitions used, their formations are indicated to convey the images embedded in the definitions / words, and further in the text, the translated primordial figurative originals and their usual translations.


I suggest  pass of  the hopes in health

Modern "anti-virus shield" or medical masks? Your could justify before reading this sentence. Let me explain. Filtering percentage (medical masks! non-household)  are tested for 3 µm particles. 95-98% filtration is super, but for 3 microns. Influenza viruses are 100nm in size, while coronaviruses are 120nm. Compare sieve size and virus sizes. Now, if you tell me about your mask hope, about how, for a visual comparison, you catch viruses with a diameter of 1 cm with a sieve with holes of 25 cm, I will not be able to recognize the presence of common sense in your head (for clarity, cut out circles). I acknowledge the effectiveness of the mask in containing the cough front, but in terms of filtering viruses, I would not be at all surprised if the effectiveness of thong underpants is not much inferior or equal to medical masks. Especially if we take into account the partial direct unfiltered air flow due to the loose fit of the mask, which increases sharply when it is moistened with exhaled air (due to an increase in resistance to air passing through the mask). I think such “effective” protection is logically supported by the facts of “containment” of the pandemic. And for everyday life, it would be wise to have hope based on evidence and not on underpants.

Hope for a vaccine? If the virus does not mutate, there is hope; if he mutates, hope, for a number of reasons, tends to hopelessness at the speed of mutation. + “dark” relay races of epidemics of various viruses begin, i.e. the next participant is not known, so with hopes for vaccines, you will always be in the “back” if you live to see its production.

Hope for a healthy diet? Listening to public speeches by doctors, NLP coaches about health, happiness, healthy eating, I am surprised at how people are thoughtlessly ready to believe in invented and repeatedly replicated nonsense. Proof. Everyone knows that a healthy diet includes appropriate water and food. In fact, we know that: 1. the smartest students go to the most prestigious and/or highly paid professions: programmers, bankers, doctors, lawyers, etc. 2. public utilities are more often involved in water, and collective farmers are doed the foods and raws materials for their production, i.e. two "most scientists " categories (no offense, is that untrue?). Farming (including foreign)? Sames business in which the main efforts are directed to a quick mass, which is as far from usefulness as the users who use them are from health. 3. and all this is controlled by the epidemic service, i.e. those students who, even in their youth,  were not smart enough and/or  circumstances to enter the faculty of medicine, stomology and pharmacology of medical universities (no offense, is that untrue?) . As a result, it is sad and funny to watch how doctors, professors and academicians with serious  looks  are trying to "scientifically" improve the population, that poured/ growned  people who are unaware of "responsibility for the health of the nation" and who, at times, to put it mildly, do not care at all : they bring/prepare what can be sold. There are logical questions:

- What specific criteria should be used to distinguish between similar water and food products?

- To believe in their knowledge and wisdom, which did not interest them at school? In their responsibility?

- To trust the beautiful pictures on the packaging, which were made by the printers and/or the universal data on the packaging? The date of manufacture is the youth of production, which, at times, has nothing to do with naturalness.

- Rely on your “special”, more often urban, vision and smell and distinguish the naturalness of products by their appearance (we are not talking about rottenness) and / or taste, thanks to which we hung on the pot more than once?

- On the allowance and service in a cafe and restaurant?

- According to the persuasiveness of scientific and everyday convictions?

If you do not have criteria, then lack of health is the norm, you will greatly surprise me with its presence, based on the above logical general (private much tougher) false consolations. Do you have a cottage or farm? It’s good if your agrotechnical experience, “special” vision and taste allow you to at least not get sick, otherwise, I diagnose self-confidence in absentia, and I don’t have pills / remedies for it, I won’t help.


Hope on health care organizations how the systems? I will not list their problems, believe me as a local therapist in the past - there is really no health care there. Paid medical centers - they make money on diseases: their specialists and equipment are exclusively for treatment! diseases, i.e. to convert a large minus into a small one (you won’t earn money on a small one). For what it is preferable to pay: for health or treatment of diseases (estimate on your teeth), it's up to you.


Hopes for health in modern healthcare (rus=guard health)? To protect sensibly, you need not only to know what exactly! you are going to protect, but to be able to check and measure it. Answer yourself: "health is ..." (Not-to get sick? Positive is not measured by negative, as well as the necessary stock ≠ a non-empty warehouse, a good house ≠ not a wreck, etc.) For example, health is a combination of 000 013, and you tell me: health is not 6. I agree, but there are countless options that correspond to the same number of “healthy lifestyles”. Are you a highlander who is going to go through all the options? If not, then games with variations strongly resemble Russian roulette. How are you going to test that, I don't know what, for a limited period of your life? Surprisingly sad that over the years it turned out that not a single physician (rus=from lying – see above) could answer these questions! (Check, ask your doctor: “What is health and, most importantly, how to measure it?” Specific concepts have specific units of measurement, but “floating” ones do not).


Normal analyzes are not a criterion of health, diseases - yes, but not health, because. the conclusion “healthy” is put in negation - in the absence of diseases, but health is not 0, but +, which must be measured by something. This is the same as giving a conclusion based on the absence of viruses on Flash / SSD that there is valuable information there (if health is not a value, then this appeal does not make sense). No, this principle indicates that this is a working drive (Flash / SSD) that can be worked with, but the intrinsic value is theoretically possible, but practically very rare. It's like having no debt doesn't mean a millionaire: maybe, but rarely. The world has been ill with COVID for four (4) seasons (on may 2023), but not a single doctor in the world has said that normal tests give any hope. Risks, yes, but not hope. And the sad thing is that those who are put in charge of your health do not understand this. Sometimes until death. Do not agree? Make sure (rus=in trouble) on yourself, on your loved ones, but it is impossible in principle to be happy and healthy with such an understanding.


Hopes for a "higher" medical education? As a person who received it, I can unequivocally state that higher medical knowledge is not needed to be healthy! There are plenty of school ones, and an academician with the Internet, moreover, if we exclude the fundamental foundations of medicine (anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry), then they uploaded so much muddy stuff that it took years to separate. The proof is that many doctors are sicker and more unhappy than their patients. They were told that they were aces in health, but they turned out to be not aces. Distinguishing confidence from self-confidence in health is the responsibility of the doctor (the burden of a guide showing the way to others). And in order to distinguish, we need clear specific criteria, otherwise - a sad dead end and it's a matter of time. And if doctors come across, then this should teach others something.


Hopes for their knowledge and consciousness (rus principle: knowledge and co-knowledge) and the Internet? Knowledge is understandable, facts, but consciousness (rus=co-knowledge) is an algorithm that operates with knowledge. Consciousness (co-knowledge) operates with the words of the language in which you think. My consciousness (co-knowledge) is Russian (I am aware of the existence of political disagreements between Russia, Belarus and Europe, but this does not apply to my case). As a rule, each of us considers our own consciousness (co-knowledge) to be healthy and, accordingly, makes it a measure of other consciousness (co-knowledge). If a person is sick and cannot admit that his consciousness (co-knowledge) with problems is pride (rus = I am a mountain and an axis), which, by the way, is not treated no pharmaceuticals.

Many agree that the Internet has turned into an information dump: there are useful things littered with heaps of infogarbage and nonsense. You can compete at the your brain the with data carriers  - it's up to you, but I'm interested in consciousness (co-knowledge), i.e. in the language of programmers, an algorithm operating with knowledge and, most importantly, its result.

I warn you in advance, you don’t need to ask me to analyze the heaps that “stars” and politicians who are not attached to health put on the Internet, or what such “stars” burp in interviews. Analyze better your consciousness (co-knowledge) and the end result, because health is the result of the personal! consciousness (co-knowledge), and if the path to delirium from the Internet is open to it, then comforting yourself with some hopes is not smart. The greater the effort of introspection and understanding of one's consciousness (co-knowledge), the faster and easier it will be to filter, compare in the health data stream and easier to load/replace knowledge. A lifestyle, including a healthy one, is a set of actions over a certain period, each action is a consequence of a motivational thought, which is selected from possible options, more often (there are options) by our consciousness (co-knowledge), etc. etc.

Hopes for a healthy lifestyle (HLS) or household level of disease prevention? About which they talk a lot, write, advise. BUT - where is the confirmation? Why advisers, even with "higher" educations and categories, will not show the result for themselves? They always have some excuse. (You are a doctor with ten years of experience or more, sending people along a certain path, show yourself the result of your advice! “Why, everyone is happy, no one returned”) I.e. even if they do not lie, then you are taught what they themselves have never achieved. Willing to accept objections if you provide a source. Where is stated evidence-based !!!  healthy lifestyle, following which, you can avoid at least snot for a year? An unconfirmed healthy lifestyle - even if not nonsense, then a maximum - is a theory, which is therefore a theory that is either incorrect and / or there is a defect, a deficiency, a combination of them. Do I have confirmation of healthy lifestyle? Yes (see below).

Hopes for achievements in immunity and / or “recommendations” for a HLS?  I somehow came across a newspaper and there is a photo of 1918 queues in America during the Spanish flu epidemic - everyone is wearing masks. More than 100 years have passed: CT, MRI, ultrasound ..., the laboratory panel cannot be counted at all, and what is the advice of the "luminaries" of WHO? "Wonder Mask"?! Then vaccination against a rapidly mutating virus? If we consider that this “wonderful” remedy was known at least 100 years before them, then the truth is this: “In terms of household prevention, they can do nothing at all.” The body has a huge (tens of billions!) immune army, but they have nothing. Facts: for 4  seasons of COVID, it is known that children with an adequate lifestyle (not gladiators from the word to “gladia” (in rus=stroke the screen) a smartphone and a mouse) hardly get sick and / or endure it “on their feet”, and rush where they want. Where are confirmed! specific! lifestyle recommendations that reliably strengthen the immune system? Can you post a link and I'll take a look. There are a lot of people who have endured COVID on their feet: the best scientific justification is lucky, the rest is on the verge of delirium. If you understand, explain to the rest specifically and clearly so that they model and do not get sick, if not, you don’t need to pretend to be smart and give out “recommendations” in what you are not competent in. There is no need to build facilitating measures (symptomatic treatment), translating "-" into 0, into the principles of preserving, i.e. "+", especially the unknown - these are different "tools" and conditions. What drug is used to treat stupidity and/or hypocrisy?

Therefore, if the WHO recommendations are manure for the head (they still need to be given individuality in relation to geophysical, social and personal characteristics!), then the rest of the recommendations need to be filtered and analyzed all the more. There are reasonable things, but delirium drowns them out. Therefore, it is important with what consciousness (co-knowledge)/algorithm you will do it. The bet is life, and not only yours. All computer games, casinos and Russian roulette rest, because here is not a stupid risk, but a risk - of your opportunities and choices, really deadly and really more responsible. You want to be a man, test your qualities (decisiveness, courage, patience, strength, reaction) in a deadly fight - go ahead, manage your immune army so that leukocytes at the sight of COVID rejoice: “Oh, chops today!” (I won’t say for jubilation, but the process is real, that’s exactly how it went for those who carried COVID on their feet, which means that it can be simulated and repeated on yourself). Run around fearlessly about your deeds, like children and that's it - it's so "simple".

Hope for relocation? If before, moving to Europe, especially the south, seemed like a panacea for everything, then COVID showed that this is far from the case. Yes - more pay / allowance, yes - you can talk more and louder without getting hit by a hump, yes - better treatment of non-communicable diseases and care, yes - they will cut off without pain and put prostheses more reliable and more beautiful: I do not deny these pluses, but is it really indicators of a healthy person? The mortality figures from COVID clearly prove that there is no more health there! And if you could not find your healthy lifestyle where you were born and where you were surrounded by loved ones, then I doubt very much that you will find it there. Check out, for example, the official (in German) statistics of depression in Germany before COVID-2019 - 80%. I agree, compared to us, there are many places where there is a “paradise”, but all the criteria for comparison are social (and more often urban). If we proceed from the position that it is better to be a well-to-do disabled person than a beggar, you can’t argue here.

But I repeat, and this is confirmed by COVID, hoping to be healthy and wealthy somewhere without a specific healthy lifestyle is self-confidence. If you deny it, list at the meeting specific grounds (1st, 2nd, etc.) that give you hope for health in this or that country. If not, self-confidence and false hope, if everything is so wonderful, look at the local/international mortality statistics for COVID and depressions of the respective country. In addition, due to gullibility, public propaganda and your medical unprofessionalism, your hopes can be like the hope of doctors for masks, and they, unlike you, all have a “higher” medical education. I’m not trying to dissuade you from moving, but I’m just trying to convey that the principles of the head of the body, the family, don’t change from moving the priests, so it’s somehow not smart to hope for health gain for yourself and your loved ones (even an allergic person will translate the minus into 0 when the climate changes, eliminate the risks, but not in the “+”, because he did not have any grounds for confronting COVID).

Hopes for the "miracle cure" of the pharmaceutical business? As long as humanity exists, so many “miracle cures” for “immortality” are sold to them. Not a single! immortal out of billions of people in thousands of years! This is a good, nicely furnished business. The proof is trite: show at least one pharmaceutical product without side effects (rus=going sideways). Pills, treatment (as a process) - can be bought, but health - not (you can pay for advice, service, funds, but not health, as a result). Many people think that I know some kind of "miracle cure". No - no universal "miracle remedy" (such as soda, peroxide), neither I, nor anyone else can offer, because it does not exist. There are funds, but they need to be selected personally, taking into account the specific organism, its capabilities, lifestyle, place of residence and birth.


Personal evidence

They are enough. After analyzing and implementing the proven principles of a healthy lifestyle, I have crossed more than one flu epidemic, and some as a local therapist, without masks and outerwear (I started in a sweater, and I crossed COVIDs in a shirt with a warm sweatshirt, without vaccinations, masks, self-isolation, + a few types of public transport). I don’t get vaccinated against influenza and COVID in principle (I get sick, I have a temperature for a day or two and go to work). I don't use masks. My stubborn entourage was sick, went without masks, because. it was hard to breathe, coughed for a month - did not get sick. I went to listen to the COVID epidemic by public transport - no problem. There are plenty of witnesses over the years. “Omicron” I got sick on my legs (I had a slight temperature for a couple of days), but I got sick out of stupidity: while the guests were gathering, I frolic with the children and, sweaty in my shirt, went to see them off (January) along the street, where they still lingered. If he had not been stupid, then, most likely, he would have been ill almost imperceptibly. Personally, COVID, as a disease, does not frighten me as long as there are categories of people who get sick “on their feet”.

Why am I not on social networks and there were no public translations before?  (a couple of years before COVID there was a website, but I closed it - several people over the years) 1. Circumstances - it was necessary to check for COVID: I did it for verification, not for viewing: the difference between flu and COVID is significant. 2. Timing. It's about lifestyle and exchange. The functional element of the body is the cell. Intracellular metabolism is slow. You can speed it up, but a lot. For the body to be able to resist COVID, you need at least 2 years (active person) and at least 3-4 years on average, you need to add on recovery after COVID! at least 1-2 more years (1st to walk fast, 2nd - start! jogging). If you don’t recover, then, firstly: after the 2nd COVID, it’s probably better than “that” than to survive, and secondly: the quality of life “came and fell” leads to depression with all the ensuing consequences. I especially draw your attention to - "no less", i.e. in the absence of efforts, various circumstances, this status in general can never be caught up. 3. Remedy - there is no universal “miracle remedy” at all, never has been and never will be. Breeding can be profitable, but I'm going to capitalize on proven results. 4. Individual component. Look at your loved ones and those around you - we are all different. This means that in our personal health there is an individual component, without which a person cannot be healthy in principle. Accordingly, it is necessary, if not to see it, then at least explain to people how to find it. And, I think, it is clear that playing up collective circles, one cannot meet him, and one cannot use someone else's - it cannot be copied, bought, donated or stolen. The individual component is tied to a specific person, his capabilities, lifestyle and place of life. 5. Time - it took years to present this common proposal, all the other "little things" will take a lifetime.  6. Fame is undesirable, and there are reasons and reasons for that: nothing but slander, condemnation, rudeness, Westernism and envy did not give me anything - they are infuriated that someone, like children, walks down the street without a mask, and even in a shirt in winter, on business. Therefore, be prepared that your achievements will also be “rejoiced”. Later, I laughed when I realized on myself what I saw, but did not understand - this is a confirmed norm for thousands of years (it's hard, but I'm trying to get used to it). 7. I hoped that such a result would be in demand among relatives, locals, people around, in my country, in Russia (I did not translate for a year and offered - nothing), but - I was wrong.

Internet: A Russian-language version of this (further minor adjustments) proposal was  massively sent  beginning from august 2021 and remains public to this day. Not a single case of interest shown to the may of 2023! What is the conclusion? People don't want to be healthy, they want to do what they want to do and not be interfered with. But if they and want, then somebody should do it for them, and this is impossible in principle (an increase in the amount does not change this).

As a result, I have to single-handedly do on video what the systems cannot do! education and health care combined? This is beyond me. There remains a video show off, because the daily efforts to change their "cool" life with such terms without guarantees will insert few people. But the comments to the video will be inserted by the most “healthy”. I have enough of them.


Recovery from COVID and influenza/ARI

Those who have had COVID, as well as long-term flu, even at home, feel the difference in the quality of life before and after. The body is weakened and recovery is on the verge of depression. And if it dawned on you that you, to put it mildly, are not special in health and decide to seek help, you must understand that the second time, in any case, will be critical (at least!). And here you need to clearly define the criterion by which you are going to make your choice in the assistant. If you decide to look for fruits under trees that never bore them (for example, go to a lush maple tree to pick apples), then your  consciousness (co-knowledge) has serious problems and none! pills don't cure it. (You don’t have to contact me, but paid medical centers are a waste of money). Your health in the future is sadness, it's a matter of time. You will be fed with hopes, explanations, expectations, pills and vitamins, but they will not even be able to show you, nor what to bring you, because you will follow guides who not only have not been there themselves, but even theoretically do not know the right path. Do you think the elders named such physician from the word lie from wisdom or foolishness? What is the name of the words that are not confirmed by the deed? Twaddle (Empty words). What is the name of the person who sells idle talk? Usually this position causes a lot of controversy among those who have not been sick, especially doctors. But after “had been ill”, I have not yet seen those who want to once again check their innocence and fill their words with evidence. If you're «not lucky», then try again. And I am ready in working order: without vaccination, without masks, without isolation, in public transport and the subway, without outerwear and already without fear (because I have experience) to enter the next season (already the 5th ...).

Name dates, not knowing the the possibilities, lifestyle of a person, his status before and after the disease - a finger to the sky. Terms: if you believe, there are opportunities and decide to run, then you can do it in a year, if you actively walk - at least 2 years, if you sit to analyze, check, choose - I think it’s pointless to apply.


I help (after yours I can) or

without self-analysis and efforts on oneself, happiness and health are unattainable!

The evidence is simple: bodily - you can’t drive your blood with someone else’s physical exercises, mental - you can’t change your   consciousness (co-knowledge) and, accordingly, your lifestyle with unproven beliefs (you need to show interest, swallow knowledge / facts, the brain connected them in sequence, show the result, men - the brain, women - the heart, compare with the results of the old consciousness, give rise to doubt about the need for the old consciousness and put  before the choice of leaving or replacing, see below for replacement). Yes, they are simple (rus=do like God), but simplicity is more difficult than complexity (rus=with falsities), believe me. It is easier to cheer you up for a day/week with temporary hopes/pharmaceuticals, but after that it will be worse, because. unresolved causes will continue to progress. The problem is not in the scale of efforts, but in their long-term, which, whatever one may say, rests for women - on support and faith, and for men - only on faith: a person cannot push himself endlessly and the proof is simple - death: all strong men, scientists and philosophers have died, not a single exception. Why live? From this you begining. Hint: de-pression. What is the power essence of the very pressing force that drives a person to happiness and health? A little about the qualities, without which it is not smart to even think about happiness and health.

Want to be healthy or good intentions.Yes, you can be the kindest and most decent person in the world, but protecting your health consists of concrete deeds, not human qualities. Are you going to cross the cold period without problems? List the reasons for yourself, what specific cases are supported by this: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. How? In addition to the fact that you have your own plans, and I have mine, there is still a line of possibility and a line of reversibility of consequences. On the brink of possibilities: I am a health guard: I help (rus=after yours I can) track (rus=according to your footsteps/deeds) and maintain/save health (i.e. additional guard to you=co-guard), but if it disappears, then I am not an investigator, not a healer, and even more so, not a resurrector. On the verge of reversibility, I think it is also clear: it will be difficult for me to believe that a person who has brought himself to a long-term stabilized violation is able to make efforts to reverse it. This is possible - but again, this is the level of the healer (I know for myself what healing is - an extremely fast visual recovery, which can not be explained scientifically).

A person will gather to be a judge, but he does not know what justice is; a person will gather to be a health guard (doctor, medical consultant, etc.), but he does not know what health is; going to be a builder, and all the work - with defects; a person will gather to be a businessman, and he himself is looking for gray-black and / or criminal schemes; a person will gather to be a deputy / lawyer (in different versions) and write / approve laws, but he cannot provide any evidence of his competence (neither on himself, nor in the thousand-year past); a person will gather to be a conductor of people (manager / teacher / doctor / adviser / politician) of different levels, but he himself cannot manage his own life - he does not see signs in circumstances and, as a leader, dies first, not noticing that his orders / teachings / directions / advice lead him and his loved ones to premature sorrow, illness, and even death (orders / teachings / directions / advice are “excellent” - only pills are needed for them, and later operations); similarly, food products are “quality” products, but tablets are needed for them; a person will gather to be a priest, and what faith is, he cannot show or even explain. A couple is going to have children, but they don’t prepare for pregnancy, children appear, and parents can’t show a healthy way (because, sometimes, they didn’t go to them themselves), they don’t even try (chickens, sweets, entertainment, about loaves and drugs - understandable). Is it true or not that the elders noticed that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”? Those, desires, intentions and/or expectations alone are not enough. And I have to this already proven wisdom, there is platinum-palladium proof: All parents want their children to be healthy, but clinics / hospitals are full. And when I ask complaining parents to list specifically! What they do to make their children healthy, in response – si-len-ce.

The leading person (starting from a parent ... an educator, teacher, doctor, director, deputy, priest, minister of health ... and ending with the prime minister / president), even if very wealthy, without specific criteria verified by cases, will eat pills himself, and will feed them to the followers, including their children - pure proven logic.

True concreteness, diligence and decisiveness, taking into account the circumstances.To find your happiness and health, you need a tendency to be categorical; without true certainties and their fulfillment, it is impossible to be healthy. Happiness, as a component of health, is not politics (different bla bla with different people), as well as lazy people, waiting people, proud people (stubborn and / or self-confident), smart-ass (hypocrites) and mumbles (indecisives) cannot become happy and healthy! For example: it is important to clearly distinguish stubbornness from stubbornness, patience from expectancy, shyness from cowardice, powerless claims as to property (selfishness and jealousy) from love, joy from fun, faith from fanaticism, etc. Any change requires method, determination, effort and patience. I am not a doctor who will tell you that you have a healthy job (the fact that it is creative, well-paid does not make it healthy yet) and that you have a wonderful lifestyle that lacks only a couple of pills a day. Everything is tritely simple: if you are sick, your lifestyle is wrong: there is either a deficit, or excesses, or a perversion of the boundaries of health, or a mixture. It can be correct: in compliance with all the rules, laws, recommendations of doctors - but not true. If you claim that everything is correct, there remains “the smallest thing” - to confirm with deeds: cross one winter season, at least without colds (and preferably without snot). And if you get sick, then why should you worry, take tests, because everything is right with you. And if you “have a little cold that it’s scary to die”, how are you going to manage the health of your family, loved ones, patients?

Men have two happy paths: prayer work (not necessarily monastic) and non-prayer work. But always deeds (here eng=rus exactly!).  No need to reduce all affairs to making money! (business), and the result - to  the account in bank. Whether you are a believer or not, it does not change anything - the highest male affairs is prayer. I am not a prayer book, and therefore I can help them in their treatment only with an additional condition. The defining criterion of any affairs is the purpose and quality. As a doctor, I need from a man: a life goal, the power of the cause, its purpose and quality (+ the head of the family - if married) - this is the basis of male happiness and health. For me, everything else, directly or indirectly, is 100% placed in these foundations, i.e. without the slightest exception. All disputes, logical evidence and conclusions, confirmations - only for specific people and circumstances. Profitability, etc. - these are the foundations of business, this is not for me. The whole need of a man's cause (not necessarily true!)  is determined by one question: "Are you ready to die for your cause?"  Yes or no? "Floated" - not anymore.


Women and Love (well, men, marriage, sex and children). When I thought: “it seems that everything needs to be folded and read in control”, my heart: “And women?”. And I brain: "E-e-e, I forgot." Well, I added men. This is true.  (And in translation, this turned out to be the most difficult part :-)  So. Women also have two happy paths: marriage (rus=for courage=for strong and smooth) and monastic (not necessarily monastic). Business women, careerists, stars, "self-sufficient" loners who are trying to create a happy image in a fuss, will sooner have balls than they will achieve happiness in a male way. They fuss because they are afraid to be alone with themselves. Their image is their trap. The qualitative component that distinguishes a woman from a man is reliance. For them, this is like a missing part of the body, which is why women painfully endure betrayal, divorce and loss of loved ones, and therefore there are more faithful and believers among women, therefore mothers see sons as a helper  (rus= extra power), and fathers as a successor. There is no need to replace marriage (rus=for courage) and happiness with non-participation - this is incompatible. And any participation requires effort. Women rely on the heart (intuition), men rely on the brain (knowledge and logic). If women lose in strength and knowledge of methods, then men lose in choosing a direction (and this is wasted effort, knowledge, time, and money). A true marriage union is a double harness/symbiosis (stronger than individually!), where a woman is either a direct co-participant, or plays the role of a housewife, conscious (rus=co-knowing) that her husband has important things to do. A union where one is at one job, the second is at the second, and in the evening sex is already marriage=defective (in Russian marriage has two meanings: matrimony and defective), and with the advent of children, either marriage=defective with patience or divorce. Sex without children - leave for children. Sex - something similar, like a dormant pike (husband on the couch), seeing the shine of the spinner, thinking, rushes! (otherwise not catch up) in pursuit. Wives, no need to go to extremes: becoming a greasy housewife, or a fussy servant of children (see below), or becoming a lady through me. You husbands know better that brilliance is always effort, and baubles are brilliance in motion. I hope this explains why husbands chase other ladies (in Russian, the words lady and whore are similar, "that's why men sometimes make mistakes" :-). If sex is divided into the passion of movements and finding the “key in the lock”, then men are prone to the first, and women to the second, and they are ready to lie like that for a week. For men, this is like plugging in a power drill for a week, but not drilling anything, or keeping a bunch of keys in one lock. Yes, there is no male logic here, but they don’t need it - this is how they feel support and charge. Yes, family life is a routine everyday life that absorbs our years. But this is because we have lost something that, perhaps, was not there - aspiration / goal: the "arrow" of youth hit the "target", children appeared and that's it, we are waiting for the box. Without a specific personal life goal and striving for it, consciousness (co-knowledge) cannot be changed (and why?), moreover, it regresses. (re-gression, progression, a-gression, gression -?) Children are successors, they will have their own personal goal, there is no need to replace them, make them your personal goal (I do not exclude that this is possible, but I will immediately question that this is your level until you prove otherwise to me). Women - you marry  a husband (rus=for  courage) , not "for children." The husband is the head, not the children. It is rare that children do not get carried away, but there is a “carrot and stick” for this, and most importantly, you will remain an example-variant with which they will compare themselves later. The head of the family, that's why the head: he is obliged! control, analyze and, if necessary, "insert" their brains. Ways? This is where the Education volumes begin. Bend yourself first, show long-term happy result on yourself, a little patience and the children, having tried other options, will gradually begin to bend towards you.


I often hear, here I am 26-31-35-40-45, who needs me, old? If you have become a straight (rus=just straight) swollen, greasy, discharged servant of children, or a “self-sufficient” proud loner, who do you blame? If you realized what is presented here in conjunction with your personal experience, then not only your husband, but also the sofa would chase you. You are unhappy and unhealthy because you have trouble understanding your true life goals and values, striving for them, consciousness (co-knowledge) and effort. Or do you want me to become a "lure", and your husband, along with the sofa, rushed after me, caught up and ...? Maintenance/reliance (rus=co-support) means that under normal conditions you should be able to hold yourself and hold children, and only in extraordinary circumstances have hope for additional strength, speed, endurance, finances, etc. Yes, I emphasize hope, and not count: life goes on according to your calculations and plans, if it had gone according to your calculations and plans, then these circumstances would not have appeared. Women's happiness, as well as men's, requires their own, personal efforts - you can't enter paradise "by car".


It is easier to be a woman (calmly!, read on) Love is the highest degree of happiness. (We return to the beginning, to the ways.) To achieve Love for a married woman, she must become the spouse/ consort (co-participant) of a happy man, and a happy spouse (rus=strong and smooth) can achieve happiness only through tests (rus=get out of personal torture) / suffering, or blood, sweat and patience. In order to achieve Love by faith in a monastic way, who, no matter how the Creator, knows that the requirements for the reward of a woman should be less. The fact that many men have turned into men who can only fool around in bed and / or crawl only for alcohol, I do not deny. The more stringent is the requirement for "lure", self-knowledge, the use of chances and life in general.


If you do not agree, do not contact: either I am a bad doctor, and you will be healthy on your principles, or your diagnosis is stubbornness (rus=just straight) and you will demand health in your own way, but I will not be able to help. Unhappy women are not healthy, happiness is a component of health, not vice versa: if you are unhappy, you will be sick (acquired diseases are the result of an unhappy life).

Yes, and pay attention to how many seats were taken by men and how many by women. And all the same, girls, you will have to lisp it more than once, or even “co-support” :-)


Money. I do not know of a single case in History when a happy and even more healthy (this is not always =) person said that he did not have enough money. Yes, we are super, we only lack money, but we lack it because we are super, but we need to become a simple man or woman, and believe me, this is very, very difficult (in Rus, simple  and forgiveness have the same root and mean "do like God", but, in my opinion, sadly, most of them have not seen this for a long time. By the way, in Rus complex = with a lie, i.e. Truth is in simplicity, no lies).


It needs to be taken into account.

I most likely will not deal with the diagnosis and treatment, especially COVID, initially (i.e. at the first contact). I am ready to help (rus=after yours I can) to prepare people who want to endure COVID without critical consequences, in working order (not getting sick at all is bad). For treatment, we have ambulances, hospitals, laboratories - this is for them. Therefore, if you read this, forgot and remembered when you got sick, then forget it again and call an ambulance or a doctor at home.

Price. Try to quickly, on the fly, make a list of your life values ​​​​in order of priority. If it doesn't exist, that's bad, you float like something... (well, you get the idea), start compiling it. If there is, check again. Without it, don't apply. Happiness and health are the destiny of the concrete. I help (after yours I can): from surcharge to reckoning (literally). It all depends on you, what you spent your efforts on, what you achieved, what conclusions you made and what's next, and in the process you will understand this. People have reduced everything to money. But the true way to ask the question is: “What can you offer me for my efforts?” Maybe you can do something that I'll pay extra for. If you have nothing to offer me but money, then there are no options.

Anyone interested, please write. I'll try explain conditions and answer questions. But I want to note in advance a prerequisite: absolute access to your lifestyle, starting with your home and the willingness to change it. Those if you do not want me to see your home, lifestyle, are not going to answer  questions  about  your personal life  and / or are not going to change anything - do not make unnecessary movements, live at your own pleasure (rus=fishing will), until you want to continue using some of them and further. But I am not a healer, much less a resurrector: if the changes become irreversible, you are not to me. This is when you are sick - you have to lie down, but in health - to catch up with what you have lost, and if you have not wanted to go to health for years, where will you get the strength to run after what you have lost over the years? In tablets? Perhaps only they are called "youth", "immortality", "eternity", "highlander" - if you have them, then you don't need me.

In case of an appeal. All points briefly, do not procrastinate - the first thought to print: about yourself, date and place of birth, where you live, physical data (height, weight, hair color), blood type (if you don’t know - find out), marital status (composition and the quality of relationships), what you do, a brief way of life (a typical day from morning to evening), differences in the week, illnesses, what measures you take for health, what you want and for how long. And don't forget the list of your values/importances in order of priority above. I understand that this proposal can cause a sea of ​​questions, disagreements, etc., I make an emphasis: if you do not agree - ignore it, if you apply - do not ignore this paragraph.

Refusal to help. There are categorical (i.e., the amounts do not play a role) and non-categorical (i.e., their exclusion will require either some details or additional conditions, efforts, delay, etc. to reach a certain starting level) conditions in refusal, plus adjustment for current circumstances. There are many such conditions. I will not list them, so as not to tempt cunning and / or condemnation. Be simple - write as it is. We'll figure it out as we get to know each other.


And so that you, at least approximately!, understand the scale of the work, I will give the facts:

Often a happy life is associated with an easy, carefree, wealthy life, and many believe that they will become happy when they become wealthy and famous. This is not true. I agree that a prosperous life is better than a beggarly one, but a happy and easy life are not compatible: one should not confuse wealth and non-participation (see below). Lazy people don't become businessmen. Men and women from an indifferent life quickly get fat, go crazy, run to doctors and, as a result, remain sick, unnecessary old people, because and in the fullness of their strength they were not attached to any work. Happy, not always healthy, but only a happy person can be healthy - not vice versa. Not a sick person, only for moments he feels happy, not noticing how he slowly slips into illness. In proof of the above: firstly, I have not heard from a single “star” that he / she declared that they lived a happy life, moreover, there are many examples when the “stars”, for the sake of the above moments of happiness, in full abundance, sat down on antidepressants, alcohol, drugs and died prematurely from this and, thirdly, all the elderly will say that money cannot buy happiness and health. This is important for understanding the non- / action of your "I".


"I". Where does your "I" live? Show on yourself. “I” is not consciousness (rus=co-knowledge), we can catch ourselves in thoughts, understand their direction and the desired result. It is important to distinguish the joy of the “I” from the pleasure (fishing the will) of various organs. What? You better know. Why is the "I" important? It is what controls your body's cells and immunity (below), on the path to happiness and health. “I” cannot change consciousness (co-knowledge), just as fingers cannot rip/compress a rivet in metal, that's why thousands, millions of people have tried in vain to start a “new” life with a deliberately doomed result. But "I" can slip it to the Master: one, two ... the tenth and you see, the "roof" will no longer be torn off. It is rare that you  was the only chance of your life: for happiness, health, love, etc. Do not despair!, but your “I” must be ready not to miss the moment, because there may not be another chance, depending from circumstances. I repeat, lazy people, waiting people, proud people (stubborn and/or self-confident), smart-ass (hypocrites) and mumbles (indecisive) cannot become happy and healthy, moreover, they also have little hope for a second chance. If you are not going to make a manager out of your “I”, then you should not strain anyone, including me: live as you live, but then do not regret - you had a choice (= the opportunity to be a god, in rus= choice=you are a god), you made it. Life is not a game of happiness and health with the options you like! Life is the production of happiness and health through proven methods and true personal ones! choices (=you are a god). If you do not have "technology" and / or "Technologist", then the lack of happiness and health is the norm or an exception for you? Do not agree? Read your evidence-based! possibilities below.

The total number of cells in the human body is ≈ ≈ 3 х 1013 (more than 3,750 Earth globes in terms of population - it is impossible to even imagine!) Taking into account all the processes, it is possible that the cosmos is “resting”. Another person is another universe, with billions of differences. You, your "I" - the manager with the right to choose the goal, direction, means, methods and efforts. You are the god of your body: you can define a comma in "execution cannot be pardoned" of your body. Your opportunities for happiness and health are the result of the management of your ancestors and you. If you were born healthy, in the world, in abundance of food and warmth, then all claims for acquired diseases (loss of health) must be presented to yourself (No. 1).

Immunity (look at your analyzes, for quantitative indicators, leukocytes x 109) is a many billionth army (immune fighter cells and complexes) sharpened for a specific body and business. One immunity is an army many times larger than the entire population of the planet! Each cell with its own brain (determines whether to attack or not), equipment, experience, needs, opportunities and choices. Yes, a choice - she can attack, but she is not obliged (and you cannot force her) and the proof is oncology (if you scoff for a long time - they refuse to serve: you cannot deceive every warrior, but you can negotiate with the army). If, against the backdrop of annual snot and colds, you have been ill with COVID, I want you to understand: “Your problems are not with COVID, but with immunity, and immunity is a consequence of a lifestyle that needs to be formed, and in order to form a healthy lifestyle, you need to keep/drive one's consciousness and body into certain and proven boundaries. Even if a super-duper effective vaccine is invented, it will only delay your subsequent sad problems, because it does not eliminate the causes of weak immunity - 100% logic. Children with an adequate lifestyle - COVID endure "on their feet." Be like children.

Does the history of mankind know a king/emperor who ever controlled the number of subordinates equal to the number of body cells and the army equal to the number of immune cells? The answer is unequivocally - no. If you do not agree that you have been given an opportunity beyond the ability of any emperor, that you are the god of your body - not to me. No doctor-lie can cure stupidity and / or pride (self-confidence + stubbornness) and no person with such qualities is able to achieve happiness and health. To argue on the merits, you must have evidence !!! a proven “technology” for happiness and health, and a “Technologist”/assistant who attaches “legs” to it in relation to your body. If people could do it themselves, why are there so many unfortunate and sick people? That's why you object, and get sick, and are dissatisfied with many things, up to de-pression, because you don't have them.

"Ruler" and units of measurement. It will be interesting to hear whar ruler and how you measure your happiness, health, lived days?  If you are being deceived, it is because you do not have it.

Let's summarize. To be happy and healthy, you need to: 1_determine the  true goals and values; 2_become  the  true manager of the whole body and immunity in relation to your capabilities, scircumstances and place of residence, through simple self-analysis (there is one), the experience of your ancestors and lifestyle adjustments. Impossible! to give your body to another "I" in full control, and there is no need, no one will know your body better than you; 3_apply the true efforts in a spiral (the cycles will lead to depression), which cannot be replaced by any “miracle remedy”, especially a universal one. Without true ! personal ! efforts ! your happiness and health - a lock without a personal key. Only God (healer), liar and swindler will be taken to find and recovery your health (the true!) without this key – 1000% (before me) + 100% (I have proofs that people can't change anything on their own)! All the unfortunate and sick (and these are billions!) are those on whom the alternative options is implemented (directly and/or indirectly)!  Knowledge, experience, evidence, support can be provided to help you, but are you ready to make efforts and realize them in yourself, keeping / driving your consciousness and body into certain limits? If not, then your desire to be happy and healthy will remain a good intention. That's it, the hike is over.



Judgment warning. If you are not interested in the offer, or you do not agree with something, do not rush to condemn me. I listened and received enough from people of different ranks even before COVID: from a sick / psycho / moron to ..., plus spitting, nasty things, etc. Only the most zealous are already in the cemetery, and the rest, realizing that the price of the show off of death - shut up. As I understand it, those zealous people could not even get into the head that perhaps the “psycho” graduated from school with a gold medal, is the winner of regional and republican olympiads in chemistry, biology, has a higher medical education and, perhaps, he puts on very serious experiments on yourself (note, not on mice, rats and dogs, but on yourself). It's amazing that the "wrong" are smart enough to ask a question like: "Do you know something that I don't know?" (film Snatch”), and the “correct” measure everyone by the yardstick of their “correct” consciousness (co-knowledge). Until they get sick. In your opinion, will doctors return health with pills to a person, if his self-confidence and stubbornness (just straight) do not even allow him to admit that there are people with different vision, hearing, capable of creating a different picture, program, lifestyle from the same elements? Be simple: it is necessary or not necessary, ready or not ready. Made your choice and that's it. I wrote this paragraph because I saw and know the consequences.

Curious (rus = subjecting Love to torture) - do not disturb. If you are satisfied with your lifestyle - live. Don't waste your efforts looking for circumstantial evidence and/or evidence: just decide whether you need it or not, ready or not ready. I am not in a hurry and I am not imposing myself on anyone, but if interest arises on a growing wave, the meaning is lost. I DO NOT TREAT ACUTE CONDITIONS AND EXAMINATIONS, A NUMBER OF DIRECTIONS OF ALREADY CHRONIC DISEASES (allergic, autoimmune, onco, hypertension, etc.), ESPECIALLY IN EPIDEMIC CONDITIONS (I understand  with some of them more others, but not my topic, but in an epidemic, besides, there are many restrictions, and catching up is not realistic). Below is an example.

Changes/repairs of the gearbox/boiler/units/program (i.e. immunity) are made on removed or disabled units, or at its minimum load (immunity cannot be disabled). At maximum load (cold + epidemic + etc.), you can only hope and pray, and if you get sick - with pills and injections to patch up the consequences: repairs are impossible. No currency and amounts can change this principle. In the best scenario, a strong body needs at least 5-7 days to produce antibodies, and usually 10-14 days, so in the acute period you still need to live these days, or rather hold out. And depending on who prepared how, what is the reversibility of the consequences, they will spend these and subsequent days.

If something fundamentally stated is not clear, write, I will try in a different way. But believe me, this experience (rus=near torture) of “inventing a bicycle” was obtained with blood, sweat, injuries, mistakes, losses, beginning illnesses, jambs, stupid rechecks, under a downpour of swearing, condemnation, slander, etc. And it’s sad that such “ bicycles in the world! already turned into a rarity even at my birth, but, thank God, I still found them. This is not a fiction, not an invention, this it is confirmed!!! (flu epidemics and already 3 seasons of COVID) a “bicycle” restored according to the old “drawings” tested for centuries, if you are satisfied with the new “health” - not to me. But over the past 10 years, I have not seen a more reliable “bicycle”, and my slanderers either leaned back, or drank themselves, or shut up. They are hard to forget, so easy to keep track of. But the "shadows" have not disappeared anywhere - new ones and more are growing in their place - the world is rolling into the abyss. Yes, there are fewer happy and healthy people, but happiness and health have not disappeared anywhere! You cannot buy what is not for sale - how difficult, with losses, we go to this simplicity in searching of money.

Unfortunately, I cannot wish you good health, it is the same as luminous air, I wish you to receive your happiness and health as a reward for your true deeds and results!


Why did decide to make the offer public?

In fact, a clear conscience - requires action. Yes, they can be true or wrong, but indifference and/or non-participation has never been an excuse. Those with this action, I give a chance to myself (for justification) and others (to change myself). We, with our consciousnesses (co-knowledge), knowledge, abilities, sometimes, often try to reinforce our self-confidence in untrue the decisions and conclusions we make, instead of weakening  them. Are you not easily fooled?

Scammers have a concept - a victim, this is when a person incurs expenses for the promised purchase of something, but after payment, he either receives nothing or receives a fake. What do you think, who is the patient, the government of the country!, who bear the costs of health care, but when they come with initial violations, they end up, at best!, with a chronic disability? Do you think the essence of the protection of valuables comes down to their replacement and write-off (surgical plastic surgery, etching with drugs, removal) or the protection of the initial state? Are you not a victim?


For those who are still satisfied with everything, I propose to solve a real life problem: How do you think a healthy person should look and how can you determine this? I note that inside ourselves, we often believe that a healthy person should be like our "I" when we are not sick. But the problem is that since we are sick, then we are sick / unhealthy, and a healthy person looks somehow different. Moreover, he will have some differences, and men and women will have different ones. Which? The sooner you can understand this "deep" thought and the sooner you can stop looking at the real! (not office-city) world through binoculars "I", the sooner you will start to see the little things (little things not because they are not important, but because they are small - they are not noticed, but they are important, sometimes, they will determine the outcome), analyze, upload the necessary knowledge, check and replace your consciousness (co-knowledge) and lifestyle. Unless, of course, you need it.


Corporate and/or regional (excluding major cities!) offer

 (addition to private)

Social security and insurance. Yes, I know that some enterprises provide additional social guarantees: for life insurance and medical care, for payment for sports and recreational activities, for full or partial compensation for san / spa treatment, etc. With insurance coverage in terms of possible traumatic and / or harmful / provocative factor (for example: industrial mountaineering, chemical production) agrees. But the total majority of diseases, ranging from frequent snot, acute respiratory infections (including COVID), high blood pressure, up to oncology, are  begin, as a result of a gradual long-term metabolic disorders in cells. When the disease clearly asserts itself, reversibility is already in question, because. the stage of slow intracellular compensated disorders has been passed. And it turns out that employees are insured against the consequences, and not from the cause. I agree that there is a plus in financial support to alleviate the disease, but social guarantees and insurance do not promise and do not return health, just as secured old age does not return youth. Prosperity, at best, allows you to convert a large minus into a small one, which is also good, but “0” remains unattainable.

Fitness with non-professional sports and health matter are close, but different. Close in the sense that they reasonably try to load, at times, a poorly functioning muscular system, and different in that they pull metal, run along the track, like a horse on a hippodrome, swim from side to side, like a fish in an aquarium, tiring with uselessness (it is a matter of time and/or circumstance that self-belief collapses). Close in the sense that they reasonably try to load, sometimes, a poorly functioning muscular system, and different in that they pull metal, run along the track, like a horse on a hippodrome, swim from side to side, like a fish in an aquarium, gouging - this It's a question of time. Most people understand that walking is healthier than driving. I specially watched the Swedish walkers: how long will they last, playing circles with sticks. So, I have not seen a single joyful loner who would have lasted more than 2 years. Target? They go to go! Yes, there are those who go to gyms, swimming pools, bathhouses for decades, but their motivation has changed: initially, they wanted to have strong muscles and a figure as a priority, and then the collectivism of communication became a priority, i.e. if they are torn away from the team and circumstances change, especially those when they need to get on foot in bad weather, the majority will not come. At best, they will look for a new team, but not for the sake of fitness, but for the sake of chatting.

San-resort treatment: standard ratio in months 1:11 = vacation : working months. Better than nothing. But fixing 11 months of damage in 1 month of vacation is the same as regaining youth in retirement.

Not sick does not mean healthy, just as not rotten does not mean fresh. A healthy person - with aspirations and goals based on sound / true values, and not a sick person - is a worker of a different quality. For those leaders who are only interested in striving for profitability, but their real reasons are not good, perhaps COVID has  not yet correct their values, they need to get sick again and grow wiser (we are talking about cases: there are opportunities, but desires no). Maybe then, on our own experience, the priorities of values, the ways to achieve them, will change.

Leader health. I am sure if I ask you what health is and how to measure it, you will “hang”. Your personal capabilities in health are sometimes less than subordinates (here the math is different). Therefore, any leader should take this point very seriously, I emphasize: all people can be divided into 2 categories: leaders / guides (distributing orders / advice) and followers (using these orders / advice). It is clear that any leader is a guide, and a subordinate worker / employee is a follower. And here, in terms of responsibility, God's and the human principle agreed: "and to whom much is entrusted, more will be exacted from him." Therefore, if you avoid official liability, that's not all. To object to me, you need to know what health is. And if you know, then you will have nothing to argue, because you must understand that your health and your loved ones! has a dependency on this highlighted phrase (in my experience there are no exceptions).

"Little things". It is important that in my case, you need access to the place of residence of the employee and his mornings / evenings and weekends, as part of his lifestyle. The number of prefabricated little things usually significantly exceeds the number of basic elements (this is especially clear to assemblers of the whole and repairmen). One look replaces a week of questions and clarifications. And if in things, repairs, there are little things that can be neglected, to live life without them, without eliminating them, then in health there are no “unnecessary little things”. Not only a small pimple, a bite, a splinter, a glitch can completely unsettle us, but even a word can knock us down for years. In our time, the total majority of workers are not knocked out by enemies, accidents, injuries, deadly hunger and cold, but by long-term untrue (albeit generally accepted) “little things” that undermine mood, aspiration, immunity, physical capabilities, and later the psyche. I mean that collective communication has its advantages, but does not give access to many "little things". This must be taken into account. Sometimes, it is the “little things” that determine that individual component of a person, because of which you need such an employee.

On what terms? There will be interest - we will discuss and become attached to specific people, circumstances, conditions, figures. A good manager is interested in the “little things” of employees, but you can keep them in your head in addition to work and your “little things”, or you can entrust them to another head.


Proposal  to countries  representatives

There is a translated proposal for representatives of the countries, but taking into account the unresolved Ukrainian-Russian military conflict (especially the ongoing one), I decided to refrain from its public placement in view of its nearest  lack of prospects, because many politicians, not that  could not make their citizens happy and healthy , but even correctly send them to them in peacetime. And now they (as always), all the more not up to it - there are "more important things": a return to what they themselves have lost, i.e. treatment of consequences (escalations  diseases of society and economy). And since the causes of the fall in immunity have not been eliminated, the long-term consequences (growth of diseases, injuries, accidents, depressions and oncologies) continue to accelerate. It's the true way? To where?


Actualization and updating this offer

The fundamental/principal revision is done as it survives and persists/durability (as evidence of the reliability of the proposal) in changing surrounding (not isolated!) conditions and circumstances, changes based on experience, more often in April, at the end of Lent, and the control one is at the end of summer/beginning autumn, i.e. at the beginning of the new cold season. The update is carried out according to the variants, methods of presentation, translation, correction of the text and errors.



Actual as of autumn 2022 + six months (min) + ...years. Update – 12/12/2022

(First published in English - 07/15/2022, first mailed to WHO, 07/15/2022)


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.



To those who have read to the end my translation, I want to express my gratitude, as a doctor, for the fact that I believe that it is the English word patient (from patience, in rus=passing through the  blackthorn!) reflects the true essence, but not only having aching pain (rus). I'm not sure, I know, healing without patience is impossible. It is this substitution that has led to the fact that we often do not have felt pain, but we know that we are sick ( we lack: understanding of relatives, kindness, etc.), because you cannot deceive your conscience. Is not so? I repeat: I heard explanations of concepts from the Hebrew and Greek languages - there wisdom is even closer to the Truth: there are degrees, stages, a measure of responsibility and consequences (the Russians took a lot from them, but in a more generalized and abbreviated way and, believe me, this is quite enough to be happy and healthy. If you are not a judge, not a priest, not a general doctor, not a politician and not other guide of people in life, then you do not need these subtleties, since there are those who have pledged to know them ).


And learning wise conclusions, observations, remarks, words, general and particular (by type) principles of Life among people of different nations, I came to the conclusion that the Truth is dissolved in the population of the planet (already like a concentrate) and the one who forces himself to do it! (and does not want) simple (rus=like God) good deeds make themselves an absorbing sponge of Truth (God's wisdom, protection and strength). And while waiting (doing nothing), or tearing ourselves away from good deeds to our desires, we make a deal with ourselves (go to the wrong deeds), punishing ourselves! myself! sickness and sorrow. Look for selfyour, because time is deceitful. Only! the true deeds make over the years (experience + confidence) stronger / persistent in Life, everything else is weaker!


And learning wise conclusions, observations, remarks, words, general and particular  principles of Life among people of different nations, I came to the conclusion that the Truth is scatter in the population of the planet (like a drops of concentrate  ) and who forces himself to do it (and does not want) simple (rus=like God) good deeds make themselves an absorbing sponge of Truth (God's wisdom, protection and strength). But while waiting (doing nothing), or tearing ourselves away from good deeds to our desires, we make a deal with ourselves (go to the wrong deeds), punishing ourselves! myself! sickness and sorrow. Look for self in your (there is a proven way), because time is deceitful. Only! the true deeds make over the years (experience + confidence) stronger / persistent in Life, everything else is weaker!



I would be very grateful if someone, agreeing with the trueness of this approach and understanding the essence of the proven terms / images used here for thousands of years, is able to translate and  convey meaning  into their own language, taking into account the presentation of the logical essence / images in words from our ancestors (I guarantee to indicate the translator and / or link, redirect if you wish).


No all rights reserved. Use on health :-)