Russian/Orthodox  prognosis  against  the  all  “capabilities” of  the  USA  and  its  allies

(first published - 27.04.2024, on Lazarus Saturday, on 6 pages, abbreviated translation)


This is the composite separate highlighted part of that explanation (PERSPECTIVES OF “HOPES” OF  DELUSIONAL  BLAH-BLAH IDEAS OF MODERNITY), which was almost ready a week before the start of the Orthodox Lent. But because as a result of its correction, a more strategically important “ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE” appeared (in which is indicated there), I was the first to publish the latter (and even then, not all), and I think many have already checked that the Russian version was published a few hours before the terrorist attack in Moscow (you can fake the file time, but not the upload time to strangers servers). And due to the fact that in the process of its final correction, I received the following voluminous addition at the Orthodox Annunciation (therefore I highlight it separately) and the speed of events is developing faster than I expected, I decided that it was better to apologize and be on time than to irreversibly pro...lose opportunity. Apologize in advance in terms of the fact that it is not my/Russian and especially Orthodox gloating of starting earthquakes in the USA + in almost all my explanations, as well as in this one, I try to immediately emphasize that I have no complaints against ordinary citizens and the military of any country. This, as well as the previous reality explanation-forecast/verification based on Truth and public facts, which the current Euro-American leaders of the world (“judges”, politicians, “scientists”, “health-care-erists”, under the “control” of national security and under the cover of international organizations: the UN, WHO, Nobel Committee, etc. – further the guiding leaders of the world)  created for themselves and their citizens in the world and in their own countries.  As for the quotation marks, until the world publicly sees thems SPECIFIC PROVEN AND CONFIRMED CONCEPT OF PROGRESS, I am sure that against the background of progressive negative geocataclysms, social problems and immuno-metabolic diseases, combined with the long-term lack of constructive measures to eliminate their own consequences, everyone will agree, that the quotation marks are justified, and the ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE remains VALID! If in the end my forecast comes true, and not the expectations of the guiding leaders of the world, then there is no need to blame me, the Russians and others for this. The sad consequences in any country depend solely on the competence of the leading leaders in Truth and the attitude of their citizens. When you read it, you will understand.

And I am sure that if you add up the circumstances of the appearance of my already existing forecasts of the appearance of my already existing forecasts, their foundeds with their the subsequent “distant” supporting facts + the “alternative” “competence” of “scientists” (below) and/or blah blah "progressmen", then you must understand whose forecasts are closer to the realities of the principles of Life of this “unfinished by God” Planet and their criticality.


I immediately emphasize that the Model is relevant for all countries (i.e. True), but due to modern political and financial leadership in governing the world, more precisely in the forced dissemination and execution of democratic blah blah “specifics” on absolutely all vital strategic True positions (nothing at all in the entire History to this day), it would be logical to show the work of the Model on the modern management of the current helmsmen of the world, i.e. on the administrations of the United States and the European Union (although, I repeat, it concerns everyone, the only difference is in the circumstances and scales). Due to the fact that previously Euro-American politicians climbed their “concrete” “progress” to other countries, incl. and to the Russians, then it was up to the local guiding leaders to catch the harmony/balance of the consequences of them interventions, and Euro-American politicians were slipping away responsibility back home and/or to new countries. But now, the consequences of the “progress” and “healthy lifestyle” imposed on the whole world by them have come home to them, and the time has come for them/guiding leaders to become acquainted with such a concept as responsibility for the harmony/balance of the world and the country, and the whole world is given the opportunity to see how will they/"saviors of the world" cope with the implementation of the return of harmony/balance of geopowers in their own countries, which they themselves for so long encouraged to displace, or rather to pervert, with their “progress” in many countries of the world.  For greater simplicity and clarity (not bias!), I am narrowing down to one leading country - the United States. And considering that it was the “scientists” of this country who voluntarily (no one pulled their for the tongue) were the first to publicly (confirmedly) set out their “visions” of problems in their country, taking into account the most technically progressive capabilities in the world, this giving to me, Russian/ Orthodox doctor with a Shovel, who accidentally saw their facts and conclusions on the Internet halfway across the globe, a unique peaceful opportunity, which I outline below and which is the reason for my haste (both due to geo-circumstances and the possible cunning of the “scientists”). + during this time, their citizen and global technical progressman, Elon Musk, also additionally made several public global forecasts and I have something to foundedly object to him and even offer (God willing, I’ll explain it later).



An unique peaceful transcontinental opportunity-competition

created by the “wisdom”, “scientificness” and “faith” of modern Euro-American guiding leaders  of the world  during the years of anti-Russian scabies.

For a long time,  Euro-American guiding leaders and their allies (I repeat: ordinary citizens and the military are not directly affected by these experiments: you/I are spectators, and, perhaps, indirectly, victims as a result of the consequences) have been increasing themselves (ordinary people do not need, they have enough) as compensation the long and thick warheads, they fill them with various nuclear crap so that they can come and say: “Have you (especially the Russians) seen what kind of nuclear “warheads” we have? You need to listen to us and fulfill our blah blah demands and desires, otherwise we will poke you with them “Christianly” to death, so that you have “happiness, health and progress”. And we/Russians saw and all at once “shit ourselves of fear”. If your/the Euro-American guiding leaders for so many centuries had shown proven and confirmed True specifics in at least something, instead of progressive perversions of the Truth, all countries would have “taken off their underpants” in front of you without any weapons. Who would refuse True happiness, health and progress? Only your don’t bring this to people and the Planet, because your have nothing - only progressive proven genocidal blah-blah! And now we/the whole world it will verify ! Personally, thanks to your, I was born surrounded by nuclear weapons/during the Cold War, as a child I watched the redeployment of nuclear missiles, then I lived in Chernobyl radiation and instability, for years I travel to the forest, past former nuclear mines, and again I continue to live in the midst of returned nuclear weapons, instability and sanctions in another Cold War. I can sleep directly and/or nearby for years (and not only) on your nuclear arsenal, if I don’t feel hot on it and/or the eggs glowing from under/through the blanket don’t hurt my eyes at night (radiation problems), and if my overnight stay does not pose a threat to other people around me (just me). But the frequent impulses of American leaders to conduct nuclear tests lead to suspicion that they themselves doubt its reliability. If this is so, then the logical question arises: “Why are your holding its?” As a weapon of retribution? With your progressive godless geo-instability, the second question logically arises: Retribution for whom? As a threat to the Russians?


Who are you going to intimidate in the former USSR with nuclear weapons? For as long as I’ve been living, I haven’t seen anyone, because in the USSR and after Chernobyl, more than one generation has been born and raised in the midst of nuclear weapons: children and youth do not understand; adults are in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the elderly don’t care, the military are on the spot, they didn’t run away from fear. Do your want that too? At least once in History, try to answer something  from Russian and True specifically and true to yourself, otherwise - blah blah sharing. What frightens people is not the presence of nuclear weapons, but the progressive, untreated godless/perverted genocidal “concreteness” in the heads/consciousness of modern leaders who possess nuclear weapons. The Russians, unlike the Euro-American leadersprovenly have not  yet  NEVER tested or used their nuclear weapons in foreign countries ! Most countries in the world says that Russian leaders are “sick in the head”? But facts:  the progressive genocidal dynamics of “ruling” the world by the current Euro-American leaders, the absolute lack of specifics especially according to proven criteria of progress and constructive measures to solve growing problems - purely comparatively proves the opposite. PROVE BY CHANGING THE DYNAMICS OF YOUR SAME GENOCIDAL CONSEQUENCES WITHOUT THE RUSSIANS AT LEAST IN YOUR OWN COUNTRIES! Otherwise – PROGRESSIVE MULTI-YEAR GENOCIDE EVEN OF YOUR OWN POPULATION + ublicly confirmed  yourself  “russian” diagnosis above!  And now anyone in the world will be able to reasonably prove this and make a claim for the consequences of your “management”.  Or are you asking sane judges, national security officials, doctors and people to believe your “christian”, "specific" and genocidal  blah blah instead of facts that are obvious to everyone? In the meantime, taking into account the “progressive” “wisdom” and “scientificness” of your leaders and the dynamics of “geostability” of your countries, the main thing now is that you really don’t get explode yourself and shit ourselves of fear in your own  nuclear arsenal. Soon it will become that headache (retribution) that yours guiding leaders have been looking for for so long to complete the “happiness, health and progress” of their population and forcibly imposed on the whole world.


Do you know what has changed over the years? The boy grew up in the middle of the radioactively decaying and unstable God's world, and, thanks to the True wisdom of the elders of Grow-up (and previously the compass of Growth was exclusively God/Truth, i.e. up to God/Truth==Russia), he sprouted in the Truth and now God provides me with a unique additional opportunity to predict the retribution that the leading “scientific” “sages” of the world have godlessly prepared for themselves yet in this life and which will publicly destroy the greatness of them “god” by throwing him from a skyscraper (and I’m not going to lose it, like yours leaders, the geostability of the Planet in general and your countries in particular, despite the risk of the status of a worldwide showing off Russian idiot - This is what faith is: taking the concrete step into the invisible). And so, I am sole (how  the human) with God going to take  peaceful part in that itchy anti-Russian competition that has not allowed guiding Euro-American leaders of the world to sleep peacefully for so many centuries: one Russian doctor with God against the combined “progressive” “wisdom” of the guiding leaders and “scientists” of the USA with their allies (Canada + the European Union and England + all willing godlessmen “rationalizers” of Truth): prove that you are able to manage and/or avoid the geocataclysms and problems-consequences I predicted in your own countries, relying on the advice of anyone! “scientists” and “health-care-erists” of the World  (God has not been in your affairs for a long time, and therefore the outcome of the competition is a foregone conclusion). Everything is “fair and equal” - as you godlessmen like: no restrictions, your can even prop up skyscrapers with yours “warheads”. Rate and criterion - 1 US cent! (explained below).

+ many saw how the political “wisdom” combined with the scientific “progress” of the USA save the World. In movies. And now, with their “rationalizations” of Truth, they have created for themselves and the world that retribution (payment for such deeds), which will allow the whole world to do this peacefully verification: “Can they really help at least themselves ?!

Below, after the description of the experiment, I present the public (evidential) conclusions of “scientists” USA, which, I repeat, they themselves were the first to publicly dump on the Internet. No one pulled their tongue or put pressure on them. I, a Russian/Orthodox doctor, thank God, make an equal public but alternative prognosis on the mechanism, consequences and timing for the United States. That's it, American and Russian scientists' bets on USA geostability are done and closed: let's verify the results after the fact! Everyone else can bet with their savings and/or investments. If, after this publication, someone declares that he was mistaken, then he automatically exposes himself and the guiding leaders who appointed him/them and used their advice to charges of dullness (taking into account age, status and consequences), showing off (publicly shit ourselves to the whole world), cunning-ass (the ass takes the chair when the competence of the head does not correspond, this point does not concern me), fraud (obtaining funding in the absence of competence, this point does not concern me), and forced (military, economic) genocide (which this has already been proven by me and does not concern me/Russians). Of course, a truce on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict remains urgently relevant, but a private military truce will not change the minds of politicians and “history will soon repeat itself”. Therefore this competition with “warheads” must be resolved peacefully, once and FOR ALL + having missed such a chance, I I will give the modern guiding leaders of the world the opportunity to scroll through their “progressively” genocidal chain of self-destruction until the End of the World. I'm not even talking about the fact that such a chance is not given twice. Mumblers, lazy people and indifferent people are not the hope of either God, or the devil, or one’s own, or enemies, or anyone in this world. The Russian elders have wisdom: “Be afraid of your desires (to compete with the Russians, to become a leader in something you are incompetent at, to get married without the blessing of your parents, etc., etc.) - they can come true!” So, at the same time, let’s verify Russian “fools” in general and one in particular.

The model itself is tritely simple (and Truth is in simplicity, but it is given very, very difficult) : on one, very large and heavy bowl, there is residual geostability and the current geoconsequences of the “rationalization” of the Truth of the country, on the second - all the modern “opportunities” of the country (energy, economic, scientific, military, etc.). Until you prove that your “opportunities” are capable of changing the dynamics of your own genocidal consequences, I logically put them in quotation marks, because you really cannot and/or are not capable of proving their “progressive benefits” even in your own countries. I place a skyscraper on the balance indicator platform (as a symbol of all skyscrapers, buildings and structures), and on top of this skyscraper I place 1 cent (as a symbol of the international greatness of the dollar). I emphasize that the Russians do not influence any of the bowls. It all depends on your guiding leaders and “scientists”: if they are competent in what they voluntarily took on, then the skyscrapers will stand, the coin will not fall and the dollar will still be at its height, if not, then the skyscrapers will begin to sway and tilt, and, It is logical that without countermeasures in real progressing consequences/distortion, they will collapse anyway, and with them 1 cent will fall, followed by the collapse of the real “god” of US leaders - the dollar. Pure physics and so far – no options. And I hope this will become a public example for the godlessmen that there are no trifles in Truth/Life! As a doctor, I am only concerned about the victims and the genocidal “healthy lifestyle”, but the guiding leaders, I’m sure, are the dollar, since there is an abundance of people who want to move to the USA. Bye! And we can also verify this, although the 1st True proof is trivial: if citizens had been the priority, then their countries would not have come to such a critically sad reality experiment. When I was typing this paragraph, I decided to see what 1 cent looks like and what was my amazement when I read “IN GOD WE TRUST” on it. Amazing! In all my explanations, I assert that modern democratic leaders are godless “rationalizers” of the Truth, and they coin «IN GOD WE TRUST on money. These are the causes of the problems. The writing on the coin is untreu  and does not correspond to the essence of Christianity. The True entry is “WE TRUST GOD”. And demons also believe in God: “You believe that there is one God: you do well; and the demons believe and tremble” James 2:19 Only they do not want to fulfill His commandments and principles. Don't they remind you of anyone? And this can be confirmed by any monk of any faith. Second True proof: if they believ God, then the Accusations founded by their God would be impossible, but - they are in front of you, and the answer agrees with any possible solutions. So neither the “faith” of modern guiding leaders, nor their ancestors-leaders, according to their past and current publicly indisputable facts, diverging from the principles of the God of their “faith,” WAS NEVER BASED ON TRUTH/GOD, than they themselves publicly testified it to the whole world. 3rd True proof: if you believ God and not in God, then you would know: You cannot serve God and mammon” Matthew 6:24 / Luke. 16:13 and would not mint on money as evidence of their own cunning and/or lack of competence in Christianity, especially since in the Gospels there is a specific True example and accusation from God. “But Jesus, seeing their craftiness, said: Why do you tempt Me, you hypocrites? show Me the coin with which the tax is paid. They brought Him a denarius. And he says to them: whose image and inscription is this? They say to Him: Caesar's. Then he says to them: “Render therefore the things that are Caesar’s to Caesar, and the things that are God’s to God” Matthew 22-18_21 Since on yours coin does not depict God’s face and the coin, according to the Lord, is not God’s tax, then your are even worse (more cunning-ass) than those who the Lord convicts in the Gospel. So you yourself voluntarily signed your deeds/facts to the accusation of your God, and now anyone in the world can verify this with evidence. And with such “Christianity” you teach the World, the Orthodox, Muslims and others “faith”, “true” values, “healthy lifestyle” and “progress”? Is this in favor of my ACCUSATION OF GENOCIDE (cunning disguised as “Christianity”) or AGAINST? 4th True proof: if you/the guiding leaders believ God, then you would have understood much earlier the consequences of your governance in your countries indicated by me/the Russian Orthodox doctor: And everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on sand; and the rain fell, and the rivers overflowed, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and he fell, and his fall was great" Matthew 7-24_27 / Luke. 6:49. The larger the scale of godlessness, the greater the proofs - your yourself have prepared an excess of it for yourself for many years.

But since, due to your actual centuries-old godless blah blah stubbornness, which has already turned into many years of collective transcontinental blind dullness of self-destructive genocidal sanctions and military conflicts, the foundeds given by the Lord still didn’t really meaned anything and don't mean anything now, your  will have to verify it in fact. You, modern Euro-American leaders, will become  THE LAST  PUBLIC GOD'S PREVENTIONAL CHANCE-EDIFICATION TO THE PLANETIf faith and God are behind your, then your skyscrapers and the dollar will stand, and if God is behind me, the Russian Orthodox doctor accusing your, then with your own godlessly prepared retribution, you yourself will destroy many of your citizens and bring your dollar and the greatness of the country down, and the whole world will see that the price of your “faith”, “healthy lifestyle” and “progress” is not worth even 1 cent ! I think you know better the chain of development of economic consequences.  Who will be to blame for the fact that your did not have, and do not have: neither specificity, nor competence in absolutely all True life-strategic positions throughout History, and at the same time, you, cunningly covering up your affairs with Christianity, for centuries genocidally crushed and exterminated those  who had it  , making them “axes of evil” and outcasts (including Russians)?

And I hope that there are still adequate people in your countries who can sensibly understand the criticality of “4.8”, the responsibility and consequences of the slightest untrue decision. And I warned you (in GEOPROGNOSIS) back in the summer of 2023, when I saw that your, out from big “wisdom”, “scientificness” and “faith”, announced to the whole world about the resumption of nuclear tests. If your feel bad here (on Earth), sit down with Elon Musk and ... fly to Mars, leave God’s Planet alone with your “rationalizations”, “healthy lifestyle” and “progress”: no one is keeping your here! For now, without the Russian Orthodox, you/the modern Euro-American leaders of the world are verified by Truth, confirmed by facts and their dynamics as  long-term progressive godless (and as a result: blind-dullness) genocidal blah blah destroyers of the peace, the Planet and yours countries! (you don’t see the negative dynamics even in your own countries, which the whole world has been seeing for a long time and/or you rely on your “miraculous” godless blah-blah, expectation and/or unverified “scientific” “rationalizations” of the Truth, despite warnings and the absolute absence verified specifics on any problem). Who do you need to blame for this: God, Russians, Muslims, others or yourself? Which of your godless qualities, taking into account your actual obvious global genocidal consequences, should the world impute to you as qualities worthy of True progressive management of the Planet: blindness, dullness, cunning-ass “competence and specificity”, waiting and lack of constructive measures, “wisdom of the ancestors”, “scientificness" and/or "faith"? Do your even understand, “wise men”- godlessmen, that in less than 10 years of yours anti-Russian scabies, your are going to irrevocably destroy in your own countries what your ancestors and leaders have developed for centuries before your? Who are your after this? Progressives? Will you return/rebuild something? Your don’t even know how to stop the destructions yet!


It is I/Russian will try to publicly stop the destructive algorithms of the godless consciousness of your leaders, to open their eyes to the facts, their dynamics and consequences, including the retribution they created for themselves, those around them and citizens. Now they: either publicly repent and/or themselves prove to the whole world their previous “progress” and the trueness of my CHARGE OF GENOCIDE, or they come up with a new “scientific-progressive” “rationalization” of the Truth and try to lead the world and their countries to the End of the World, only yet more sadfully. Tick-tock "saviors of the world." Next time, it won’t be 4.8, so PREPARE YOURS “EXCUSES” for your citizens and the whole world! Leaders “comfort” their citizens: “You see, people, this is how the world/Planet has changed.” But under the leadership of which leaders has it changed so much in recent years of anti-Russian scabies? If it changed on its own, then what were you/the leading Euro-American leaders and international organizations with the support of almost the whole world doing? “Management” or blah blah genocide of Russians and the world (including their own countries)? THERE ARE NO REASONABLY SPECIFIC JUSTIFICATIONS FOR YOUR CUNNING ASS - GODLESS GENOCIDE, INCLUDING THE RUSSIANS ! And since there are no excuses, and you yourself voluntarily seized the helm of “progress”/government of the world, it means that as soon as my forecast-warning comes true, YOU WILL BE ABSOLUTELY GUILTY, for YOU ARE THAT REAL GODLESS AXIS OF EVIL IN THE WORLD, which you periodically forged from the Muslims, then from the Russians, and the Truth will come true on you: “for by what judgment you judge, [in this way] you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”. Matthew 7:2


I’m sure many will say: “Listen, Russian ..., only a lazy financier and broker did not predict the default of the dollar.  All the better! Because they were “pro” financiers, and I is a stupid financier and/or broker. I am the Simple (in Russian=with God) Orthodox doctor, so I am even glad that the experiment will be multi-stream: all your “wisdom”, “scientificness” and “faith” + financial, energy, industrial, military and nuclear arsenal - across all streams at once (geostability, finance, economics, healthcare, etc.) on the scale of the United States + allies and everyone. So LET’S  VERIFY that all your total “possibilities” are against the forecast of one Russian doctor with God. If your achievements are based on real powerful foundations, what difference does it make to you what and where some “stupid outcast” Russian “farted”? After all your nuclear arsenal doesn’t bother me. Only just draw your attention to the mechanism once again. I do not disparage the competence of American/other financiers and/or economists and I have no bias towards the dollar/your citizens and military. It’s just that for the first time in History, thanks to the “concreteness” of “progress”, “monitoring” and “timely taken measures” by your own guiding leaders, the geophysical instability of your country will act as the initiating reason for your retribution. Answer yourself 2 questions: “Will you keep your savings/conclude transactions in the currency of a geo-unstable country?” and “What are the “chances” of “stopping” the chain international financial and economic reaction in the absence of specifics in its stabilization?And in order to prevent, and even more so stop, a chain reaction (default), only true specifics are needed. And since my accusations are based precisely on its absolute absence, there is simply no doubt about the forecast with increasing dynamics and such “scientific” competence (below). I am sure (I can feel it in my gut halfway across the globe)that the iceberg “US national debt” is growing! at a record level in the entire History, aggravating (both for holding the tip of the iceberg and for the consequences) underwater/hidden from the whole world, literally a giant wet-paper... part. My forecast depends solely on the dynamics of geo-circumstances, so I am in a hurry already to publish it in advance, and not after the fact. It does not depend on time, financial competence and/or banking/stock exchange status and obligations - your consequences depend on them. I’m not saying that the dollar will disappear, but after the default it will NEVER regain its international power.

And then, during the translation process, an interesting digression emerged. While translating, I learned that default = failure/deficiency/lack. A logical medical question arises: “Failure to do and/or lack of what in the head/consciousness/co-knowledge causes the economy to default?And this is not the first time I have publicly noted, starting with Healthy Lifestyle, that Euro-Americans had smart ancestors who also sought the Truth, it’s just that their past experience is closer to modern Russians. And now the Russians, simply “stupidly”, once again, as how with pro-gress, direct the wisdom of their own ancestors against their godless descendants and begin to watch the geoshow “which of them will defeat whom”: Euro-American ancestors performed by the Russians with the Truth or their godless descendants only with their blah blah. And of course here, I simply cannot help but bring the 5th True proof as a doctor: if you / modern Euro-Americans considered the Russians “untreated sick idiot patients”, then why didn’t you show patience with them - the main saving quality of your declared faith / Christianity: “with your patience save your souls” Luke 21:19/ Matthew 24:13, because patience/patient in English (in Russian - painman) is patience/patient ? From great real “faith” and/or “respect” for the wisdom of the ancestors? And now, because I/Russian showed respect for the wisdom of the European ancestors who sought the Truth, God provides me with their wisdom for justifications that will allow any person in the world to publicly poke their modern political descendants, like shitting cats, into their own genocidal geoshit ( destruction and victims), which they brought about based on their “good” “rationalizations” throughout the Planet and even in their own countries, and continue to build it up even more, asking them: “Will you do this again?”, “Will you do this again?”. And at the same time, I will give proof the cunning-ass of euroleaders: by what proven “wisdom” does it turn out that before crossing the border of the European Union, Russians are “sick in the head” and “require treatment with sanctions,” and after crossing the border they are already healthy? If the border and/or your countries are so “healing and miraculous”, why didn’t they help you during COVID and don’t help you maintain geostability now? If you don't provide this "wisdom" - the evidence remains undeniable! Did you want a world godless show competition with the Russians? Dreams Come True. This is our profile, when for a long time (we have True faith, and therefore we have reasonable patience for the sick in the head, and respect for other faiths) we are dullnessly pressured, without explaining in advance (afterwards -  is the cunning-ass) verified specifically “ for what and/or why?"  Now try to convince anyone in the world otherwise and find excuses after they read this and save it as a ready-made justified claim for your imminent global accusation. I come back and continue.

And I am sure that for the USA administration and leaders, this is the maximum blow-retribution by to their real “god” - the dollar, which they served for so long, and for which they themselves prepared the collapse with their “wisdom”, “scientificness” and “faith”, i.e. e. in fact, godless self-destruction will occur. You've all been waiting  and waited its. Not only that, you can no longer cancel anything (the principle of this retribution was established by God and I know this), because “scientifically” and “wisely”  ... losed  your the reserve of time and opportunities of the reversible stage on anti-Russian scabies, hacking matter, studying extraterrestrial “worlds” and “civilizations”, and  "scientific discoveries" that even a child in a sandbox can make (more on that below, in “scientific” hopes), so your haven’t even stopped building up negative acceleration.

And let this become an object public lesson of respect for believing parents/ancestors and the TRUTH, Which ALWAYS WHATEVER from ANY ungodly HUMAN STATUS and/or theirs assemblies. Either - seek and fulfill the Truth, or - with your godlessness you prepare for yourself a public, shameful self-destruction/retribution to your own godless achievements and prospects.


And I propose to all medicss in the world to unite and teach such “wise” politicians, “scientists”, “health care-erists” managers and indifferent judges a lesson: when they come/bring with fever/pain, measure their “ocean” temperature and send them home. And to their question “What to do with fever and pain?” answer: “Like what? We will do as you do, according to your “scientific” principles: wait and hope for it to resolve itself”. If you will treat  the consequences instead of consciousness, you will become their accomplices and lead yourself, children and those around you into unprecedented problems due to your own stupidity, love of money and/or cowardice. And after don’t ask the question: “Why did “God” punish me?” I answer your question even before you asked it: “you created your own retribution”. Either you bend their consciousness into a True Healthy Lifestyle, or let them feel their...not Healthy Lifestyle on themselves and their loved ones. Already you, medics, must understand that if your guiding leaders do not prove to you and their citizens that they “have another specific, proven-confirmed alternative hope” from real progressive genocidal geodynamics, then they automatically sign their citizens up as silent deathmen ( which in essence is genocide), because the dynamics without countermeasures fundamentally remain unchanged, which is indisputable proof of the dullnessly of waiting for a self-spontaneous reversal of growing consequences.

Or - unite and get tough! press them into the healthy lifestyle from all sides, or you and/or your loved ones will find yourself at the sieve of death before them. Either - Truth (immunity, health, healthy lifestyle, etc.), or death (quick or drawn out). You can neglect “my” division only in one case - if you have access to at least one guaranteed healing (and not daily added) drug in the world, otherwise - look for the reason: “seek and you will find”! If you don’t, will look in you and/or at you: either you the doctor (in understanding the problems), or - the patient/corpse.



This is where the part I translated yet ends  for now. If your,  the guiding leaders, bankers, investors and financiers, are interested in the rationale, timing, consequences, conclusions and “hopes” for your “scientists” and artificial “intelligence”, as well as forecasts for other countries and currencies that are already known to the Russians - I advise you to find A Russian translator (you need this, not me, the Russians – with the “specifics” of your leaders, everything is clear). And even better, for the sake of survival in the existing and progressive current genocidal geohemorrhoids of the Planet, make the Russian language international, as a Truely (really) life-saving one, and in your case, really economical (the rationale is given in Russian in the untranslated part below for those for whom so many Russian explanations turned out to be “insufficient” and I won’t even try to treat such stubbornness, because it is very high quality, in this case, I think , until the End of the World, is healed by geoinstability). The rest will look at the actual events. For the English language of the leading blah blah godless English leaders of the world is obviously and quickly leading the Planet to the GENOCIDE of “CIVILIZATION” (quotes because the majority sees the growth of cataclysms, but stupidly supports them and follows for them to the End of the World). Are the Russians to blame and in this too? Refute: just change the dynamics of your genocidal-strategic blah-blah “management” of the world on the proven positive one without the Russians, and that’s it!


It is symbolic that this experiment is published on Lazarus Saturday. Apparently, Those Whom the world has already “buried” will still come out to the Light, becoming its public ACCUSATION and THE CRASH OF THEIR GODLESSNESS FOREVER.  VERIFY?!  “Beware of your wishes - they may come true”.


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.