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The initial part (below), related to earthquakes, I outlined because of the priority importance in terms of the number of possible victims. + there was not enough available and expressed systemic evidence (more precisely, I think it would be enough if the analysis was done in a targeted way). The fact that the climate is getting hotter and more continental is already obvious to everyone. But I am writing this not to city onlookers on sky and tourists, but to people connected with the land and the forest. Although everyone is dependent on them, but  an ever smaller part of the modern population understands this. Looking ahead, I’ll write that I’m now walking through a dry forest that is inadequate for other years and my brain is busy looking for options/solutions for a new climate strategy and healthy lifestyle correction, because the old ones, starting from this year, will be hopelessly sad (it’s clear who doesn’t have them and/or everything is “excellent”, there are no such problems). Therefore, those who do not find solutions in the coming years are likely to leave the earth. And believe me, many states are already now (that is, my forecast is already being tested) much more socially exposed to food risks and consequences than to military-political ones.


Formation of continental corridors. When I go on a bike, so that time flies by unnoticed, I solve some task along the way. Despite the fact that "GEOPROGNOSIS" had already been posted on the site, everything could not be logically explained why I live between lakes and rivers (at least 800 km interval), and there is no rain for more than 40 days. As a result, the theory appeared, but the confirmation worked partially and I decided to be patient with this (climatic) part. But recently, after a cursory glance at the geo-news, I realized that it works in principle. In general, according to my forecast, they begin! three European continental corridors will be formed: 1st - western (squally); 2nd central (moderately dry) and 3rd eastern (will be sharply dry). 1st - through (listed in order of increasing rainfall and strength): Belgium - east France/west Germany – Switzerland/northern Italy - southeast France (while central France and eastern Spain and the countries surrounding the Czech Republic may experience a severe long-term heat wave. In other regions, especially near the sea/ocean, Portugal, Spain, etc., the risk of hail and/or snow is increasing); 2nd - moderately dry - begins along the eastern border of Finland to the south of Ukraine and 3rd - across Russia along the Ural Mountains from north to south - pronounced dry. During the winter, these corridors will experience sudden/quick changes from rain/snow to ice and back again with corresponding consequences. The entire significant proportion of precipitation from the 3rd and Siberian corridors will be distributed by local sharp discharge of large volumes between the countries of the Caucasus and India. Given the specific mountainous terrain of this part of the planet, combined with little knowledge of those regions, I do not undertake to pave specific logical paths. I also cannot indicate the logical regularity of the appearance of these processes, but I am sure that their frequency will increase significantly, because. these corridors are being stabilized. Similar corridors are being formed on other continents.

As for other countries (very general).

The countries of the northern Mediterranean in the summer are waiting for long heat and drought, with a sharp change to rare powerful flood rains.

The deep north and central part of Africa will become even more continental; even hotter with short-rapid snowfall and hail (even in the Sahara!).

In South America, a corridor will form along the western part of the continent with a shift in precipitation peaks from central Bolivia, to the territories of northern Argentina and Chile, Paraguay (I think it will become the center), southwest Brazil. And the greater the scale of deforestation of the Amazonian forests, the more continental and tougher the corridor will be, and the fields after deforestation will soon and sharply require irrigation. And on the borders of the western (continental) corridor and the eastern (oceanic) part, they will measure their strength.

North America has a peculiarity - there are many large lakes in the east, and above and below along the bay, which do not yet allow the corridor to stabilize. Therefore, I think that a dry continental corridor will still try to form in the west along the Rocky Mountains, but will shift with the transfer of climatic battles (tornadoes, showers) to the Great Plains. There are + and -. There will also be an increased risk of heavy, sharp summer precipitation between New York and Maine. I have already closed the map and paid attention to the California region, I think it will face increasing severe droughts. So, if it is necessary to preserve the social significance and infrastructure there, then politicians have something to finance and something to do, except for nuclear tests. (This is if there is a strategy, but if not, then, of course, you need to prepare for the destruction of the Russian doctor who jinxed you). And if your politicians listen to me, then the businessmen of the state, if they are real world businessmen, owe me a "small" ranch for switching "small" funding to your state :-)

I don’t want to offend Australia with inattention, but our “proximity” and the individuality of the mainland does not allow me to get pregnant with the necessary knowledge and conclusions. Logically, dry regions will become a little hotter and drier, but, in general, there will be no pronounced shift yet.

As for tropical islands and areas adjacent to the oceans, there will be an increase in the power of hurricanes and the risk of extreme precipitation (hail/snow).

There is still half of the summer ahead, so I publicly propose to check its relevance in advance. And then in hindsight we are all smart.

And as a result of the initial reasons, a new significant uncontrollable aggravating factor is rushing into the lead: air conditioners. Their total word thermal power could be a leading contributor to further increases in global warming. Purely visually-logically and fundamentally, without calculations (I don’t need them, for me just a waste of time).


What are the consequences of the formation of corridors? Standard "progressive": direct - local casualties and destruction at peak moments and indirect, because they will change the climate of most of the agricultural areas of the world and as a result - this leads to large-scale crop failures, diseases, both in the heat and winter drops, famine and premature deaths + fires, which increase the negative dynamics. The old weather was tested for strength for so long (more precisely, they were killed) that in the end they almost killed, these are the fruits of the New weather of modern "progress". It remains only to add nuclear tests and / or arrange a world war to make it “more fun” to live in such a “boring” and “stable” world.

This year I predict a shift in the beginning of the growth of diseases in temperate latitudes to the end of July 2023, if with a sharp cooling in early August, which is very likely, then a hard start.


Some do not believe, others have “more important things to do”, others are indifferent, but there are only two options for this forecast: either this is an invention of the Russian “fool”, then we live and rejoice further, or - everyone will check this and be convinced (in Russian, from near-trouble) each in his own way. Now, on our own consequences (God did not punished people!), we will check the direction of “progress”, in whose format the planet and life are better: fom Creator or the world’s “teachers-politicians” and “scientists-rationalizer”, as well as “options”  escap from the “submarine”.


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.  





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This explanation is interconnected to "SCIENCE or TRUE?", therefore, if it is posted, it is better to read it first (if not, perhaps in correction and/or translation).

The topic of global warming therefore touches few people, because it only annoys everyone with its global hopelessness of its solution against the backdrop of growing interstate conflicts and personal illnesses and problems. But here without her nothing.

It is very surprising to read the conclusions of scientists that the greenhouse effect is caused by: increasing industrial emissions, heat generators of various capacities, vehicles and farting of cattle (hereinafter referred to as cattle). The last reason also increases the degree of my surprise because nuclear weapons tests do not appear almost anywhere, because. more often, these tests are associated with radioactive contamination, but somehow they strongly ignore 3 significant points: 1 - a colossal release of thermal energy and 2nd - a powered EMT impulse and 3rd vibration shock to the Earth's crust (especially underground and, as I think, most frequent).

And since to date no one has stated the relationship of the greenhouse effect, the increase in seismic/volcanic activity with gravity, it is believed that this relationship is not. This is equivalent to taking a ball in your hand, warming/squeezing it and assuming that its internal pressure does not change in any way. Agree, a very "authoritative" "scientific" position. This relationship could be ignored further if not for the global increase in death and destruction as a result of the growth of cataclysms. If I'm wrong about the cattle, but because no one gave any calculations in their justification: sorry, when comparing priority causes between cattle farting and nuclear explosions, I put nuclear explosions in a much more serious reason. I am ready to apologize if someone provides a reasonable quantitative calculation comparing the number of heads, the area of the herd in terms of a megaton of a nuclear explosion, and the final data on actually produced explosions. And most importantly, with which I hope they will not argue: 1- a cattle farting and a nuclear explosion differ significantly in speed and scale of the impulse, 2- a  cattle farting has neither EMT-inpuls nor vibration shock. I do not rule out a chemical correction of the air, but blaming cows for global cataclysms is already micronuclear problems in the head (literally, no joke, only quantum).

Facts of nuclear explosions (taken from the Internet): In terms of numbers: USA - 1054, USSR - 715, Great Britain - 45, France - 210, China - 45, other countries - about 20. With so many explosions, here the cows need to fart like a jet engine. Moreover, interesting facts were discovered: the USA (Marshall Islands), Great Britain (Australia) and France (Algeria and Polynesia) carried out explosions outside their countries and next to other countries, sometimes without even informing them and without warning them of the consequences, dooming many local population to a slow painful death. And I did not find any official apologies anywhere, i.e. this is “normal”: they maded Chernobyl and left. What is the name of the quality of people who poisoned some at point A, as well as territories for life for their children, and then came to point B to teach others about democracy and mercy? And everyone will tell you both there and here now how the appearance of people with such qualities in different parts of the Earth ends: they are like Chernobyl - where they “helped”, there is no more life for people: nor for local, nor themselves, nor enemies, nor nature ... to anyone - it's a matter of time. Here are the consequences of forced / hastily made wrong decisions and / or ways to implement them. Do these negative political facts pull on an authoritative example for other countries to copy as a better political/administrative model?

I will try to explain the relationship clearly and simply, otherwise my explanation loses its publicly accessible meaning. I can’t and don’t want to put the concept of a gravitational force field into your head, but the result of gravity is very similar to covering a ball with soft material and putting sliding hemispheres on it, interlocking them together and starting to push from the outside. It is clear that the greater the pressure, the greater the ball, especially its crust/surface becomes more compacted/compressed. When expanding, there is no reverse uniform effect, cracking occurs. The only difference is that gravity does it from the inside (this is the quality of this force from the Creator), and in my example from the outside. So, an increase in the near-Earth temperature (greenhouse effect) expands the Earth's globe, i.e. locks between the plates of the Earth's crust lose their strength in the most vulnerable places, i.e. seismically/volcanically active places and lava under pressure begins to break through the cracks to the outside. Given that the Earth is influenced by the gravity of the Moon, the combination of the weakening of the locks of the crust and the influence of the Moon will most of all manifest itself where the Earth's centrifugal force is greatest, i.e. at the equator.

Female example. My mother sometimes asked me to make a tight finishing dough. So, the crust of the globe is like a dried crust of hard dough. If you smoothly roll a tight ball of dough on the table (the rotation of the Earth), then the crust cracks, and softer dough tries to crawl through the cracks from the inside, and the ball becomes more oval (as if the influence of the moon).

To sum up, the planet is increasing seismic/volcanic activity in known seismic zones and at the equator, with all the ensuing long-term consequences.



General principles. The fact that they are sad, based on the power of the forces, I think, is understandable. I will not dwell on those that are already regularly in the news: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and storms, where the consequences direct of sacrifice and destruction. I will focus on 4 that have not yet been particularly manifested: 1 - the growth of continental climate and 2 - water (for agriculture). The continentality of the climate will lead to sharp (in a matter of hours) temperature changes, and quickly back and forth, to problems like the lack of rain even in the presence of reservoirs (fast winds will blow everything away), and floods at the meeting point of atmospheric fronts. Consequences: problems with crops and agricultural land (especially large steppes) + remote hard-to-reach areas will become even more far, due to the destruction of roads and disruption of communication and access, which will further increase food problems. Problems with water for agriculture are associated with: – lack of rain (even if there are nearby water bodies), – changes in the channels of underground currents and drying up without replenishment; - the complete disappearance of fresh water bodies (due to changes in underground channels, cracks in the walls, and the escape of water into empty reservoirs after oil production). All this will lead to 3 - an even greater concentration of the population in cities, and then to 4 - social problems (from unemployment, to pandemics and civil wars). The most insured (in terms of health, disease and heating) situation remains the large countries of mid-latitudes: Russia, China, Canada, Brazil, possibly Australia (I don’t know much) and North America (in last place because strong “rationalization” for the sake of profit, but not for public health). All other countries, especially the countries of Africa and Asia, Oceania and Europe, are in the zone of growing geophysical risks. How will politicians of countries (especially energy-dependent and without regular heating equipment) be helped by their democracies and even more so by conflicts in such consequences? You ask them yourself. Instead of uniting and establishing quick channels of assistance, containing confrontations between the populations of their countries, politicians, with the connivance of judges and / or international organizations, create predictably life-threatening social obstacles, which require only appropriate circumstances to identify and verify. And to prove my position, I can cite politicians of past decades who did not allow themselves this in much more stable times. If your ancestors/politicians are fools, how do you have smart genes? And then say that you were not warned, "no one" knew and did not see.

Private. Here it is necessary to study and look at the location of the geophysical features in dynamics, but from the ones known to me: the risk of the disappearance of high-mountain lakes and the loss of the former functionality of the Panama Canal is too great.

Medical/Immune. If your politicians and doctors were unable to form a specific healthy lifestyle for the population (and not blah blah) and correct it after COVID (and you can reasonably correct only what is concrete, blah blah will remain blah blah) in normal conditions, then now their chances are not “0”, but an even greater “minus”, because the cost of errors (patients/victims) and the speed of "MY PREDICTION BY THE CONSEQUENCES OF COVID" is increasing significantly for a number of specific biochemical and immune causes and factors. Geophysical changes lose their smoothness, and as a result, the amplitude of loads on the immune system, psyche and body increases, which will increase the degree and scale of mental and physical disorders of people, especially in rainy-foggy temperate latitudes (since quantum mechanisms are most vulnerable here, in hot weather latitudes virus-pandemic risks will increase). I hope it is clear that no psychologist and pills can eliminate these causes.


Do not agree? Okay, let's take the favorite path of many politicians, through ... from the opposite. I argue that the Earth's greenhouse effect, combined with the Moon and a nuclear explosion, works on the principle of a reverse/internal perforator (impact inside the Earth's pressure on the weakened crust + vibration), weakening the locks and holes / cracks in the Earth's crust. In numbers, a change of 0.0000...1% is possible, but the pressure breaking through inside the Earth is probably enough for the buildings to fly into Space. I think this explains why the crust, dried up over millennia, "suddenly" began to crack like that, and the holes of the volcanoes opened. And what does "civilized" humanity do? It is going to start new nuclear explosions. You can accuse me of fiction and scientific delirium. But given the price of my forecast and its actual dynamics, you need to competently refute my forecast in front of all the inhabitants of the Earth and take responsibility for all the consequences outlined here (whoever is the instigator pays for everything). And in order to do this, you need to explain to the whole world at least some logical, physically based principle of gravity. Otherwise: another blah blah. In your research institutes, colliders, access to space and an army of pro-physicists, but I have only God. Which of us, according to modern laws, should console the entire planet: your or me? And if before that no one reasonably connected the above facts and you had excuses, then now, until you present reasonable negative evidence and a model that refutes my “theory”, listen to the accusations from all the victims all over the planet.

Get ready, because soon you (who allowed the continuation of nuclear tests) will be presented with hundreds of millions of this ready downloaded "promissory note" in many countries. Won't you pay? It's a matter of scale and compensation. If your do  not agree, now it is in fashion to take assets, and offices without assets, capacities without raw materials are bankrupt. If the effect is a domino, then with modern information technology, the economy can fall faster than you have time to leave the bedroom. And later, you are unlikely to excite her in the coming years, because for a long time become the destroyers of the planet number 1.

And while scientists cannot refute and get a model of the propagation and distribution of pressure within the Earth during nuclear tests, they need to firmly insist on the cessation of nuclear explosions. Otherwise, at first the Earth will increasingly crack at tectonic seams, especially latitudes approaching the equator, and later, it will fart where the largest hole (caldera), which, according to God's providence, "accidentally" is located among those who declare the renewal trials in the USA. Why? And you ask God. But the problem is that before your "fireworks" in the world from geophysical cataclysms (even without wars) a huge number of people will die. So far, this is not the beginning, but only the forerunners of what was set forth by the prophets and the Lord: “And there will be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars, and on the earth there will be despondency of the peoples and bewilderment; and the sea will make a noise and rage” (Luke 21:25). Is it because of great faith, mind, competence in the world, achievements in “healthy lifestyle” that you want to realize this prophecy ahead of schedule and “help” the whole world? What is the specific reason? What is so progressive that you have achieved that is worthy of such COVID mortality in full abundance and copying by the rest as an example under a nuclear threat? Call it to the whole world specifically and objectively in order of priority by points: 1st, 2nd ... etc. And also + the growing consequences of COVID, because. you not only did not eliminate any reasons, but also did not reveal. Everything is “normal”, we will choke everyone further with our “healthy lifestyle”. What is the name of the quality of such conductors? In fact, the "healthy lifestyle" of many "progressive" countries turned out to be the worst and most dangerous in the world! Are they worthy of copying, and even under nuclear threat? And I, as a doctor, need to impute this to the politicians of these countries as common sense? If there were real democracies in these countries, then this paragraph alone is enough to initiate a forced psychiatric examination of politicians who say this (they are a threat to the family, the population, the country and the world) and further observation, with obligatory! removal from the government of the country and / or their powers. The conclusion is banal: there is no healthy lifestyle because leading politicians do not have common sense, and no one controls its presence. And they don’t control because the controllers (judges and doctors, including the WHO) have nothing to check - measurements (criteria) of common sense they didn’t have, and  don’t (“scientific” blah blah and no specifics even over the years of COVID).

With such a “complicated” explanation, the schoolboy will accurately and logically name for you the dynamics “progress” of the world.


The problem of the scale of the victims. Sometimes there are statements that the planet is overpopulated, that's why there are so many problems. From my own experience, I can say that in a normal year, in my free time, with a little help, with the help of a forest and on a bicycle, I could guarantee (i.e. for a 2-year period, in case of crop failure) to provide a minimum of + 7-8 adults active men, if with children and / or women and their help - much more (≈ x 4 = 28-32). If you do it professionally - many times more. Here, compare. Based on this, I get the only purely logical biochemical-immune (more detailed by me separately) sadly hard conclusion: if the world is overpopulated, then atheists (i.e. people leading a godless, more often megacity, lifestyle, I will not deal with subtleties of faiths - any faiths) with all the ensuing geophysical, water, energy, industrial, agricultural, natural, garbage and social problems. (As for megacities, I will say this, I do not rule out that there is the possibility of development that allows you to take into account a lot, but these are huge unnecessary costs, and most importantly, in terms of healthy lifestyles and security, the risk of the magnitude of victims is always higher). Examples - any modern metropolis. In the modern world, God's technologies and resources through modern politicians, scientists and doctors, with the support or indifference of judges and international organizations, are aimed at ensuring and maintaining godless healthy lifestyles (i.e. perverted), and therefore the negative dynamics is gaining momentum. And since all of the above really do not have any specific healthy lifestyles at all, there are no positive prospects, and there cannot be yet. Here I agree with the "scientific assistants" - Prepare for the worst.


American congressmens for think

I am also surprised by God's providence: the USA produced the most nuclear explosions in the world and the concentration of supervolcanoes / calderas (read on the Internet) in the world is also the largest in the USA. Imagine, well imagine (for those who find it difficult to eat the film) the consequences of how you break the virginity of these supervolcanoes. Let's say you kill the entire population and the achievements of America, jump with your family on a plane and fly away. The question is, where and in what status will you live there? In those countries that "taught" life? Someone will ask the advice of the gravediggers of their country? How will you pay? Dollars? Will their value exceed the value paper for fire ? Gold, diamonds, antiques? Why take a little when they can take everything from you? Is your safety really someone's concern? It is possible that you will live in a barn, jump for fruits, wash in a river, etc., or in the taiga cold of Alaska, in fear of meeting any people: local, surviving "grateful" Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, etc. This Ukrainian and Russian politicians cannot agree, and criminal authorities will do it quickly between themselves and the authorities, and believe me, they have a gift for receiving “donations”.

Take my good advice: before every nuclear test resolution vote, get together, grab kebabs, whiskey, girls and binoculars (for the caldera, not for girls :-) and go to the Yellowstone Park. If the dimensions of the caldera you are surveying and the phrase "God save America" does not break your heart, then vote "yes" - I'm afraid nothing will help here. But if your live to a ripe old age without fear for children and even with a working warhead, then don't forget that your owe me :-) You don't have to be interested in the seismic indicators of the park, virginity disappears quickly, the girls will tell you about it. Purely logically (the presence of a supervolcano/caldera, geophysically - the Earth is already cracking and jumping, financially - you know better the situation with the dollar, your HLS is ... only ..S, I was very surprised that this meaning was preserved during translation) you should be for the prohibition of nuclear explosions, but you, apparently from a special "common sense" meaning for. Let's say it doesn't happen in your lifetime. Does it comfort you that this will grab your entire family (children, grandchildren, their wives)? You can send the same to Russian politicians, but the media write that it is the United States that is starting new tests. And this is against the background of the fact that, despite the economic status of the country, your citizens showed the worst immune protection in the world, and you have not only eliminated any reasons for its decline, but have not identified them. And since it is so in terms of COVID (immunity), it means that it is similar in terms of metabolic and oncological diseases - a purely logical medical chain.

I repeat, with this alignment, even schoolchildren will tell you the direction of the dynamics of the results. You have a lot of lands + friendly with huge Canada + Russia gave Alaska + your machine for money. Such opportunities! And where is the happiness and health to which the world should take an equalization? If you do not change the dynamics, it is not an external enemy on the borders of the country, not atomic explosions that will destroy you, but internal diseases in your own home - simple sound logic based on the dynamics of facts. From the point of view of the doctor's analytics, nor the United States, nor Russia, nor Europe, and nor many other countries have the civil reserve in terms of quality health that they had before. And it will not, because there is no where to take it from - I see it. If you already have enough resources for mutual destruction, why do you need more? Show that you are longer and / or that you will last 1 minute longer? Or do you want to survive and watch how loved ones and those around you die? Sadness.

I know that it is easier for the media and politicians to come up with an explanation than to go to the toilet, so let's act as it is generally accepted: whoever started the nuclear test first is the instigator. If the Russians start first, show them. I hope my position is fair.



By the earthquake in Turkey (February 2023)

I saw photos of destroyed buildings, but when I began to examine the destroyed structures and their fragments, I noticed that hollow red brick is used in many places. It is not suitable for seismically hazardous regions: it is permanently strong, but under critical load it creates microcracks, and under shock load it “shoots” with fragments. Take a piece of brick, put on your glasses! and hit with a hammer (and during an earthquake, peak pressures are higher than a hammer and the speed of fragments is faster than a bullet). And even if the building withstands shocks, it is very dangerous for further living. Much more practical are walls made of swollen foam blocks glued with polyurethane glue - the strength is not inferior to cement-adhesive, and the masonry is able to “play”, and when the load is exceeded, the foam concrete is pressed (but since part of the load will be taken by spacers, see below, the pressing will stop), and does not shoot and the chances of further operation of the building are much higher (the cracks can be chamfered, primed and blown out / sealed with polyurethane or a mixture - I can show everything specifically). I also think that it is necessary to apply a system of sliding (in case of an earthquake) ceiling / floor and foundation, as well as riveted ones! metal spacers on polyurethane gaskets at the bottom and wedged ball supports at the top. Those. in stationary mode, they will take part of the load of the ceiling, and in the event of an earthquake, they will not allow the ceiling to fall to the floor, and when the ceiling / floor is displaced, they will not interfere them from sliding along the walls. Binding welding (if any) must be replaced with strong spring clips Ø16-20 mm (we have been holding rails for trains for such years - I can take a photo and confirm), which can be jammed with wood for speed of construction, and restrictive welding with replaced on riveting. Yes, for specific loads, design engineering calculations are needed, but here we are talking about principles. I can explain everything in more detail, draw and make a real prototype, or a test layout on the spot, but a lot of work. In concrete puzzle locks - put thin polyurethane gaskets. Yes, this reduces the height of buildings, but in seismic zones this is enough. Externally and internally (everything can be hidden with relatively safe drywall), the house will be as you want, but in the event of an earthquake, it will begin to stagger, and not fall, and the chances of the building to withstand the first shocks and allow evacuation are much higher. I think that it is necessary to make layouts and compare them under vibration load. It will be interesting, write.

How does the doctor know this? My hobby is to repair temples + I use a lot of homemade tools made of alloy steels in the forest and repair (principle: practical - No. 1, reliable - No. 2, a rock is stronger than a house, but it is not practical - you can’t live in it, light and mobile - No. 3 ), I select, I watch, I communicate with professional builders / repairmen, especially the elderly, I embody a lot of things myself, correct, watch YouTube and so on all the time. Previously, people had less fuss, and therefore they were much more observant in the surrounding details, so their temples, bridges, buildings cannot, at times, even be blown up by specialists. I won’t specifically address (I don’t know either the language, or government agencies, or the conclusions drawn), if someone considers it worthy of attention and knows who to show it to, then resend it to them.



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.