(first published - 07.06.2023 on 4 pages)


I wanted to finish with politics, but is growing too fast the concentration of nuclear warheads on our peaceful souls and asses. I Address for NATO military under No. 1, because their modern politicians imagined themselves to be the most correct in the world. Considering that this appeal is addressed primarily to the military, I tried to make it simple, masculinely specific, according to the facts.

Today, you (NATO military) do not protect any specific values  your politicians, scientists and physicians! If your politicians and physicians do not provide specific answers to my public, really vital strategic questions (I repeat: specific criteria for justice, peace, happiness, health, including a long-term confirmed 2nd load HLS and for immunitet) -  you are guarding political "blah blah" ( albeit with good intentions). And since there is no confirmed specifics yet, which means that the meaning and goals of NATO are initially perverted: increase in the scale and power of influence of blah blah politicians with the support of NATO forces in combination with Nuclear sharing. While you are will dying for political blah-blah, politicians and physicians will treat your loved ones with their blah-blah, putting “underpants” on their heads (explained in HLS-ANTI-COVID) as “protection”. I emphasize that COVID has shown that the apparent inferiority of other state management systems and healthy lifestyles, under a real immune load (COVID), turned out to be an order of magnitude more stable (i.e. more reliable) than in “progressive” democratic countries (hence the quotation marks). Those military intervention in other regimes/state administrations only then have a chance (not a fact) for long-term positive results when politicians have concrete answers to vital strategic questions, otherwise these are sacrifices for the sake of replacing one blah blah with another blah blah. For the military, I repeat separately: to date, no specific criteria for peace have been named by anyone, including the UN (since 1945!) and the Nobel Foundation/Committee (a separate appeal with a verification task is devoted to them). Confirm: show for all the measure of the peace! Take any of the political military interventions of recent decades: in which of them did military sacrifices justify the emergence of lasting peace there? Are you ready to become a dead memory of political blah blah? I will agree with the opinion of your politicians/generals that this appeal is custom-made "enemy" propaganda, if you receive and agree with specific public answers. Even if you are not scientists or doctors, but blah blah, it is blah blah, and you will understand it yourself. Health  (as equals justice, peace, happiness, immunity, etc.)  includes specific principles of common sense, specific target and specific criteria for their verification, not blah blah. If your politicians do not have specifics, this does not mean that the military and/or civilians should not have them.

Also, separately for the military, who sometimes have a question: “What are you, doctor, getting into politics, especially on a global scale?” I explain. Health and healthy lifestyles are at least 85% dependent on politicians and a maximum of 15% on physicians (more often, the ratio is 95% and 5%.). Little finger - does not replace other organs :-) Now look at the direct losses from COVID, and there will be many times more indirect losses due to the consequences. Of course, it is possible for people to put “underpants” on their heads in COVID (see “HLS-ANTI-COVID”) and take those who did not help to cemeteries. But is can fight pervert-spoliticians  of the True principles of health and immunity to restore the Truth. So what should a men doctor do: chew snot or heal from them, feed of viruses / lice, etc. or poison them? What should a military man do: protect the perverts or get rid of them (in this case, this does not mean immediately proceeding to violence, let alone murder)? I have concrete results because I am at least looking for the True specifics, trying to get rid of the blah blah, and not to replace the Truth with various perversions. In Truth, everything is concrete, as in a single dangerous situation/battle: either you hit or you disappear. And thank God if there are options, time and / or the possibility of several attempts.

Do not agree? Act like the military: catch them and find out specific ones from them at gunpoint answers to my questions and listen to what they will mumble you and shoot their "specific" answers on camera. You, as risking not to return for the sake of blah blah, are the most interested. Introduce them to the concept - specifically, otherwise they shine at someone else's expense, hanging blah blah, being the main cause of premature deaths of most people due to an untrue healthy lifestyle and do not even bother to look for alternative true options. If they are not helped, they will not catch up it to the very coffin. Check: the price of answers is your life. Do not want? Then others will do it. Your politicians are hiding behind the military thinking that there is no wisdom to turn their blah blah against them. Let's check. For the fact that politicians have made peaceful Slavs, their children and families targets, I will also make them and their close targets without any weapons and sanctions. Considering how long they have perverted the Truth and laughter with Her was made profitable + elevated their participation and consequences on a global scale, now each episode of their “specifics” will have a miillions views. Those who need money and fame can earn so much from them that they cannot take so much from the bank. So now these politicians have three options to the very coffin: either give public concrete answers and confirm their competence, or become a member / laughingstock of the World Political Comedy Show, or hide from the "democracies" of different countries. As for me, "my" Truth is free and public. And attempts to drive the public into the secret or pervert visible facts only will  bring more consequences to modern politicians: on them it will be possible to hang all the troubles and unhappiness of the world, which is very close to reality.

When I decided to test the true principles of a healthy lifestyle in COVID and in the winter I publicly went in shirt, voluntarily putting myself at mortal risk, I had experience and competence in the Truth and I exactly knew  (I did need to believe in the result, but I did not doubt the principles and methods, because I had Measurer) that I was defending the verified before me established principles from Above, the wisdom of  ancestors and my professional honor as a doctor and a man. What exactly you are defending? The incompetent blah blah of your politicians? Where is their proven yardstick/measure? Let them show it publicly. Is there someone (relatives, children) who will impute your death to you for such “values” and “prospects” as common sense and necessity? Yes, “sobbing” politicians will give you a posthumous order “For the sake of blah blah”, will this console your loved ones? How do you think that I, as an effective fighter for Truth and healthy lifestyle, have the right to question the goals and purpose of the orders of your blah blah politicians or not? If not, let them publicly refute their blah blah with specific (1st, 2nd...) answers in order of priority for each question. But you must understand that after such deaths from COVID, in any case, their answers fall into the category of “unverified blah blah”, no matter how abstruse they may look now. And it takes years, or even decades, to check. And a logical question arises (+below): what is the specific "value of the democracies" that these politicians have been sowing around the world, including Ukraine, if it does not provide any public health benefits? If they provide them and everyone agrees, then this is “enemy propaganda”. And if there are no answers at all, show/give them a link to the diagnosis of the Russian doctor: cunning ass (because they climb into what they are not competent in), fraud (because they receive a salary for competence, and not for blah blah with negative consequences), unintentional? murders and initial metabolic and immune genocide (all victims of COVID + subsequent victims due to the consequences due to the lack of a specific healthy lifestyle, inaction according to its (healthy lifestyle) definition for the COVID period, 2019-2023, no identified reasons for the fall in the immunity of the population with a logical increase in negative dynamics etc.). Is inaction/indifference and/or incompetence imputed as an excuse or an accusation? I emphasize, given their "competence" and cunning: the immune "recommendations" of the WHO do not relieve politicians from priority responsibility. And since your politicians, against the background of the growing mortality of their own population, have a relapse of anti-Russian scabies without specific reasons for the invasion, they do not have a specific justification for your possible deaths in Ukraine, so they do it like smart-ass "conquerors" - looking and supporting already more than a decade from the outside, how the Slavs kill each other, i.e. by else's hands. And the more the better. But your politicians do not know that soon they (Slavs + Muslims) will push your politicians against your citizens inside your own countries, and you (the military) will rake it up. So let's see how their political blah blah will keep it. Internal pressure is already growing (there is a logical chain that has been verified by History). In fact, today's politicians keep you (military) to wipe their political shit after their "competent" external assistance and/or participation, for which they maintain/finance/lobby the military-industrial complexes. Only this “wiping” and their business costs many lives + irreversible negative consequences. Here's the hard truth.

I am not going to justify / judge local / foreign politicians. I agree, there are a lot of problems. But no blah blah (everything that is unverified is blah blah) is worthy of victims, especially those like in Ukraine. Let your politicians publicly confirm to the whole world specifically (1st, 2nd ...), in order of priority, what specific values ​​and according to what specific criteria (1st, 2nd ...) they were going to implement in Ukraine (yes, anywhere), how exactly this is confirmed, so that everyone understands this and sees the “necessity” of the conflict. Is very surprising the “democratic competence” of modern pressing world politicians, in the context of high mortality from COVID of their own population, whose principles and methods ultimately have a global negative result, and apart from their good intentions, no one publicly heard their “specific” principles and methods and did not see evidence (except negative). Past results are the results of past politicians. So what is the name of "democracy", in which everyone is  imposed blah blah? After COVID, your "HLS" is ... only ..S. Even if your politicians have concrete answers (without them it’s blah blah sharing), then due to the fact that they still require verification, I, the Russian doctor alone with God, only this one appeal send to knockout confidence (the need for any invasion and trust/support of your politicians) and the reality of hopes (in the happiness, health and healing of your loved ones) of the entire NATO army (all without exception, officers, soldiers and their relatives, and other military with such  politicians). (For those who are funny: if you don’t make it in time for the next wave/new pandemic, then from the “HLS” of your loved ones may not stay even ..S, i.e. there will be an empty place. Then you will be funny?) I have a Guarantor and proofs that your politicians and physicians will not be able to reanimate them (confidence and hope)  in the coming decades, or even centuries.

Neither my crucifixion, nor the destruction of all Russians, Muslims, and other external "enemies" will not only save you from an internal cause (the incompetence of your politicians), but destabilize the internal social order and the security of the population. No sanctions, invasions, armaments, including nuclear weapons, etc., are capable of replacing blah blah with proven specifics, because specific reliability criteria are verified on oneself by the load of oneself, and not by the pressure of others. What specific criteria and principles will the destruction of Russians, Muslims, etc. add to your “healthy lifestyle”? None! It will only increase the pride of your politicians for increase the power of blah blah sharing/negativity. How have democracies, military medics and nuclear weapons helped you in COVID? Why did Russian military medics help Italy during the COVID pandemic, and not NATO  medics? And considering that the WHO and your “health-care” not only did not eliminate any causes of the fall of immunity, but did not even identify them, I give you a guarantee that this is only the beginning of global metabolic and immune problems and “history will repeat itself soon”, i.e. . locals will die, and politicians will look for an external “axis of evil” (close options 2: either Russians or Muslims), and after they screw up, they will send you (the military) to pacify the anger of the rebellious their blah blah. Everything is standard and tested for centuries. For me, as a doctor, you and your loved ones, with such a “specific” healthy lifestyle of your politicians, are already suicide bombers (even if you destroy everyone, you yourself will not last long). COVID has already proven that the likelihood that while you serve, the likelihood that your loved ones will die in the rear in full prosperity and they will not really get any help is very high. So where is the reason: in the rear or at the "enemies"? That's all the proof. Your politicians and medicals have been fussing, perverting and screwing up with negative results for so long that they have not noticed that the confidence and hopes of their societies and military are not really protected by anything in particular. Is this "protection" imputed to competence? And since your politicians do not have any specific criteria/measures, the only indisputable test evidence will be the negative consequences (both external and internal) of their intervention, under which they will come up with various justifications-explanations for "news", which and so understandable  with such "competence".

Now, until your politicians translate their blah blah into concrete answers and criteria, and test them personally for themselves, they themselves will live in fear of a public/military overthrow or coup. They deserve it. And the nuclear weapons that politicians themselves will order on their own heads will be an excellent additional tool/argument for "persuading". Yes, it won't be fast. But you have no guarantee that this will not happen. And when it happens, it will be a universal proof of their great political "wisdom". As for the Slavs, and Russians in particular, they at least have hope (a concrete justified and reconfirmed by the 2nd load healthy lifestyle ), and therefore prospects. What do you have? Blah blah politicians, international organizations and "underpants" as a defense? Do you consider this a prospect for the security of the country and your loved ones? If so, now find a doctor/priest who will impute this to you as common sense. For the sake of what values specifically (1st, 2nd ...) you may have to die?


And if at least one victim appears in the NATO army and later the soldiers and / or their relatives realize that the victim was for the sake of cunning blah blah/manipulations, then you politicians will turn yourself and your loved ones into living targets of revenge (as in Ukraine). Do you have a guarantee that this will not happen?


The military nuclear stability and adequacy of the USSR and later Russia has been confirmed for decades: not a single case of nuclear use and / or testing outside the USSR (unlike NATO countries). Nuclear adequacy was confirmed by the withdrawal of nuclear missiles from the borders of Europe during the negotiations of past politicians. But modern politicians have another relapse of anti-Russian scabies, and now, in the context of high mortality from COVID of their own population, its consequences, the absence of a specific healthy lifestyle, geophysical and energy risks, they are wasting resources, falling on the “old rake” and destroying past peaceful achievements. Very “wise”, and most importantly “promising”. Your politicians are itching to see "what will happen"? Do they want to experiment? Advise them to put their penis in the reactor/collider and let them see what happens, only on themselves. And then they will show us their “searchlight of the world” between their legs. There is an old proven wisdom "Don't scratch where it doesn't itch." But modern politicians-leaders are the "most" smart. Now we will check this: given their scale, let them publicly scratch for all world with specific ones answers and remove the quotes. The longer they ignore the search and verification of answers, the more they will increase the people, military, time and Truth against themselves.


Yes, I admit that before COVID, Europe lived better than others on what past politicians achieved, which were of a very different quality. But with other politicians, Europe has known very different periods. What are the real opportunities for your modern politicians, scientists, medics, international organizations to correct new geophysical and immune circumstances? Practically - no: blah blah. Without specifics: even further from safety, more unjustified risks and, accordingly, more negative consequences. As long as politicians do not have a specific proven healthy lifestyle and specific answers and criterias, all their fuss is negative international blah blah sharing, which in the future will not only be stopped listening, but will be sent far away and eventually buried. If you want to die for what will be buried anyway, it's up to you, but now it will be very difficult for you and your loved ones to find excuses.


+ I want you (the military) to read  the explanation “SCIENCE or TRUTH?” later, when I do/translate. There will be will experimentally and visually explain one important territorial moment that can cost you and your loved ones the life (especially since this is actually happening/repeating now).

And in conclusion, I want to ask politicians, in what variant does a person with Truth lose and in what variant does a person with blah-blah (let even with good intentions) win? I hope it is clear from the text that I have nothing personal against the NATO military as subordinates. It is about the competence of those to whom the military entrusted their trust and lives, to whom they left their loved ones and their "responsibility" for the victims, "help" and consequences.

Surprisingly, the second public appeal I again began  on Sunday and it started to rain again.


Usually, if there is a printed space, I add something about myself or specific cases. But now is the case when you need to leave an empty space for politicians "teachers of the world" so that those who print it out can look at an important question for them and write down the answer right here, and later show it to others. And do not forget to take their autograph at the end - after all, this “specifics" can make you rich. And you must admit, if it's not a knockout, specific! answers to questions and criterias should follow very quickly. The world that these politicians have been teaching for so long has now clicked on the Russian Orthodox "stopwatch". Tick-tock.


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.