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Slavonic clarification. The name "Vladimir" in Russian means "authority and peace". I think further comments are unnecessary.

Public facts for the task. The name of the Russian President is Vladimir. The name of the Ukrainian president is Volodymyr (for my task, this coincidence alone is already enough). Russian Orthodoxy also begins with Prince Vladimir, whose name is the corresponding city in Russia (by the way, the last time I was in his main church, a woman from my real city volunteered to become a guide, we were all so surprised at this coincidence). For those who do not know Russian history, I will briefly say that Russian Orthodoxy and State administration originates from Kyiv (the original name is Kievan Rus). One Vladimir defends the foundations of the faith of his ancestors (yes, I agree, you can accuse him of modern political territorial annexation and so on, but from the point of view of the faith and borders of his ancestors, he defends the faith in the territory of his ancestors). Another Vladimir, like his predecessors, preferr the principles of another faith (he has neither belief/trust nor a course towards the Orthodoxy of his ancestors, subconsciously we go to those whom we belief, turning away from those whom we do not belief/trust, as a result we see front or back, yes or no) is his right to choose both as a person and as president. But the problem is that those who disagree with such a choice were put under pressure, and those who stubbornly, as infidels, were killed. The standard colonial model: the future happiness of some at the expense of violence against others and the extermination of the recalcitrant, nothing more. Show a couple of years of patience and show your achievements, those who disagree may have come themselves, but now we have what we have, which makes my task super relevant. It is also public indicated that one Vladimir does not have personal property abroad, another (Ukrainian) has a house in Italy (the country is the center of a different faith, the house is rented out to everyone except Russians) and in a country that showed catastrophic death rates due to COVID and asked for help in a pandemic to the Russian Vladimir (Russian military doctors). + there is a photo of an apartment in London (modern anti-Russian center). The emphasis is not on the Vladimirs as individuals, not on their real estate, but on the direction of their belief-trust/co-knowledge=consciousnes! Those who refuse the Truth in favor of money, fame, democracy, women, etc., the Truth also refuses them. (“Whoever is not with Me is against Me; and whoever does not gather with Me squanders.” Didn’t it come true? If there is a politician and / or their assembly, some kind of means that can oppose God, then illness and death will not take them, they “became equal”, but COVID showed the opposite - their “HLS” is ... not the true HLS  that should be taken as an example, disagree - let them confirm, but this will take at least decades).

Briefly about the UN. Formed in October 1945. in the USA (1.5 months after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the same USA), the main goal of which was peace and security! Thus was born the "axis of peace." See the rest on their website. Whether the UN will be able to remove the quotes and become a competent authority or remain a smart-ass organization in matters of peace (I do not diminish their other merits in the least) depends on their real competence, i.e. from the answer that they will provide to the simple task of the Russian doctor, which, judging by modern results, they have been “successfully” solving since 1945. I would also like to include here the Nobel Foundation, which also signed up for the distribution of peace prizes, including those for the UN.

Actually the task. And so, in fact, we have two Vladimirs (“authority and peace”) in conflict and two organizations (the UN and the Nobel Foundation) that publicly declare that they are competent in matters of peace. Therefore, it remains publicly and specifically (1st, 2nd ...) in order of priority to name justified! and understandable to all the criteria of the peace, according to which the whole world will understand which of the Vladimirs (or both) is doing wrong, why and how he / they should act. Despite the fact that the actions of these organizations indicate their incompetence in these matters, I give them a public chance to justify themselves and make me look like an upstart fool. I will be glad if this becomes the price of peace.

Response check option. The ruling Catholics' hatred of Orthodoxy has lasted for centuries. The second (First was against Muslims) Crusade (European-Catholic) campaign against Orthodoxy was in 1238 and then regularly under various pretexts. Now the crusades of politicians (not ordinary people) are more often economical (sanctions). Therefore, I propose to substitute the answer, for example, in the Muslim version. If the solution is correct, the answer will converge both there and there, checked. So. In one Muslim country "R" a boy "Jigit" was born, and in a neighboring Muslim country "U" a boy was born and he was also named "Jigit". The boys grew up and became presidents of their countries, but the Jigit from country "U" had previously visited country "I", which he liked for its beauty and climate, and ended up buying a house there. (Despite the wonderful climate, people there for some reason lost the former strong immunity of their ancestors). As a result, the "Jigit" of the country "U" decided to turn (in Russian = go for faith: not for democracy, for women, for money, for vodka, but for faith) the way of life its citizens to the country "I" , and with those who disagree were promised to help the presidents/politicians of the countries "E" and "U" with large nuclear heads. As a result, division and war began between the previously peaceful peoples. I hope everything is simple and according to the facts. It remains for the UN organizations and / or the Nobel Foundation to substitute their answers/criteria into this task and find at least one Muslim who agrees with the true of their decision. That's all. Good luck.

Consequences of the absence of specific criteria/answers/task solution.Your can ignore the solution to this task as much as you want, which clearly indicates the absence of specific criteria. And the absence of specific criteria is called blah blah (even with good intentions), i.e. your real competence in peace is not much more than the sellers on the market, only the props are more expensive. And funding blah blah instead of competence is a fraud. And the longer you delay with an answer, the stronger the worthlessness and cunning-ass of such “authority” will grow. I am putting time and Truth against your. Soon, not only any sane politician, but even a schoolboy will be able to print out this problem and ask you for the answer. And if they don't get specific answer, then you will not only not help to establish peace, but will interfere with your good, but empty / untrue  intentions to eliminate your growing negative consequences. In order to build something, correct, criticize, restore and correct the consequences, a unified public measure is needed. How can you give advice, awards, vote for and against, criticize and correct other lifestyles and actions, predict the results of the introduction of peacekeeping? forces, control the dynamics and generally build something on the planet, not knowing exactly what? Should all impute this to your competence or to some other quality? Your (UN website) news  testifies against you: here I am reading while translating: "Today, the number of refugees around the world has reached a record high level." Such dynamics  since 1945 in favor of competence in the problems of the peace or against? Moreover, while doing the translation, I learned that today, June 20, is a "holiday" - World Refugee Day. This task and its translation in such a “holiday” is a chaos or God’s sign (if I didn’t personally read it and double-check it, I wouldn’t believe it) + this task came to my mind on Sunday while reading the Gospel so that I myself was amazed at its simplicity + When printing this text, it rained for the first time in the last 44 days (there are many lakes around). Compare with what I wrote myself below: it is also relevant, but here - only my desire to find an answer, hands, eyes, collection of facts and work (but according to modern laws, whoever signed is the "author" :-)

I hope that during my lifetime I will see concrete results/answers/decisions and at least peaceful dynamics.



There was space left and I decided to add. I am not going to reason about the reasons for the choice and actions of either one or the second Vladimir, or any real participants in the conflict, because, firstly, no one put me to judge them, and secondly, I do not know many circumstances. I am against incompetence in general and especially veiled political and professional incompetence (especially in health-care), leading to long-term large-scale negative consequences and victims. I have nothing against ordinary people, including Ukrainians, moreover, before all these “democratic” transformations, we went there on vacation and to visit. I recently sold an old microbus (not in demand, a lot with delivery, and in the district I’m more on a bike) to a Ukrainian refugee (instead of a passport, a brand new resident card, questions in such circumstances, youself understand, are unnecessary). What surprised me was that he was going to buy a microbus only after looking at the photo and talking with me (I sold 2 cars in his life - both for a long time and both were ready to buy without inspection, while I was typing remembered), it was I who persuaded him to look at the car before reissuing. And this despite the fact that the proposals of the sea. He arrived with his son, a bit late, looked, and began to bargain jokingly. I told him, look, so you don't have to pay extra. I gave them tea from the road and we went to take shape. We arrived, queues, I see he nervous. I offer to spend the night, refuses, says it is very necessary to be at home. Our turn came, we handed over the executed and signed documents and the computers "hung", i.e. according to the documents, the transaction is actually executed, there is no only reconciliation on the computer. And he is a visitor + with his son, no acquaintances + I see he is afraid to give money. As a result, he decided to leave my son to me, and he himself with the money (I did not insist) return home.Then I jokingly remembered about his discount and said, “You see, a little patience and I’m already in +”. We returned with his son, I showed him the city, fed him, put him to bed, and he smiled at me before going to bed and asked: “Now you have no money, no car - everything is framed.” I replied that the meaning of life is not for the sake of money, you will still die naked and take nothing from things. The answer seriously puzzled him and he quickly fell asleep, and I lost the situation, if it was a scam. And I realized that most of all I would be upset that I professionally, as a doctor, was mistaken in a person. The deal was closed for tomorrow, no complaints yet. Question: would you leave your son to an “enemy” with whom you have known no more than 2 hours? Yes or no. And Ukrainian Vladimir, judging by public facts, would not give me spend the night even with payment. And as long as he considers all Russians to be evil and the cause of all his problems in such a job title (that is, he is “Holy” and he has not made any mistakes), peace is not even foreseen. This is a classic of any faith and any monk any faith will confirm this. I hope there will be a person who is able to change principles and the untrue  categoricalness of his consciousness: Universe, Sun, Light, Earth, Moon, DNA, blood, metabolism, etc. everyone rotates and/or changes in according to circumstances, and when they stop / catch the wedge - comes a death. “Look at the action of God: for who can straighten that (including a person, here I am a profi) that He made crooked?” (Eccl. 7:13) The source of all human problems, of any scale, begins in incompetence in Truth.



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.



 (The task from words the military man. Actual - no solution. For the first time - 02/16/2023 on 1 page)


The military man tells (before smartphones), and I just ask a public question. As a result of a certain military operation, one group of military men came to the aid of their ambushed group. When they arrived, there were no survivors on the spot and they began to take tokens/documents from their own people. He drew attention to the fact that all of his had photographs of loved ones/relatives. Then they went to check the documents of the enemy. When he saw analogic photos in enemy, he became interested, and he decided to clarify for all opponents. The situation repeated itself: everyone also had photos of loved ones/relatives.

A logical question arises for the presenters (judges and politicians): how did it happen that loving normal (not perverts and not terrorists) strong young guys on both sides die under your leadership with excess land and resources on both sides? So exist or there are not specific proven True criteria of Peace, according to which any sane person can predict the consequences decisions / actions lead to or significantly increase the risk of war? Will we look for the True criteria, or will we just stupidly self-destruct each other already in catastrophically dangerous conditions in any direction, distributing prizes, awards, and encouragement on the basis of the principle “we like these more”?  Is there no Peace because the True criteria are really not needed, and therefore not important? How do you think those who claim to be competent leaders in the world are obliged to name them concretely and public?

What do you think, judges and politicians, is this task worthy of a single fundamental planetary decision or is it not relevant yet and it is not yet time? Explain to us slave population concretely  criteria for that “Bright Future” into which you, sometimes forcibly, lead us? What is specific the “compass” of your path, and how can we be sure that you have not lost your way, because the facts of premature death even of the civilian population in warmth and prosperity testify against you? I am not trying to take the leadership of the authorities, but I suggest that people / voters ask and find out the competence of the conductors, and later compare and find out the specific subject / moment of the dispute, if there will something to compare. If you will have the proven True criteria, no person can even challenge them. Them is easy to change, pervert when they are not there, but when they become concrete and public, even children will notice it.

Don't decide - get ready for the immune-metabolic self-destruction of yourself, your loved ones and entrusted population. (Only COVID, without consequences and other diseases, took almost 7 million lives as of the date of writing). No options: what methods not to decide - the answer is one. You (judges and politicians) create and support (indifference = support) yourself and people such “healthy lifestyles” that you sometimes have risks that exceed ordinary people. You yourself have deprived yourself of the hopes that rulers like you before you had. COVID proved this, and much faster and more revealing than the stretched dynamics of metabolic and oncological disorders. Do you hope for the invention of vaccines against oncology and diseases acquired by you, for healing?

The oncology vaccine is a biochemical nonsense, suitable only for the divorce of financiers and sponsors, even medical students understand this. It's like funding a vaccine against a cracked shaft, low power, compression, de-pressia, etc. Acquired oncology, as well as metabolic disorders, as well as damage to a high-quality engine (100 years! and more), is a consequence of untrue  operation as a result of untrue  actions of the true healthy lifestyle. Oncology (a perversion of metabolism and cell division), like any damage to complex systems, is a syndrome, with a huge number of options for the causes of damage. That's all the proof + comparisons. Now think about it: a vaccine against the untrue operations of a “non-existent instruction” (HLS). Modern judges and politicians have comfortably settled: “We entrusted the development and testing of the “vaccine” to physicians “until the end of the century” and finance their work. All claims are against them. For thems - a “vaccine”, and for us - a “steering wheel to a brighter future”. Even if so, we still returned to the questions above. As for the issues of financing and the costs incurred: if there is a demand for the purchase of something, I don’t know what, then will be an offer, classic of business. Only unanswered question remains: so, where is the concrete health and healthy lifestyle? If you open me a loan of 10 billion at 120% per annum with the beginning of repayment in 100 years, then the efficiency of the invested funds will be an order of magnitude higher, because if, after reading this, at least one person, and even more so the head of the family, changes his mind during his lifetime, it is already higher. In general, after so many years of COVID, I wondered if there was at least one judge and/or ruler on the planet who would  thought about it that at billions of spent on health-care, he does not have “instruction” (healthy lifestyle of his country).

If there were truly competent communities in these issues in democratic countries claiming world leadership, then they would have been knocking to journalists and national security services for a long time, and their healthy lifestyle would be a really valuable achievement, having passed the control at COVID. But - he could not stand it: more democratic, but not more reliable. And if politicians begin to come to the government of countries that can add up decisions, costs and consequences, and later include algorithms for analyzing the consequences of decisions on public health in national security agencies, then many helmsmen can be accused of unintentional genocide, because victims after many of their decisions or inaction an order of magnitude more than after the terrorist attacks and military conflicts. Maybe get ahead of things? Many would envy such a chance.

Now, judges and politicians, answer the question for yourself: “Are you worthy of healing, true death, and confidency for your children?” If you do not have a specific person who can give a guarantee and / or correct the consequences of your decisions, I advise, at least for the sake of some justification, try to decide - you voluntarily signed up. Really, proven hopes you have not. It is in parliaments, congresses and collegiums that your are a collective force of persuasiveness, and before death and even bacilli - your are an ordinary loner - any virus, doctor and priest knows this.

I am ready to publish impartially, without compensation, a solution to this problem that has been substantiated over the centuries in the name of the sender. Send.


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.