(first published - 31.10.2023, on 7 pages + addition on 5 pages from 16.11.2023, total - 12 pages)


I’ll start by answering the question: “Why does a doctor need to deal with democracies and/or politics?” Any lifestyle is determined by: specific targets, values, principles/laws, criteria for their achievement, taking into account specific conditions and circumstances. Taking into account the fact that people concentrate in cities and megalopolises, in order to maintain order, modern politicians directly and/or indirectly actually determine up to 98% of their “healthy lifestyle”. I do not deny that more often than not citizens are left to choose a path and/or option, but the problem is that each of them is strictly regulated by political and/or administrative laws/rules. A lifestyle can be called healthy only when it is specified and verified (by specific criteria) to bring and/or maintain health according to some specific criteria. Agree, we can talk about a True Healthy Lifestyle/HLS and its adjustments/“rationalizations” only if there are initially specifics in Truth and health. If there are no specifics in the Truth, then any changes are initially godless perversions of the Truth (in peace, health, immunity, etc.), even with good intentions. If you are a real healthcare professional and want to return/adjust a certain lifestyle towards a HLS, you need direction, but to get it you need 2 points: the starting point and the promising/True one. To get the starting one, you simply must to find out the starting specifics, their achievements and their dynamics, taking into account the possibilities (circumstances and conditions). In order to lead a person from the starting point to a promising one, you, as a healthcare professional, need: desire + efforts of a follower + resultative specific criteria that you have personally verified on yourself + tools + experience + analytics for adjustments taking into account circumstances and conditions. And since the explanation is public, taking into account the global scope of the Internet, here I do a MODERN ANALYSIS OF THE “SPECIFICS” and “ACHIEVEMENTS” OF THE STARTING POINT OF THE MOST “PROGRESSIVE” LEADING DEMOCRACIES IN THE WORLD BY FACT and THEORETICALLY EXTEND/PREDICT THEIR CURRENT DIRECTION INTO “PERSPECTIVES” ACCORDING TO CURRENT DYNAMICS. As for those “healers” (priests, politicians, “health care-erists” “scientists” and pharmacologists) who promise to correct 98% with help 2% without eliminating the causes, then these are questions for them and the judges. So far no one has put me to judge them.

A little about the circumstances of this explanation. It appeared on Sunday 10/22/2023 after reading the Gospel of Matthew (I prefer John and Luke).  I while have been correcting and translating “VERIFICATION OF WORLD MANAGEMENT”. Despite the fact that I have already reached very large-scale and/or conclusions that have not been publicly substantiated by anyone, the following struck me with their magnitude. I wrote everything down briefly, then tried to solve a couple of chess problems. And the thought came to me: “The Truth puts the world in check” From such conclusions, I decided to ride my bike to the garden 10 km away and plant trees. It was +5C outside and light rain was falling. I got dressed, left, but forgot my smartphone for taking photos. I returned, quickly took it, and as soon as I left, it started to rain so heavily that I put on a raincoat and couldn’t decide whether to go or not. I decided this: if the rain stops or becomes light along the way, I will replant, if not, I will return. I drove 7-8 km, the rain subsided a little, but as soon as I was about to turn into the garden, it began to rain so heavily and it got so dark that I said that I “humbly” obey and turned home. On the way back, the rain did not subside and the water began to flow throug clothes  into rubber boots. Returned, drank some tea and began typing.

In general, this explanation is a logical continuation of my “Proof of the perspectiveless of the number of participants in godless meetings and deliberations”, but then, for some reason, I didn’t “drive further”. Therefore, now I consistently connect them: proof, conclusions, facts, dynamics and  prognosis.


Proof of the perspectiveless of the number of participants in godless meetings and deliberations

(For the first time publicly - 09/21/2023 on 1 pages, on the Orthodox Nativity of the Virgin Mary)


From the perspective of society: democracy is the choice of the people. Parliament and/or Congress are the representatives that legislate this choice for judges and the executive branch (3 pines).

From the position of Truth, all people are divided into co-rotation/true and from-rotation/from true, i.e. revolving around Truth/God or outside of Him. Considering that humanity remains mortal and cannot change anything in the fundamental forces of God (people in them still do not even understand much, not only in terms of mechanisms, but in the general principal concept), the quality as a result of which people decide to become perverts automatically assumes the status the diagnosis is pride (in Russian: I = mountain + axis) and all people of age, and especially believers, will agree with this. Humanity cannot rationalize anything in the Universe, starting with its own immunity, and I, in a separate explanation, outlined the general principles of the proof that “no one” knows yet. Although the proof is banal and obvious: the more rationalization, the more perversions of the immune system. Do not agree? Show a long-term proven universal remedy and (not or) positive dynamics in reducing (not treating!) immune (allergic, infectious, autoimmune and oncological) disorders. Show!  True/God’s qualities give Life (“+”), godless qualities give illnesses, sorrows, sadnesses and premature deaths (“-”). Well-known school mathematics and physics teach that no matter how much you add negative numbers (the power of the godlessmen), the sign remains “ -", i.e. no godless democratic number of participants of meetings/parlament/congress/assembly/conference is initially capable of changing the sign to the True /“+”. One person with Truth (“+”) is always greater than any godless democratic assembly. I emphasize for democrats: authoritarianism does not exclude Truth; perversions, as you can see, are excluded by non democratic criteria! But the pride (stubbornness and self-confidence) of the godlessmen  does not allow them to understand this, and as a result, negative dynamics grow. Therefore, when COVID came and the WHO, and the rest of the "health care-erists" forced me to wear “underpants” as “hope” (justification in “HLS-ANTI-COVID”) , their opinions, forced “recommendations” to me, as well as others like them (UN, NATO, European Parliament and US Congress, Nobel fund, etc.) in matters of peace, happiness and health/HLS, immunity, I didn’t need on “ without underpants”, because it’s full of nonsense and/or cutting-ass blah-blah, which I publicly accused them of earlier. I have repeatedly pointed out to them the example under their feet: “Even if they gather in a heap as large as the sand of the planet, in diamonds, on their own/without God, they will not turn into!” (Sand pressure at high temperatures is still the use of the fundamental power and method of God/plagiarism of the power and method, not yours! And only your pride does not allow you to understand this in essence). What is complex, incomprehensible and/or controversial here?

Multiplying “-” by “-” giving “+” is “-” man x “-” woman = child “+”. It happens. The fact that parliamentarians and congressmen are trying to do this from the other side, as we see from the growing negative dynamics, evidencely does not give thems countries  “+” and children from that (ungodly) passage do not appear to them. And until they refute this, perversions will remain perversions. A serious problem is that they (modern Euro-American politicians) are trying to spread this perversions throughout the world as part of their blah blah sharing.

There are many necessary conclusions from this evidence, but I will give only one general one: without the True Answers, you will never be able to fully calculate all the risks and consequences on any scale (state/national, family and personal), even if they were well intentioned,  and make the true adjustments in constantly changing circumstances. This is the advantage of faith and Truth. I have dedicated separate explanations to this.

To put it as simply as possible, modern parliamentarians, congressmen, deputies are lost in the “3 pines”: legislative, executive and judicial - they walk between them in search of the Truth, but It is not there. Of course, She is not  between the “3 pines”, because they got rid of Her for so long in order to establish perversions.



There is a well-known phrase that is often used in disputes and/or heated meetings: “Truth is born in disputes”. And although I have long understood that this is nonsense, this is the first time I have presented substantiated public evidence with logical consequences.

Completeness of Truth on Earth. The Lord says: “For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John” Matthew 11:13 Those. The Lord indicates this statement,  that on Earth there is the complete set of Truth already more than 2000 years ago. How do you think 2000 years is enough time to search for what surrounds you every day and/or is under your feet? Is there a person capable of showing such patience

Since the total majority of godlessmen prefer to solve problems through ... from the opposite, then, for proof, I will present the “results” of disputes and/or meetings/deliberations of the world's leading organizations and leaders, which can be checked by any person on the planet, asking for their specific answers.  And so:

- UN78 years of meetings and deliberations - specific criteria for peace - not;

- WHO - 75 years of meetings and deliberations - specific criteria for health and the presence of a specific healthy lifestyle/HLSnot;

 - all parliaments and democracies of the world - centuries of meetings and deliberations - laws of happiness and health - not in any country in the world;

- all physics universities and colliders of the world - centuries of meetings and deliberations - mechanisms of gravitynot;

- all pharmacological universities and laboratories of the worldcenturies of meetings and deliberations - universal remedy for increasing immunity - not (i.e. there is no remedy even from snot, it is not even appropriate to mention about oncology and COVID);

- all chemical universities and laboratories of the world - centuries meetings and deliberations - to combine CO2 and H2O (carbon dioxide and water), what every blade of grass on Earth can do to have sustainable, recyclable fuel - they cannot;                 -  etc. etc

Total: all many years of parliamentary, legal, scientific and medical

meetings and deliberations prove:




Do not agree? Show! Publicly, according to specific, rationale and verified criteria for 2000 years. Otherwise, soon your will really ruin the entire planet with your “civilized scientific” blah blah and experiments, because judging by the geodynamics of 2023, your have already in fact created a catastrophic crisis period.


If the True criteria of peace, happiness, health/HLS, immunity, etc.  you don’t have one, then what have you been doing at these meetings and  deliberation for so many decades and centuries? “Rationalization” of what you don’t know, i.e. deliberate perversions? And if there are True criteria, why do you start looking for them in the meetings of godlessmen, and not in the Truth? Would the world imput this in your “wisdom” and/or “faith” ? Does this explain the negative consequences and dynamics?


Explain to everyone specifically: where are your (guiding leaders and organizations of the world) leading us/the world and by what specific criteria/indicators can we understand that you are leading us truely?

And if in the first concepts your have a philosophical chance to get out, then in the next ones - no.  Is there gravity? Is there  true exchange of substances, strong immunity, health/HLS? Is the photosynthesis exists? That's enough for a start. Why do your need distant planets, foreign territories, if your are dullness (expressed degree of pride: self-confidence + stubbobluntrnness) in what is under your nose every day on your own territory? More than 70 years of international “scientific-progressive” deliberative blah-blah on all vital strategic values!  And a strategically important global question arises: How much Truth is there in modern education and what do you teach children/new generations? To your perverted “rationalizations” of Truth, in the conditions of the “absence” of Truth?

God willing, I will smear in detail all your legal and scientific hopes (with “medical and scientific healthy lifestyle” I finished first, political ones in the process) so that even a schoolchild will understand your “prospects” (if super briefly: then all useful discoveries are plagiarism of the Truth, only your have wanting to treat your teeth “scientifically” through... the opposite), but for now this general fundamentally “resultative” proof with the questions posed will be quite enough to make the right strategic global decision. A dispute with modern leaders makes no sense (it will turn into blah-blah), because I have the longest and personally verified modern chain of True rationales in the world, but they have none one (fragments are not a chain, so in the growing geo-instability and disease they really have nothing to hold their democracies together). A dispute in the True HLS is a defense of differing specifics of one variant (in this case, Christian); there is no alternative specificity (blah blah) and analysis - there is no dispute and their silence on the questions I raised publicly will be aggravating proof of this (in the context of increasing negative dynamics). SHOW THE WORLD YOUR SPECIFIC PRINCIPAL COURSE, COMPASS/CRITERIA and CURRENT CAUSAL ANALYSIS OF NEGATIVE DYNAMICS FROM THE GUIDING DEMOCRATIC LEADERS and ORGANIZATIONS OF THE WORLD! Mine are before you: TRUTH and Its criteria, tested by the ancestors/elders of the world (mainly European!) With your almost 80 years of “concreteness”, which led to global negative consequences and silence in the growing negative dynamics, you yourself exclude your collegial competence.

In this explanation, I will not touch on the effectiveness of the costs and efforts already incurred for these meetings, deliberations and organizations, accusations and responsibility for victims, negative consequences, but given that the world, judging by the dynamics of “geostability” and “health”, is on the verge of the beginning End of the World, I want to ask logical questions to the inhabitants of planet Earth to think about: “so what is the “competence” of these leading leaders/politicians, "judges", “scientists” and "health care-erists" in the Truth, if after so many years of meetings and deliberations they not only have not come closer to the Truth, and with their “rationalizations” they brought the world to the beginning of the End of the World?” “Who will be to blame and bear responsibility for the negative consequences? Russians?" What exactly are the leading democratic politicians and organizations of the world trying to impose on the world?"What to do with modern “rationalizations”, and what is the future need and prospects for such “rationalizations”?

It is possible that if instead of scratching their tongues at meetings and  deliberations, their participants scratched some other parts of their bodies at home, the world would be much more stable. And in order to find out this specifically, it’s time to do a “PUBLIC GLOBAL VERIFICATION” (will be described separately).

Nobody in the world knows these answers? By what qualities of yours do you believe that if you/all meeting/deliberations  participants do not see and/or cannot solve a problem, then no one in the world can solve it (i.e. if your don’t see and/or you lack intelligence, then there is no one more sighted and smarter/wiser in the world!, especially a Russian)? Who elevated your and told you that you are the “most competent” person in the world in the Truth”? Are your on your own? If your really reached out to the Truth in your meetings, your would know the principles of the Truth: “for whoever exalts himself will be humbled” Matthew 23:12. And I want you to understand that it is not the Russian doctor with God who humiliates you, but your “fruits”/“results” of your “competence” and “constructive concreteness”. Was it God, the Russians, the Muslims who deprived someone for so many decades, centuries at meetings/deliberations of making and realizing the truely decisions?


Truth belongs exclusively to God and those who serve him!


The Lord says: Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you; For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Matthew 7:7_8 Have you (especially leading Euro-American politicians, lawyers, scientists and doctors) asked, sought, knocked on God/Truth? Who should you blame for your global negativity with increasing negative dynamics? The God, Russians, Muslims? This is a fairytale? Are gravity, immunity, photosynthesis, healthy lifestyle also a fairy tale? Personally, I know a person who is walking along the road and alone knows more than all of you “scientists” put together with all your computer-quantum capabilities and powers, and can prove it with finger on sand. The problem is that it is a "poisonous" fruit from a "poisonous" tree from a "poisonous" land (explained in "VERIFICATION"). But I think, having read this, even without verification it is clear to everyone who is really “rationalizing” God’s fruits on the planet, turning them into poisonous ones. For those who still doubt, I will give True and simple proof: it is not healthy fruits and a True Healthy Lifestyle that increase mortality from COVID and metabolic diseases (including oncology), but poisonous or perverted ones. Only this  alone evidence is enough to accuse you all along the chain (from the judge to the farmer) of incompetence, fraud and genocide.





Here I will not mumble and convince, but will immediately going tough and concrete, because these “good” deliberative blah-blah, under the guise of military and sanctions, have led the planet into a continuous growing negative:

1. Everything, incl. leading, democracies in a modern format, together with modern international organizations (UN and WHO) are blah blah (lack of specific criteria for peace, happiness and health/HLS), and therefore are perspectiveless due to their evidence-confirmed and proven negative incompetence in those issues that they voluntarily obligated to “manage”. Because their “progressive” life-strategic directions have been demonstrably proven by COVID, like deadly-dangerous “HLS”, and are subject to either a total and thorough review for compliance with evidence-proven criteria, followed by restructuring, or complete destruction. And since there are no criteria, and the negative circumstances are pressing on their own consequences, then there are two options left: either turn to the Truth, or destruction. And the imposition  such “HLS” (blah blah sharing) on the world should be strictly suppressed, like the imposition of unverified perversions. The final review period I propose is six months (until May 2024). Afterwards, without constructive, evidence-confirmed and proven criteria and (without or) decisions, the progressive growth of negative dynamics will objectively continue.

2. For those democratic world guiding leaders who are not able to part with their blah blah sharing and “wise” meetings/deliberation, I propose to conduct a specific GLOBAL VERIFICATION and in case of their silence and/or inaction with the growth of negative dynamics according to the criteria set in “VERIFICATION”, I think it is necessary to globally recognize modern democratic parliamentary models of governance as negatively unpromising, without revision and the right to reverification.

So, based on the actual global growing negative dynamics (according to the objective global criteria I propose), I propose that today’s world democratic guiding leaders and organizations either confirm their competencies in six months, or leave with their democracies and "governances" in the trash of History, because is evidence that not only are there no real benefits from them, as vital strategic leaders of the planet, and moreover, in the future they bring deadly perversions to the world! Do not agree? CONFIRM ALL LIFE-STRATEGIC POSITIONS (PEACE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH/HLS) WITH SPECIFIC PROVEN-BASED CRITERIA IN ORDER OF PRIORITY! If you don't make it by the beginning of summer 2024. take constructive saving measures, then the world, at my suggestion, symbolically for your past methods, will send the props of your “competence” and “help” to the fire, as a progressively infectious and perverted heresy of godless democrats, bringing global negative consequences to the world. By your silence to my questions and/or changing blah blah from election to election and the growing negative dynamics of your leading management, your yourself confirm that your  and your democracies did not have and do not have either the Truth and constructive true solutions to problems/consequences to which your and your democracies led the world!

And now, in the absence of verified and confirmed specifics, any person in the world can rationale accuse your of this. Your (world guiding leaders and international organizations) have been scratching with your tongues for too long without providing the world with concrete, proven results, and if you have anyone to blame, it's yourselves. Moreover, due to your godlessness and disrespect for the wisdom of your ancestors (see “VERIFICATION”), you and your democracy are slipping on that Russian “chocolate” that you yourself have been squeezing out for so long and stubbornly. What your qualities made you want to squeeze hemorrhoids onto your head, and your kept scratching where it didn’t itch? Are the Russians to blame too? Do these “leadership” qualities imputed into wisdom and/or faith? You have become so star-struck at your international meetings and perversions of the Truth that you have long ago lost the fear of God and the norms of the Truth; you cannot distinguish Adam from Eve. God is not your decree and you don’t care about His norms? What do you mean by decree? Your blah blah? Then I ask the “higher/cosmic” critical (taking into account the negative planetary geophysical dynamics) defining question of any essentially godless democracy (for democracy is the choice/path of the people, not God):


What are the chances of finding the Truth/true answers and solutions to problems in the deliberative/collegial blah blah of the godlessmen elected by the people?


Such chosen ones, with their “concreteness”, blah blah qualities and “rationale/proven healthy lifestyle” are worthy of teaching the world Life/Truth?






During this period/year (autumn 2022-autumn 2023), I didn’t even notice that I outlined the elections of leaders, the principles of a healthy lifestyle and a lot of evidence and explanations so that the world could peacefully! switch to the new (or rather, very old) Creator model. In fact, the world is already facing a choice: 1- either it returns to the True model with True principles and norms, or 2- continues its course with modern democrats on “rationalized”/perverted principles and norms without Truth to the End of the World. And I suppose that God’s providence was to convince people of sad consequences of their own “rationalizations” and to show that no one in History could was invent a better model for managing society than He. How to carry out a quick and peaceful restructuring? Since modern world leaders and organizations consider themselves to be “wise” and “progressive,” I give them a chance to remove the quotation marks and be the first to present a reasonable, concrete option. Considering the anti-Russian circumstances, the growing negative dynamics and the “resultative speed” of the thoughts of the “wise men”, my proposal is this: if they send an officially written request for help from the European Parliament before their (Catholic Christmas, 12/25/2023), then as an “evil” Russian I will help for free ( at the moment I have nothing, because I am not going to study government systems that are useless to me), won't make it in time for any reason - there is a chance on Orthodox Christmas super discounts. If they lose down everything there too, whos should they be blamed, if a gross violation due to their fault requires large  stupid expenses? “Evil, stupid and godless” Russians? Fair? I hope this will speed up their motivation to save, if not the world, then at least their own asses (and high-quality, long-term motivation can only be done by a doctor with the Truth, even if as a politician I’m...nobody, but as a doctor, I’ve already done what I haven’t your “health care-erists” were able to do this, so from a position of competence, I with God have already won in any scenario in this life + perhaps a much more serious continuation after). And believe me, judging by the facts (there is evidence in History), the world, with a very high probability, will have longly to eat its own “chocolate” as a “rationalized” pharmacological remedy for the lack and/or perversion of common/true sense. The question remains: on what scale? If the guiding leaders and organizations of the world are not “cured” by small doses and they do not begin to look for specific causes, then they will reasonably quickly increase it for themselves and all the world. I think that many, especially women (due to a lack of power, God gave them increased sensitivity), according to “scientific” (the mechanism is not explained), intuitively, already understand this.

If the warning is ignored and/or missed deadlines in regular deliberations in search of “Truth”, I hope the leading democrats of the world will not blame the Russians, because it was the Russian  did for them  for that it they voluntarily accepted obligations before the world + I’m sure they was get quite a salary for so many years for blah blah. Is not it?


As for ordinary people/voters and the military, who are not invited to international meetings, they must understand that this, as led-people, does not directly concern them. But if you support such principles of finding the “true” solutions of your godless democratic leaders, then looking at such consequences, you must understand that indirectly, you have the consequences that you have. As you can see, their onset and growth is reasonably logical. And if you are not indifferent, you can copy it (until it is blocked), analyze it yourself, see the dynamics, and then, if you agree, present it as a ready-made claim and/or lawsuit. I do not deny that thanks to past politicians and scientists, Europe and the USA have achieved global economic, social and scientific advantage, but modern politicians, obsessed with either anti-Muslim or anti-Russian scabies, have managed not only to lose the accumulated past advantage in a couple of decades, but by imposing /pressure from their democratic “healthy lifestyle” (unfounded and untested blah blah), to initiate growing both internal and global negative consequences, while making the Russians absolutely to blame.

Now let’s see how the leading Euro-American leaders and organizations of the world will pass the “GLOBAL COMPETENCE VERIFICATION” without Russian outcasts, or rather, even just one Russian to begin with. At the same time, let’s verify my proof from Above and I want these leaders to clearly understand that the conditions and circumstances for conducting this experiment, the leading politicians and organizations of the world created for themselves by their “management” of world, and not God or me (yes, I’m experimenting, but on myself, to others I offer trued, rationaled and  reverified  by me minimum  double workload variants. Personally exact ones can only be made by a specific person). If they don’t pass, get ready to tell your children and grandchildren at birth: “Hello, you will soon see the beginning of the End of the World.” Now ask your grief-leaders, whom many of you support: “What are they/your leaders specifically (1st, 2nd...) rationale-confirmed (not blah blah) doing to prevent this from happening? and “listen for a specific answer.” Or are it Russians and Muslims, who are not involved in the helm of the world, who should clean up and be responsible for the global “hemorrhoids” of managing the world of Euro-American democratic leaders?


To put it briefly and “modestly” :-), then, I, a Russian doctor alone with God, with the help of blah-blah “competence” and “constructive concreteness” of the world’s leading democrats and  controlled by them international organizations, who have led the world in fact to all obvious negative consequences (if If there had been concreteness and stability on the day of this publication, this would have been impossible), evidence-based (confirmed by facts and proven by time)  send all the democracies of the world (including the leading Euro-American ones) in irrevocable/unnecessary trash of History (you, the guiding democratic leaders of the world, with your “competence” leave no options for the world: either preserve democracy in anticipation of the End of the World, or turn to the Truth, begin to correct perversions and gain hope for stabilization).  And everyone involved in such deliberative “rationalizations” will waste their lives, efforts and resources in vain: I also evidence-based send the total majority of your efforts and “achievements” into trash during your lifetime, from which the world will either get rid of for many years with numerous illnesses and victims, or will say “Hello End of the World”. And I hope that your godless “works” will serve as a lesson to future godless "rationalizers" of Truth. All countries, including Russia, that took the parliamentary-democratic path in the modern format were wrong! If you (the leading judges, politicians, leaders and organizations of the world) were attracted to the Truth, then the prophecy of the Lord would not come true on you: But many who are first will be last, and those who are last will be first. Mt 19:30 Whoever does not abide in Me will be cast out like a branch and wither; and such branches are collected and thrown into the fire, and they burn. John 15:6 With your negative consequences, silence, “specifics” and “measures taken”, you yourself initiate the destruction of your harmful democratic trash.


As brief evidences, I will repeat the most vitally strategic ones: 1- not a one court in the world has specific criteria of fairness; 2- not a one parliament in the world has a specific law of happiness and health; 3- not a one “health care” in the world has specific criteria for health and healthy lifestyle; 4- And COVID has proven and confirmed that the “healthy lifestyle” of the leading democracies (Europe and the USA) is the most dangerous in the world and the reasons for this, due to their “great competence in the Truth,” they do not know to this day. Etc. (see above). But the main problem is that there are no prospects: The godlessmen will never have the Truth, even if they all come together, as numerous as the sand of the planet, they will not become “diamonds”/God, and their perversions will not turn into the Truth. What's controversial here? And if the leaders of other countries follow the Euro-American “Healthy Lifestyle”, I ask them: “Are you going towards Life or towards death?”


No one punished you leading democrats of the world, your yourself was made your godless choices, which has corresponding godless consequences.


Considering how zealously the leading democrats of the world guard their “progressive” (from position a positive perspectives) democracies, or rather their status and powers, I advise the special services and intelligence agencies to postpone shooting me and think about the prospects for the national/federal security of their countries and their loved ones, because without me, it is possible that you will remain political pawns in national/federal  security for another 2000 years, who then clean up the consequences of the interventions of their own “wise and far-sighted” politicians. With me, with small adjustments, you have a chance to become concretely objective and independent (from blah blah politicians) the most necessary, but so far "nobody" unidentified platform/board for еру political blah blah community - a concretally board with specific cell boundaries and only 3 rules: 1- don’t go beyond the “cell”, 2- if you do, return to the boundaries of the "cell"; 3- disagree – on this board, your game is over (boards can be of different colors and sizes, different figures/politicians can walk on them with an innumerable number of combinations, but the cells on any board have specific boundaries and you can immediately see who has go over). Yes, you can object to me that all countries have laws and courts. Ok. If all these courts and laws are so good, then why did the world geophysical dynamics grow to a globally negative critical level, and the “healthy lifestyle” of the most “progressive” countries showed the most progressive mortality rate in COVID? Did given you specific reasons? Were looking for them? If yes: then where specifically and according to what specific criteria? If not: then why? Someone started thems specific elimination? If not, what are the projected dynamics of internal national security? Etc. And uncontrollable and/or negative dynamics of “security” are imputed in competence, foresight and prospects? Initially, the borders (of a country, a norm, a material) are determined by a certain specific target with specific values, for the implementation of which  use a specific principle with specific criteria, and the law only determines the order upon on this implementation.  But here almost all the leading politicians and organizations of the world have gone through... from opposite: we “rationalize” and impose on the world something we ourselves don’t know what. If you care about national/federal security dynamics and the prospects of your loved ones, then you will be interested in both “answers” and “concretenesses”. And when your will “hear” them, then a logical question should arise: “If your politicians and “health care-erists” not only do not have vital strategic specifics and criteria, but spend so much time pervert them, then on Whose principles and criteria does the Life of your country really hold and continue?The main reason for the start of modern international conflicts and the use of weapons is the lack of international verified specifics/concreteness (which also have reasons)! And most importantly, they (weapons) are absolutely incapable of solving the growing negative problems and making up for the lack of concreteness for a particular region and society. To die for what specific value? Win in the war that to die at home from an earthquake, fire, heat, flood? Show me a law and/or a weapon that can protect you and your loved ones from the listed consequences. Act like God: let them play their games and think that they are “in charge.” As you can see, without specific “cells”, boundaries of a HLS and specific markers, the planet is increasingly shaking, and international managers of the world are turning into a bunch of ambitious blah blah jerks who are unable to provide either a proven rationale  or  a constructive solution from  the perspective of national safety even their own country (their population is dying in tens/hundreds of thousands, but them whatever: the main thing is to teach the “life” of players on other people’s “boards”). To make it as easy as possible for you to make your choice, solve the taskWhat’s better for you: show your leading democrats God’s norms/cells, and keep them “as you wish” in their “far-sighted” parties, so that they do not pervert God’s norms/cell boundaries or hold in their arms their dead (from cataclysms and/or diseases ) relatives and/or friends as a result of their “competent management” and/or “health care”? Do they want to change the principles of happiness, health/HLS, immunity? First, let them rationaled it with evidence, and then personally verify it on themselves, but not on the entire population entrusted to them! A lot of things on the fence, monitor screen people draw, write and show. Let them check and feel it in person! This is not itThe negative dynamics are growing globally because, in reality, no other country in the world has such a “board” of national/federal security. And it cannot be ruled out that without one Russian, such an evidence proven  “board” may not exist for another 2000 years, unless, of course, “civilization” ruins the planet in the coming years. God willing, your will have something and from whos to scout.


So with Whom does begin True Healthy Lifestyle, peace, happiness, strong immunity, safety, the opportunity to have children, get well, change your life here and have hope after,  ... those. all the best for every person, country and planet?

History know someone mortal who offered better conditions? Show his complete interconnected life “concreteness” for all the listed positions, dynamics under increased loads, or how it all ended! If there are no alternatives, and “progress” is still very far from being able to cope even with the snot, then by what qualities does “civilization” initiate uncontrolled self-destruction, through the perversion of the only one proven variant? Facts, dynamics at the end of 2023 for quotes or against?             


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.




ADDITION ( from 16.11.2023 )


Each phrase of the Gospel is a super compressed archive that can be unpacked with true principles into very long scientifically proven chains in different ways, but always with the same answer. I believe that the complete unpacking of the Gospel in a chain = theoretical knowledge of the Truth and no person, on my own, can do this. In my opinion, Solomon succeeded the most in theoretical volumes, but the Lord directly and specifically indicates: “and behold, here (in My words) there is greater than in Solomon” Matthew 12:42/Luke 11:31. But due to unregulated by peoples circumstances, starting with the weather, there remain countless unpredictable options for practical application of Truth. And with this explanation and addition I will clearly show this and add my own variant of the conclusions both on a healthy lifestyle/HLS and on all modern political “prospects”, including leading democracies.

Now, a week after publishing my founded explanation (above), I am reading the Gospel. I have certain tasks in my head and my consciousness clings to unzipping those sentences/paragraphs that are relevant in a given period, because I repeat, the human head is not able to contain the entire unarchived Gospel (i.e., the entire Truth) due to the limitation of its capabilities from the Creator (with the evolution option, scientific stupidity turns into dullness). And people themselves have proven that godless collegiality cannot cancel this restriction. + there are serious issues with the translation of the Gospel into Russian (substitution of the True meanings on  everyday words), which I publicly stated in Russian explanations, but it is many times more difficult to carry out a translation there than a regular text + the explanation makes sense only when your consciousness thinks/makes logical conclusions in Russian words.


It’s even good that from above I substantiate in detail with facts another variant of what the Lord directly indicated for especially “wise” godlessmen: For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not one jot or one tittle will pass from the law, until everything is fulfilled. Matthew 5:18 / But it is sooner for heaven and earth to pass away than for one tittle of the law (Truth) to be lost. Luke 16:17. There are many translation options here, but all of them, without exception, lead to the same answers and conclusions in relation to a healthy lifestyle from the perspective of True health (the criteria of which are not yet known to anyone and are not set out “anywhere”):


1. THE HLS START AND END IN THE CREATOR/GOD. NO CANCELLATION, IGNORING (INDIFFERENCE), “RATIONALIZATION” OF THE TRUTH/HLS IS POSSIBLE (not to be confused with corrections  based  by circumstances and/or illnesses). In this connection, I am changing/adding the original title of the explanation;


2. IF HLS BEGIN AND END ON THE CREATOR, THEREFORE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A TRUE SPECIFIC CORRIDOR/RANGE OF BOUNDARIES OF HAPPINESS AND HEALTH WITH SPECIFIC POINTERS/CRITERIA OF DIRECTIONS, which is obviously confirmed by human Olympics and/or championships, in terms of how “easy” and “relevant” it is for people to jump 1 cm further and/or higher, and/or run/swim a certain distance 0.1 second faster, without even delving into the hidden norms of medical analyses. And it is quite surprising how people indulge themselves with such “significant” achievements, slipping into global negative “rationalizations” of the Truth.




4. ANY CHANGES IN THE BOUNDARIES and/or IGNORING (INDIFFERENCE) THE POINTERS  OF A TRUE HLS/CORRIDOR RESULTS IN SAD/NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES, especially in the absence of even one specific rationaled alternative “HLS” option that could be checked against specific criteria. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE and/or DO NOT WANT TO OBEY, THEN YOU ARE FIGHTING “NOT WITH ME” - IN THE PERSPECTIVE YOU WILL RECEIVE A SAD NEGATIVE FROM ANY “RATATIONALIZATION” OF TRUTH/HLS ACCORDING TO THE YOUR SCALE (PRIVATE, MANAGERIAL, GLOBAL), AND YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS WILL BE LATER SENT TO TRASH AS NEGATIVELY CONFIRMED PERVERSIONS OF THE TRUTH. And if you, the guiding leaders, have stay an analytical mind in old age, then you will see yet in this life that it is your political, incl. democratic, fuss to “rationalize” the Truth without real substantiated specifics in the happiness and health of people, which sometimes turns into wars, conflicts, regimes and sanctions, is an indirect cause (due to your qualities) of human and world troubles. Who punished/prevented you from setting true boundaries?


5. The total majority of people (tested personally!), and especially democrats, do not need a True HLS, because people, due to their pride, want to live the way they want to live, but it is not clear by what “logic”  they want to have True   norms of medical analyses. Which in turn places a number of demands on the authorities and healthcare.


From these Godly axioms, many necessary conclusions are obtained regarding the management of society/country/world and the health of the population. And to those who have taken on them, I advise to do them before  made the judges, national security services, the military and the population.


As for leading judges, national security services, leaders of countries and organizations of the world (hereinafter referred to as guiding leaders), I may repeat, but, you see, it is dullnessly to ignore that I am writing about the most dangerous growing indirect problem (No. 1) - geostability (all yours/ human achievements, economies, demographic indicators and prospects are completely and directly dependent on it). If you don’t come to your senses and/or don't catch up that geophysical instability and the growth of diseases are a modern consequence of an untrue/“rationalized” True HLS, then it is possible that in the near future the Earth will absorb many of the achievements achieved, megacities, mega constructions, reserve storage facilities and investments, mixing them with the population and workers, and you, guiding leaders, will only dullnessly look and state the statistics of increasing destruction, without the possibility of correcting the causes, which and will be obvious to everyone proof of the dullness and futility/perspectiveless of such a “civilization” and “progress” in general, and your managements in particular. Do not agree? State publicly your specific (1st, 2nd...) and foundedly constructive hopes and possibilities against my already 3rd working forecast. All countries of the world and their leaders will therefore remain silent and wait for tribulation in fear with increasing negative dynamics, because the whole world does not have any specifically substantiated, much less reverified, alternative socio-political HLS (as a cause of geoconsequences). Nothing concreteness  - a bunch of contradictory blah blah! And taking into account the nationalistic attitude either towards Russians or towards Muslims, it is logical to ask: do you consider yourself better, more correct and smarter than others? So prove it: publicly present the foundedly confirmed best concrete positive-perspective alternative HLS! Who is really making concrete efforts to maintain geostability: one Russian doctor or the blah blah democratic leaders together with international blah blah organizations? Russian, public, personally reverified over many years, including all the years of COVID, variant of a HLS/hope and effort in front of you. And no one has ever seen the specifics of the leaders and organizations of the world by life-strategic positions and will never see them again, because I am sending them blah blah into the trash of History even before they have time to put together  from it a “specific and evidence-based HLS”. On the day of publication, the world generally has the only one proven and at the same time promising option for stabilization: Truth. Yes, a turn to the Truth, this is not a political knockout with the possibility of revenge, this is the actual irrevocable collapse of all godless political systems and achievements of the world (not a single system/country in the world has a working law of happiness and health of people!), including leading democracies, but so is the world will regain the only real hope for stabilization and a safer Life. You no longer need to worry about the “possible” victory of the Russian Orthodox doctor, I think your main question is different: what scale of sacrifices and destruction will convince you (the guiding leaders) of this and what responsibility are you willing to bear? I am sure that due to the qualities of modern world leaders, they will not agree with me, especially the Russian loner at the initial/current stage. But with such “concreteness” and “measures taken”, the dynamics are predetermined and the collapse of modern political godless systems/regimes is inevitable, the only question is the reversibility of the geoconsequences (not political!) and the scale of victims and destruction. By what qualities will you, guiding leaders, without any specifics, begin to ignore the variant of salvation that is logically founded, factually obvious and predetermined by your “competence” and God?


You, the leading politicians and organizations of the world, yourselves have put yourselves before a choice with your blah blah: continuation of Life with the Truth or death/genocide of descendants with indirect self-destruction of many achievements along with your godless political systems/regimes, including leading democracies.


The HLS is a limited management life slalom in circumstances on the specific/own land towards a specific target. Agree, the absence of a specific goal in the presence of absolute limitation (death)  already pulls on dullness. When I started looking for and determine the HLS, I believed that the main thing was specific criteria. I was wrong, the main thing is not specifics (in essence, it boils down to a banal criterion - enjoy life in any circumstances), but the dynamic/ongoing skill, including experience and faith, and now I can confirm this by the Lord and  before (Solomon). And below I give an example on myself.  Any slalom/life is always dynamic. The rules are tritely simple: lost balance - get sick/injury/death. But how difficult it is to accomplish. We are human because we are not gods, and it is proven that we are very limited both physically and analytically, and therefore we all make mistakes. A real pro is not the one who doesn’t fall (he’s either already fallen/or a smart-ass hypocrite hiding the facts of his falls), but the one who knows how to quickly and without serious consequences either dodge or continue “slalom”/HLS: this is how skill appears and experience in HLS. What is the main disadvantage of slalom”/HLS? The fact is that past achievements in the previous format are no longer relevant, or even fatal: analytics and correction are needed, and God made it so that there are no absolute repetitions, i.e. there is always a correction. The evidence is indisputable: the Earth flies and spins, the weather changes, we age, etc. A HLS without dynamic corrections is political/legal/medical or church fanaticism. And since not one human/godless law in the world/History has ever provided and will not provide (due to the unknown and countless, and therefore unpredictability of all internal and external circumstances) for precise dynamic corrections, this is absolute and indisputable proof that everything human/godless laws and justice have always been, are and will be defective/incomplete. If we multiply the modern “concreteness” of the guiding leaders and organizations of the world by the current and future defectiveness of their laws, and by the actual and future countless and unpredictability of circumstances, then in the end we get: demonstrative and actually time-proven, absolute/indisputable future negativity  of any godless people laws ( which were, are and will be), political systems and parties, as well as even the theoretical exclusion of any possible godless positive-promising alternatives and, the same timeproof of my conclusion (below) that  the main thing is not even the specifics (which so far “no one has " no), but experience and skill in dynamic circumstances. And now any person in the world can reasonably and specifically (according to the criterion of the presence of dynamic corrections: personal - if the law is local, + geophysical - if the law is international, more on that below) determine the truth of any court, law, political system, party, as well as their " prospects." That's all. As you can see, the unperspectiveless of any human laws is obviously and indisputably proven even logically and scientifically (i.e. without God), but God gives specifics - Truth/True direction, boundaries/norms and criteria for true corrections. And the facts obviously prove that without Truth/Specificity the world is heading towards the End of the World.

For a specific healthy lifestyle, two individual “adjustable wrenches” or 2 “sets of keys” are required: geophysical and personal. Those. There is no universal HLS, just as there are no universal corrections. In my own/matching region, it’s easier for me, as a doctor, because the priority is to help a person find one/personal key. I hope it is clear that I/the Russians do not have other personal keys, as well as other geophysical keys (northern, Mediterranean, tropical, etc.). And the search and presentation of even one geophysical option is that “small” difficulty that all medical universities and laboratories of the world combined have not yet overcome. Overpowered? Show your specific and proven HLS. Whichever option to substantiate the HLS  you choose, we end up with the causal dullness of wars and conflicts, because not a single system/country in the world has a specific HLS, even on its own land, despite such negative dynamics and mortality from COVID. Without proven experience and skills, make the right healthy lifestyle corrections it is impossible for others, because all the processes are internal, not external: this is not YouTube, there is nothing to show externally, especially quickly, and there are no medical tests confirming that you have a HLS  never have been and never will be (even a super-pro can only help with еру HLS, but cannot provably sell/give/guarantee a specific HLS!). And since incompetence in the Truth, pride (dullness) and/or laziness have not been treated by any doctors or pharmaceuticals and will never be treated by them in a godless format, this simply and logically explains the modern dynamics of  “concreteness” in general and  in “health/HLS” (not to be confused with diseases!), "geostability" and prophecies for the End of the World in particular.

While a person is alive, he is in search/dynamic slalom of his joy of life, happiness and HLS, and often without realizing it, the person/people ultimately searching the Truth, because with Its loss, he/they are always heading towards premature death. I could destroy all the alternative versions of “Healthy Lifestyle”, but the problem is that the leading leaders of the world did not even have the intelligence to compose them and specifically state them publicly, i.e. they simply don't exist. And since there are no others, then all modern political systems, parties, leaders under the threat of self-destruction, simply do not have another specific/constructive options/directions, especially verified positive. In principle, this last sentence is the simplest and most concrete absolute (since does not exist specific option for doubt) proof of all perversions and delusions of the world and  the only  positively verified variant for solving all growing negative problems.

Modern political, including electoral-democratic problems are: that modern judges, politicians and bosses (i.e. the judicial, legislative and executive powers) have never and sought to participate in this “slalom”/True HLS: and therefore thems don’t need any specifics, experience or skill in the True HLS. The fact that they play sports, go to the pool, they don’t have bad habits, etc. this does not provide any concreteness in the True HLS - this is a “HLS” which they invented for themselves, often in metropolitan  environment. By what qualities did they come up with their own rules, their own “HLS”, locked themselves behind walls with security and will teach others, especially in foreign lands,  of theirs “HLS”? What do modern leaders  do when they get sick? They really go not to the professionals in health, but to the pro in illnesses, who also never participated in this “slalom”/HLS. The proof is banal: how can modern “health care-erists” teach/lead you/the world to True HLS do not have any specifics on the criteria and ways to achieve happiness, health/HLS and strong immunity? In essence, all modern “health care-erists” managers of the world are dealing with the consequences/illnesses as a result of both the incompetence/indifference of their leading judges and leaders, and their own, in True health/HLS.

But all modern godless authorities are quite happy with the fact that modern “health care-erists” promise to find “healing” remedies and create the outward appearance of the presence of a True HLS in the “HLS” of the authorities, which  they promoting and imposing on others as “progressive". And perhaps this would have lasted for a long time if the guiding leaders of the world had not begun to impose their “HLS” as “progressive” to the whole world, and even in the conditions of the most progressive mortality from COVID and the scale of the perversions of the True HLS had not reached global scale and not launched a chain of global negative geoconsequences. Here is a “complicated” visual explanation for the global “hemorrhoids” and modern political “prospects”, as a result of one “small” omission of the guiding leaders: they forgot that they are temporary creatures of God, and not Gods: that they are only temporary managers, and not the Founding Council of Planet Earth, which establishes the noms and regulations for the HLS in its charter. The Founder of the Earth is not yet hurry to liquidate the “enterprise”, although He has had such an intention for a long time, that gives a chance to come to his senses. Answer yourselves my simple question: “Where will you, your children live and work, and where will you transfer your finances, reserves and investments after the liquidation of the “enterprise” and/or loss of geostability?” If True health is the most valuable, then why does the total majority, including guiding leaders and “health care-erists” are whatever the Truth on their own land and  concreteness by life-strategic positions, in the conditions of increasing negative dynamics on all fronts? What exactly do your hope for, especially if you are godlessmen?


As for me personally, for the fact that I had the intelligence to unite with God (although I started out purely scientifically), then on me, a Russian doctor alone with God:

- the games of political and/or medical “health care” and “progressive” HLS without specifics on health and HLS are over: either provide specific HLS, or prepare to be held accountable for the consequences;


- just as public, principled, reverified (reinforced by global immune and cold loads) specifics on the True HLS appeared (the principles are the same in all faiths, the difference is in the methods/methods), that’s how it ended. I how found the boundaries of the HLS corridor in God and so I close them in God;


- even the theoretical appearance of any, incl.  democratic, possible godless positive-promising alternatives to the True HLS is forever foundedly and proven excluded. Do you want to change and/or go beyond the boundaries of a True HLS? Illness, sorrow and negativity always  await you in the future. A fundamental concrete dispute by alternatives to a True HLS is impossible, because no one has ever had, has, or ever will have any alternative godless long-term positive (i.e., proven over centuries) specific basis, which explains the fact that all, without exception, are godless political systems, parties and leaders of countries and the world with their blah blah only replace/pervert the boundaries of a True HLS with increasing negative consequences, even with very good intentions. The only difference is in the degree of perversions and the formats for their establishment/containment, as well as the agreement of politicians among themselves on their democratic acceptability. This public explanation is so voluminous, but in reality, identifying the blah blah leader (i.e. lack of Truth) takes less than a minute, since, unlike a led person, a guiding leader is required to know the specific answers before undertaking to be a guiding leader. The world is sliding so quickly and global  into negativity/perversion of the True HLS because there is either very little Truth in the decisions of leaders or none at all/blah blah. No leader, no political and/or “health care” system will ever be able to positively change/“rationalize” the principles, mechanisms, boundaries and criteria of a True HLS and maintain their changes/efforts in the future, because the True HLS has been unshakable for thousands of years from the Beginning, and the Christian version has come to me since the time of Abraham and behind me stands His Creator, the experience of the Saints and ancestors, and behind the guiding leaders - more often than not only blah blah, good intentions and ambitions. And even if you are supported by the population of the entire planet, and all the power structures of the world, and they bring you all the values and money of the world, self-destruction (the end of the World) awaits you - you will not save any long-term positives outside the corridor of True HLS.  Your can rock the boat and show off, pervert and “rationalize” the Truth as much as you want, play any political and financial games, but, I repeat in relation to a True HLS:  “sooner heaven and earth pass away than you with the whole world can shake at least one principle, mechanism, boundary and criterion of a True HLS”.  I will say “modestly” :-), as a professional doctor in HLS, I am a Russian single doctor with God, destroy the positive perspective of all modern godless political systems and their HLS, incl. and democratic. You all (guiding leaders) were mistaken (me too, only earlier), because you hoped to establish your political “wise” godless “HLS”, but I, alone with God, do not leave you the slightest healthy and life-promising chance: any deviations/perversions - in the future there is negativity and sadness. The world is already faced with a choice: either a True HLS or self-destruction; either specifics proven over thousands of years or “progressive” modern blah blah.

While the leaders of countries themselves and/or with the help of judges, the national security services not come to the correct sequence: Truth (taking into account geophysical features) defines a specific HLS, which defines specific social targets, values, their boundaries/norms and criteria for their compliance, which are implemented through economic opportunities, the growth of global negative consequences will continue. The boundaries of Life/HLS/medical analyzes are predetermined by the Creator, economics/technology can only facilitate their implementation, but change/form the boundaries of HLS/analysises  through... economics/social-administrative reforms can only those who have saved a lot on knowledge of the Truth and History/experience of their ancestors. For History clearly and regularly indicates that the formation of a HLS according to any other ideological/blah-blah boundaries and criteria fragments and destabilizes any society, and sooner (with external help) or later (by the scale of population discontent) an internal crisis situation occurs, which is either restrained by force/totalitarian decision, or goes into civil war with external military supports. Facts, dynamics, history for or against such savings?


All these political games in “progress” could have continued yet for hundreds of years if, against the backdrop of powerful anti-Russian world pressure and growing global geo-instability, one Russian doctor, in search of the True HLS, had not revealed that, as of the day of publication of this explanation, all guiding leaders, judges, national security services, “scientists” and “health care” all countries of the world  to has complete lack of specifics/alternatives for all vital strategic positions (peace, happiness, health and HLS, strong immunity, gravity and geostability, etc.). And their political games boil down to a confrontation between uncertainties, misconceptions and/or blah blah with victims, destruction, sanctions, various restrictions for ordinary citizens and growing geo-instabilityAnd now until you publicly not show proven specifics/alternatives for a HLS for your population on your land, your cann’t  to rejoinder to anyone by in particular, because your only “argument” -  our blah blah most "progressive", so it needs to forcibly replicated. There are many + in the leading modern political systems and I do not deny them, but there are no main life-strategic positions, without which any political system/regime is a dummy-doll of well-being which will fall apart under load and/or in the future. And mortality from COVID, the increase in metabolic diseases, including oncology, and increasing geo-instability undeniably confirm this. And since I have conclusively excluded any alternatives, then then if the guiding leaders of the world do not come to their senses, their blah blah will punish all, and their children/descendants will throw their efforts into the trash during their lifetime, as an evidence-confirmed unpromising negative and not a fact that they will not begin invent a “new” “alternative”. Sure that now everyone will agree that such “leading” “specifics” and “achievements” allow us to safely put quotation marks on such “competence”, “progress” of “civilization”, of any modern political system/regime/party and their “guiding leaders”, until they well-foundedly confirm a specific positive path and HLS with specific criteria that can withstand many years of increased loads, i.e. reliably positively verified in its specific region/country. What is controversial and/or unclear here?


And for those who are itching to cancel/“rationalize" God’s mechanisms I’ll give you a hint. If you understand the mechanism (not the principles!) of gravity, then you will understand the mechanisms of joy, happiness, health, intuition, dreams, love (True), Holy/praying places, etc. and your “possibilities”, because these forces are obvious to everyone (i.e., undeniable, except for “scientists”) and work into gravity. Pure physics. God has provided this opportunity  learning (to become a True Scientist) to every living person in the world, anywhere on the planet, so that no person could justify himself that he did not have such an opportunity. No one will now believe that Russians, Muslims, Chinese and others interfered yours knowledge of the Truth.  Otherwise, no one will impute to you in “common sense” and especially in “competence”, that you went inside to “correct” the parameters on the fly a powerful working Engine, without even understanding its external structure. For what reasons does a person do this anyway, what is such a diagnosis called, how is it detected, confirmed/diagnosed and treated, why, with such long-term obvious negative dynamics, such a diagnosis is absent in the ICD (International Classification of Diseases), etc. Doctors have something to do, because without specific answers to these questions, it is possible that their possibly missed patients will first fill all hospitals, and then launch the geoliquidation of the planet.


I wanted to add about how I walked and came to this global sadness, but I cut it out because the explanation is and so voluminous, and most importantly, the purpose of the explanation is to analyze the “specifics” and “prospects” of the current direction of “progress” and “HLS” of “civilization”: enough mind and determination to turn around and go in True HLS or not?



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.