(first published - 07.28.2023, on 4 pages)


This explanation is indirectly obtained from the “HLS - ANTI-COVID” and “MEASUREMENT  OF  PRINCIPLES  ... (not translated yet) outlined, but when the thought came up recently to make it separate and deployed, then, given its relevance, I said to myself: “Well, you are stupid, why didn’t you write it before.” Ap. Paul said: Blessed is he who does not condemn himself for what he chooses (in quality of our choice/decision/intention) (Romans 14:22)  those when his own conscience does not gnaw at him for the result on fact and later. Only correction/apology (if possible), or repentance (if impossible), about that below, saves a person from remorse of conscience (God's internal indicator) and no person and no means (pills, alcohol, drugs) can relieve this remorse, just as no scientists and physicians will ever hack the force indicator mechanism of conscience (here, according to their "knowledge", as before arriving at a distant star). The fact that they sometimes say that a person has no conscience is not true, the fact that a wedge has been driven into it does not mean that they will not get back it. Moreover, it is better in the interests of a person that the conscience works and the wedge is taken out earlier, otherwise happiness and health will be unattainable, because without conscience it is impossible to get a personal key (see "HLS-ANTI-COVID"). There is a logical chain of evidence. It is clear that the greater the power of a person, the greater the consequences for those he leding.


What does forgiveness (apology and/or repentance) have to do with happiness and health? Direct. Absence of forgiveness weighs down the conscience, reduces the joy and confidence, and the power/cohesion of your environment (fragmentation/separation of the breed/society is a well-known destructive tactic), and also greatly reduces the likelihood of true healing. (Cohesion is a consequence of the presence of peace, and fragmentation is a consequence! of the absence of peace). There were not, are not and will not be pharmaceutical remedies for correcting conscience, increasing joy and confidence, as well as instant healing agents, i.e. there are no other/alternative means and options to replace forgiveness. In principle, this is evidence from  contrary, and those who do not agree with it, including doctors, doom themselves, patients and, often, their loved ones to life-long oppressive etching of their body with an increase in the degree of violation. It's simple: either Truth or perversions  (even with good intentions). To change "my" statements, i.e. to show the world an alternative, it is necessary: firstly, to specifically name what happiness and health are and their criteria, and secondly, to show the long-term positive result of another/alternative variant and its dynamics, starting with yourself. Show! So far, all the final results and dynamics are in favor of perversion and the absence of even one reasonable alternative theoretical variant -  is just a heap of "scientific" (very weak analytical level) and "medical" (in terms of real health care) necessary fragments mixed with political blah blah. Where is the specific variant? Show!


There is such a thing as understanding. In Russian, there are many cognate words with different meanings for it (which is why it is easier for me to search and operate with conclusions). But since the formation of these words differ in different languages, then in translation this task is excluded for non-Russians. In fact, I puzzled Russians much more than non-Russians, but these tasks are not subject to  fast/easy translation.


Everything is tritely simple, only this simplicity is very difficult. When there is understanding between us, i.e. our best interpersonal positive state, we do not even think about the mechanisms of why we have this state. Also, peace, happiness, health, strong immunity, etc. And what starts to happen more often? Our “competence” (self-confidence) become swollen us and we begin “rationalization”/“restructuring”. Therefore, I will move on to the path through which we often begin to understand problems later: through ... from the opposite. And so, some time after our “rationalization”, a mis/non-understanding arises, to which, depending on the scale and temperament, emotional degrees begin to join: swearing, anger, rage and even crimes that take away our internal energy and pull us later into de-pression. If the misunderstanding becomes regular and/or prolonged, we try to distance ourselves and/or drift apart. You will understand the options and perspectives after reading and introspection, taking into account personal circumstances. I think that almost everyone has repeatedly tested this on himself, so I focus on not-understanding.

Why does non-understanding occur? Our consciousness/co-knowledge does not agree with the priority of values and the principles/algorithms for their achievement by another person, and until they coincide, we are not going to put up. And they (values) really cannot coincide in many positions because there is no measure, as the people say, "every freak has his own method." And there is some truth in this, because before nowthis measure was the Truth (the Old Testament, then the New Testament, for Muslims - the Koran, etc.). Those. the cause of any modern non-understanding is godlessness (either the absence of Truth, or its perversion) as a result of which there is a disputes/clashes of gag and personal interests/ambitions. All family quarrels, conflicts and divorces are placed in this principle, with the only difference being that here our consciousness in youth is greatly clouded by hormones and pride (and self-confidence and stubbornness). I think that here everyone can conduct a personal introspection and understand a lot, at least for a start in principle. Yes, many, especially young people, will disagree. No problem - for me. But for you, given that youth passes and every decision and / or inaction has consequences - your problems will become a lesson to you: you have no other options - patience works wonders. But if you do not agree, but go to the temple and ask that the consequences, if you deed untruth, be reversible, then you are already a sage and, in any case, have definitely surpassed me and many “wise men”.




Why do we not want to put up for a long time? Firstly, the consequences and awareness of delusion / error take time. Secondly, and most importantly, reconciliation (apology and repentance), especially public, requires exceptional determination, only a few are really capable of this! It is easier for politicians to build up an army and allocate additional funding to the military-industrial complex than to issue a public apology, which is why they are often so "sinless and holy." Therefore, the lack of reconciliation of the guilty (of any scale) is an indirect sign of coward and / or stubbornness, and both qualities / diagnosis, especially for a man, are imputed as a sin: there can be no question of any competence in true happiness and health, and trust in these matters. (Any true targets are based on true principles and ways to achieve them, if they are not taken into account and / or excluded, then this is perverted / godless unconfirmed blah blah and the result / dynamics will confirm this. No options.)

What is the difference between apology and repentance? The true essence/target of apology and repentance is one - reconciliation due to a change in consciousness/ co-knowledge (its principles / algorithms, the difference is only in the methods) by the untrue/unlaw side. If there is “reconciliation” only in a private episode (very typical for politicians and men with erections), but the guilty party is not going to change his consciousness, then this is cunning, which sooner or later will bring problems, and it is not excluded, even greater ones, or manifest itself in stressful circumstances. It is easier with illegal disputes - there are human courts. But the main problem is that the human laws are, firstly, imperfect (this will be a separate explanation with evidence), and secondly, they generally do not regulate a huge number of options for relations. And here we again run into the measure/yardstick of these relations.

An apology is an attempt to obtain forgiveness from a still living person/people, or in circumstances that allow it to be done, plus simplicity and speed: you can immediately hear directly that you are being forgiven. Repentance is an attempt to obtain forgiveness from God when an apology is impossible, and here there is a minus both in preparation (a number of conditions) and speed (not at any moment and / or by the way). If you have the opportunity to apologize directly, and you, realizing this, go to repent in the temple, then the diagnosis is unambiguous: aggravating cunning (hypocrisy), because you are framing the priest, wasting his time, and trying to make God an intermediary / errand boy. Think carefully about this, because I repeat, in reality your repentance is not accepted, but aggravated. Moreover, the determination to apologize directly is needed more than indirectly / through repentance, which further confirms and aggravates my diagnosis.

And I think that priests should strictly monitor this moment, because it is their competence not to get stuck in such chains and not burden God with such “impossibility for a person.” I stated this point not for the teaching of priests (maybe they do), but for introspection and exclusion of vulnerable spots (you will consider that the problem is closed, but in reality it is not). The proof is banal: you quarreled with a neighbor, later repented in the temple, and you began to greet and help him without an apology? I repeat and emphasize: apology and repentance are precisely a change in consciousness/co-knowledge, and not a listing of sins. Yes, the Lord says that you need to forgive up to 77 times, but He did not mean listing sins when a person regularly falls into the same rake, but that the strong in faith forgive the weaker in faith and give them the opportunity to grow up without burdening their weakness with an additional load of sins. If godlessness and / or perversion are removed from a crooked healthy lifestyle, then the reasons lie in 4 levels: weak faith (spiritual),  faint-heartedness, bodily addictions/habits, circumstances / consequences. Each level requires an individual analysis of competence and circumstances, as well as the exclusion of sometimes dullness-cunning (he wants to do what he wants and at the same time have insurance from the Lord, although he knows that this is fundamentally impossible, but he is still looking for a loophole. I already know where, he will crawl through ahead of schedule). Since modern “scientific”  physicians do not catch up with the existence of the first 2 levels, and in the other 2, judging by the results of COVID, they do not much catch up with competence, I focused on consciousness, but the real (pure logical physics) mediator is the soul. What  the need of  the algorithmes/principles/“gears” of consciousness/co-knowledge and/or body is in forgiveness (apology and/or repentance)? Yes, in nothing: they how did their job, so they can continue to do it without any forgiveness. As well as there is no vital necessity of the Highest/spiritual level (there is an interest, but there is no necessity). The only element of a person who needs forgiveness (apology and / or repentance) is a burdened soul! A little introspection and exercise (maybe I'll add it later) and you'll wonder how you didn't notice this in yourself before. Although I do not understand what else is there to prove at all.


A very common misconception when people, especially public ones, try to replace a public apology with repentance. Noooo...oooo. Publicly, as presenters, they convinced, punished those who disagreed - now publicly and apologize! This leds people can apologize one on one, but you, the leaders, do not have such an opportunity in relation to the leds people/followers! (more precisely, it exists, but due to its temporary unreality of execution, as well as the availability of an opportunity in the form of modern information technologies/the Internet, it is excluded, in relation to relatives it is preserved: there is no need to shake the “underwear” here). The scale/coefficient of influence is proportional to the scale of errors and, accordingly, the scale of apologies - school mathematics. Responsibility is one of the few positions in which the judicial principles of people and God absolutely coincide, the difference is only in their priorities and implementation. In any scenario, an attempt at substitution requires the exclusion of the following  diagnoses: 1 - stupidity/delusion in faith, 2 - cowardice, 3 - cunning (hypocrisy). Your conscience (God's internal indicator) will accurately indicate the correct option, without options - you will not deceive it. Without forgiveness (without apology and / or repentance, or their substitutions) True reconciliation (ie the establishment of long-term reliable peace) is impossible from God.  Modern politicians, including the UN and the Nobel Committee (they themselves volunteered to solve peace issues, no one forced them), can at least fly in herds and shaman over any conflicts (with or without weapons) and / or invent a “bicycle” from any other available elements (and there is no doubt that they will choose the godless), but the quality of their “invention” will be equal to the quality of their “immortality” and all people from anywhere in the world will now be able to see the consequences of help and the result of a “master class in the world." Either they will surpass the believing "fools", or they will screw up even with their own population - there are no other options. And although the facts are already against them, there is still a chance (taking into account this explanation). Good luck.

Sometimes I had a question, “why did the Lord allow the Internet to be invented?” whose servers are bloated with stuffed info filth? And so, printing this explanation on Sunday after reading the Gospel, I received an answer. Because the Internet, more than ever, makes an apology quick, evidentiary and public on a large scale. Now let's see how "sinless" people took advantage of this opportunity. How many public apologies have you seen in the Internet? Maybe leading politicians, judges, doctors are so “Holy” that they have nothing to repent of? So already before death (especially considering this chewing), the total majority of them (judging by the number of public repentances) will have nothing to justify themselves and all Internet users will be witnesses to this. As for info filth, I also already cited the best simple example of Paisius Svyatogorets in other explanations: a bee and a fly flew into a clearing, a bee was looking for honey and found honey, a fly was looking for shit and found shit. Who what was looking, that he found it. Here is such a “complicated” answer, and an explanation in general.

Does apology replace repentance? As for me, I will say this: yes, it is possible. But you must understand that if your determination and/or competence is not enough to show a worthy result later and / or you continue to do it with other people, then the chances that a fruitless branch will be cut from the vine are much greater: no fruit, no hope. Faith is not fanaticism, there is no universal recipe/law. The choice is yours, I only warn about the risks and advise you to insure yourself after an apology, especially if you decide to go to confession, this is hardly the most burdensome moment.




I propose to divide into two important points: causal - this is a non-understanding and investigative - the emotionality of the showdown process.

Non-understanding, as well as any concept with the prefix not, it is advisable to immediately replace it with that specific one the value you want to receive, i.e. in this case, it is understanding. Agree, you cannot format your brain, insert it into USB and ask me to send you a “fill” for transfusion, because no software will help in the direct solution of the problem. If you want a long-term and/or reliable (and only a happy one can be reliable) result, you still have to do as it was established from Above: get out  “from the reverse” and go as it should, i.e. No. 1 - find out your values in order of priority, justify them (without justification, this is a gag/crap), check them, and only then compare, make decisions and/or look for your own kind. Those. the first person you need to press is yourself. If the relationship m+w has already taken place, then from memory, I generally outlined the comparison option in the “FAMILY WELL-BEING MATRIX...” (not translated yet). I think the most pressing question is: “What to do next?”, but here I will not help you remotely and universally, because it includes countless individual circumstances. I also think it is important to single out two options for the appearance of a conflict: explosive / leading (often male, more aggressive) and smoldering / driven (often female, sometimes nailed).

Male/aggressive has different reasons: genetic - more often men of the 1st blood group, natural - southern men, quantitative - when you have to fight off a large number of obscene boors and smart-ass moral freaks - my option. What requires different approaches and control of the dynamics, otherwise, of course, there will be an increase in negativity. I will bring the example on myself, because in fight back in such environments, I immediately go to a rough-emotional level (otherwise they won’t lag behind + this eliminates repetitions, it may be wrong, but so I don’t have a faster effective method, the God helping me, but this requires angelic patience, which is not) + I am a daring experimenter on myself (even without HLS-ANTI-COVID) and after reading, I think you will agree with this. The best and long-term results in self-control come the fasts, and especially Great Lent. At first, fasts  reduce emotions, and during the fast you will learn to dodge in situations in which emotions begin to “gurgle”. And later, learn to immediately lower a pack of “cool pasta” into “boiling water” if they want to see what is “inside the pan ”, which is qualitatively different from many recurrent psychological methods, including hunger strikes, in which people, at times, only add anger.

Female, sometimes nailed, I will give on a woman who applied 2 years ago. To all her objections, her husband replied: “You are a fool, do as I said,” after which she often sobbed and got sick. The universality of fasts (not hunger strikes) lies in the fact that during fasting emotional resources are taken to more important bodily needs and thus they are stabilized / normalized, both in the first / male and second / female examples. In the meantime, fasting is going on, along with the emotional stabilization period, the algorithms of consciousness/co-knowledge are changing. I emphasize: apologies and repentance are an integral part of fasting, and the proof of this is that Great Lent begins on Forgiveness Sunday. Those. if you have nothing to apologize and/or repent of, why would you fast? You are "sinless Holiness" in the flesh - "there are no sins, no mistakes, and therefore there is nothing to correct." There is “little” left - to show us your happiness and health, at least after 50 years old, so that we would like this too. And when you leave the fasts, then by consciousness, including determination, you get a different person. Gradually, observing fasts, a person “ripens”, only not into an old fool, but into a wiser person. Therefore, the elder monks are a living storehouse of wisdom, which I advise you to use during your lifetime. As a result: she for the first year, she went to 0 (rarely sobbed and began to demand specific justifications / answers from her husband, which greatly puzzled him), and for an incomplete second year - insults, sobs almost stopped and she, instead of wasting efforts on her husband’s stubbornness, is busy leaving in her own financial independence, as I understand it, in order to sail away from him with his son. 2 years is  time, but a woman has irrevocably changed and continues to change the quality of both her life and the quality of her husband (if initially he shouted to go and get a divorce, now he doesn’t want to, but doesn’t want and to change), and she will become an example for son. She, of course, is dissatisfied with the speed and dynamics, but as it is.

I must say right away that no drugs (even without taking into account side effects) give such a result, because if they were, they would be on our table along with salt because of their demand. I see the role of psychologists more in the role of an alternative independent opinion, a world mediator and a corrector of incorrect concepts / or their substitutions. But the very mechanism of happiness and health is within us and only the person himself can change it by searching for his personal key and subsequent loading testing pressure of himself.

As for the fasts, I outlined the initial/fundamental part. God willing, we will go into more detail later (because a serious problem of industrial food products  has arisen, which did not exist before). So, if something doesn't suit you in a relationship, and / or the quality of your life in general: START WITH YOURSELF!  If you have faith and a head, then you still don’t know the future circumstances, and many “OUR EXACT PLANS” will always have to be corrected along the way.





There is always a correction (by time and/or circumstances) and even if a person were immortal, the correction would be indisputable proof of the superiority of God. Absolute human exactness was originally doomed by God, so that he would remember Who is the Chief here, and who is only a temporary manager (the scale of affairs does not change the principle). What is experience and wisdom based on? On correcting past mistakes and approaching (but not achieving) the Truth, taking into account unaccounted for and/or unpredictable circumstances (on the scale and direction of affairs: political, corporate, friendly and/or family, the true principles do not change). So what kind of person is smart and has hope for the result: the one who spends time “inventing / rationalizing the bicycle according to the plan” and rechecking, or the one who, having believed the wisdom of the elders, immediately spends his efforts on his happiness and health with the necessary correction?

And I wrote about the correction so that you not only do not get upset because something did not go according to plan, but you know and are ready for the necessary correction, as the norm. The problem is not in the correction, but in the true way. Life is a limited dynamics of choices, which means that the plan must be dynamic, with correction, but for some reason a huge number of people in the world are upset where they need to rejoice, despite the fact that even God corrects His plans (there is evidence). If there is no correction of plans, then this is either stupidity or fanaticism, and that's it then, sad results will definitely await you. Faith and fanaticism have been called different words because there are very significant differences and results between them. As for specific cases and circumstances when you cannot determine a clear selection criterion, here I would advise you to be patient, and then turn to the elder monks. Where to look for them? Patience is not to wait, so start looking, and in the process the problem can be solved “by itself”. Those who wait, pour alcohol on grief and / or seize causes pills risk not only losing time, but also the reversibility of the consequences. The choice is yours.





I will say about my own and those around me: two qualities are clearly visible: growing pride (self-confidence + stubbornness, fueled by the fact that they are more advanced in computer-smartphone software). And their disputes, sometimes even remarks and / or distraction from the smartphone / computer almost instantly roll into tantrums, screams, insults and obscenities.

I must say right away that hysteria is reliably and promisingly treated with normal useful physical activity in the fresh air, especially during puberty (both hormones and energy resources are metabolically burned). The world can't come up with anything better.

Disputes between children/teenagers. They often yell in the street so that the whole house listens to the essence of their dispute: “About nothing”, or rather, they argue about some parameter, some ... uselessness. Therefore, I think it is necessary to teach from childhood that a dispute must have a reasonable target (necessity) and test criteria for a result, as well as patience to get it. What is the cause of all the emotionality that often turns into conflict? Lack of patience for the result and the desire to prove their case here and now. And patience includes many internal processes: endurance, analysis, logic, calculations, efforts, verification, determination and an apology if you are wrong.

Sober teenage showing off. You can reliably cut off their show off only by personal example or a clear reason for the impossibility of doing this. I present a simple method, but it is as simple as it is difficult, especially in urban areas. Snot. Robust health, including strong immunity, is based on true principles, not technology. While you (son/daughter) are snotting until the first snow, I'm sorry - you're a snotter-kids and leave your show off for the "cool" ones like you (especially not having special jobs on the street). The calmer you say and the less you gloat, the deeper the harpoon will go into pride and it will be easier to get it. To date, there is not a single drug that enhances immunity and, accordingly, eliminates the cause of snot. And since no one in the world has yet surpassed my competence in this matter and I have a guarantee from the Creator that there will be no such drug (there is a separate explanation; and those who transcend will only confirm it more  reasonably), then I pass on to you this international guarantee, working method and recipe forever. Well, if you cross at least 50 (it’s clear, the more the better), then say: “First, you live to my age, and then we’ll see, otherwise there are a lot of “cool” already.” So far, the relevance of this answer is only growing. I think that at the very first working life difficulty it will come to them that you are their real closest help and hope. Patience (not waiting!) - works wonders, personally tested many times.

Drunken teenage showing off, condemnations and curiosity. It happened many times when I come on a bike from the forest in working clothes (especially in the pants that are in the photo), and a thumping group of teenagers and adults, seeing me, does not hesitate to speak out loud some nasty things/condemnations in my address. I turn to face them and looking at them in public silently! I start scratching my eggs (I hope it's clear what through the clothes :-). And in view of their rare stressful bedwetterness, they shut up and begin to pretend (at 8-13m) that they don’t see this, sitting facing me. Is there a risk of kickback? Minimal since there is no active feed. Although there is always a risk of get away in this world, and this should be clearer to a believer than others. But a brave teenager/adult, and even more so a company will find the use of his determination in his own deed, and certainly not on the bench in many hours of women's blah blah. As well as a dissenting person will find a way to explain his claim. Those. whatever one may say, condemnation from evil stupidity and / or cowardice. And given that they saw how and how much I work with a crowbar and a shovel, then there is practically no risk of shoveling away from a cowardly drunk puny (their physical activity is often limited to a smartphone and bottles of beer) of the company. By the way, the method also heals very well from curiousity and especially women, only you need to turn your head to the side, pretending that you do not see that they are looking at you. Efficiency - 100% from the 1st time, without relapses later, personally verified.

Rudeness. Very often, especially today's youth, do not ask, but demand. As well as many “cool” people are treated like slaves, starting a conversation: “Hey ... Give me ... I need ... What are you doing here ...” When they come up, I calmly ask: “How old are you years?" Answers: "Well, 25 ... 70." Then I calmly answer: “Well, you need the same amount to learn how to behave: say hello, introduce yourself ...” If a person is normal, he will apologize.  If he is a boor, he will continue and be rude further: then I calmly pick up a crowbar/shovel/ax and sharply increase the power of my voice (and at such moments I have such a voice that I could call you via fiber optic, I myself am surprised, maybe it accumulates from silence in the forest) I add: “Now, get out from here” (in order for  they to  understand the “joy” that they bring to people).  And what do you think?  They go away and don't show up i.e. as above: efficiency - 100% from the 1st time and without relapses later.

You can use, all recipes are simple (at no additional cost), without relapses (reliable) and side effects. Therefore, I will not exist, and my amusing recipes will live on (because they work on the internal mechanisms from God), protecting some and denouncing the qualities of others, even if they are alone against all the godless and / or perverts of the neighborhood. As long as there is God, and people are mortal, darkness and perverts cannot overcome the Light, no matter how they showing off and try to hack, turn off God's mechanisms - no chance. I agree, each recipe pulls for a Nobel Prize, but they won’t give it, because I puzzled them in Russian “a little”, at least for the next decades :-) Godless weeds must be weeded (let them be, but they know the measure), otherwise, due to indifference, society will be covered with useless weeds, where every overgrown weed will consider its blah blah “seeds of Truth”.


"Exact" plan or bummer mood. I have already written everything, I decided to do a control run later. Turned off the computer and in a good mood went on to other things. I go cheerfully and then out of the blue comes the thought-question: “What will women scratch?”. I froze in amazement. And stupidly I ask myself: “Really, what should they do?” Such answers came. Firstly, the priority female quality is meekness (a hidden axis, i.e. their priority is to smoothly change the environment and people, which is logical, because they are given less physical strength and determination). The world will still bear the measure of its own (not God's!) consequences, but if it repents and turns to the Truth, then such a woman, the “mother of the world,” will come later/secondly, will comfort everyone and will bring cosiness, and say by type, as in a family, “so , as "dad" did - it's not beautiful to do." In the meantime, some who are not indifferent to the Truth are left to pray, hold the Truth and when they need to scratch their eggs, and others just pray that the first have the last two positions (and this is not a joke, and even young women already understand this well). It may not be beautiful, but now the priority goal is to resist and survive, because I am sure that the leading politicians of the world are not going to apologize or repent - they are inventing an "anti-crisis" plan for their asses. Hold on to the Truth, otherwise - sadness.



Yes, by the way, whether this will pass as an argument for teenagers or not, I don’t know, but I began to use an outdated smartphone, only in 2022 and then as a camera / camera (it’s convenient to carry in your back pocket, especially in the forest) + it was required for registration in instant messengers. More precisely, I bought it as a modern one, I wanted to switch, but my loved ones broke their smartphones and asked me to give my new one, referring to the fact that it doesn’t matter to me. I gave it away, and then it was returned to me years later with the words: “Take back, it slows down.” As of the date of writing this article, I use a push-button telephone (grandmother's phone class, buttons can be pressed not only with your finger :-) and since 2023 a 24 ”new monitor, because 19” has shrunk over the years, although it is more convenient for typing (screen without settings = 1 page wide). It is possible that if I posted a video on Youtube: “The man survived without an android”, I would become a “star” of views, but the variant, he with God made a lot of “cool” godlessmen and perverts of Truth without an android and Youtube - I like it more, it has something masculine, and most importantly - the meaning of life.



Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.

e.mail: doctor.dima.info@gmail.com