(for the first time - 06.10.2022)


I’ll note right away that we are talking specifically about acquired diseases of adults - not about congenital diseases and not about children! (there other principles  which will not be publicly expounded by me, because there everything is wider and more individual, although they were stated thousands of years ago).

"Smart fast exact plan". Man does not give birth to himself! - he is  permit to born(very many "wise men" so they don’t catch up this to the very coffin). If you want to get the true quality (otherwise - it will fall apart) in any deeds, including happiness and health,  then they try to explain the disease to you, in order to achieve them, you need:

1 - approval of the plan (otherwise, at best, these are good intentions - see "HLS-ANTI-COVID". Why do you not make a secret from your recovery plan, but try to coordinate it with an experienced doctor? I already convict you of the non-working principle of your consciousness);

2 - gradual, as in recovery! , not as in your plan. “Speed up” you recovery and understand your real possibilities;

3 - understanding the true! little things in the implementation of the plan, as well as in recovery! (and if you do not understand them, then you need to turn to those who understand, otherwise you will be sick for a long time);

4 - correction depending on the circumstances and time (without correction - this is fanaticism, + you also need an understanding of the correction itself, as in point 3). The most common cause of many diseases and disasters is changing weather. But the plan is therefore called a plan, so that it is adhered to and observed, no matter what. Agree, very "smart".

Any plan is like assembling a gearbox - it consists of parts / little things. Little things - not because they are not important, but because they are small and sometimes difficult to notice and/or put in the right position : you need a place, circumstances, a master, special tools. If you don’t understand this, you will regularly “get on the same rake”, build new unrealizable plans (or feasible, but with sad consequences), start “new” lives until you go bankrupt and / or lie down, or even prematurely  will die with initial sufficiency , and even excess. If you are so “smart” and everything is “correct” with you, why are you, the children you lead, relatives, subordinates, so unhappynate and sick?

This is so a "complicated" explanation. Need proof? So you will be them, and there is also “complicated ” proof for this: you are not God, sooner or later you will make a mistake (checked personally, on those around you and in the wisdom of the elders). By the way, the stupid self-confidence of people in their plans, especially in changing the principles of the universe, surprises both God and the devil, only the First one is sad, and the second one uses it. The purpose of the disease is not to kill (neither God, nor angels, nor the devil, nor devils eat meat), but to reason man. Whether you draw the true conclusions in recovery - the choice is yours.

Of course, with such mortality from COVID, a huge number will object to me: “But a lot of people are dying!” I answer. Yes, the price of illness is sometimes death. But a person - bodily, by itself, is initially 100% mortal (not a single immortal person out of billions in the entire History, I note - Christ also died !, but won). So we are not talking about a freelance violent murder (i.e. there is no crime), but about a premature consequence in the form of death for some reason (believe me, they are in each individual case, i.e. you either did not figure it out to live more, or your mission is completed) due to lifestyle. If you had a choice in lifestyles, then only have yourself to blame. The hard truth is this: the criminal is -  you, you have violated/departed from the healthy lifestyle established from Above. Yes, according to our plans this person must live yet. I emphasize - to our. But isn't this according to those "smart, quick and precise plans" (often politicians), according to which the Earth is plunging into wars and cataclysms? But isn't this according to those from which cities have gone far and on a large scale beyond the reasonable boundaries of a healthy lifestyle, and natural and true values ​​​​are replaced by perversions?

To claim the continuation of life, one had to at least seek true happiness and health, and their true criterias. Did you look for them? Yes or no. If not, sadly, premature death is the norm.


Friends call me doctor Dima, so be it.

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